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AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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Why Is Anja Rubik Bare Breasted On Vogue Russia March 2013 Cover?

Top model Anjs Rubik is lensed bare breasted by Patrick Demarchelier for the March cover of Vogue Russia. The image begs the question of ‘why’. The issue is most assuredly not devoted to the full emancipation of Russian women, including lesbians.

One assumes that the decision is purely gratuitous and designed to generate controversy and online page views. Unlike many blogs and fashion websites, AOC embraces artistic nudity in fashion. However, we don’t embrace nudity to create page views.

Unlike several blogs that come to mind, we never excerpt the nude shot — choosing that single nude view of the female body to showcase — when eight clothed choices exist. I call that objectifying women and dialing for page views.

I agree with Avogadro at TFS that this preview shot of Anja’s editorial is far stronger and is a far better cover shot. ~ Anne



Lara Stone Leads Vogue Paris March 2014 Look At Femme Fatales

Personally, I can’t imagine Vogue Paris Editor in Chief Emmanuelle Alt having any inkling of what makes women femme fatales. With a few rare exceptions, she has stripped Vogue Paris of its sensuality and any exploration of eroticism. When I sense that perhaps Vogue Paris is swinging its attitude towards a more sensual balance, Alt leaves me with sterility all over again.

The prelude to Vogue Paris’ March issue, with a dramatic Lara Stone on the cover, lensed by Mert & Marcus promises us:

“What is a femme fatale?” asks Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt in her March 2014 editorial. “Is she a miracle of nature? A vamp? A master of sartorial enhancement? She’s a fantasy figure, sure, but so complexly drawn that try to name just one or two of these women and you’ll realize that they are all very different.”

To answer the question, we called on not just one, but four generations of muses. Fashion superstar Lara Stone lays bare a troubling beauty in deep black and magnetic red for Mert & Marcus on the cover and from the flaming-hot figure of the model launched by Vogue Paris back in 2007 as she raises the temperature in tuxedos, to Jane Birkin’s essentials and the magnetism of Betty Catroux, via the disturbing innocence of Marine Vacht, the muse takes shape inside the magazine. But she’s not just one woman, the femme fatale is more an iconic, astounding allure that breaks all the rules. This same refusal of classic codes also runs through editorials featuring some of the biggest girls of the moment, including Natasha Poly, Edie Campbell and Karlie Kloss, who readily play with their femininity as they explore what the term really means. And no-one more so than Toni Garrn, who sacrificed her honey blonde locks live for the magazine, in favor of an assertive bob in this issue. Stunning Amazonian women have always been at home in the magazine, evidenced in this month’s supplement of beautiful vintage images from Coming into Fashion, a Century of Photography at Condé Nast, a new exhibition at Paris’ Palais Galliera March 1 - May 25.

Here are some recent Vogue Paris, femme fatale editorials that encouraged me in the last year that the magazine would once again embrace a more erotic mindset. Overall, though, Vogue Paris under Emmanuelle Alt has not kept up with more interesting magazines like W Magazine or Interview.

Is this March 2014 Lara Stone on fire cover a signal of change? It reminds me of an Interview cover.  To be determined. With Emmanuelle Alt, I’ve learned to keep my expectations low. Vogue Paris has become fashion milktoast, as I feared it would when sharing my thoughts:

Must Emmanuelle Alt’s French Vogue Lose All It’s Sensual Soul?

Emmanuelle Alt & Nudity | Will Vogue Paris Remain A Sensual Beacon?

All Vogue Paris editorials

Saskia de Brauw By Terry Richardson For Vogue Paris February 2014

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Porter Magazine Carves Out New Territory For Luxury Magazine Readers

Net-a-Porter chairman Natalie Massenet and colleague, former editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar UK Lucy Yeomans have launched Porter as a content rich, thinking woman’s magazine. Emotion counts too, with Porter’s intention to not only address how to wear a given dress, but also how you feel wearing it.

In the first issue of Porter, Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz reveals how “to master the art of dressing up” with his style rules to live by.

Chanel Iman for Porter Magazine #1

Not only will Porter feature women around the globe who have outstanding style — women like Eva Herzigova who frequently appears in the company’s digital magazine The Edit. In the first issue Tom Ford interviews Julianne Moore; Natalie Massenet interviews Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts while Craig McDean captures Uma Thurman at home with her baby daughter.

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The Ashanti Necklace: Anne's Journey To Glam Tribale #1

Anilez Silva ‘Africa’ by Daniel Bracci Delves Into Woman’s Collective Unconscious

Anne here. Yes, really here, crawling out of a very deep hole that has defined the last six months of my life. I share all the details on GoFundMe.

