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Calls Mount for Komen Resignations | Prochoice Republicans Beg Right Wing to Stop Religious War Escalations

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Despite the efforts of Susan G. Komen to begin to repair its reputation, some people are still angry at the foundation. Here, a small group of women recently protested outside of Komen’s office in Dallas. (Rex C. Curry / Associated Press)Eve Ellis, who served on the Susan G. Komen board of directors for six years and works now as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in New York issued a private letter that wound up being published by the Guardian UK.

The letter is devastating, writes the LA Times,  calling for the founder of the Susan J. Komen breast cancer philanthropy Nancy Brinker to resign. Writing that there is no doubt that Komen’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood was political, she then “dings Brinker for her links to the George W. Bush administration and for recently hiring Ari Fleischer, Bush’s former White House press secretary, for help on crisis communication. Then the big guns come out as she calls for Brinker to resign, the board to be replaced, and vice president Karen Handel to be fired.” (Note, Handel resigned on Tuesday.)

White House Contraception Battle

Why White House sees political opportunity in the contraception battle Washington Post

Senate Democrats Split Over Obama’s Contraception Rule Business Week

Catholic TV network sues to block US contraception rule Reuters

Contraception controversy consumers DC campaign CNN

Santorum: Obama leading Christians to the ‘guillotine’ The Raw Story

“They are taking faith and crushing it. Why? When you marginalize faith in America, when you remove the pillar of God-given rights then what’s left is the French Revolution. What’s left is a government that gives you rights. What’s left are no unalienable rights. What’s left is a government that will tell you who you are, what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. What’s left in France became the the guillotine.”

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Skin cancer drug reverses Alzheimer’s in mice CNN

Baby Knows Best: Baby-Led Weaning Promotes Healthy Food Preferences  Science Daily

New TED Book envisions the ‘living cities of the future TED

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Believing in Birth Control Doesn’t Make Me Un-American | 2Ps in a Pod AOC Body

(Excerpt) America is much more like the Arab world in our thinking about women.

Do you know that in Utah, both houses moved in 2010 to make miscarriage a felony in the state? If a woman slipped on ice in winter, her husband could have her imprisoned for not wearing proper shoes and causing the miscarriage with her negligence. Only the governor’s veto kept this legislation from passing.

In South Dakota last year, legislators worked on a law to make it justifiable homicide for a man to shoot his wife if she assisted her daughter in ending a pregnancy. Insanity has taken over the demand of American men that they control women’s bodies. And there is no end to the new legislation in sight.

Under the weight of your controversy over me, Bro. Dennis, I’ve had to return to my own inner psychological roots, locking down the essence of my own identity and principles. This fight for me as a good woman of honor comes at a time when the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood problem is the topic of every Republican candidate for president, along with the new argument that birth control shouldn’t exist for women in America, says Santorum. It’s too dangerous for our health. Romney will reverse himself on birth control, like he’s reversed every other position in his career. I am terrified of Republicans, because they will hunt down women all over America.

Talking Points Memo weighs in on the new Republican war on contraception, writing that pro-choice Republicans are begging the party to pull back from the building fight over contraception before it’s too late.

“I think this week’s outrage over the Komen decision should be a warning to the Republican party about how quickly there was a mass outrage over further and further attacks on general women’s health,” Kellie Ferguson, executive director of Republican Majority for choice, told me Wednesday. “You could see the same backlash on attacks on contraception.”

Pandering to the extreme wing of social conservatives will take the party down a path to disaster warns Ferguson. A majority of Americans and a majority of Catholics support the White House decision on offering contraception in the insurance package for Catholic institutions like hospitals and universities. 28 states already mandate exactly what is contained in the new federal plan.

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Cocaine Trade Moves Out of Colombia | US Defense Warns Israel | Fat Taste Receptor Gene Protein Identified

Lesley Masson & Marcella Breukers | Michelle Du Xuan | Harper’s Bazaar China February 2012

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Iranians on Friday carried the flag-draped coffin of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a scientist working in Iran’s nuclear sector assassinated in Tehran.AP photoIsrael and Iran

Despite the demands of many Republican presidential candidates that the US go to war with Iran sooner rather than later, the WSJ writes that US defense leaders are seriously concerned that Israel plans to take military action against Iran, ignoring US admonitions about the dire consequences of a strike.

The Jerusalem Post is also reporting the WSJ story.

Cocaine: The New Front Lines

Since 2000, cultivation of cocoa leaves — the raw material of cocaine — has plunged 65% in Colombia, says the UN. That doesn’t mean that America’s white powder consumption is declining, writes WSJ in its Saturday essay. Rather, the drug trade has moved on, with cocaine growers ramping up production in countries not nearly as friendly to America. They include Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia, where populist leaders have no interest in cooperating with US anti-drug efforts.

Tongue Taste of Fat

Image credit: Pepino labResearchers believe they’ve found a human receptor in a gene that makes people sensitive to the taste of fat. People with a particular variant of the CD36 gene are far more sensitive to fat than others. It’s possible that it people are highly sensitive to the taste of fat, they taste less of it the more they eat. As a result, those individuals seek more fatty foods to be satisfied.

The research results don’t confirm that obese people generally carry the CD36 gene variation, based on DNA tests with a group of 21 obese people. But the variation is very significant. Those participants who made more CD36 protein were eight times more sensitive to the presence of fat than those making 50 percent as much of the protein. via Science Daily

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Image credit: Anna VergheseYesterday morning the people of Port au Prince, Haiti woke up on the anniversary of Haiti’s terrible earthquake to find JR in town. From Cité Soleil to Petion-Ville, over 500 images, taken by Haitian photographers and printed by JR’s award-winning Inside Out Project, celebrated the resilience of the Haitian people and visualizing a country being reborn. See more images on TED blog.

