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Kate Upton Is Filet Mignon by Miguel Reveriego; Hamburger by Richardson

Kate Upton | Miguel Reveriego | Vogue Spain July 2012 | ‘Fuergo En El cuerpo’ SN Living

Call me speechless looking at Miguel Reveriego’s images of Kate Upton for Vogue Spain’s July issue. Coming a couple days after Terry Richardson’s July GQ pictures, I called Kate hamburger by Richardson and filet mignon by Reveriego.

I find fault with neither because Kate is managing her career quite brilliantly.

Kate Upton | Terry Richardson | GQ US July 2012 SN Living

My own preference is for Miguel Reveriego’s work and relationship with his lens and women. This comparison brings to mind an essay I wrote in 2009 about Richardson’s photography — which I find very mediocre. Based on these new Kate Upton editorials, I rest my case.

Terry Richardson couldn’t render a woman this smolderingly erotic, if he hadn’t had sex for a month. It’s not in his soul. You can only photograph a woman this way, when you genuinely worship female sensuality, whether you are a man or woman behind the lens.

Women like Jessica Biel scare the wits out of Richardson, which is why he can’t relate to them as a professional photographer. Richardson only knows how to reduce women, not unleash them. As a photographer, he lacks the empathy to help a woman discover something about herself, she didn’t know was inside her.

This unfettering via the photographic image is the great gift a sensitive artist gives to women. That gift is even more important in 2012, than it was in 2009. ~ Anne

Ellen von Unwerth and Annie Leibovitz Could Give Terry Richardson a Photography Lesson, When the Subject is Erotic, Beautiful Women AOC Sensual Rebel


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