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The Death of American Feminism And Religious Orthodoxy

Writing for Slate, Katha Pollitt has decisively answered profound questions about feminism in America, discussing Gail Collins’ new book When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present

In an unconscious nod to Lubna Hussein, and our Smarty Pants crowd, Pollitt’s correct in saying that, second wave feminism was about symbolically about the right to wear pants.

There is no more threatening gesture to the patriarchal, orthodox, conservative religious male mind than a woman wearing pants.

Unlike Pollitt who finds garter belts repressive, I typically wear skirts and believe in the redemptive power of fine lingerie and expressed female sensuality. But I will march in the streets all over again — and I believe it’s time — for the rights of women to wear pants worldwide.

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RAF Sends First Female Helicopter Crew Against Taliban

Updated on Sun, November 22, 2009 by Registered CommenterAnne

From left: Stephanie Cole, Michelle Goodman, Joanna Watkinson and Wendy Donald at their US training baseLike the Brits, American women soldiers are deployed as medevac helicopter pilots in Afghanistan. Reading this DefenseLink commentary on female soldiers in Army Aviation, I have no sense of how many women in Afghanistan are helicopter pilots.

My heart swelled, though, seeing this photo and headline out of the London Times: First female helicopter crew takes on Taliban

This is the first RAF all-woman combat helicopter flying together, four women taking troops and supplies to the frontline against the Taliban in Helmand. They will also airlift casualties to the hospital at Camp Bastion.

The Merlin crew includes Flight-Lieutenant Michelle Goodman, 32, from Bristol, the first woman to win the Distinguished Flying Cross. She and her co-pilot, Flight-Lieutenant Joanna Watkinson, 28, from Reading, have been preparing in California for the difficulties of flying in Afghanistan. The hot air, dust and high altitude pose particular problems for helicopters.

Loadmasters Sergeant Stephanie Cole, 24, from Wiltshire, and Sergeant Wendy Donald, 31, from Liverpool, have also been training at the US airbase at El Centro.

The RAF says that it’s coincidence that the women are flying together.

As an American woman who detests war but knows also that the Taliban are anything but good guys, I say: “Ladies, I am so proud of you.” 

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Over-Parenting, Hyper-Parenting: For Sane Children & Better Marriage Try Slow Parenting

Americans like a biggie-sized life. We’re goal-oriented with an inbred can-do attitude. These are all good traits when kept in balance. For the last several years, researchers and school principles have argued that parenting is out of control. This week’s TIME magazine picks up the trail of the story: Can These Parents Be Saved: The Growing Backlash Against Over-Parenting.

via DamnCoolPics.blogspot.comThe terms are all similar: hyper-parenting, over-parenting, helicopter parenting.

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Queen Rania Is Embraced By the Global Boys Club

Her Majesty Queen of Jordan Rania Al Abdullah and Jorge Sampaio, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilisations, received the 14th North-South Prize of the Council of Europe 2009, 16 March 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

Playing Favourites

If asked to name my five favorite women in the world, Queen Rania is one of them. I adore her at the risk of losing any journalistic integrity that I probably don’t have.

Without question she is a Smart Sensuality, Smarty Pants woman of epic proportions, a wife and mother to an entire nation, as well as her husband and four children.

I’ve tracked Queen Rania for almost two years now and find her to be the most progressive woman on the planet, just slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton, who is truly coming into her own in 2009. 

In the best sense, Queen Rania is part of a royal couple and her role would be considered breathrough in America, not only the Middle East but anywhere in the world. Reading her websites and queenly schedule, I can confirm that Queen Rania may just be the hardest-working woman in the world.

Reading about Queen Rania in the Jordan Times or London newspapers, following her on Twitter, I see that she moves in a variety of high-profile initiatives, with far more freedom and influence than America’s first lady Michelle Obama.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 25JAN08 - Bono (R), William H. Gates III, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation, USA (2R), H.M. Queen Rania (3R) Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, Gordon Brown (4R), Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Yar’ Adua, President of Nigeria (5R) and other participants stand together to ‘Call to Action on the Millenium Development Goals’ during the Annual Meeting 2008 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 25, 2008. Copyright World Economic Forum ( by Andy Mettler This photo from Davos, Switzerland 2008 sums up Queen Rania’s influence in the world: She stands between British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Bill Gates, with Bono an arm’s length away.

