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Spring 2012 Runway | Sarah Burton Breathes Less Psychological Terror, More Goddess Power into McQueen Women

Sarah Burton’s Women

Both Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Sarah Burton’s collection for McQueen paid homage to women of the sea in Paris yesterday. There’s a key difference in the women, however. ‘Lagerfeld’s models were nymphs; Sarah Burton’s were goddesses,’ writes Tim Blanks for

Not only are the Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen women more powerful than Lagerfeld’s at Chanel — goddesses rather than nymphs — they are shedding their McQueen ambivalence about female power and its impact on the lives of men.

Still bound with fetish details and an inherent female eroticism, the Sarah Burton women are lighter, even romantic at moments and more human than animal. McQueen’s women hovered more obviously between both worlds — torn creatures in the mind of the man who invented them.

Sarah Burton is ‘hot-wired into the core of McQueen’ writes Blanks, without the need to disrupt the beauty of the vision. The two spirits are indeed intertwined, but it is Burton who will unleash McQueen’s womanly aesthetic fearlessly.

There is no designer more relevant to the concept of 21st century Phoenix Rising than the Burton/McQueen duo vision. It is Burton who will make me not afraid of the undercurrent that almost always pervaded a McQueen collection — the desire to drive a spear into the heart of unbearable beauty and sensuality. Anne

Alexander McQueen 2008

Allen Jones table in home of Alexander McQueen, W Mag June 2008

Is Forniphilia Essentially Women’s Sex Slave Work?

McQueen: Savage Beauty NOWNESS May 3, 2011


Fall 2011's Strict Discipline Fashion Is a Nod to Alexander McQueen's Complex Sexuality

Strict Discipline

Candice, Saskia, Anais+ | Interview Magazine September 2011 | ‘Strict’ AOC Private Studio

As Interview points out, this severe vision of fashion is strongly rooted in Alexander McQueen’s vision of fashion, Givenchy and now Louis Vuitton. Its roots lie in aristocratic-Brit-punk of English eccentrics. Remember that sexual repression and guilt ran rampant among the Victorians.

Ellen von Unwerth’s ‘Revenge’

Ellen von Unwerth | Smart Sensuality Woman’s ‘Revenge’ AOC Private Studio

The images in “Revenge”, Ellen Von Unwerth provoke our psyches with naughtiness without reducing female integrity in a subhuman way. Von Unwerth’s gift is to tantalize and tempt, to unleash sensual imaginations and desires in a female-centric fashion.