Chef Alvin Leung's X-treme Culinary Advice for Better Sex

I’m watching self-professed ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung as if he’s promoting ‘50 Shades of Grey’. Known for his ‘X-treme Chinese’ cuisine that is a sexually-stimulating, kinky culinary experience, the Hong Kong chef detests favorite dishes. In particular, it seems that chef Leung has an aversion to anything recipe using vanilla.

Pushing Culinary Extremes

The British-born kitchen maverick views sexy cuisine as dangerous, pushing us to extremes. In the past, my own experience with the pleasure/pain principle in food was biting into a piece of sushi with too much wasabi. Clearly I’ve not had the right man presiding over my bedside table because chef Leung promises me Chinese cooking that is “X-citing, X-otic and X-traordinary.” Speaking to The Guardian about his new restaurant Bo London, this master of domination in cooking proclaims:

“I want to explore the borders between being a genius and being an idiot,” he continues. “Like having the diner on the end of a bungee rope; if the rope is too short then there’s no thrills; if it’s too long then his head is smashed in.”

Eating X-treme food sounds like the Italian obsession with ‘Shibari’ and that terrible accident when Italian engineer Soter Mule, 42, and his 24-year-old girlfriend experienced a tragic end to a kinky night of pushing boundaries. When their less experienced woman friend fainted as she hung from the rafters in a parking garage, her dead weight tightened the ropes on Caputo, who dies of asphyxiation while the other woman nearly died also.

“No one forced anyone,” Mule told the court. “Paola and her friend consented, but I was the master and I ultimately made the fatal mistake. I should have had the knife closer, as they suggest when practicing this type of bondage. By the time I found it, it was too late.”

We can assume that chef Alvin Leung would keep a knife handy.

No ‘Sex on the Beach’ for Brits

Bo’s London won’t feature Alvin Leung’s signature dish ‘Sex on the Beach’, writes The Guardian, although the restaurant will prepare the mixture of shitake mushrooms, tapiocas, yams, honey and ham when requested.

It’s alleged that the proper British would be horrified to find the concoction that looks exactly like a used pink condom, discarded on the beach, staring at them from a pristine white dinner plate. Given the British predilection for kinky sex, I’m confused.

Just because the Brits have a penchant for a proper cup of tea, don’t think that tea time is a boring event.I have a cup of tea story that will leave you gasping for air.

If American women really think they’re ready for BDSM, I’m thinking of a quiz. Tea in a public place could be our first course. Of course, there’s a wide range of sex play that comes under the BDSM umbrella. One woman dons her eye mask and says she’s just can’t get enough BDSM fun.

Fuzzy Handcuffs Aren’t A Sex Dungeon

Fuzzy handcuffs do not constitute a sex dungeon in my opinion, but experts will underscore the wide range of activities that come under the BDSM umbrella. Even a flogger can be a tease for one woman and leave bloody welts on another.

Sex therapist and neuroscientist Nan Wise studies the brain at orgasm, and seems to agree with chef Alvin Leung that occasionally eating ‘Sex on the Beach’ might be good for our health. She reminds us:

“Nature loves diversity and society abhors it. There are many, many ways that people are wired for pleasure. We all have unique erotic fingerprints.” ~ Anne