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Woman | Alana Zimmer | Miles Aldridge | Numéro No. 83 May 2007

These images of Alana Zimmer, lensed by Miles Aldridge for  Numéro No. 83 May 2007 are perfect for sharing a very important study about ballet dancers versus practitioners of Vipassana or mindfulness meditation.

Participants were wired up with electrodes to monitor their physiological responses to emotionally charged scenes in movies and then used a rating dial to report their state of mind.

Both groups reported the same responses on the reponses dial — horror, anguish, sorrow, saddness, fear.

Just as women lie like crazy in their responses to sexual visual cues — versus what the sensors say is really happening in their bodies — the ballet dancers exhibited a complete disconnect from physiological emotional responses, as measured by the sensors.

Coupled with a January study ‘Rich Lack Empathy & Face Reading Skills’, I am now officially using the term Fashion Monasticism. It is the opposite of New Eroticism.

Fashion Monasticism has a pope, just like Religious Monasticism. He lives in Paris.


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Video| Megan Fox | Emporio Underwear & Armani Jeans S/S 2011 Ad Campaign


Rumour | Will Riccardo Tisci Move To Dior?

Will the beloved intellectual, sensual designer Riccardo Tisci move to Dior? LVMH owns both brands and is the logical replacement for the fired John Galliano.

Tisci has a strong fashion following, enormous talent and intellectual brainpower, a personal elegance and style, and legendary personal relationships (Tisci is the ‘T’ in Lea T) that might be a good move for Dior right now.

America may not love Tisci so much, but Asians — which is where the luxury market is moving — value his intellectual prowess in design.

Racked adds to the buzz, suggesting that LVMH’s Bernard Arnault would then move to bring Haider Ackermann to Givenchy. Karl Lagerfeld himself has identified Ackermann as his own successor, but Karl has no intention of leaving Chanel soon.

Personally, I’m in the mood for a man who truly likes women heading a mega luxury brand. And I would love an Italian man in charge for a change.

The industry is fixated on Galliano’s horrible comments about Jews — and so are we. But let’s not forget that Galliano’s comments about all women — including Italians, if the accusations are true — are totally misogynistic.

Calling women ‘bitches’ should upset a few people in the fashion world, but then again … I don’t believe Galliano is the only top designer with misogyny in his blood, when the subject is females.

Riccardo Tisci has never give me a single heart palpation, and I adore everything about him. Let’s hope Riccardo Tisci moves to Dior. Anne


Fashion's Portrayal of Female Sexuality Echoes Culture's Distrust of Sensual Women

Karen, Missy, Jessica, Hannelore, Elise | Steven Meisel | His Kind of Woman | Vogue Italia July 2004 SN Provocateurs

My own sensual thoughts are a bit of juicy bits today. One of the disadvantages of writing on two websites and in multiple channels is tracking all the connecting dots can get tricky.

Consistent point of view means more to me than anything, so I just can’t go with a hodgepodge assortment of unconnected posts.  I prefer columns with common themes and messages.

Last week, one of our more thoughtful readers Laura left this comment on a 2004 Steven Meisel editorial that we posted in Sensuality News Provocateurs.

To me, women are really sexy and provocative, the problem is, of course… they are not doing it for themselves but only for the dominant males. Male at the top, once again.

But… you know it and Vogue either, that this is a women’s fantasy. The problem is, if you try it, they lose respect. What do you think about this?

I then compared the Meisel editorial with the new ‘In the Mood for Love’ editorial of lush femmes, lensed by Mert & Marcus for Interview Magazine, asking

Unintentionally do the two editorials make dramatic statements about male sexuality and female sexuality, knowing that there are exceptions to the rule in the form of cold, sexually bitchy women and lush, sensual men?

Lara’s original question is actually focused on the submission of the women in the Meisel editorial. The Mert & Marcus editorial evokes a similar setup but the women seem more sensually connected.

Preview | Mert & Marcus | Karl Templer | ‘In the Mood for Love’ | Interview Magazine AOC Private Studio

Still not truly intimate, Laura challenged me this morning — even in the Mert & Marcus editorial. And I agree with her.