Many people have asked me about my journey to my online jewelry and gift business GlamTribale. When we have a large enough space at an event, we have a presentation board with key elements in the GlamTribale story. I’ve decided to share the journey with AOC and GT readers, with links to other articles in which I discuss events in greater detail.

Ashanti Bazaar New York

Back in the ’70s, there was a store on Lexington Avenue called Ashanti Bazaar and it specialized in beautiful clothes made from African fabrics. I was what I call a “lipstick liberal” in those days — just another form of the Smart Sensuality woman. I was a corporate executive Monday to Friday, but on weekends you would often find me wearing clothes from Ashanti Bazaar.

One Saturday my husband and I went shopping at Ashanti Bazaar, where I saw a magnificent necklace and also a heavy string of glass wedding beads. Note that we were stone sober and not on drugs that morning. There is no explanation for what happened next.

Totally smitten with the necklace, I wanted to try it on. The young woman helping me was much shorter than I am, requiring me to bend down as she clasped the magnificent agate medallion around my neck. For the next five minutes, I was not present at Ashanti Bazaar. Both my husband and the young woman were talking to me and tapping my arm, but I didn’t respond.

For my part, I was transported to Africa, where I saw no people and only the natural landscape including acacia trees.I would like to tell you that I saw elephants, but it would be a lie. I only saw a daytime landscape similar to this one, with no clues to its actual place.

When the trance broke, I was perfectly normal and felt fine. Of course I bought the necklace — which was not the positive talisman I thought it would be. The day it fell to the floor in my trip to a hospital emergency room, I decided not to have it repaired in any way.

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On Six Vs. Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Cover, 3 Eyes Are Wide Open & Others Empty

Refinery 29 writes that although Vs.Magazine’s spring/summer issue features six covers of Emilia Clarke, Christy Turlington, Soo Joo Park, Stacy Martin, Julianne Moore and Helena Christensen, who also serves as guest editor, it’s really about Emilia Clarke. The breakout star again comes to life soon in the season premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’.

Funny, that’s not what caught my eye at all — which isn’t talking anything away from Emilia Clarke — except that unlike Turlington, Moore and Christensen, the actress is barely making eye contact and her eyes aren’t demanding our focus. Neither are Martin or Park, which are quite posed.

What struck me about these covers is the fierce gazes of the older women. A wide range of rich experience and meeting life head-on, as Helena, Christy and Julianne have a reputation for doing, has rendered them compelling in these images. Presumably each of the younger women has the potential to own eyes like these some day, but for now Christy, Helena and Julianne dominate the younger women. Nice. ~ Anne


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Chantal Thomass, Red Wine Is More Sensual Than Coca-Cola Light

I adore the iconic lingerie designer Chantal Thomass — even more so lensed by Ellen von Unwerth in Coke Light France’s latest collaboration. Previous campaigns have included Jean-Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, and Marc Jacobs

Chantal Thomass designed this show opening ensemble for Naomi Campbell in the 1996 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, one of several projects that we collaborated on for Victoria’s Secret when I was the fashion director. 

My record of holding French women in high regard is clear. (Read my 2008 Compared to American Women, French Women Don’t Get Fat and Have Hot Sex At Every Age and my 2010 Aging American Women Should Move to France. That’s for starters. 

However, one little distress signal that went off in my mind reading about Coke Light France’s new campaign with the svelte Chantal Thomass is the growing body of scientific evidence that Diet Coke works against our having slim bodies. (Read last year’s Is Marc Jacobs Defying Obesity Science Promoting Diety Coke?)

A week ago America’s Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released new information about the expectation that drinking diet beverages will decrease calorie consumption.

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Dasha Zhukova's BDSM Throne Bashing Is Well Deserved

While I dispute Styleite’s headline ‘Today in Racist ‘Art’: Miroslava Duma’s Site Places White Socialite on Black Woman Bondage Chair’, the use of Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard’s provocative chair inspired by British pop-artist Allen Jones is offensive to me, too. Street style maven Miroslave Duma published the image of Garage editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova sitting on her BDSM throne. I do agree that uploading the photo on Martin Luther King Jr’s day of honor in America is utterly tactless.

My own intense dislike of Allen Jones’ art is grounded in its being an aggressive, misogynist, artistic statement against women. There is simply no other way to interpret the intention of his art and the mindset of people who buy his work. I could care less if the Tate has given Jones a show, and the protests by those who own this art fall on my deaf ears.


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