JR won the 2011 $100,000 TED Prize for his inspiring artwork around the world. AOC has tracked JR for years. Read some of our most important articles about this amazing guerilla artist.

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Global Slums Photograffeur JR To Receive 2011 TED $100,000 Prize

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News: Hillary Clinton's State Dept Women's Leadership Forum | Fair Trade Cotton's Child Labor | TED Ads | Editorials 11/16

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Women in Public Service Project

IMF Director Christine Lagarde, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, United Nations Administrator Helen Clark, activist Gloria Steinem and other prominent women leaders from 37 countries who serve their communities joined Hillary Clinton in Washington yesterday to lauch the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program

The new initiative, created in conjunction with Seven Sisters colleges including Barnard in New York City, Bryn Mawr near Philadelphia and Wellesley in Massachusetts will work to develop women leaders in a series of exchanges and leadership programs. colleges.

The initiative reflects a core concept of Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state — that people, their families and communities, and countries do better when women are active participants in public life.

New York Times Company CEO Resigns

NYTimes CEO Janet Robinseon will retire end of Jan.Janet Robinson will leave her post as CEO of The New York Times Company on Dec. 31. The Times made the surprised announcement yesterday. Times Company chairman and publisher Arthur Sulzberger will serve as acting CEO until Robinson is replaced.

Media watchers considered the newspaper empire to have stabilized its financial fortunes after navigating the tough waters that have challenged all print media as part of the digital revolution. WWD writes:

If there was one particularly touchy point among the Times newsroom and Robinson, it was her annual compensation. Even though the Times cut 100 newsroom positions in 2008, Robinson wound up taking home $5.58 million. The following year, the Times cut another 100 jobs and her total compensation ballooned to $6.2 million. It won’t warm the hearts of many Times staffers to read a Securities and Exchange Commission filing released on Thursday as she broke the news of her retirement: She will be paid $4.5 million next year for “consulting services” — close to her base salary for 2010.

The New York Times is the nation’s second-largest newspaper in digital subscriptions, following The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper ranks third after WSJ and USA Today in Monday to Friday print subscriptions. It is the largest in Sunday subscriptions, with 1.65 million customers receiving the Sunday print edition, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

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Fair Trade Cotton Scandal

Clarisse Kambire, 13, a child laborer, left, and fellow child laborers pick fair-trade organic cotton during the day’s harvest in a field near Benvar, Burkina Faso, in November. via Bloomberg

Fashionista tipped us off to Bloomberg’s Victoria’s Secret Revealed in Child Picking Burkina Faso Cotton. Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in February that Victoria’s Secret is expected to get most of this season’s Burkina Faso organic harvest of fair trade cotton according to Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, who commissioned a 2008 study known by its French initials UNPCB  suggesting that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children were vulnerable to exploitation on organic and fair-trade farms.

It appears that the intention of VS were positive in wanting to promote fair trade cotton. The company denies that it ever read or knew about the report and has only aimed to support sustainable cotton materials and female African farmers. The company has withdrawn it prior “good for women and good for the children who depend on them” booklet that accompanied its white thong covered with blue and lavender daisies.

The Bloomberg read is an excellent one, reflecting an ongoing investigative commitment to the issue of child exploitation — now in the fair trade sector.

Bloomberg writes that the explosive growth of fair-trade growers has created new forms of child exploitation in developing countries.

Women at Work

Bloomberg is now on our daily news beat, with yet another winning read from Sept 2011, Harvard Business Review’s Vineet Nayer’s How Women Can Flourish in the Workplace.

When I asked last week if women were dissatisfied enough to force change in the corporate world, my post triggered off a global debate. Many participants, thankfully, focused on what we can do to increase the number of women leaders and managers in business rather than diagnosing the causes, which are all too well known.

I’d like to return to the conversation by reiterating my fundamental belief that the corporate world has largely failed women, an argument that I’ve made earlier here and in other public forums.

Women on the Move

Jill Beraud Former Victoria’s Secret marketing executive Jill Beraud will leave her position as global chief marketing officer of PepsiCo to lead technology-based beauty business Living Proof.

Andrea Jung, Avon’s long-time CEO Andrea Jung will become chairman of the global, direct-selling beauty company. In the search for her successor as CEO, one name keeps popping up: Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN. WWD reports that Grossman, who also worked at Nike Inc. and Polo Jeans Co. was not available for comment.

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Frankly Fabulous Fakes

Sitting room in the Old Walls cottage at Thyme at Southrop Manor via Amy Murrell at WSJStyling rooms, as opposed to decorating or extensive renovation, offers quick fixes in mood and personalization that’s not permanent and comes at a fraction of the cost. The trick os to use accessories for maximum visual impact say an in-depth group of designers who share their styling tips in WSJ’s The Beauty Lies in Stylish Fakes.

TED Ads Worth Spreading

We’re only two weeks away from the December 31 deadline for Ads Worth Spreading – TED’s initiative to recognize and reward innovation, ingenuity and intelligence in advertising. Please remember to enter before the holidays are here, as good intentions to submit your incredible work might give way to celebrations and vacations.

As a holiday bonus, we’ve got great news! Five agencies who enter the Ads Worth Spreading initiative will be randomly selected for a visit from TED. Our team will curate a special session for your agency, staged in the first half of 2012. These agency visits are designed to spark deeper conversations between TED and the global marketing community.

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