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Palin and the Patriarchy: Good Girls Triumph Don't They?

Sarah Palin’s not happy with the photo used by Newsweek to promote their cover feature on Palin’s “Going Rogue”, says the Christian Science Monitor. I admit to being startled myself with the sexy pic.

Reality is, though, Palin’s been a “babe” among males since day one.

Many sharp, talented women are brainiac babes. Let’s face it: sex sells, although not in American politics, where women make up about 10 percent of Congress.

How about babes being taken seriously as a news story? Can sexy, articulate women with ideas be taken seriously, when editors don’t think twice about using them as femme bait on the cover of Newsweek?

Based on our web traffic and growing influence, I could say “sure”.

Indeed, there’s a place for Smart Sensuality babes, who are particularly effective in stealth attacks.

Newsweek may think that Palin’s metaphorically “stupid”, and I’ve heard her called that endless times in the past week, but Going Rogue is now and will be for weeks the best-selling book at Amazon. Sarah is laughing her way to the bank, and she does resonate with many people.

Does Palin get any real credit for achievement in her cheerleading guise? After all, it’s quarterbacks who are the superstars, not the rah rah girls who cheer them on.

I’m a Hillaryite, so Palin and I aren’t drinking the same coffee blend either. Yet, I don’t like seeing the woman getting roughed up this way.

Presently, I’m evaluating the actual status of women in America, long after I stopped marching in the streets. Reality is not a pretty picture. For all the talk of shirking off that good ‘ol American guy paternalism that glorified us in our corsets but didn’t see us in a pin stripe suit, we’re way behind the curve ball.

As a pragmatic woman, I ask “what’s the bottom line here?” Has America’s babedom culture hurt women or helped us? Does a culture that loves seeing us as under-30 California girls have a silver lining, or is it a crown of thorns?

Given American women’s lack of equality in a long list of key measures illuminated in the World Economic Forum’s recent gender equality report, I looked at the Newsweek cover with sobered-up eyes. 

Palin looks great in a short skirt but hey, America received a 61 in political gender parity and a composite score of 31 against the rest of the world in the four key measures of ‘our women’: economic participation, education, health and political empowerment.

Note that the report attempts to strip out the effects of a country’s wealth. The premise isn’t  that the country with the most boy toys wins. Dollars disguise inequity and having a nation of sexy cougars doesn’t count in a country’s score.

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The Real Life of 17th Century Dutch Paintings

Critics charge that London’s National Gallery has prostituted itself (literally) putting on display a seedy reconstruction of Amsterdam’s Red Light District called The Hoerengracht (“Whore’s Canal”) as a contemporary art installation.

Curator Colin Wiggins defended his decision to feature both bulldings and scantily clad women displaying themselves in windows, saying that the “squalor” was not actually out of place in the reverentially proper London art institution.

“This is like walking into a 17th century Dutch painting of Amsterdam,” Wiggins said.

“We have pictures of gang rape, we have pictures of incest, we have pictures of murder and torture and mutilation, but because people put them in gold frames and cover them in varnish … they’re safe, they’re tame.”

The installation is the creation of Ed and Nancy Kienholz, who took about five years to make The Hoerengracht in Berlin. A via Reuters


Strong American Results in Female Sexual Desire Drug

Tulip ‘Silver parrot’ via Flickr’s mike(toons)Note: America’s FDA did not approve flibanserin’s forward movement in June 2010.

Are American daisy and violet women on their way to becoming erotic tulips? This sexy flower, once traded at exorbitant prices on Amsterdam’s money exchanges as priceless, may be a good way to envision an American woman taking Boehringer’s new female desire pill.

Women who took Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH’s desire drug pill, known as flibanserin, reported 22 percent more “satisfying sexual events” than those given a placebo in two clinical tests of 1,378 patients, according to abstracts released today at the European Society for Sexual Medicine annual meeting in Lyon, France. via Bloomberg News

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