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40% of Working Wives Outearn Husbands | 75% Americans Reject Birth Control Compromise As Anti-Religion | Vatican & Komen

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

Reuters shares the first major article written about the Catholic bishops putting pressure on the Susan G Komen Foundation. Komen founder Nancy Brinker shared her love of Pope Benedict XVI writing about his papal blessing of a box of silver ribbon-shaped pins for her breast cancer charity.

“He took my hands and blessed me for my work. I couldn’t help myself. I burst into tears,” she recalls in her memoir, “Promise Me: How a Sister’s Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer.”

Komen’s relationship with the Catholic Church has been complicated in a mutual exchange of funds between the two groups. Reuters writes that Komen has allocated at least $17.6 million of its donations to US Catholic universities, hospitals and charities — none of which provide reproductive health care services to women.

Catholic bishops of Ohio flexed major muscle with Komen in 2011, with 11 bishops announcing a statewide policy banning church and parochial school donations to Komen. As Catholic bishops today investigate Girl Scouts, a similar position could happen in the coming years.

After Ohio, North Dakota bishops forbade Catholic support of Komen.

Observers say the local bishops’ focus on Komen and other social issues reflects a larger conservative shift within the American church since New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan became chairman of the Conference in November 2010.

Arizona Lawmakers Target Planned Parenthood Funding AzCapitol Times

Arizona is poised to follow Texas in banning any federal government funding of Planned Parenthood under a bill that received preliminary approval from the state House on Friday.

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More DFR

With all the aggressive noise against women in America these days — including talk of banning contraception in many states and making it legal for doctors to lie to pregnant patients about ultrasound results — almost 40% of working wives out-earn their husbands, notes Liza Mundy, author of “The Richer Sex” this week’s TIME cover story and a new book.

Mundy shared her research at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women breakfast, an audience of women with seven-figure salaries and househusbands. Mundy’s research shows women are out-earning men in most U.S. metro areas. In Dallas and Atlanta, the average young woman earns $1.18 and $1.14, respectively, for every dollar earned by a male.

Unless Republicans, Catholic bishops and evangelical leaders succeed in returning women to homemaker status with no access to birth control, the trend will escalate. Today, women make up 60% of US college classes, earning more advanced degrees then men. In professions like veterinary medicine, law and medicine, women will dominate these fields.

Can men, bred to be providers, live happily in a world where women may not need them for support? An optimist, Mundy believes that many men will cede control as breadwinners.(One bit of evidence: Marriage rates for high-income women are rising, as overall marriage rates decline.) Moreover, society will adapt by “broadening the definition of masculinity,” she contends. Masculinity will include cooking as well as hunting, and child care as well as golf. via Fortune

Republicans Losing on Birth Control as 77% in Poll Spurn Debate Bloomberg

Both genders overwhelming reject the argument that the Obama Administration’s policy on employer-provided contraceptive coverage violates religious freedom, with more than 75% saying the topic shouldn’t even be part of the national political debate.

While President Obama continues to lead Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney among women voters in the Bloomberg National Poll, his margins aren’t large.

The poll also indicated that most Americans aren’t comfortable mixing religion and policy. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed — including almost half of Republicans — say a president’s religious beliefs should never influence his policy decisions compared with a quarter who say they should sometimes, and 14 percent who say they should most or all of the time.


Hillary Clinton -- Not Joe Biden -- Can Bank the Women's Vote in 2012 Elections | Violence Against Women Act

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

Anne supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2008. She has called more than once for President Obama to put Hillary Clinton on the 2012 ticket as vice president, to insure that Obama is reelected for a second term. We’re presently not focused on the 2016 election, but rather, the current Republican War on Women.

There is no doubt that having Hillary Clinton and not Joe Biden running as vice president this year insures a turnout among Democratic women and independent voters, too.  Joe Biden cannot — and will not of choice — focus on rallying single women to vote. 

We can argue that the failure of single women to vote is part of the reason we’re in this horrible mess with women’s rights. AOC will do all we can to mobilize single women in 2012, but we WANT Hillary Clinton running for vice president, not Joe Biden. In fact, we are ready to petition Hillary Clinton for vice president.


We echo Maureen Dowd’s Don’t Tread on Us column:

Women have watched a chilling cascade of efforts in Congress and a succession of states to turn women into chattel, to shame them about sex and curb their reproductive rights. They’ve seen the craven response of G.O.P. candidates after Limbaugh branded a law student wanting insurance coverage for birth control pills, commonplace for almost five decades, as a “prostitute” and “slut.”

If women are so vulnerable, they may need one of their own.

Is she inevitable?

American women know that all the gains we’re made are up for grabs by Republicans. We have a RIGHT to an American vice president who is committed to women’s emancipation.

More DFR

“We’re mad, and we’re tired of it,” said Senator Maria Cantwell.Stephen Crowley/The New York Time Laws protecting women, originally enacted with broad bi-partisan support, are now the subject of fierce debate in the Republican War on Women. Today’s anti-woman menu du jour includes the Violence Against Women Act, a federal law signed into effect by President Clinton in 1994, providing $1.6 billion to help investigate and prosecute violent crimes against women. In 2000 the act was reauthorized by Congress, as it was again in 2005.

NYTimes writer Jonathan Weisman reported today that Democratic women senators would march together today, demanding quick action on its extension.

Alaka’s senator Lisa Murkoswki is warning Republicans that they are being successfully painted as anti-woman, with potentially severe consequences. Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama, opposes the latest version of the bill, after supporting it in the past.

