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The Science of Kissing Runs Deep in Human & Bonobo Culture 

In her new book ‘The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us’, author Sheril Kirshenbaum refers to esteemed Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher, who believes that kissing evolved to fulfill three major needs: sex drive, romantic love, and attachment.

Romantic kissing is found in more than 90% of human cultures. Its role, according to Kirshenbaum, is to help humans “find partners, commit to one person and keep couples together long enough to have a child.”

Hindu’s Vedic Sanskrit texts don’t specifically use the word ‘kiss’ but do reference ‘licking’ and ‘drinking moisture of the lips’. The ‘Kama Sutra’ includes an entire chapter on the art of kissing. As a prelude to sexual union, no spot on the body of man or woman is not a kissing erogenous zone.

A Babylonian creation story, recorded in the seventh century BC, contains a wide variety of kisses for greeting and supplication.

Before the rise of Christianity, people had been kissing for thousands of years, with some restrictions. Herodotus wrote that Egyptians wouldn’t kiss Greeks on their mouths because the Greeks ate their sacred animal, the cow.

With the rise of Christianity, kissing fell out of favor. In their review of The Science of Kissing, the Daily Beast writes:

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Sexually Assaulted in Egypt | Lara Logan's Career As Top Reporter

CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt’s Tahrir Square moments before she was assaulted covering the jubilation after the resignation of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. There are no suggestions that any of the men visible behind Logan were involved in her assault.RedTracker| New details are emerging regarding the assault of Lara Logan, chief foreign correspondent for CBS News network, who was set upon by a mob of more than 200 people in Cairo’s Tahrir Square celebrating the resignation of Hosni Mubarak.

While the focus of our article is Lara Logan, The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that other journalists were attacked as well, as part of a last ditch effort by Mubarak supporters to censor news of the uprising.

CPI members Jehad Ali and Lara LoganLogan is a member of the CPJ Board of Directors, overseeing the program that aids journalists who have been victims of violence and repression.

“We have seen Lara’s compassion at work while helping journalists who have faced brutal aggression while doing their jobs,” CPJ Chairman Paul Steiger said. “She is a brilliant, courageous, and committed reporter. Our thoughts are with Lara as she recovers.” via CPJ

Details of Lara Logan Assault

Logan was assaulted by a mob of more than 200 people, enduring ‘a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating,’ according to CBS. The correspondent was separated from her team and then attacked, saved by a group of women and about 20 Egyptian soldiers.

Logan taken to the Four Season Hotel, where she was treated and sedated, then flown back to the US immediately and hospitalized in a New York hospital for five days. The fearless reporter is now recovering at home in Washington D.C.

In details in today’s South African News, Lara Logan — born and raised in Durban, South Africa — has clarified that during the attack her clothes were ripped off; she was kicked, punched and had her hair torn out; and she was sexually assaulted.

Logan said that the group of Egyptian women threw themselves on top of her, protecting her from further harm and full-penetration rape.

The Daily Mail writes that what originally appeared to be bite marks all over Lara’s body and including her private parts are now believed to be the result of extreme pinching. Medical sources say that she was stripped and beaten with the makeshift poles that were used for flag flying during the demonstration.

Logan Returned to Egypt Days After Being Arrested

Lara Logan, who had been detained in Egypt and left the country after being released from police custody, interviewed on Charlie Rose before her return to Egypt. Logan is an amazingly articulate journalist who went back to the country to finish her story, knowing that she was at risk.

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Rachel Clark | Nino Muñoz | Town & Country | March 2011

When WWD wrote that Creative Director David Lipman’s March issue of Town & Country brings a healthy dose of sex to the magazine, they didn’t exaggerate.

“There are many ways to be rich these days,” said outgoing editor in chief Stephen Drucker. “We just wanted to make it feel modern and a little sexier.”

Hello now very pregnant Lauren Santo Domingo. Goodbye Ina Garten. This redo of Town & Country looks a lot more promising than the last face lift.

This photo shoot by Nino Muñoz, features $73 million worth of diamonds on soaking wet, nude model Rachel Clark. Twenty-three security guards were on hand at the shoot.

“I love any page with the words ‘price on request’ six times,” Drucker said. Smart Sensuality women are more into global microfinance than cascades of diamonds.

