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Madonna Calls Out Gay Men’s Misogyny In Out Interview

Long Ring Finger Traits Similar Between Men & Women In Business

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Photo Hack A Sex Crime | $100 Million Lawsuit Threat Finally Prompts Google Action

Anais Mali Pays Tribute To Warrior Women in ‘Amazon’ By Urivaldo Lopes For French Revue de Modes #25

jd Forte’s ‘The Up and Comers’ & A September 11 Women’s Rights Reflection

Lea Seydoux Seduces In Lui Magazine Relaunch, Lensed By Mario Sorrenti

Anne Rethinks ‘Flawless’, Third-Tier Male Photographers & Values That Matter


Victoria’s Secret Angels have Appeared Often In GQ & Esquire

Marilyn Monroe Photographer Bert Stern Looks To Kate Upton As Next Muse

The ‘50 Shades of Grey’ BDSM Devil Seduces in the Eternal Submission Collection
Red Genitals Not Arousing In Recent Study, But Men Do Tip Red Shirt Waitresses Better

Sexual Politics & Fashion, 50 Shades of Grey Meets YVVY’s Nude Edition

Islam, Western Guilt, Original Sin & Sensuality | Koray Birand’s Alyssa Miller Images Celebrate Female Eroticism

Loving Relationships | 32 Health Benefits of Sex

American Culture Promotes Female Sexual Dysfunction

For Sister Margaret Farley Responsible Pleasure Is Not a Sin

Strong American Results in Female Sexual Desire Drug

Self Love Is Saying ‘No’ to Fashion Body Images You Hate

Saint Shakira Calls Libido the “Engine of the World”

Male Ego, Women Faking Orgasms & Sensual Chaos in Our Bedrooms

‘Pretty Boy’ Andrej Pejic Talks Sex, Love & Leaving His Gender to ‘Artistic Interpretation’

Find Your Sensual, Sovereign Self with Lone Morch in Paris


Tara, Candice & Robyn | Steven Meisel | Vogue Italia June 2011 | ‘Belle vere’

Franca Sozzani on Curvy Girls, Sensuality & More Body Types in Fashion

Givenchy Transgender Model Lea T Stars in French Vogue (2010)

Tom Ford Embraces Natural Breasts, Not Bombshells

Orgasmic Female Brain in ‘La Petite Mort’

Ever Woman Should Own Jordan Matters’ ‘Uncovered’

Men More Likely Than Women To First Look at Face in Porn Films

Selita Ebanks | Kanye West ‘Runaway’ Full Video Embedded

The Great Wall of Vagina | Learning to Love Our Genitalia

Body Talk | Owning Vulvas, Clits & G-Spots

Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ | History Channel | In Latin Apple Means Evil

Sexy Doublespeak | American Women & Sexual Honesty

Statistics Say Conservatives Buy More Porn


Women As Muses: What Is Our Place in the Modern World? Or Are We Just ‘Slut Girls’ Today?



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Undying Love July 2012 | Top 50 Sensual Editorials & Essays

Undress Me | Daniela Freitas | Pierre Dal Corso AOC Private Studio

One shouldn’t spend a lot of time making meaning out of a Top 25 List of July reader loves. Search engine positioning, life events for a model or photographer, and my own personal focus can drive reader interest in certain editorials. 

In a few cases the editorial is at the bottom of my curated list; and I am confounded that other people make it a big hit. Mum’s the word on which ones.

This is a composite list between Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News, a mere snapshot in time. I do believe it reflects the editorials readers click on when scanning tags and the archive indexing. Because it’s a monthly listing, gone are the weekly fashion favorites that are a flash for a few days, and then die down.

In the case of our top editorial for July, my personal support of Pierre Dal Corso has helped drive his top position on our charts, although I’ve done nothing to promote this particular editorial of Daniela Freitas in over a year. With many of the GQ and Esquire editorials, our women readers love them, just as women love Treats! magazine. And guys — well they often prefer a woman with something to say.

We filter all of our nude photos unlike some prominent blogs that cultivate traffic, using nude female bodies to gain page views in what borders on disrespect and the expression of a Hustler mentality imho.

Passion and Politics

I’m also pleased that second most popular post is not a sexy editorial but a political article about the Vagina Monologues being read on the steps of the Michigan capitol on June 18th. I’m guilty of bribing potential readers with sexy vagina cupcakes — a clear reason for knocking straight news stories out of a prominent search position. This duality expresses the mindset of our readers: sexy people are often highly intelligent, successful and have a highly-developed social conscience.

You’ll be seeing more sexy vagina cupcakes soon because I’m having my own collection baked this fall for a photo shoot. Oh — and Martha Stewart’s model days are in the top 25. Martha Stewart meets Lara Stone in Google search. Now THAT will be an interesting set of images. Looking at the editorial, my inclusion of Martha looking like Catherine Deneuve may be the driver. It’s a side of the grande dame we don’t often see.

You can understand why I feel so passionately about intelligence and sensuality when Self-Reflecting Human Consciousness Is Tied to Prefrontal Cortex Grey Matter make the top 25.

Indeed, AOC readers are a rather elite audience.

