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Jane Fonda Talks Netflix With Lily Tomlin & Bursting Richard Branson's Stitches

Making Jane

Jane Fonda is still evolving, still re-inventing and the activist, actor, philanthropist, mother, grandmother, lover and ex-wife of CNN founder Ted Turner details her many journeys in the latest issue of DuJour Magazine. In these cool, somewhat detached images by Thomas Whiteside, Jane warms us up with some good stories.

Grace and Frankie

Fonda has a new Netflix series coming with Lily Tomlin.  ‘Grace and Frankie’ is a story of two women whose husbands come out as gay and leave them for each other. ‘It’s a tragedy, when you’re 70 and your husband leaves you,’ Fonda explains. Grace and Frankie is the story of two women rediscovering themselves late in life … asking that key question ‘Who am I’?

About Bursting Richard Branson’s Stitches

‘The first week I was dating Ted there was this big rally in Hollywood and my job was to introduce Virgin Airlines…’—she pauses to think of his name—“Richard Branson. So, I introduced him. He came up. I started to leave the stage, and he grabbed me and he pulled me back. He said, ‘You really owe me.’ I looked at him. And he said, ‘I was 15 when I was circumcised. I still had the stitches in when I watched Barbarella. And you made me burst my stitches!’ She laughs, adding: “Isn’t that a strange thing to say in front of 3,000 people?’

On Leonardo DiCaprio’s Documentary Virunga and British Oil in the Congo

‘We need to get a lot of famous people to go [to Virunga] and literally lay their bodies on the line and say to the oil company, “You’ll have to kill us before you go in there.” ’ The challenge is to stay angry and at the same time not burn yourself out or get an ulcer. It’s hard.’


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Long Ring Finger Traits Similar Between Men & Women Sexually & In Business

Finger Ratios and Fidelity In Both Genders

New research examining individual attitudes relating to non-committed sex versus committed sexuality suggest that the length of the ring finger compared to the index finger is a strong predictor of tendencies to ‘stay’ or ‘stray’ in both men and women.

A longer ring finger is associated with greater exposure to testosterone in the womb.

Professor John Manning of Northumbria University’s Department of Psychology has studied finger ratio data for nearly 20 years and believes this is the first study to suggest that both men and women may have alternative mating strategies. Women were not included in earlier studies examining finger lengths and promiscuity.

Manning worked with Dr Rafael Wlodarski and Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford Universities Department of Experimental Psychology in his newest study.

The study conducted at UK’s Northembria and Oxford Universities questioned 575 North American and British people on the views of sociosexuality. They then measured photocopies of the right hands of 1,314 Brits.

Gender Consistency In Results

Researchers found that both men and women fell into one of two groups — those with restricted sexual attitudes and life patterns and those with unrestricted attitudes and lifestyles. Individuals with restricted patterns preferred exclusive, emotionally-committed relationships with sexual partners, while the unrestricted groups expressed little need for emotional commitment.

The results of the sociosexuality questionnaire indicated that 57% of men favored the unrestricted sexuality lifestyle, compared to 47% among women. The results of hand measuring resulted in 62% of men having a ring finger longer than the index finger. Half of women — 50% — also had a longer ring finger.


The researchers remind us that cultural factors can modify predetermined genetic traits, but their importance as a predictor of mating behavior should not be underestimated. Finger ratios as they relate to prenatal testosterone exposure can also indicate other conditions including fertility, lung and heart functioning and sports performance.

Finger Ratios and Women Entrepreneurs

In a fascinating study Italian economists Aldo Rustichini and Luigi Guiso hired 200 assistants to interview over two thousand Italian men and women small-business owners. In this study, the hands of the entrepreneurs were photographed, allowing for direct comparison of interview responses and ring finger/index finger ratios.

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Ethan Czahor's Women R 'Sluts' Comments Not A Fireable Offence For Jeb Bush, As Race Comments Bring Him Down

Bloomberg writer David Weigel defends fired Jeb Bush CTO Ethan Czahor, saying the young tech wizzard was guilty of nothing more than being a young conservative. In a column shockingly guilty of selective omission of the facts, Weigel centers ALL of his commentary about Czahor on race and affirmative action.

