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Natasha Poly & Lily Aldridge Are ‘Born to be Wild’, Lensed By Mert & Marcus For Vogue Paris September 2015

Vincent Peters Captures Maryna Linchuk In Natural Beauty For Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2015

Laura Julie Sandra Francais Are Captured By Koto Bolofo In Numero France No. 166 August 2015
Crista Cober Is A Sensual Nature Goddess Lensed By Txema Yeste For Numero August 2015

Exclusive Debut: Stephan Glathe Shoots Masha Veronina In Lingerie Elegance At Berlin’s Schlosshotel im Grunewald

Mert & Marcus Snap Sexy, Social Media Models In ‘Privacy Settines’ For W Magazine August 2015

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Delivers Epic Sensuality In Luigi & Iango Images For Lui Magazine June 2015

Magdalena Frackowiak Launches 18-carat Gold Jewelry Collection

Luigi & Iango Capture Female Dominance In ‘Let It Rock’ For Vogue Germany June 2015

Gisele Bundchen Is An Earth Goddess Lensed By Paulo Vainer For Vogue Brazil May 2015

Tian Soars In ‘Twist’, Lensed By Kiki Xue For Harper’s Bazaar China May 2015

Monica Cima & Hannare Blaaboer Share An Appetitie For Attraction’ By Nicolas Guerin For Revs#14

Toni Garrn For Numero Russia February 2015 By William du Preez & Nick Thorton Jones

Woman | Julia Stegner By Daniele Duella & Iango Henzi For Muse Magazine Winter 2010

Joan Smalls & Karlie Kloss In Bonfire of the Goddesses for W Magazine November 2014

Coco Rocha In ‘Minerva Is A Diva’ By Kristian Schuller For L’Officiel Italia September 2014

Christy Turlington By Inez & Vinoodth For Porter Magazine #5

Natasha Poly In ‘Poly Pur’, Lensed By Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, October 2014

Adriana Lima In Lingerie By Giampaolo Sgura For Vogue Brazil October 2013

Doutzen Kroes Is ‘Pure Iconic’ By Paul Bellart For Vogue Netherlands September 2013

A Divine Kate Upton Is Boss In Henrique Gendre’s Vogue Brazil July 2013 Cover Shoot

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One Sexy Treat! A Day Keeps the Anti-Depressant Doctor Away So Let's Get Started!

My friend Steve Shaw, photographer and publisher of Treats! magazine delivers visual erotica and good reading in the latest Treats! newsletter. There’s not too many Treats! that I can put on the front page of AOC, but this wonderful piece of writing Adventurers in Rio, Brazil & Bust by Kelly Lee, a Beverly Hills-based lifestyle, travel and fashion writer hits a real sweet spot this morning.

It’s Steve’s sophisticated mix of very provocative yet tasteful photography mixed with style, travel and thinking person’s lifestyle news that gives this coffee table magazine an audience that’s more than half women.

Hotter than Hades model Sessilee Lopez graces the latest issue of Treats! before jumping ship to America’s good woman magazine Marie Claire and Sweden’s Dressed to Kill’s Love issue. This is quite a range for Sessilee, who’s pulling off her maverick model status with style, conviction and NO intention of hiding the reality that she is a sensual woman. Bravo!

Perhaps Treats! could take on the subject of the federal deficit and jumpstarting the American economy, giving his captive audience a lesson in the best long-term strategy for bringing down the national deficit. It’s true that conservatives buy more pornography, so how about an economics lesson?

Steve Shaw and I are on the same path. For me it’s “telling women’s stories from fashion to flogging” under the large umbrella of female sexuality. This is the psychological territory of the Smart Sensuality person: intelligent, sexy and with heart.

At AOC we emphasize social conscience way more than Treats!, but our vibrations remain in concert and totally compatible.

Feeling a bit like the heretic this morning — after all it’s Saturday, not Sunday and it’s past sundown in Israel, I share some of the best Treats! has to offer, mixed with my own writing on sexuality and women’s rights.

If 20 million American women are ready to jump into the missionary, paddle-me position for good after reading 50 Shades of Grey, we have work to do. IMHO Treats! is a lot more satisfying and a positive road forward for us eternally-guilty, so-sorry-that-I-did-it-sir American women.

Give me back our pagan goddesses with guts — which is exactly what I intend to do with my new jewelry collection GlamTribale. I’ll be adding to this sensual mosaic all weekend, but let’s get started! (PS, track Treats! editorials here) ~ Anne

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California & New York Allow Nurses & Health Officials To Administer Birth Control in Schools & Communities

French Roast News

Anne is reading about birth control in big cities … 

California governor Jerry Brown signed legislation this weekend that allows registered nurses to dispense hormonal contraceptives to women under a standardized procedure.

The law “also allows RNs to dispense drugs and devices upon an order by a certified nurse-midwife, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant while functioning within specified clinic settings,” according to a news release from Brown’s office.

