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Majority of Americans Fear Power of Feds | Contraception Mandate Compromise? Nada | Hillary Rules Writes Lloyd Green

1. Hillary Clinton in 2016. ‘Be Afraid, Republicans’ writes Lloyd Green for The Daily Beast. Republican research counsel to the George H.W. Bush campaign writes that Hillary is set to pick up where Bill left off. Green walks us through a review of the last 50 years of politics. 

Clinton could perform in the South in a way Obama couldn’t — and she can kick back with steel workers and enjoy a beer. Educated, high-end America is also up for grabs in 2016. Hillary could be their girl — to say nothing of large numbers of half the gender base in America who see Hillary as the ultimate revenge on the GOP and Catholic bishops War on Women.

Recognizing Democratic Party potential in the next four years — and the total disarray of the Republican party — could be a reason why Top GOP Donors Seek Greater Say in Senate Races, writes The New York Times. 


Interview With Hillary Clinton New York Times

2. Government & freedom. A growing # of Americans see government as a threat to personal rights and freedoms, reports Pew Research.

Conservative Republicans lead the new poll results, in which a majority of Americans now says the federal government threatens personal rights and freedoms, with 54% describing the threat as ‘major’. Three years ago 62% of conservative Republicans saw the federal government as a threat; currently 76% agree.

About 62% of gun-owning households are in the threat column, compared with 45% without guns. 

Only one-quarter of the 1502 adult polled trust the federal government to do the right thing most of the time. ” Virtually identical majorities of Republicans (58%), Democrats (57%) and independents (56%) say that lawmakers, rather than the political system, are the problem with Congress.”

There is an 8-point gender gap in the poll results with 57% of men regarding the federal government as a threat, compared to 49% of women. 

See also: Public Trust in Government: 1958-2013. 

3. Contraception Mandate Compromise? On Friday Feb. 1, 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services proposed a solution to the conflict between religious figures and the Obama Administration over free contraception services to women employees.

Pew Research backgrounds the conflict and interviews legal scholars on the outcome. Clearly this issue is headed to the Supreme Court, even though the Obama Administration exempted to completely remove religious institutions — which include one in six US hospitals owned by the Catholic Church — as facilitators of birth control coverage. The Obama Administration says that insurance companies will be expected to offer women employees coverage directly and at no cost. Writes Pew:

” … all object to being put in a role where they are helping their employees gain access to such services. In light of these objections, the new rules may not sufficiently relieve these organizations of what they see as “sinful complicity” in the provision of pregnancy prevention services.”

4. AOC Carversville Country Coasters 4/$25

Anne writes: I never thought that when I wrote Smart Sensuality Angelina Jolie: Virtue Considered in Carversville’s Country Air, that I would be be looking at my own photography on GlamTribale’s first set of country coasters.

This set of four 4x4” Carversville coasters is decoupaged with my own photographs of theCarversville Inn and Carversville Country Store. The other two are scenes from Stover’s Mill Road and Fleecydale, running out of Carversville down to River Road. Fleecydale always reminds me of Chipping Campden in the Cotswold. 

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Science News

5. Discovery in Synthetic Biology Takes Us a Step Closer to New ‘Industrial Revolution’ Science Daily

British scientists say their new method of making ‘parts’ for microscopic biological factories reduces time from 2 days to only 6 hours. The innovation could impact better drug delivery treatments, more effective ways to mine minerals from deep underground and advancements in biofuels.

6. Altruistic plants? Earlier this week, researchers presented a new study on innate altruism in bonobos. These findings will be widely adopted by social conservatives. Corn embryos with the same mother and father as the endosperm in their seed weighed significantly more than embryos with the same mother but a different father. The endosperm with a different father appears not to act nearly as cooperatively in nourishing its tethered embryo bit of corn.  via Science Daily

7. Dairy products intake: not all products are equal and bring health benefits in different parts of the body.

8. Want to talk to social conservatives about environmental action? Try disgust as a strong motivating argument. via Psychology Today

New Fashion Editorials

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Sign Our Petition in Support of an Equal Rights Amendment for American Women

Sign the petiton here

Such a simple, straightforward statement: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” If race, were substituted for ‘sex’, meaning gender — presumably a human being deemed to be female — most Americans would think twice about refusing to support this amendment. 

Surveys suggest that the vast majority of Americans aren’t refusing to accept the ERA — no matter what right-wing zealots tell us. If reality, most United States citizens believe that women do have equal protection under the law. Boy are they wrong!!! Not only do women NOT have equal protection under the law, but Republicans in Congress are hell-bent on turning back the rights that women have won in the last 40 years.

“Don’t worry,” you say, ” the Supreme Court has already given American women their rights. They can’t be reversed.” Wrong there, too. And several prominent conservative justices remind us that American women have NO rights under the Constitution. Zippo! We were right there with the slaves and American Indians. Kaput on the subject of Constitutional rights! I’ll walk you through that horrifying news in a few. 

