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Beyoncé For Topshop | 10 Worse States For American Women | Annual World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report

Helen Mirren Becomes L’Oreal UK Brand Ambassador

1. The always notably fabulous Helen Mirren joins Jane Fonda and Julianne Moore as brand ambassadors for L’Oreal Paris, appearing in an ad for the band’s anti-aging skincare called Age Perfect.

The Guardian reminds us that in the 1990’s, Isabella Rossellini was dropped from Lancome — or so she says — for being too old. Certainly women over 40 were generally invisible in major marketing 20 years ago.

Whether she’s acting, twerking or telling rowdy buskers to shut the fuck up, Helen Mirren is incredibly popular. She ruled the M&S Leading Ladies campaign, despite wearing a jaunty Per Una sailor’s cap. In L’Oréal’s press release announcing the hire, the company said it had surveyed almost 9,000 women and found the Oscar-winning star repeatedly ranked top as the woman who appealed most to consumers. Participants described Mirren as “genuine, intelligent and glamorous, with looks that seem only to improve with the passing of time”. And this down-to-earth, positive approach to ageing comes across in the 69-year-old’s comments about the L’Oréal gig: “I am not gorgeous, I never was, but I was always OK-looking and I’m keen to stay that way.”

“I hope I can inspire other women towards greater confidence by making the most of their natural good looks. We are all worth it!”

Beyonce’s Topshop Business Partnership

2. Beyoncé has entered into a formal, 50-50 business partnership with British retailer Topshop to produce an athletic streetwear brand.

“I could not think of a better partner as I continue to grow the Parkwood business. I have always loved Topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking,” Beyoncé said in a statement today. “Working with its development team to create and produce a technical and fashion-led collection is exciting, and I’m looking forward to participating in all aspects of this partnership.”

Philip Green, owner of Arcadia, parent to Topshop. stressed that this is not a celebrity collection but a bonafide, long-term business partnership.

BloombergBusinessweek writes that because Green doesn’t answer to shareholders, he could give the megastar what she wanted at the negotiating table.

3. We learned in September that Queen Bey’s 2013 surprise album drop is the subject of an upcoming case study by Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse.

For those who have somehow forgotten about the seminal news event of the past several years: Without any advance marketing, Beyoncé released a self-titled album of songs and videos at the stroke of midnight on December 13, 2013, effectively just leaving it on iTunes and walking away. When fans awoke to the stunning news, they found they could buy only the $15.99 album in full—sampling one song at a time was out of the question.

Harvard Business School students are studying Beyoncé’s business strategy in Anita Elberse’s “Strategic Marketing in Creative Industries” class in the month of October.

Elberse is professor of what the Boston Globe calls a ‘wildly popular’ class. Elberse’s students have previously studied Miami Heat’s forward James LeBron, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise, and Radiohead.

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Serena Williams On 'Williams Brothers' | Martha Stewart & Meredith Publishing | Egg-Freezing Joins The Benefits Package 

Serena Shuts Up Russian Women’s Tennis Exec

1. Serena Williams spared nothing in her condemnation of Russian tennis president Shamil Tarpischev, calling his reference to her and sister Venus as the “Williams brothers” “insensitive, sexist and racist”. Tarpischev made the comment on a late night television talk show.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has fined Tarpischev — who apologized but stated that the response was an overreaction — $25,000 and banned him from having any involvement with the women’s tour for one year.

Serena Williams responded: “I think the WTA did a great job of taking initiative and taking immediate action to his comments. I thought they were very insensitive and extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time.”

WTA chief executive Stacy Allaster said that the comments were “insulting, demeaning and have absolutely no place in our sport.”

Facebook & Google Help Women Control Fertility

2. Egg-freezing became a hot topic last week, after Facebook and Apple announced that they will cover the cost of egg-freezing treatments in an amount up to $20,000 for women who want to delay having children.

The earlier a woman undergoes egg freezing treatments, the more likely is she to be successful at harvesting fertile eggs. Writes Forbes:

In highly-competitive and thriving Silicon Valley in particular, young women are steadily becoming a larger part of the workforce and are choosing to dedicate their young adulthood to getting ahead in their careers. One cited reason for America’s gender pay gap is that women fall behind men in their careers when they take time off to raise children. This often happens during a point in their lives when their earning potential is about to climb much higher, which puts women at a disadvantage when they re-enter the workforce. Facebook and Apple, then, are providing an opportunity for women have more choices for family planning and therefore rise up more easily within company ranks.