Clearly Weigel and I weren’t reading the same news stories yesterday. Then again, maybe we were. My jaw dropped to the floor reading Czahor’s comments about women being ‘sluts’. True, this behavior is not new among frat boys — but that’s just the point.

Did the Jeb Bush campaign seriously think that letting Ethan Czahor get away with slut-shaming — coming out of a Silicon Valley tech industry that’s notoriously mysogynistic — would stand? In a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign? This cluelessness around sexism remains at the heart of the Republican party and among most libertarians. Hmmm … Sandra Flukes … Rush Limbaugh … slut … does that ring any bells Jeb?

The above post says it all. Calling women sluts was just boys will be boys behavior for the young college grad Ethan Czahor. When The Huffington Post uncovered Czahor’s Tweets praising Martin Luther King, Jr. for not sagging his pants and saying “black parents need to get their sh@# together”, the Jeb Bush campaign threw in the towel. 

What do we conclude? Jeb Bush doesn’t need the women’s vote running against Hillary Clinton? But he is trying for the African American vote? Or women are accustomed to being called ‘sluts’ but African Americans take no insults these days?

You tell me, Jeb, while I admit to being sensitive on the subject of frat boys and ‘sluts’. Two former presidents George H. W. Bush (who I voted for) and George W. Bush belonged to Yale’s Delta  Kappa Epsilon fraternity chapter at Yale — a chapter than remains under suspension at prestigious university.

From my article, written about the 2011 suspension:

During pledge week Yale’s DKE candidates walked through the school yard to the Yale Women’s Center chanting:

‘No means yes, yes means anal. Fucking sluts. My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I fuck dead women and fill them with my semen.’

During pledging season of the 2008 fall semester, the Zeta Psi chapter at Yale photographed their pledges posing in front of the Yale Women’s Center, holding a sign that read “WE LOVE YALE SLUTS.” Perhaps a competition was building to see which group of frat boys could out gross the other.

Then there was my 2011 story USC Frat Boy Launches ‘Gullet Report’ For Expert Cocksman Getting Getting Quality Pie, written by a member of USC’s Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

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90 West Street New York -- The Little Building That Never Bowed To Terrorists

Caroline Trentini In The ‘New New York’ By Mikael Jansson For Vogue US February 2015 AOC Sensual Fashion

Seeing model Caroline Trentini photographed by Mikael Jansson in ‘New New York’ for the February 2015 issue of Vogue US left a deep impression on me. The editorial is shot from Vogue’s new offices at 1 World Trade Center.

The migration of about 3,400 Condé Nast editors, writers and ad executives to new offices at 1 World Trade Center signalled not only the healing of a major wound at the World Trade Center site. The New York Times writes that:

“Condé Nast’s arrival puts a stiletto in the heart of the outdated notion that Lower Manhattan is stuffy and gray,” saidJessica Lappin, president of the Downtown Alliance, a local business organization. “They will accelerate the transformation that’s well underway and create additional demand-side pressure for more cool restaurants, art galleries and bars.”

The emotional response was very real for me — seeing the building at Caroline’s elbow — the little building that survived the September 11 blast and my home for several years. This picture of 90 West Street in New York comes as marchers in Paris united against radical Islam’s attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and Queen Rania addressed yesterday the Government Summit in Dubai. Queen Rania stressed the need for other countries in the region to support Jordan in its role of leader in the new attacks against ISIS in Syria and surrounding regions. 

90 West Street — The Little Building That Could

I moved to 90 West Street from Jersey City in 2005, wanting to live close to the rebirth of the World Trade Center Area. The events of September 11 had affected me deeply, standing at a municipal building in Jersey City watching the Towers fell. Three of the terrorists lived a few blocks from me, although my beautiful loft was an oasis of its own and I didn’t interact a lot with my community.

My heart was very heavy on September 11, 2001 as I gasped at what was happening. Many people cheered when the World Trade Center towers fell.  They weren’t terrorists — at least I doubt it — but the moment was one of understanding just how complex life had become in America. This complexity has only become more difficult in America and globally in the last decade and a half.

