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Terry Richardson Double Dares Valentino Lovers To "Take Me Out"

I’m curious what it is about these super-simple, ordinary, Terry Richardson tattoed arms that is so important to the folks at Valentino. Richardson continues with another 2015 Resort Valentino Accessories campaign that screams ‘We love Terry’ — as only Richardson’s egomaniac campaigns can bellow. “I’m the guy with the swingin’ big dick, and don’t you forget it,” Richardson informs us in his campaigns. 

Dear readers …  ahem … we know that Richardson has a big swingin’ dick because … well, because he’s photographed it for us. This is not creative license or an exaggerated metaphor on my part.

My long-held issues with Terry Richardson’s photography focus on talent, not his top-of-the-heap, badboy reputation in the fashion industry. And yes, I agree that Richardson was set up on an April 2014 Facebook message to UK model Emma Appleton.

Maybe Terry Richardson is really a great guy; I don’t know him personally. I love his sidekick Tom Ford to death, so don’t call me a prude. And anyone who spends 15 minutes on Anne of Carversville knows I’m not against a free expression of sexy in advertising or in bed.

This week Terry Richardson is drawn into the Bill Cosby controversy — and there is no way that Bill Cosby will dig himself out of this mess. His bag man has receipts from 40 years ago.

Today’s Daily News writes:

Former model Jewel Allison fully embraced the Bill Cosby mythos — family man, knit sweaters, pudding pop pitchman — until the night she accepted his dinner invitation.

By the time she headed back home, sexually abused and vomiting in the back of a cab, Allison harbored no more illusions about the oft-honored comedian.

“We may be looking at America’s greatest serial rapist that ever got away with this for the longest amount of time,” Allison told the Daily News last week. “H

I won’t even ask the questions rolling around in the press this week? You can read for yourself.

Why Is Bill Cosby’s Career Over, But Terry Richardson’s Isn’t? Buzzfeed

Bill Cosby and Terry Richardson: All Accusers Are Not Heard Equally Styleite

Personally, I have no issue with Terry Richardson shooting Miley’ Cyrus’s new ‘Golden Lady’ video. Miley’s a wild child and this is part of the brand persona she brings to Golden Lady. In this context Cyrus and Richardson get on well together.

But Valentino I do not understand. And if Valentino Fashion Group thinks it will ever take the company public, I ask again: what is it that Terry Richardson brings to your brand except mediocre photography and pictures of Terry Richardson.

The Boys Club

I understand buddies wanting to protect buddies but Tom Ford and Terry Richardson do not breathe the same air in the talent department — even when the intent is to be bawdy. When Richardson shot the famous Tom Ford for Men fragrance ad in 2007, I liked it — putting me in a select camp of women who didn’t see the image as degrading and treating women as sex objects.

The image was much more Tom Ford than Terry Richardson and true to his brand. LOL, it was slick and chic rauchy, and Richardson only does raunchy. Dear Valentino folks. If you think your new ad campaign is slick and chic raunchy, please get an honest opinion from Tom Ford. This is business.

This Valentino Accessories Resort 2015 campaign shot by Terry Richardson’s arms — it make NO sense to me. It’s almost as it Richardson and the Valentino team are waving a red flag before our eyes, saying “I double, double dare you to take me out, you up-tight fashionistas. “

Exactly what business sense is behind Valentino’s decision to embrace such a brand message? Call me stupified. ~ Anne


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Bombshells And Femme Fatales Aren't For Fashion Posers

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel fronts the campaign for the brand’s newest fragrance update Bombshells In Bloom. I was never a fan of the Michael Bay, testosterone-driven bombshell mentality of VS Angels jumping out of helicopters and strutting across the tarmac like they were about to cut off some guy’s testicles. Nor did I like the vulgarity of a Diamond Bombshell Bra. But this Bombshell In Bloom positioning is one I like: Forever flirty. Always sexy. Decidedly playful.