Martha Inks A Deal With Meredith

3. Wall Street showed Martha Stewart some love last week after the after her embattled Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia closed a 10-year licensing deal with Meredith Corp, who will assume most of its publishing properties.

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Zaha Hadid Unveils Cambodia's Sleuk Rith Institute Designs, Inspired By Angor Wat

Global powerhouse British architect Zaha Hadid shares her design vision for Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s new Sleuk Rith Institute dedicated to Memory, Justice and Healing around the genocide related to the Khmer Rouge era.The documentation center was established in 1995 and holds archives of nearly one million documents. Over two million people — about 20 percent of the population — lost their lives in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979,

The Institute is Hadid’s office’s first project in Cambodia and also its first ever wooden construction. The building site, adjacent to a public library and law faculty of the Royal University of Law and Economics, was donated by the Cambodian government in 2008.

The almost spiritual, feminine, spider-web nature of Hadid’s design development comprises five locally sourced wooden structures, rising from the ground in an interwoven, upward spiral. The timber support system is meant to reference the ancient temples of Angor Wat.

The Guardian writes:

“This is very different to our other projects,” says Hadid. “It is the first time we have used wood, to create a warmer, softer mood, and in time it will weather and take on a more a natural-looking feel.”

The project is the vision of human-rights activist Youk Chhang, who lost his sister as well as aunts and uncles to Pol Pot’s reign of terror.

The Sleuk Rith Institute library will house the largest collection of genocide-related material in Southeast Asia. The Hall of Contemporary Arts auditorium will house lectures, music, dance, and performance on genocide and leadership issues, coupled with new work from contemporary Cambodian artists. The open air design allows events to move inside and out, depending on weather conditions.

The sexual violence against women that accompanied the Pol Pot regime has gained greater visibility in recent years. Forced marriages were rampant with sexual consummation of the marriage completed under threat of execution. The government sought to increase the Cambodian population from 8 million to 20 million in the shortest possible time.

Zainab Hawa Bangura, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, listed a number of reasons for this higher profile, including the UN Security Council’s approval of two resolutions: Resolution 1820, passed in 2008, which determined that sexual violence is a weapon of war and could constitute war crimes; and 2013’s Resolution 2106, which requires that countries do more to tackle sexual violence in conflict, including ensuring that their own laws permit prosecutions for such crimes. via

Read Women speak out over Khmer Rouge Sexual Violence (Pakistan)

Chhang says:

“We have to live with a long, dark shadow. We cannot escape it, but we shouldn’t be enslaved by it. I want the institute to bring something new and hopeful, and get us out of the mindset of being victims.”

Pressed by The Guardian concerning questions about Zaha Hadid’s labor practices at the new World Cup stadium in Qatar and human rights abuses connected with the Heydar Aliyev center in Azerbaijan, Chhang responded affirmatively for Hadid.

“You don’t choose an architect because of who they have worked with before,” says Chhang. “Architecture can be a tool to change the vision of a corrupted system. A painter can’t do that, but an architect can.”

“I think architects can sometimes influence the situation for the better,” says Hadid, who has faced criticism for ignoring workers’ conditions. “We are making cultural institutions, which are open for the people.”

Note that architecture critic Martin Filler has publicly apologized for making false accusations about Hadid “not taking responsibility and showing no concern” for alleged worker deaths on her own project for the Qatar 2022 World Cup – the Al Wakrah Stadium. Construction had not started on site when the general comments about worker safety on global construction projects were made by Zaha Hadid in conjunction with her Olympic swimming pool in London.

As a result, the overzealous Filler said:

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Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hack A Sex Crime | $100 Million Lawsuit Threat To Google Finally Gets Action

We can only assume that actor Jennifer Lawrence had been photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and styled for Vanity Fair November’s ‘Birds of Paradise by Jessica Diehl well before the recent digital leak of her nude photos.

Ah yes. Digging further, the photo shoot was on July 29 and her original, milktoast interview with VF contributing editor Sam Kashner on August 13. Instincts told Kashner that Lawrence would “come out swinging” if given the opportunity — and she does. 

The 24-year-old actress had not previously commented on the incident, but she spoke to Kashner at length about the anger she felt. “Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this,” she says. “It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world. ”

Lawrence then ticks off a list of emotions, attitudes and life understandings that many women comprehend. 

1. The apology. Lawrence says in the midst of anger and tears, she was about to apologize. But for what? She has nothing to feel sorry about. She didn’t do anything wrong. 

