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PA's Allyson Schwartz Posed for Democratic Governor's Run in 2014 | Senator Elizabeth Warren Is Hardly Quiet

1.’Girl Rising’ set for release on March 7. This special film advocates for the education of girls around the world, and especially in developing countries. Tina Brown speaks of the film, shown at A Daily Beast screening last week. 

Tom Yellin, a journalist by training and the executive producer of the 10x10 organization and Girl Rising, spoke about the delicate balance journalists must have when engaging in advocacy.

“The facts that support this issue are overwhelming,” he said, adding that 66 million girls around the world are out of school.

This is the same message Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl shot on her school bus by the Taliban, now speaks to us.  Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Malala has survived and is now asking the world to educate our girls. 

2. Next PA governor US Rep Allyson Schwartz? Reliable buzz is that five-term US Rep Allyson Schwartz (D) is nearly certain to run for governor next year in Pennsylvania.  

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a recent poll for the Democratic Governors Association found that Schwartz would start ahead of current governor Corbett by 8 percentage points - 50 percent to 42 percent - with 9 percent of likely voters undecided. After pollsters read positive statements about each person, Schwartz’s lead increased to 21 percentage points.

Schwartz has a long history of house votes in support of both abortion rights and gun-control measures, making them strong themes of her 2000 statewide Democratic primary run for the US Senate. She ran a women’s clinic before entering politics. Readers can review Schwartz’s record here. Should Schwartz enter the PA Democratic primary, AOC will be working vigorously on her behalf. 

3. Chimpanzee Study on short-term memory. Flash numbers 1 to 9 on a screen in random order and ask humans to remember it. We can’t. In this area of brain skills, apes may be smarter than humans. A Japanese researcher Tetsuro Matsuzawa concludes that six out of eight chimpanzees remembered the sequence precisely. 

For chimps this amazing short-term memory — or working memory — helps the animals navigate the branches of huge trees to feed or respond quickly to threats of danger in the wild. via Huff Po

4. Senator Elizabeth Warren is quiet? Many people were impressed by Warren’s artful grilling of negligent bank regulators last week, winning her accolades among progressives about her very first committee hearing. So why did Politico call Warren a “silent senator” who refuses to speak out on controversial issues? Salon takes up the question

5. New York governor Andrew Cuomo is putting the finishing touches on new legislation that would guarantee women in New York the right to late-term abortions when the fetus is not viable or their own health is in danger. A present law restrictions abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy only if the mother’s life is at risk. 

The Cuomo proposals also allow licensed health care practitioners, not only physicians, to perform abortions, writes The New York Times. It seeks to remove abortion from the state’s penal law and regulate it through New York’s public health law. The Cuomo legislation also seeks to make abortion legal, no matter that a future supreme court might decide.

Seven states have laws guaranteeing abortion rights as a backup to Roe including California, Connecticut, Maryland and Hawaii.

Governor Cuomo’s proposal is part of his 10-point package called the Women’s Equality Act that also includes equal pay and anti-discrimination provisions. 

6. GlamTribale at Building Character in Lancaster. AOC is thrilled to announce that we’re moving our Lancaster location to the 10-year-old, 10,000 sq ft. Building Character location in Lancaster, PA. 

The flourishing artisan market at 342 N. Queen Street is open daily with easy parking on Queen Street or in the back plaza. We will have two shops in the facility — a small space for our lower-priced Tribale2 collection, as well as GlamTribale. 

As part of our expanding collection of home and gift products, we will introduce a home fragrance potpourri collection in our own ceramic containers, inspired by our great-selling coaster collection. See our Carversville Coaster gift set 4/$25. 


Kate Upton Covers Sports Illustrated 2013 | Kate Moss, Lara Stone & Natalia Vodianova in W Magazine March 2013

Lara Stone by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine March 2013 features this fabulous images from W Magazine’s March 2013 issue, a preview of ‘From East to West’, starring Lara Stone, Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova, lensed by Mert & Marcus with superb styling by W Fashion & Style Director Edward Enninful. 

W’s Editor in Chief Stefano Tonchi provides context on these cover story images, channeling the great Diana Vreeland with this recollection:

As I was editing the images for the March issue that were hanging on the walls of the W art department, I thought of a quote by the late Diana Vreeland about fashion and the power of the imagination. I had trouble recalling the exact words, so I called my friend Alexander Vreeland, who is working on a book about his grandmother’s famous maxims, and asked for help. I promptly received an e-mail— though I’d like to pretend it was one of Ms. Vreeland’s memos, beamed from the afterworld. “We live only through our dreams and our imagination,” it read. “If it is not there in fashion, fantasize it. Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world.” And so, for this big fashion issue, our team of editors, photographers, writers, stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers took the most exciting ideas from the runways one step beyond.

Take Note

Anne is reading …

Our girl Kate Upton has landed her second Sports Illustrated cover, fronting the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue going ‘Polar Bare’. One question? Can we agree that Kate’s breasts have been photoshopped to the size of her head??? If we get our the ruler — this is the measurement.

Thankfully, Kate Upton has way more brains than the male fantasies ready to pounce on her sexy pics. This could be a reason why women are poised to outearn men in the future. Read ALL Kate Upton at AOC

From the earliest days of humankind, carvings of ‘Gaia’ and all the goddesses as fecund life bearers covered walls and monuments. In our collective unconscious, perhaps some things never change.