The word ‘Bombshell” and more often ‘Blonde Bombshell’ first made it into the dictionary around 1942. In practice Jean Harlowe had already been called a ‘bombshell’, before dying at age 26 of kidney failure. The term ‘bombshell’ preceded sex symbol — describing both men and women — a term that was first used in the mid-1950s to describe film stars like Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

Our bombshell conversation comes as Vogue Paris takes on the ‘femme fatale’ in their March issue. While we’ve seen several superb editorials:

Malgosia Bela in Belle De Soir By Katja Rahlwes

Malgosia Bela In ‘Belle De Soir’ By Katja Rahlwes For Vogue Paris March 2014

Natasha Poly In ‘Darling’ By Mario Sorrenti

Natasha Poly In ‘Darling’ Lensed By Mario Sorrenti For Vogue Paris March 2014

And The Smashing ‘Fatale’ With Lara Stone, Amanda Wellsh and Anna Luisa Ewers By Mert & Marcus

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Charlize Theron & Sean Penn See Stars For Haiti -- $6 Million Worth

AOC Smart Sensuality favorite powerhouse woman Charlize Theron joined good friend and new lover(???) Sean Penn at his Help Haiti Home event last night in Beverly Hills. Press reports are that the duo rivaled a rare appearance of couple Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin in PDAs.

Bette Midler said of Penn and the event, “Everybody’s a fan. But his intelligence, sense of humor and sense of idealism in the face of so many roadblocks and constraints – the fact he keeps going – is really inspirational to a lot of people. Sometimes you get exhausted and tired, he doesn’t.”

People reports that the event, sponsored by Georgio Armani and hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, raised $6 million in donations.

To better understand why Charlize Theron is a Smart Sensuality woman — smart, sexy and with great heart — read our December 2013 feature Just Why Does the Rape Of Women & Children Worldwide Continue? Charlize has some choice words.

Smart Sensuality women also have a confounding relationship with status and money. We like both but don’t buy the mantra that a woman is a sum of her possessions. Charlize Theron made that very clear in her 2010 J’Adore L’Or commercial — one of my all-time favorites. ~ Anne


Esther Heesch & Friends By Tom Ford For His Sp/Summer 2014 Accessories Campaign

Tom Ford is his usually provocative, devilish self behind the lens for his Spring/Summer Accessories campaign. Models Esther Heesch, Conrad Bromfield and Carlos Peters enjoy gender-fluid, sensual exploration with a nod to 50 Shades. But then, Tom Ford has always had his finger on this pulse — and especially for women in charge. Look closely. Ouch! 


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Robert Pattinson Dior Homme Commercial Fall 2013

Complex panned Robert Pattinson’s performance in Nan Goldin’s Dior Homme with Camille Rowe, saying “it’s just a sad-faced Pattinson in great photos of New York.” The critique by Andrew Lasane seems not entirely accurate, within the goals of Dior in creating the marketing message around their man.

For starters, more than half of men’s fragrances are bought by women as gifts. It’s safe to assume that the Dior Homme man probably refills his own cabinet, regardless of the ad campaign. And might it be possible that the Dior Homme man rather likes this image of himself, as it plays with women?

As Grazia Beauty writes: Mr Dior has evolved into a ‘vivid and potent’ man who invents a new way of being ‘male’. The accompanying campaign images are shot mainly in black and white by photographer Romain Gavras. Dior calls the images ‘new, wild and free’ with Pattinson looking ‘adamant and sexy.’ The vibe is inspired by Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman says Dior — all rebellious men.

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Barbara Palvin in Blue Velvet Mood for Intimissimi 2013 By Matthias Zentner


Film | Cara Delevingne in Burberry 'Striptease' by Tyrone Lebon for i-D Magazine

Cara Delevingne sizzles in ‘Striptease’, watched through the gritty lens of Tyrone Lebon for i-D Magazine. If Cara doesn’t jump start sales of this zipper-rich Burberry trench, nobody will.