So here it is, our first Undying Love Top 25 articles for July 2012 with images and the next 25 with links only. ~ Anne

Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Will Be Read with Eve Ensler At Michigan Capitol June 18th AOC French Roast News

Candice Swanepoel | Mario Vivanco | Muse Magazine Summer 2012 SN Platinum

Lindsay Ellingson | Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous Bra 2011 AOC Private Studio

Nicole Trunfio | Richard Kern | GQ Italia June 2010 AOC Private Studio

Madalina Ghenea | Fabrizio Ruffo | GQ South Africa June 2012 AOC Private Studio

Lara Stone | Mario Testino | GQ October 2011 ‘Woman of the Year’ AOC Private Studio

Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus | Interview Magazine AOC Private Studio

Andrej Pejic | Tiago Molinos | Follow Magazine #5 Editorial AOC Private Studio

Woman | Eva Herzigova | Vincent Peters | GQ Italy Aug 2008 AOC Private Studio

Self Love Is Saying ‘No’ To Fashion Body Images You Hate AOC Body

Martha Stewart’s Fashion Model Days AOC Sensual Rebel

Self-Reflecting Human Consciousness Tied to Prefrontal Cortex Grey Matter AOC New Day

Josephine Skriver & Patricia van der Vliet | Benny Horne | Vogue Russia June 2012 | ‘Sorrow and Beauty’ AOC Private Studio

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | Greg Williams | Spreading Love, Love, Love AOC Private Studio

Cosa Bella’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ | Women of Harlot Babylon AOC Sensual Rebel

Jana Wirth & Natalia Piro | Michael Donovan | Creem #3 | ‘His & Hers’ AOC Private Studio

Aline Nakashima & Ryan Burns | John Balsom | Details December 2011 AOC Private Studio

Gisele Bundchen | Jacques Dequeker | Vogue Brazil October 2010 AOC Private Studio

Eniko Mihalik | Sanchez & Mongiello | Numero #130 February 2012 | ‘Naiade’ AOC Private Studio

Ana Beatriz Barros | Fabio Bartelt | Elle Brazil September 2011 | Fetiche Noir AOC Private Studio

Heidi Klum by Rankin | DT Spain Feb 2010 AOC Private Studio

Charlize Theron & Michael Fassbender | Mario Sorrenti | W Magazine August 2012 | ‘Smash of the Titans’ AOC Private Studio

Edita Vilkeviciute | Camilla Akrans | Industrie #2 Phoenix Rising AOC Private Studio

Woman | Claudia Schiffer | Mario Testino | Vogue Germany 2008 AOC Private Studio

Undying Love July 2012 | Top 25-50

Caitlin Mitchell’s 21 Amy Hixson ‘Private Obsession’ Images Unveiled AOC Private Studio

Joe Wehner | Anne Enke Unplugged | ‘Talk to Me’ AOC Private Studio

Julia Välimäki | Samuli Karala | Vaga S/S 2012 | Elysian Paradise SN Platinum

Emmanuelle Alt & Nudity | Will Vogue Paris Remain a Sensual Beacon? AOC Body

Sensual Dames Love Stockings & Garter Belts from Secrets & Lace SN Living

Just Say ‘No’ Programming Your Brain’s RAS System To Hate Size Zero Fashion Ads AOC Body

Edita Vilkeviciute by Steve Lyon in ‘Edita Zanzabar’ SN Platinum

Andrej Pejic | Nicolas Guerin | Vestal Magazine July 2012 | ‘Andrej’ AOC Private Studio

Steve Shaw’s First Year of Treats! Magazine SN Living

Woman | Diora Baird | Stephan Wurth | GQ Italia February 2011 AOC Private Studio

Anastasia, Pamela & Rayssa | Jacob Dekat | Lovecat #3 AOC Private Studio

2012 Pirelli Calendar Images by Mario Sorrenti SN Platinum

Gisele, Adriana, Ana | Timeless Beauties | Victoria’s Secret Back Stage AOC Private Studio

Andrea Stancu | Karel Losenicky | Kitten Mag K82 J’Adore AOC Private Studio

Amber Heard | Ellen von Unwerth | Max Magazine February 2012  SN LIving

Female Deception | Vagina or Vajayjay AOC Body

Men More LIkely Than Women To First Look at Face in Porn Films SN Living

Rianne Ten Haken | Vincent Peters | GQ Italy Oct 2009 AOC Private Studio

Wilhelm Reich & Sexual Healing Without Body Armor SN Living

Ellen von Unwerth | Chantal Thomass LIngerie Fall/Winter 2012 ‘Carnival’ AOC Private Studio

Adriana Lima | Victoria’s Secret Angel in Venice Perhaps? AOC Private Studio

Travis Cannata & Regina Feoktistova | Mariano Vivanco “When the Real Me Comes Alive | Hercules S/S 2011 AOC Private Studio

Every Woman Should Own Jordan Matters ‘Uncovered’ AOC Body

Selita Ebanks | Kanye West | ‘Runaway’ Full Video Embedded AOC Sensual Rebel

Christina Hendricks Reveals Our Inner Lilith Woman AOC Body

Ines de la Fressange | 53, French Chic & Divinely Delicious AOC Body

VS Stylist Says Kate Upton Is Too Fat: Anja Rubik Is Perfect? AOC Body

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