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You Want to Defund Planned Parenthood & Title X? Look At Texas

It is critical that we get the facts about contraception and abortion, as Rep House Leader John Boehner seeks to end funding for Planned Parenthood, part of the Republican war on women.

Mostly men who don’t know what they are talking about quote facts and figures that are untrue, when the subject is women’s reproductive health.

Make no mistake. Contraception works and reduces abortions. The Guttmacher Institute has released it latest investigation about the effectiveness of contraception in reducing unplanned pregnancy.

Contraception Works

Two-thirds of American women who use contraception consistently and correctly throughout the course of any given year account for only 5% of all unintended pregnancies. The 19% of women at risk who use contraception erratically account for 44% of all unintended pregnancies, while the 16% of women at risk who use no contraception at all for a month or more during the year account for 52% of all unintended pregnancies.

The women having abortions are either using no contraception or using it irregularly.

The body of evidence attesting to the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of publicly funded family planning services is comprehensive and compelling. These services not only improve the health of mothers and babies by helping women time and space their pregnancies, they also prevent almost two million unintended pregnancies each year, which would otherwise result in 860,000 unintended pregnancies and 810,000 abortions. Without these services, the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions among poor women in the United States would nearly double, and the number of unintended pregnancies in the nation as a whole would be nearly two-thirds higher. via Guttmacher Institute

Invest $1 To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies, Save $4

The Guttmacher Institute has never been accused of incorrect survey information and statistics to the best of our knowledge. GI calculates that helping low-income women prevent births saves almost $4 in public expenditures for every $1 invested.

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Small Changes Jump-Start Sex Drive, Fight Loss of Libido

‘Leda and the Swan’ by Peter Paul RubensA new British survey of 4000 people called ‘Sex in the Nation’ found that more than half the women felt too overweight to have sex. About 52 percent of women said they lacked confidence in the shape of their bodies.

29 percent of women said they avoided sex because they looked fat, with another 23 percent citing embarrassment about their ‘wobbly bits’. The latter is a distinctly British terms for the normal results of an aging body.

Men answered these questions at eight percent and 11 percent respectively.

A whopping 72 percent of women said they told their partners they were too tired for sex; 34 percent admitted they felt unattractive; 33 percent said they were ill; and 32 percent explained on occasion they were too stressed for sex.

Psychosexual specialist Dr Catherine Hood, who lectures at Oxford University, said many women “feel under pressure to live up to a vision of perfection which just isn’t realistic”。

The real impact of body image and self esteem problems in an increasingly obese Britain — not significantly different from the US, which is actually fatter — is a key reason why I am upset over the size 0 model phenomenon.

However challenging are the real physical and psychological problems associated with obesity, they are made even worse by the sense of failure and self-loathing that so many women feel looking at themselves in the mirror.

Of the women polled in ‘Sex in the Nation’, 13 percent said they only had sex with the lights off because they didn’t want to be seen naked. One in 10 said she would like to be more adventurous in the bedroom but stuck to familiar sexual position — probably the missionary position versus being on top — because of shame about parts of their body.

Some bloggers have jumped all over the survey, which was funded by a women’s sexual desire supplement. There’s nothing in the results that suggests to me that the results are skewed or misrepresented. It is a scientific fact that libido is dying in relationships, and obesity is a key factor in loss of sex drive.

Medical Research on Weight and Sex Drive

Some of the best research on obesity and libido has been done by Martin Binks, PhD, a clinical psychologist and director of behavioral health at Duke University’s Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, NC.

Recent research by Binks confirms that up to 30% of obese people seeking help in controlling their weight — already more proactive than the general population — say they have problems with sex drive, desire, performance or all three.

The negative self-image and self-esteem problems that accompany obesity in many people are complicated by physiological conditions that impact libido, ability to orgasm and strong erections in men.

“We are beginning to see that the width of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris [the area of the vagina most closely related to sexual response] in women are affected by the same kind of blockages that impact blood flow to the penis,” says Susan Kellogg, PhD, director of sexual medicine at the Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. via Medicinenet

When this happens, says Kellogg, a woman’s body is far less responsive, and a drop in desire is not far behind.

Both sexes are also impacted by higher levels of a natural chemical known as SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) that accompany obesity. SHBG binds to the sex hormone testosterone, making less of it available to stimulate sexual desire.

Insulin resistance — the precursor to type 2 diabetes — is almost always associated with obesity, and has an impact on sexual arousal.

Restoring Sexual Desire

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle is key to reclaiming lost libido.  At one time in my life I had a BMI of 32, making me medically obese. I was in a long-term relationship and our sex life was very active. While I did suffer from endless body image challenges, loss of libido didn’t accompany my own weight gain.