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Laptops Raise Testicle Temperature Two Degrees An Hour, Causing Infertility

Depending on your point of view, computer laptop porn could serve as a form of birth control in men. And guys, if parenthood is your goal, definitely don’t get yourself in the mood for lovemaking watching a lot of online porn.

Padua University researchers measured temperature variations in the testicles of men using a portable computer on their laps. While the study didn’t focus on guys watching online porn — after all they could be reading the Wall Street Journal or ESPN — we all known that a high probability of males manage to work in a heavy dose of babe watching each day.

“Up till now there had only been empirical observations that suggested an increased testicle temperature can affect the production of sperm,” researcher Carlo Foresta said, referring to known risks such as wearing tight pants, taking a sauna or suffering from a fever.

Shockingly, this habit can raise the temperature of the testicles by two degrees in an hour, creating a high risk of infertility over time. via UPI

Similar results were reported by Yelim Sheynkin, a urologist at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His 2010 research reported an increase in men’s testicle temperature by 2.5 C in an hour. A laptop pad offered only marginal relief.

The American Urological Association reports nearly one in six couples in the United States have trouble conceiving. Male infertility occurs in half of the cases.


Carlo Mancuso | Dustin Lynn | 'Corto Moltedo's Pool Party'

NOWNESS debuts a brilliant little film featuring Italian playboy Carlo Mancuso and the spring 2011 designs from Corto Moltedo collection. The brand is in seven-hours countdown for the opening of its new store in Milan, created to showcase its crystal studded and neon patent clutches.

Designer Gabriele Corto Moltedo, whose parents founded Bottega Veneta, commissioned Paris-based director Dustin Lynn to make the film that celebrates his second shop in the Montenapoleone fashion district. His first boutique is in the Palais Royal in Paris.

Corto Moltedo’s Pool Party

Corto Moltedo’s Pool Party on


“We wanted the [design] signature to come across filmically, always tracing a line of sexual metaphor, but without taking ourselves too seriously,” says Lynn, adding that Mancuso was perfect: “Hugh Hefner, John Waters, and Marcello Mastroianni from Divorce, Italian Style all rolled into one.” Moltedo’s self-proclaimed “pop-luxe chic” aesthetic is a world away from the classic woven leather pieces associated with his parents’ classic brand, but the label prides itself on the same commitment to craftsmanship.

As an American woman hearing the sounds, I kept waiting for Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate to emerge from the pool.

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US One of Three Countries Without Paid Maternity Leave

Phyllis Schlaflay has a new book coming out ‘The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - And Men Can’t Say’. As always Schlafly will blame feminism for everything that is wrong with America. She launched her red-aimed rocket yesterday in a Beverly Willet interview published on HuffPo called ‘Feminists Love Divorce!’

We have never ever underestimated Phyllis Schlafly, who will issue a call for American women to kick feminists in the butt once and for all. Schlafly’s coauthor Suzanne Venker lump all feminists into one garbage can writing that we love divorce and complain all the time about women’s rights.

I have a long record of telling American women that we should suck it in and be true grit women, but my kind of feminism doesn’t fit in Schlafly’s playbook. There is only one kind of feminist and she is pure evil.

Suzanne: ‘Flipside’ takes a positive view of women and their role in society as wives, mothers, career women and volunteers in the community. It’s the antithesis of the average feminist book in which the author kvetches about how bad American women have it. How is that helpful?

Phyllis: It is self evident that American women are the most fortunate women who ever lived and enjoy more freedoms and opportunities than are available in any other country. Armed with the right attitude, they have every opportunity for happiness and achievement. Women should stop feeling they are victims of the patriarchy, reject feminist myths, and follow the roadmap to success and happiness spelled out in ‘Flipside.’

We will debate Schlafly’s assertions with facts and not emotion. When Schlafly writes that it is ‘self evident’ that American have more rights than any women in the world, we prefer to check the fact book.

In the coming weeks we will compare American women to other women in the world. With all their expressed concern for family and children, Conservatives would never support a parental leave policy for American women.

United States, Swaziland and Papua New Guinea Have No Paid Maternity Leave

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