2. Lawrence wasn’t sending naked selfies to guys on Craigslist. She was in a stable, loving relationship for four years. 

3. Guys are very visual creatures. As Lawrence says: “ It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.” (That works maybe 50% of the time says Anne.)

Lawrence also takes a firm stand on the legal ramifications of the hack. “It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime,” she tells Kashner. “It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change. That’s why these Web sites are responsible. Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me. I just can’t imagine being that detached from humanity. I can’t imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside.”

Welcome to our pornified world, Jennifer, one that sucks when your own friends are looking at the images. I didn’t — by the way — look at one of them, because I agree with Lawrence’s argument that this is a sex crime. 

The worst part was telling her father, says the reality TV-loving star of ‘The Hunger Games’. Luckily, he had just played golf and was in a good mood. 

Money talks both ways in this game of profit.  LA entertainment attorney Martin Singer sent a letter to Google early in October representing Jennifer Lawrence and 11 other females. Accusing Google of profiting off the stolen images from Apple’s iCloud platform, Singer put the tidy sum of $100 million in damages on the table. 

“[B]ecause the victims are celebrities with valuable publicity rights, you do nothing - - nothing but collect millions of dollars in advertising revenue from your co-conspirator advertising partners as you seek to capitalize on this scandal rather than quash it,” the letter said. “Like the NFL, which turned a blind eye while its players assaulted and victimized women and children, Google has turned a blind eye while its sites repeatedly exploit and victimize these women.”

The LA Times story continues with Google taking action, removing tens of thousands of photos and closing hundreds of accounts on YouTube, Google image links and other Google properties. It’s interesting to read that the first request to Google came four weeks ago, with more than a dozen followup letters. 

The $100 million demand letter was sent to  Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who also serves as chief executive, exec chairman Eric E. Schmidt and top members of the company’s legal team.

Attorney Singer noted that Twitter had responded and cooperated immediately to contain distribution and take down the hacked photos. ~ Anne


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Anne Hathaway On 'Hathahaters' For Harper's Bazaar November 2014

I missed the whole damn episode called the ‘hathahaters’. Surely the interview with Anne Hathaway in November’s Harper’s Bazaar takes some artistic license, aka exaggeration in discussing a widespread, pop culture pushback against actor, who won Best Supporting Acress for her role in Les Miserables.

Hathaway is lensed by Alexi Lubomirski and styled in red and black by Joanna Hillman Laura Brown’s interview with Anne Hathaway unveils all the dreadful details of the public dissection of the actor, but I must investigate first.

The NY Times bared the ‘hathahaters’ issue in April, 2013.

“There’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way,” Alexis Rhiannon wrote in a screed against the Oscar-winning actress in Crushable, the celebrity blog, last fall, adding later, “I feel like she’s not a real person.”

A writer for The New Yorker’s Culture Desk blog, Sasha Weiss, explored the question: “Why are you so annoying?”

And then there was the contest on The San Francisco Chronicle’s Web site, which anointed her “The Most Annoying Celebrity of 2013.”

The cyberhaters even have their own catchy name, “Hathahaters,” which James Franco and Howard Stern dissected on Mr. Stern’s SiriusXM radio show two weeks ago.

“Everyone sort of hates Anne Hathaway,” Mr. Stern said, speculating that it was because she comes off as “so affected and actressy.” Mr. Franco did not strain to defend his 2011 Academy Awards co-host. “I’m not an expert on — I guess they’re called ‘Hathahaters’ — but I think that’s what maybe triggers it,” he replied cagily.

Sandra Weiss’ New Yorker piece In Defence of the Happy Girl enlightens.

This question was posed repeatedly in the days after Anne Hathaway’s Oscar win for her role as the destitute-prostitute mother Fantine, in “Les Mis”—and various answers have been offered: she’s too actorly, and reminds us of the show-tune-belting nightmare we knew in high school; she’s polished, successful, and driven, and people still find this distasteful in a woman; plump faces are the vogue and her face is too thin; the public every so often elects a random celebrity victim for vitriolic hatred—every generation needs one, and she is ours; her sunny persona is a coverup for steely ambition that catapulted her out of youthful stardom into a mature career that runs the gamut from eccentric indie to big-franchise blockbuster. To these reasonably convincing propositions, I’ll add one more: she represents the archetype of the happy girl, which is one that many people resist.

In a different, but perhaps very compatible way, the Hillary-haters come to mind. All the women who answer surveys saying they would rather work for a man come to mind. Why is it after all these decades of trying to move women forward in America, that we can’t seem to bear a woman with her life together and a genuine smile on her face?