Eventually I decided that my own situation couldn’t go on forever and that I would not accept myself as an obese woman. As often as I criticize and reject the size 0 model trend, I agree that in my own case, I lacked self-discipline on the subjects of exercise and eating a healthier diet.

When Dr. Binks reports significant improvement in sexual functioning with weight loss of 5-10 pounds, I can relate.

Self Control=Self Respect

Simply taking control of oneself and stopping the vicious cycle of self-loathing and self-defeat by being proactive and action-oriented increases sexual desire in many women.

Losing as little as 10% on weight among obese people has dramatic impact on sex drive, self-esteem and the physiological problems of lowered blood circulation in the genitals and elevated, pre-diabetic or diabetic glucose ratings.

In working with obese patients on a long-term basis, Dr. Binks found that complaints about loss of libido fell by half, even though the women in his group remained medically overweight.

Most research on obesity and sexuality confirms that the decision to take control of one’s eating and exercise habits almost always brings almost immediate results in improved self-image and self-esteem. The focus isn’t becoming a size 2 but caring enough about one’s self to become healthy.  

Simply adopting the Mediterranean Diet, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, will bring significant results. (Read A Kitchen to Bedroom Primer | Sexual Wellness Power Foods )

People — and especially women — can’t embark on a healthy eating problem to make fashion designers happy. That’s an external psychological mine field in an industry that literally changed the ‘ideal woman’ from a sexy, muscular size 4-6 woman with breasts like Cindy Crawford to a ‘Black Swan’ body in a decade.

The last decade has become a total ‘head game’ of women failing to live up to the unrealistic beauty standards set by super thin people. I call the trend fashion monasticism. We must ignore it and make peace with the woman in the mirror — the average woman who wants pleasure in her life.

Exercise | Get Moving

“Any activity that increases blood flow to the large muscle groups in the thighs, buttocks, and pelvis — such as yoga, brisk walking, or cycling for 20 minutes three times a week — is also going to bathe the genitals with better circulation,” says Kellogg. The result, she says, is more lubrication, better arousal, and better orgasmic function. And ultimately a return of sexual desire.via MedicineNet

Any woman can do squats in place, in the middle of the kitchen. We all can start somewhere, even if it’s five minutes a day. The mere act of starting something is better than doing nothing.

When I first took up exercise, I owned a stairmaster that served as a clothes rack in a guest bedroom.  I told myself that I didn’t care if I read a book, sitting on the machine for five minutes a day.  The point was that I had to be attached to the stairmaster every day for a period of time. That’s how I got going.

In short order I had ‘muscle lust’ and I still do have it. I still believe that women should turn out the lights and explore their own bodies, touching themselves including on their heads. Have you ever touched your scalp lightly but repeatedly?

The reason I reject this ‘no muscles on women’ fashion game is because it’s downright debilitating on a long-term basis. I like muscles in my body because I feel strong, not frail. With all that’s going on in the world, how do women fight when we are physically weak?

Experiencing the sensuality of our bodies goes against so many doctrines that demand respectability in women. Our bodies should be loathed not celebrated, say the global morality police. Hence, we eat.  This is not the only factor in our obesity epidemic, but it is the one we refuse to discuss.

via VulvaLoveLovely on Etsy

Sensual Creativity | Mind Games

“The epitome of sexuality is abandoning self-consciousness to experience the moment intensely. If one is fretting about this bulge or that bulge or how their butt looks from every angle, it’s pretty difficult to enjoy the moment, much less be there for your partner,” says psychologist and body-image expert Abby Aronson, author of The Final Diet.

I think every woman should write her own mantra, taping it to a mirror:

My beauty is in my own eyes, and no one else’s

I will find my inner vixen and bring her out to play

I don’t care what the world thinks of my body, but I intend to claim her …

Susan Kellogg reminds us that women’s To Do lists usually aren’t sexy. Housework is no fun unless you’re wearing a French Maid’s outfit.  Erotica is good for our souls and spirits and every woman should try reading some.

Sitting down with a journal for 30 minutes and just writing sexy words and phrases might get you started. Stop trying to write the perfect sensual essay or erotica. Just let your mind go into a the world of sexual fantasy and write one just for you.

Sharing is great, but finding our sexy side can also be a private journey. Modern women are split in so many directions that keeping a literary zone of privacy can be important. Start a journal: ‘Thoughts I’m Not Supposed to Be Having’ and let it rip.

Finding your sensual self doesn’t mean that you will race out the door and have a menage a trois.

I Am Worth It

Years of writing and consulting about sexuality, 10 years at Victoria’s Secret as a key executive, and my own Sensual and Superyoung journey to self love have convinced me that obesity, morality, and sexuality are very intertwined for many women.