The legislation would continue existing grant programs to local law enforcement and battered women shelters, but would expand efforts to reach Indian tribes and rural areas. It would increase the availability of free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, extend the definition of violence against women to include stalking, and provide training for civil and criminal court personnel to deal with families with a history of violence. It would also allow more battered illegal immigrants to claim temporary visas, and would include same-sex couples in programs for domestic violence.

The Greater New York City affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced that it has cancelled the Annual Awards Gala originally scheduled for May 17, 2012. A Grantees’ Breakfast is scheduled instead, with tickets controlled by organizers. NYC Komen exects say they’re uncertain about an ability to fundraise at this time. And they can’t control the ticket purchasers — opening the door to some ugly incidents at the big party.

Anne — along with other Pa citizens and people across America — has joined forces with these three busy moms who have strong views about what’s happening to the women of Pennsylvania at the hands of Republican legislators.

For good reason, most AOC writing focuses on the women’s rights assault of the day in America. Just trying to track the legislation is a nightmare. What’s lost in calling out one vaginal probe and personhood bill after another is the personal side of feminism and women’s rights in America.

Please check in at the Unite Against the War on Women national Facebook page and Unite Women’s new website. Follow on Twitter as @NatlWOW.

In Pennsylvania, link here for April 28th’s Unite Against the War on Women Harrisburg march.

Pa Press | If you are a member of the Pa press, Anne is happy to talk to you in her role as media liaison for the Pennsylvania march. Contact her here.


Santorum Says Obama Walks to "Different Theology" & Will Demand Woman Priests As Affirmative Action

Daily French Roast

Daily French Roast …

Archbishop Timothy Michael Dolan of New York was elevated to cardinal on Saturday at the Vatican.via the New York Times

From his throne under the soaring dome designed by Michelangelo, Benedict received the men one by one, as they climbed the steps to the altar that lies over the grave of St. Peter and knelt before the 84-year-old pope.

The pope bestowed a blessing on each man and gave them the red silk square-ridged hats, called birettas, that signify princes of the church. The scarlet color, he told the men in a quiet but steady voice, signifies a “readiness to act with courage, even to the shedding of your blood, for the increase of the Christian faith.”

Santorum Says Obama Agenda Not Biblical

Speaking Saturday in Columbus, Ohio Republican candidate Rick Santorum challenged the President of the United States’ Christian beliefs saying that Barack Obama’s policies are motivated by a “different theology”.

Obama’s agenda is “not about you. It’s not about your quality of life. It’s not about your jobs. It’s about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology,” Santorum told supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement at a Columbus hotel. via Chicago Tribune

Refusing to back down from his assertions that Obama’s values run against those of Christianity, Santorum continued at a press conference saying:

“He is imposing his values on the Christian church. He can categorize those values anyway he wants. I’m not going to,” Santorum told reporters.

Santorum’s Gospel of Inequality

IHT columnist Charles M. Blow asks if Rick Santorum is coming unhinged. Speaking at the Detroit Economic Club on Thursday, the Republican candidate said there was always income equality in America, then continued: “… and, hopefully, and I do say that, there always will be (income inequality).” Santorum didn’t address the dramatic increase in income inequality in America in the last 30 years.

Last week, he said that the president was arguing that Catholics would have to “hire women priests to comply with employment discrimination issues.”

We hadn’t considered that idea before now.

More DFR

The Republican War on Women

Tobias Barrington Wolff is a professor of constitutional law and civil procedure at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He joins the sky-rocketing Google news search citations using the term “Republican War on Women.” AOC is proud that we were among the first to call the Republican assault on women’s rights for what it is.

Addressing the passage of a Virginia law requiring not an external sonogram but a vaginal probe, done without a woman’s consent as part of getting a legal abortion in Virginia, Wolff writes:

I am a man who believes in coalition politics. The strength of a people is measured not solely by their ability to advance their own interests but also by their success in joining with allied communities in mutual support and solidarity. We become better people and more effective advocates when we show up for other people’s issues. My strong support for the rights of women is an expression of that philosophy.

This Virginia legislation, however, is not a matter of coalition politics. Every person who has a body should view this law as a direct assault. So, too, should every person who believes that women are human beings.

The Virginia situation gets worse. As part of the Republican argument for Occupy Vagina, State Del. C. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock) called abortion a ‘lifestyle convenience’.  writes Huff Po

As to the law’s dubious constitutionality, Gilbert’s view is well known. Women already made the decision to be “vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant.”


Planned Parenthood & PR Gods

Writing for Huffington Post, David Meadvin argues that the fallout over the Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood controversy could enhance the Planned Parenthood brand, as Komen’s dims. It’s hard to argue with the hypothetical that 30 years of Komen credibility was “wiped out in 48 astonishing hours”.  How Komen regains its credibility will unfold in the coming months.

Meadvin makes the larger argument that Komen gave Planned Parenthood a tremendous opportunity to communicate its real identity as a women’s health care provider and not essentially an abortion provider. Abortions are 3 percent of PP’s services and about 10 percent of revenue. Planned Parenthood raised several million dollars in the Komen fight. Determination to kill the organization has never been stronger among Republicans and male-dominated religious organizations. A national ad campaign that educates open ears to the range of Planned Parenthood services — often the only services available to poor women in these communities — seems to be a positive step forward for such an important American organization for women.

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Reading along, I’ve changed my mind. Forget the Advil. Please bring me a Bombay Sapphire martini straight up. I don’t believe this crap. The Gloss does not exaggerate.