Positioning T&C as sexy is a trend we must follow. Nino Muñoz delivers upscale sensuality all the way. It’s about ‘her’, not the rocks.

We like this editorial because so many luxury brands make it seem like sexuality has no place in a woman’s life. She is the sum of her baubles. In these Rachel Clark images, we relate to ‘her’ and the suds are fabulous.

Great start for David Lipman as Creative Director. Jay Fielden takes over as Editor-in-Chief. Fielden was editor of now defunct Men’s Vogue.


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Kelsey, Anna, Taylor & Kel | Richard Burbridge | Exhibition #1 | Lipstick Issue

This Richard Burbridge contribution to Exhibition #1’s first issue devoted to lipstick is brilliantly subversive, yet elegant and even rarified. I’ve read the screaming meemie blog comments but I’m on board with the erotic imagery. It’s much more what I was expecting from Exhibition.


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BleachBlack Brand | In Your Face Female-Controlled Sexuality

JIZZ from JASON LAST on Vimeo.

The girls from BleachBlack originally scored big with their jewelry collaboration with Orban Outfitters. In late 2009, Kristin and Valerie dropped the beauty gauntlet with a nail polich called ‘Dickweed’, sold at Need Supply Co.

“There’s too much blushy pink going on,” says Kristin. “Fashion has become way too serious. We are honestly just fucking around and have fun with this project.”

Maybe so, what Kristin and Valerie deliver their own message about female sexuality and beauty products. Their second shade called jizz (think ejaculation) has both a “punk and a feminine slant with the all-white shade glossed up with a bit of a sheen.” via

I’d like to see where Kristin and Valerie would take lingerie positioning. Perhaps a blowup in Michael Bay’s testosterone-filled Angels face. Anne

PS: As for Jason Last’s Carmen Boss video with music by Isaiah Toothtaker — now THIS is sexy! As for Dickweed, hmmmm. I think I’ll smoke some.



Lea T & Oprah | Viewers Seek To Understand Gender Identity Disorder

Oprah was unusually candid with with transgender model Lea T today, using the word ‘penis’ with ease and not worrying about TV network censors who closely monitor any discussion of body parts. 

Oprah raised a key question that we hadn’t considered, to be honest. “How do you hide your penis?” Oprah asks, flashing a few gorgeous images of Lea T on stage. Lea answered with charm and frank grace, saying it hurt. Stupid us; we hadn’t thought of that.

We’ve followed Lea T since day one, and the Oprah viewer onslaught has resulted in tremendous traffic here at AOC — our single biggest hour ever and we’re going strong.

Talking about her condition Lea T says:

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Keira Knightley & Madame Figaro | French Women Love Lingerie | Mark Abrahams 

Keira Knightley wears a profusion of sensual parfaits in her Mark Abrahams editorial for Madame Figaro France’s Feb 5, 2011 issue. She is joined in the same issue by another editorial ‘Accords Parfaits’ by Laurent Humbert. The model is unknown — and I’ve searched in response to comment below.

Most lingerie experts agree that French women of every age and socio-economic status spend about 20% of their clothing budgets on beautiful lingerie in a wide range of prices.

Unrelated research indicates that about 18% of all womenswear sales in France are for undergarments. In England and America, our more provincial mentalities have us spending about 10% of our clothing budgets on lingerie.

All my research confirms that the French woman’s attitude about being sensual at every age is tied to research about female sexuality. A 2007 survey by the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology found that 33% of British women in their late 40s and 50s don’t believe an active sex life is important.

Among French women 90% said an active sex life is a key component of their wellbeing. American women are more aligned with the Brits, saying they would rather read a book or watch TV than have sex.

Now for the obesity rates. Cutting through all the clutter and arguments about Paris vs the countryside, and New York vs Nebraska, and — yes French women in aggregate have gained a pound or two in the last few years — the aggregate BMIs of French women at every age are vastly lower than the BMIs of British and American women who insist that we are stressed and can’t stop eating.

Smart Sensuality women everywhere believe that sensual living is vital at every age. Even masturbation is a great stress-reliever and brings with it many of the health benefits of sexual activity with a trusted partner.

There is no doubt in my mind that negative ideas about sex and also aging in women, deeply grounded in religious attitudes and the national culture, are tied to obesity rates in Britain and the US.  Anne


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