Phyllis Schlafly’s new book hit stores tomorrow, blaming feminism and strong women for everything that’s wrong with America. Once again, American women are under attack for trying to say ‘I am worth it’.

It took me decades to love the woman in the mirror and caring about keeping her healthy.  I remember an exercise that I did long ago, as part of a spiritual retreat. It is so simple. We had to write “I love myself because … ” with a list of 10 entries.

It took me hours to complete the assignment, and it wasn’t the finale in my own battle for self-love.

Yes women are stressed; yes, women have too much to do; yes … yes … yes. When we’re done with all the excuses, then we should take paper and pen (or laptop, of course), find a quiet corner, and write up our own self-love list. If you have only seven items on your list, keep looking and return until you have 10 attributes.

If you are sincere in writing your list, and you return to it often to read about yourself, I believe that a healthier, sexier and often lighter you emerges as a result.

Unlike the bloggers who blow off all this research on sexuality and loss of libido, I think we should take it to heart.

Yours will beat faster, longer and with pride if self-love becomes your good friend — inspiring you to love your body at any size, because it is yours. For better or worse, we must claim ourselves before we can change for the right reasons, which is to please ourselves and not others.

The latter is a false, doomed-to-failure endeavor, a no-win game that women play endlessly, forgetting that the path to joy and self-respect lies within ourselves and not at the corner store.  Anne

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Restrained Beauty | Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving | 'Mouthflower' 2010

 Being perfect artists and ingenuous poets, the Chinese have piously preserved the love and holy cult of flowers; one of the very rare and most ancient traditions which has survived their decadence.  And since flowers had to be distinguished from each other, they have attributed graceful analogies to them, dreamy images, pure and passionate names which perpetuate and harmonize in our minds the sensations of gentle charm and violent intoxication with which they inspire us.  So it is that certain peonies, their favorite flower, are saluted by the Chinese, according to their form or color, by these delicious names, each an entire poem and an entire novel:  The Young Girl Who Offers Her Breasts, or: The Water That Sleeps Beneath the Moon, or: The Sunlight in the Forest, or: The First Desire of the Reclining Virgin, or: My Gown Is No Longer All White Because in Tearing It the Son of Heaven Left a Little Rosy Stain; or, even better, this one: I Possessed My Lover in the Garden.  ~Octave Mirbeau, Torture Garden, “The Garden,” Chapter 5

Other thoughts about flowers to accompany these provocative ‘Mouthflower’ images from Anoush Abrar & Aimée Hoving.

The spiritualization of sensuality is called love: it is a great triump over Christianity. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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New Calls in Cairo's Tahrir Square 'Go Home and Wash Clothes'

Beyond the Veil| It wasn’t a good day yesterday for the women of Egypt, the ones gathered in Cairo’s Tarhir Square for a ‘Million Woman March’. Perhaps a few hundred women and men showed up to celebrate International Women’s Day in a hastily organized effort.

The glorious days of February 2011 were gone. Dozens of men and women engaged in heated arguments with the men saying the women have enough rights already. Reports are that some of the discussions were polite and others aggressive.

Christian Science Monitor reports that a sheikh from Al Azhar was hoisted on the mens’ shoulders, chanting:

“Go home, go wash clothes,” yelled some of the men. “You are not married; go find a husband.” Others said, “This is against Islam.” To the men demonstrating with the women, they yelled “Shame on you!”

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Kate Winslet | Mario Testino | Lancome Absolut Nu | Absolutely Elegant | Accidentally Sexy

French cosmetic label Lancôme Paris chose Kate Winslet as their ambassadrice for Absolut Nu, their new lipstick. Kate is filmed here by Mario Testino.

Watch the ad and a making of film below. I think there was a more interesting 52 seconds in a combo of the two. The commercial is visually flat for me, not that sex is required.  There’s much more visual complexity and spontaneity in the making of the film, which is sensually lovely and sophisticated.

Le Film Absolu Nu with Kate Winslet | Lancome

On the topic of the endless pull between sexuality, sensuality and respectability in a world where women are continually judged by men and each other, Winslet speaks of the perfect lipstick as being a best friend of femininity and predicts a big come back of the lipstick.

Everything must be the ‘right image, right level of sensuality’, she says. ‘You don’t want to go too far with something, making it tasteless. It always has to be absolutely elegant, absolutely tasteful, and somehow accidentally sexy’.