Joining the 2013 Sports Illustrated cast as ‘rookies’ are Emily DiDonato, Hannah Davis, Kate Block and Natasha Barnard. 

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In comment to friend feminist Soraya Chemaly’s BuzzFeed post ‘Dead’ Models in Fashion Ads

Anne took issue with BuzzFeed including the Wrangler’s ‘We Are Animals’ campaign as really bad news. Anne loved it and wrote positively about the campaign by Jeff Burton. This led to conversation about the European campaign being sensationalist, a charge Anne rejected given Europe’s commitment to environmental values and advancing the nature and humanity connections in their public policies.

After saying that American fashion media is pure milk toast and rarely a source of inspiration for serious thinking on Anne of Carversville, Anne wrote in her comment:

“One of the most defining experiences on this topic for me was a MET show at the Costume Exhibit on supermodels a few years ago. When you see American Vogue in the late 60s and 70s, you wouldn’t recognize it.

The imagery was so strong — and yes there was nudity, god forbid! Women were going places and we were smiling, optimistic and powerful in our bodies.

I can’t help but think that a study of the changing images of American Vogue would coincide with the rise of social conservatives against women in America, our collective pursuit of materialism as that which defines us, and this wave of pc behavior coming out of women ourselves.

Maybe it’s pure coincidence that today’s American Vogue and Anna Wintour would be picketed by both sides for showing a nipple and the fact that in Iowa a bill was introduced yesterday making abortion and the morning after pill murder. Or that right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson says our wombs are full of embedded dead babies if we’ve used birth control.

For me, the changing images of American Vogue tell more about the forces against women in America than just about any other visual document that comes to mind. One thing I can say for certain is that Vogue doesn’t offend. They meet all the criteria for not using any shocking visual impact to make a point. God, I wish they did! Because we need some shocking visuals on our side of this war against women.

An American media editorial that does ask probing questions is W Magazine’s February 2013 ‘Heavenly Creatures’.

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Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine March 2013


Teen Pregnancy Rate Plummets in NYC with Access to Contraception | Catholic Bishops Reject Contraception Compromise

1. Preschoolers and Oral Sex? In an article that begs the question os where America’s sexual revolution is going, The Daily Beast reports that a California lawsuit claims that two 5-year-old girls were performing fellatio on classmates with the knowledge of teachers. The lawsuit has been filed against the First Lutheran Church of Carson School on behalf of one of six children involved in this very disturbing allegations. 

The lawyer explained that ‘“sexual encounters” between the 4- and 5-year-old tots were initiated by a 5-year-old girl in June and again in September. It wasn’t until October, when another girl of the same age was caught by a teacher with her mouth on a 4-year-old boy’s genitals that the Carson School “dealt with the incident internally,” according to a school spokesperson.” The preschool will close its doors on Friday.

2. Woman at Interior. President Obama has appointed Sally Jewell, CEO of outdoor retailer REI to the position of Secretary of the Interior. The appointment has been met with applause on both sides of the aisle.

In a brilliant twist of a nomination, Sally Jewell is described as being much closer to a community organizer than a traditional CEO. REI’s sales were more than $1.8 billion at the beginning of 2012, with 122 stores in 29 states and 11,000 employees. 

An oil industry veteran, Jewel now runs a company that is — for all practical purposes — a cooperative that is owned by its members. REI has ridden the explosion of American snowboarding and mountain-climbing. It ranked eighth on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in America for 15 consecutive years. 

3. Genetically Engineered Foof 101. The Atlantic attempts to clarify key facts about genetically engineered food exploring six key myths:

Myth: ‘Frankenfoods’ made with GE ingredients are harmful to eat.

Myth: FDA approves GE foods before we eat them.

Myth: Monsanto and other seed developers are the main beneficiaries of GE crops.

Myth: GE crops are environmentally sustainable.

Myth: Mandatory GE labeling would increase consumer choice.

Myth: GE is the best way to increase farm productivity and reduce world hunger. 

The article should be read accompanied by the comments, which clarify and dispute the author’s statements. This is a passionate topic to many, and 700 words can’t do it justice.

4. Female and Male Online Networks. A fascinating study of a multiplayer online game Pardus shows how females and males manage their social networks very differently. Researchers say that behavior differences studied online reflect behavior very similar to real life social systems.

Studying the patterns of 300,000 players — with an estimated 15 percent probability of gender swapping — the paper concludes:

“Females have more communication partners, engage in economic activities to a greater degree, attract positive behavior, organize in clusters, reciprocate friendships, take fewer risks than men, and show a preference for stability in local networks.

Males try to talk most often with those who talk with many, reciprocate friendships with other males much less frequently, and respond quite quickly to female friendship initiatives.” via Science Daily

5. Teen pregnancy down in NYC. The New York Daily News reports that teen pregnancy has plunged in New York by 27% over the last decade, as the numbers of young women using birth control has gone up. In addition to expanded use of contraception, teen are also delaying sexual activity, said Health Commissioner Tom Farley.

Although the decision to dispense condoms, birth control and also the morning-after pill available in the school system was controversial, the benefits are significant.

The Bronx remains the highest teen pregnancy location in the country. And in a staggering differential the pregnancy rate among black girls is 110.7 for every 1000 girls, compared to just 16 for white girls in the city.