Still, 90 West Street was always a symbol to me of the little building that stood when the towers fell. Its standards of architectural construction excellence prevented fire from sweeping its floors unlike the more modern World Trade Center, with no significant air passages — basically dead space — between its floors. The financial value of that dead space had grown far too significant in the business of Manhattan real estate.

My life at 90 West Street involved still more tragedy with the August 19, 2007 fire that broke out at the Deutsche Bank building next door, closed after the attack and under renovation. The names of two more New York City firefighters Robert Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino were added to the list of those who died at the World Trade Center site. 

Hopefully, Anne of Carversville carries in its heart and soul the spirit of 90 West Street. In telling women’s stories from fashion to flogging, AOC tries to make sense of women’s lives at home in America and around the world.

In returning from my sabbatical in early September 2014, I felt AOC was no longer up to the standards of 90 West Street. We had too many mediocre fashion stories and not enough connection to women’s lives internationally. I’ve worked hard to regain that voice — the one from 2009-2011. Looking at the state of our world, it seems that my decision to illuminate the voices of Smart Sensuality women like Queen Rania, Angelina Jolie, Shakira and all of our original muses came not a minute too soon. 

It’s good to be back in actionl. ~ Anne


RedTracker: Queen Rania Is Comforter & Activist | Hebun Sinya Killed In Kobani

Queen Rania: Comforter & Activist

In one of the most poignant images of Jordan’s Queen Rania that I’ve seen, Jordan’s First Lady comforts the devastated Anwar Tarawneh, widow of Moaz al-Kasasbeh, the captive pilot burned alive by ISIS.  The couple were married for only five months, when her husband ejected from his fighter jet in a raid on ISIS. 

Reports are that Tarawneh learned of her husband’s death in a Facebook post saying ‘Rest in peace, Muath (Moaz)’, a story she relayed to Queen Rania at her home near the southern town of Karak.

Later, Queen Rania joined marchers in the streets of Amman, gathered to honor Kasasbeh and condemn his ISIS killers. The marchers carried images of the martyred pilot and also of King Abdullah II. 

Queen Rania is a founding muse of Anne of Carversville. CNN profiles King Abdullah, 53, and Queen Rania. 44, and the contradictions in their leadership of a country where honor killings and other human rights remain a major problem, while they seek to modernize their impoverished nation. Jordan is suffering a relentless onslaught of refugees from both Palestine and now Syria. 

Rania has been consistent in speaking out against honor killings, but the Jordanian Parliament has a record of opposing anyy legislation that would treat honor killings as homicides. Jordan’s rank in the annual World Economic Forum’s annual Gender Gap Report has declined from 94 in 2010 (out of 134 countries) to 104 in 2014 (out of 136 countries). We can’t attribute the decline solely to attitudes about women, given the refugee crisis that Jordan endures.

At the same time, losing ground on the empowerment of women is not the Jordan envisioned by Queen Rania. In 2008 the daughter of Palestinian parents, who grew up in Kuwait and holds a business degree from the American University in Cairo told CNN:

“I personally think that Islam, in and of itself, does not subjugate women and does not hold them back,” she told CNN in 2008. “But certain people choose to interpret Islam in a way that does hold women back. Holy scripture does not hold women back. It’s the people that decide to interpret it in such a way for their own, sometimes political, agendas.”
Asked if she is criticized for not wearing a traditional veil, Rania said, “Absolutely … very often. But likewise, there are many women like me who do not wear the veil. So, as long as it’s a choice. I have nothing against the veil. And I think that wrongly, many in the West look at the veil as a symbol of oppression.”

On a related note, AOC has consistently covered the brave Kurdish women fighting ISIS in Kobani (Kobane). We are saddened to report that Hebun Sinya, a prominent leader in the YPJ — the women-only offshoot of the Kurdish YPG group and about one-third of the forces fighting in Kobane — was killed in the final fight to push ISIS out of Kobani (Kobane). 