Kate Winslet sums up woman’s condition perfectly! Anne

Le Making of L’Absolu Nu with Kate Winslet | Mario Testino | Lancome


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Philadelphia Archdiocese Sex Abuse Suspended Priests Names Read Today

Members of SNAP: The Survivors Network of those Abused by PriestsResponding to scathing criticism of a failure to take action in publications like The Boston Globe, the Philadelphia Archdiocese will begin revealing the identities of the 21 priests suspended following last month’s grand jury report on child molestation in the church.

The Boston Globe says that 37 priests were ‘credibly accused of sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior towards minors’ and most are still in active ministry.

The extent of the scandal here, including a coverup that the grand jury said stretched over many years, is so great that Philadelphia is “Boston reborn,’’ said David J. O’Brien, who teaches Catholic history at the University of Dayton in Ohio, referring to the archdiocese where a public spotlight was shined on widespread sexual abuse in 2002. via The Boston Globe

ABC in Philadephia writes that it’s believed that as the names of the 21 priests suspended yesterday are revealed, more victims will come forward.

Explaining why not all 37 priests were removed, District Attorney Seth Williams says that the statute of limitations has run out on several potential cases.

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USC Frat Boy Launches 'Gullet Report' For Expert Cocksman Getting Quality Pie

Updated on Thu, March 10, 2011 by Registered CommenterAnne

Updated on Fri, April 1, 2011 by Registered CommenterAnne

Street in Panama via shesezz.comThere are days when smart women just shouldn’t get up in the morning. I’m waiting for Phyllis Schlafly’s new diatribe against American feminists to hit Amazon on March 15. Schlafly’s view of women like me is:

I submit to you that the feminist movement is the most dangerous, destructive force in our society today. […] My analysis is that the gays are about 5% of the attack on marriage in this country, and the feminists are about 95%. […] I’m talking about drugs, sex, illegitimacy, drop outs, poor grades, run away, suicide, you name it, every social ill comes out of the fatherless home. ~Phyllis Schlafly

After all, we ladies should just suck it in and understand that boys will be boys. Schlafly refuses to hold men responsible for any ills in American society. In fact, smart women have totally emasculated men in her playbook.

A degrading email — allegedly from a Kappa Sigma frat boy at USC — supports my argument that American men aren’t dead doormats yet.  What’s tough for a woman like myself is that as an ardent feminist, I never fought against men, even though I am blamed for it.

My relations with men generally have been superb in my career and to a more limited extent in my personal life. I know a lot of good guys.  Being on the other end of the gender relations perspective with life experience, watching the Republicans declare war on women in Washington, working for women internationally — I do believe that misygyny runs really deep in cultures everywhere in the world.

The New Testament doesn’t speak of women all that much differently than this email.  That’s just the way it is for women in this world, and I’m exhausted with fighting the battle for recognition of women’s worth in a religious, political and social culture — including fashion — that is more misogynist than I ever wanted to believe as a starry-eyed young woman.

The USC’s Daily Trojan reinforces the fact that authorities haven’t established that the sender is actually a member of Kappa Sigma. It could be a prank from a competing fraternity, trying to discredit Kappa Sigma.

Pat Lauer, president of USC’s Interfraternity Council, condemned the email, saying:

“The e-mail is repulsive, it’s ridiculous, it’s insulting … It’s just really sad that this e-mail doesn’t reflect the standard of any fraternity or chapter in our community. What’s more shocking is that such a respected fraternity’s name is on that e-mail.”

Jezebel has printed the entire email and we will, too. In bold, I will highlight my favorite parts of this depiction of women at USC.

To the Distinguished Gentlemen of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity:

As I have mentioned I will be starting a weekly Gullet Report. In response to the Soft Report, I felt it necessary to offer a contrasting and more uplifting telegram. My theories and practices are elaborated in more detail in the body of this email.

Please send me all of your hook-ups in Tucker Max format (for those unfamiliar with this legend, google will suffice). These renditions should be elaborate and interesting. I want raw data on who fucks and who doesn’t. In conclusion the gullet report will strengthen brotherhood and help pin-point sorostitiutes more inclined to put-out. From my experience when a female goes Ksig shes typically repeats.

For your entertainment read on and pause for note taking. My hope is that ALL of our brothers will follow this creed with pride and distinction.

I have come to write this memo to you today to educate on the only life worth living, that of a Cocksman. A Cocksman is taught to live by the two most applicable principles I know: The Pie and the Gullet. You may already be lost in trying to comprehend this logic. Do not worry this is completely understandable. By the end of this memo, you will not only gain a greater understanding of what it means to live, but you will have embraced a lifestyle. However, in order for this to happen you first must know a couple key terms.

Note: I will refer to females as “targets”. They aren’t actual people like us men. Consequently, giving them a certain name or distinction is pointless.

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