The new law, signed by Governor Brown at Planned Parenthood’s Los Angeles headquarters in South Los Angeles, will take effect on Jan. 1.via LA Times

Think Progress writes that due to a shortage of physicians in California, women are often unable to schedule timely appointments to obtain the birth control prescriptions they need.

Birth Control in City Schools

New York City is expanding its pilot program that will distribute morning-after pills and other contraceptives to high school students, reports the New York Times.

“In New York City, over 7,000 young women become pregnant by age 17 — 90 percent of which are unplanned,” Alexandra Waldhorn, a health department spokeswoman, said. “We are committed to trying new approaches, like this pilot program in place since January 2011, to improve a situation that can have lifelong consequences.”

The program called Catch or Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Healthcare program began with 5 schools in January 2011 and is now operating in 13 schools.

New York is among 21 states and the District of Columbia that allow all minors access to contraceptive services, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group in Washington that supports abortion rights. But because of a court decision in the early 1990s, some form of parental notification and the right to opt out is required at school.

Related: IUDs, Implants Urged for Teen Girls’ Birth Control Huffington Post

American Feminism: History of Right to Choice

The march to contraception and abortion access in America is analyzed in a new book ‘All in the Family: The Realignment of American Democracy’ Since the 1962. Salon publishes an excerpt.

In the late ’60s and ’70s, women’s advocates cast the female body as a site of political struggle, the place where the intimate and personal became the legal and public and where the personal became the political. In doing so, they put forward reproductive rights as a bedrock of female citizenship. Abortion and forced sterilization emerged as the key issues. Across the country in the early 1960s, state laws prohibited virtually any form of abortion, turning hundreds of thousands of ordinary women each year into criminals, and dozens of states coerced women into sterilization procedures.


Carine Roitfeld & Kate Upton Go Baby Crazy For CR Magazine Debut

Carine Roitfeld Taps Kate Upton for Rebirth Editorial in CR, Reoitfeld’s New Magazine AOC Style

CR Fashion Book

CR Fashion Book launches with a black-tie gala and performance by Ryuichi Sakamoto at New York’s Frick Collection.Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Christian Restoin, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld share in the festivities behind Carine Roitfeld’s official return to the magazine publishing world with CR Fashion Book.

Kate Upton’s ‘Rebirth’ editorial for Roitfeld’s new magazine isn’t only devoted to celebrating the style diva’s new role as grandmother. Carine Roitfeld has been reborn in her life post Vogue Paris.

Roitfeld is doing several things differently in her new magazine. All the ads are spreads, arranged alphabetically by brand named. There is no “front of book”, with all that information presented online. Issue One has 340 pages of content including an essay by Anne Hathaway about her fertility and a fashion feature on jewelry designer Elsa Peretti.

Roitfeld has long been an inspiration at AOC, and we’re thrilled to experience her voice and vision in this new publication. See Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book Tumblr blog. Read on for Kate Upton editorial and more on Roitfeld’s return to fashion media.

ALL Carine Roitfeld at Anne of Carversville

French Roast News

The Obama Campaign outraised Mitt Romney in the month of August, bringing in $114 million, compared to Romney’s $111 million. It’s the first time since April that President Obama has outraised the Republican presidential candidate.

Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin has until Sept. 25 to petition the court to remove his name from the Senate race against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. Akin’s “legitimate rape” controversy breathed new life into McCaskill’s race in increasingly conservative Missouri. The Senator skipped last week’s Democratic convention and toured college campuses. “Legitimate rape” wasn’t on her agenda in anti-abortion Missouri. Instead, McCaskill focused on Akins’ argument that federally-guaranteed student loans represent a “Stage 3 cancer of socialism”. via Washington Post

• Politico reports that Republicans are increasingly less confident about taking control of the Senate, a sharp break in attitude from four months ago. Races in North Dakota and Montana, once considered to be done deals, are stubbornly close. Hopes are fading fast in New Mexico and Hawaii as well. With half of Democratic Senate seats up for re-election, the Republicans are focused on Florida, Ohio and Virginia, where they trail just a bit in each state.

A new report on the US health care system says America wastes $750 billion annually. The waste breaks down like this, writes the Institute of Medicine as reported in The Atlantic.

GlamTribale Philadelphia Debut

GlamTribale At Karen Riggs’ Tribal Home in Philadelphia GlamTribale

GlamTribale had a wonderful opening at Philadelphia’s Tribal Home this weekend. Our entire collection has been redesigned and upscaled to rave reviews. The website won’t be revamped for another two weeks, but we’ll be getting at it each day.

Sandra Albury was Anne’s first customer when she arrived for Thursday night’s party. The two got pretty carried away again on Friday night, with Anne snapping Sandra making nice to both the jewelry and African art.

Karlina Caune | Boo George | Vogue UK October 2012 | ‘New Pastures’ AOC Style