Jennifer Lawrence Restages Nastassia Kinski Boa Image For Vanity Fair March 2015

1981 Richard Avedon Vogue portrait of Nastassja KinskiThe March 2015 Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair dials for page views with this outtake image of actor Jennifer Lawrence, lensed in the company of a boa constrictor by Patrick Demarchelier. The image was part of the Hunger Games star’s prior November 2014 editorial and interview with Vanity Fair, published shortly after last year’s massive photo hack scandal.

Jennifer’s photo shoot with the red-tailed boa constrictor payed homage to acclaimed photographer Richard Avedon’s portrait of Nastassja Kinski.

Lawrence showed up in a second major hacking scandal, the SONY hack that lead to yesterday’s announcement that Sony co-chair Amy Pascal will be stepping down. Pascal will remain with the studio as an independent producer.

Numerous unflattering emails from Pascal refer to Angelina Jolie, including her suggestion to Brian Helgeland, screenwriter of the planned ‘Cleopatra’ biopic that he dump Jolie for Lawrence.

Probably the most troubling Sony email revelation concerns the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was compensated less than her male co-stars on ‘American Hustle’. Read on at The Daily Beast.

‘American Hustle’ male actors Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and the director David O. Russell all got 9 percent of back-end profits, while Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence, the movie’s two female leads, were each getting 7 percent. (Lawrence was originally going to get 5 percent but her pay had been raised, as revealed in the emails.)

Responding to the same Sony email leak, actor Charlize Theron insisted that she be pait the same as her male co-star Chris Hemsworth for ‘The Huntsman’. Her demand netted her a $10 million increase in salary compensation, to create parity between Theron and Hemsworth.

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hack A Sex Crime | $100 Million Lawsuit Threat Finally Prompts Google ActionJennifer Lawrence by Patrick Demarchelier with boa constrictor


Angelina Jolie Collects New Most Admired Woman Honor In International Voting

Angelina Jolie Visits Refugee Camps

1. Anne of Carversville founding muse and UNHCR (United Nations Human Rights Council) Special Envoy Angelina Jolie recently visited internally displaced Iraqis living in an informal settlement and a formal camp at Khanke, near Dohuk. There, she heard dramatic stories of escape from the more than 20,000 Yazidis who fled Sinjar and surrounding areas last August.

As always, Jolie touches directly and empathetically the people in these endless refugee camps strung around the world. This was her fifth visit to Iran. There are 3.3 million displaced people in Iraq, says UNHCR, with 2,1 million people uprooted in 2014 alone. 

In Syria more than 3.8 million people have fled to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, where 20% of the population is now Syrian refugees. Within Syrian borders another 7.6 million people have been displaced. 

In Iraq, the UNHCR says it’s received only 53 percent of the $337million it needs for the crisis. 

Angelina Jolie Most Admired Woman, With Malala Yousafzai Following

2. Jolie’s involvement with refugee camps for many years is part of the reason the celebrated mother of six, wife to Brad Pitt, actor and director, philanthropist and activist, and Smart Sensuality humanitarian without equal was named the most admired woman in the world. 

YouGov UK conducted the poll across 23 countries with over 25,000 people voting. 

Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper covered Malala Yousafzai’s second place position behind Angelina in the results. US First Lady Michelle Obama followed Malala.  

Angelina Jolie As Empathetic Director

Angelina Jolie, director of ‘Unbroken’ with war hero Louis Zamperini, who died before the film was released.3. Angelina Jolie ate little while directing ‘Unbroken’. Japanese actor Miravi explained to the Daily Mail that as Jolie directed the actors playing inmates and prisoners of war to lose weight in an effort to reflect the harsh conditions of life in captivity, she stopped eating, too.

Actor Jack O’Connell was Jolie’s leading man playing the story of Louis Zamperini, who spent two years in a prisoner of war camp. Jack told the Daily Mail:

‘I really respect her professionalism, her attitude towards the creation – she’s so determined and passionate. It was intense on set but with her motivation and attitude we were on the same page.’

The actor revealed that Jolie tried out all of his stunts, which included spending hours supporting the weight of a heavy wooden plank above his head.

‘She did test out all of my stunts before I had to do them. The plank – I’m not sure if that can be regarded as a stunt – but, in any case, she was under it before I turned up on set.

Brad Pitt for ‘Africa’?

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