Anne Hathaway shares a sentiment that I’ve been hearing with greater frequency in our digital haters world. Rett Butler said it best: “Frankly, My Dear, I don’t give a damn.” Take that haters. ~ Anne


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Stephanie Seymour Tells Us 'How To Be Sexy' & Mean It!

Shop | Stephanie Seymour: Face of Re-Nutriv By Estée Lauder

It’s been a heady week for Stephanie Seymour, one of the original supers and Victoria’s Secret first major, major model. This was before the Angels and Stephanie reigned supreme at VS.

Her drop dead photo for Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv brand hit the digital airwaves on blogs worldwide. You can peruuse the entire Re-Nutriv collection on Amazon, part of a new initiative that will tie our own GlamTribale store on Amazon into a much larger affiliate program, supported by seven years of original writing — not just posting images — on AOC.

Next Stephanie Seymour fronts the November issue of Town & Country, lensed by Erik Madigan Heck. Stephanie speaks of being an art muse to Julian Schnabel and Francesco Clemente  in the feature story ‘Bodies of Work’.

Indeed, Stephanie’s husband Peter Brant,” the American mogul who owns Art in America, Interview magazine and an impressive collection of Warhols, Basquiats, and Schnabels (among other art world superstars)”, writes T&C, commissioned the portraits.

Stephanie Seymour on ‘How to be sexy’

Notably, it was Stephanie Seymour’s ‘How to be sexy’ tips in Allure October that got our attention — along with news of her upcoming lingerie line Raven & Sparrow. As for being a sensual woman, here are Stephanie’s tips:

Cheek-kiss with intention. “You have to commit. If you give someone a hug, give them a hug. If you give someone a kiss on the cheek, give him a kiss on the cheek.”

Don’t be too laid-back. “You need to have a certain amount of passion to be a sexy person. It’s about energy and confidence and having something to say. The sexiest woman in the world, if she’s boring or just has nothing to say, she becomes incredibly unsexy very, very quickly.”

Put your hair up. “Ponytails are so sexy. It’s just a sweet, clean, pretty way for women to wear their hair. It’s also really sexy to take it out and shake your hair. Don’t be that girl who twirls her hair. If you play with your hair because you think you’re looking cute, you’re being self-conscious, and that’s not sexy anymore.”

Walk with purpose. “I was a terrible, awful nervous wreck when I had to walk the runways. I would always beg Naomi to give me a lesson. I could never do what she does. So I finally just said, ‘You know what? I’m just going to pretend that I’m walking down the street and there are a bunch of construction workers hammering away, and they’re all whistling, and I’m just going to look right ahead. I always have to create an alter ego. When in doubt, pretend you’re someone else, and it’s much easier.”

Looking for a Victoria’s Secret image of Stephanie Seymour, this one is front and center in Google images. Stephanie is wearing a couture piece that I had made for the second Victoria’s Secret fashion show by Parisian lingerie designer Chantal Thomass. Below Stephanie, Naomi Campbell wears another piece from the same collection. Memories, memories. ~ Anne


Christy Turlington's Smart Sensuality Success Recipe For A Good Life

Christy Turlington is one of original supers and a consummate Smart Sensuality woman. Read why.

Turlington looks magnificent in the above image by Inez & Vinoodth for Porter Magazine #5. I pulled this other sequence of three images from the duo’s blog, because they sum up the combo of feminine and masculine values that converge in the Smart Sensuality woman.

What’s missing from this sensual feast from Inez % Vinoodth is the action-driven philanthropy component that is core to the lifestyle of a Smart Sensuality woman. For Turlington, the core action based on doing good is the creation of her ‘Every Woman Counts’ Foundation, dedicated to improving maternal health worldwide.

Vogue profiled Christy Turlington in early September as the super woman, wife and mother of two as the veterman New York Marathon runner prepped to become a newbie in the Chicago Marathon this month.Vogue writes:

Turlington Burns has been training for marathons since 2011, when she saw an opportunity to raise awareness for her nonprofit, Every Mother Counts, which aims to provide women with access to critical medical care in an effort to end preventable deaths during pregnancy and childbirth. The 26-mile challenge is symbolic of the issue because, says Turlington Burns, “distance is one of the biggest barriers women face bringing life into the world,” with expectant mothers in developing countries often traveling great distances in search of emergency care.

In the FYI column, Turlington describes running into New York in the final leg of that global epic marathon, explaining that New York ranks 47th in the US in maternal mortality. A recent grant from Every Mother Counts to the New York state government seeks to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for every female living in the state. ~ Anne

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