Anne of Carversville will be covering the Equal Rights Amendment that American women don’t have all week. Why? Because given all the complexities of the Republican War on Women, there is no longer any doubt in the minds of the vast majority of Americans that Republicans intend to send us packing back where we belong. That would be on the original homestead and not hard at work.

Ludicrous, you say? Yes, well it was pretty ludicrous that 10 Republican women launched a bill to make it a felony for a 15 year-old victim of incest who was impregnated by her father to get a legal abortion last week. They weren’t crying foul on the abortion, which remains legal in New Mexico. No, no. The daughter would be destroying evidence needed for the prosecution — even though the vast majority of rapists and perpetrators of incest never see a courtroom. 

Time for ERA Action

It’s time to take a stand for the Equal Rights Amendment, and I’m asking you gals and guys to hustle your beautiful, socially-conscious derrieres over to this White House petition and sign it. The petition reads:

Vigorously support women’s rights by fully engaging in efforts to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

There are currently 35 states that have ratified the ERA and legal analysis suggests we may need just three more states for women to have equal rights under our Constitution. We ask you to support our efforts nationwide, particularly in the states that have not yet ratified the ERA: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, N. Carolina, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. We also ask you to place your full support behind Congressional legislation to eliminate deadlines on the original 1972 ERA. It is time our Constitution protects the rights of women, and women need and deserve active participation in ERA advocacy from the White House.

I spent about eight hours this weekend, reading legal opinions about the ERA. We’ll address all the issues in the coming days. There is no doubt that if just three more states pass the ERA, there is a VERY STRONG CASE for VICTORY! Will it go all the way to the Supreme Court? Yes. But major legal precedents say that the ERA will hold — no matter what right winger Phyllis Schlafly tells you. When you hear her talk below to the Arkansas state elected officials charged with moving the amendment forward in the state legislature, you will be astounded that this speech turned what was perceived to be a positive ERA tide in Arkansas against ratification.

Sign the petiton here

History of the ERA

When the Equal Rights Amendment was approved by the House and Senate and sent to the states for ratification in March 1972, few doubted that it would remain unratified by 38 states in 2012. Almost at once, 30 state legislatures ratified the ERA amendment. 

In events that demonstrate the determined power of one woman in America, arch social conservative and epic feminist-hater Phyllis Schlafly hit the road, broadcasting the stern message that an Equal Rights Amendment would result in military conscription for 18-year-old girls, homosexual rights and — I am dead serious — co-ed bathrooms.

Having used co-ed bathrooms all over the world without seeing any men peeing in the urinal or their bare butts in plain sight, I found this argument of Schlafly’s to be the most demeaning to human intelligence of all. Seriously — America’s women don’t deserve the status of women in other countries because we would be forced to share bathrooms with men.

ERA Bathrooms, Republicans and Pornography

If you’ll forgive me for saying so, there is something really creepy about a mind that approaches women’s rights within this psychological framework of analysis, BUT it is a hallmark of social conservatives. I’m thinking of L Brent Bozell III, who spends his days examining photos for evidence of pubic hair, so he can call magazines pornographic and raise a big stink.

What adds insult to injury here is that — hands down — conservatives in red states buy more pornography, based on their IP addresses and credit card info. But ideology — not actions — means everything to conservatives who excel at putting up a pious front while shaking their fingers at the rest of us: “naughty, naughty”. 

Harvard’s Professor Edelman reported in his porn subscription survey that states that pass anti-gay legislation buy 11% more porn.

So put your wagging finger in your pocket, Mr. and Mrs. right-wing, anti-rights for women, haters of educated women, unionized women and god forbid — anyone who has a civil service job — and let’s talk turkey on women’s rights.

Only in America is education perceived to be a threat to the future security of the nation. 

America’s Alleged Christian Tradition of Chivalry

In announcing her opposition to the ERA decades ago, Schlafly argued that it would take away the “special protection” of the “Christian tradition of chivalry” offered to women. Say what??? Schlafly’s opposition to an Equal Rights Amendment is grounded in her beliefs that American women have the “right” to be “supported and protected” by men. You heard me right, guys. 

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JR's 'Women Are Heroes' Takes Me Out of Cathrynn Brown's Heart of Darkness

Anne has been in a bit of a funk since writing Gang of 10 Republican NM Women Want To Jail Rape (and Incest) Victims for 3 Years If They Abort. 2% of AOC’s web traffic yesterday came in under the search term “Babylon”. If you know your Christianity at all, you know that being associated with Babylon is one step away from being viewed as the anti-Christ. FYI, Oprah is firmly entrenched in that position: an anti-Christ or friend of the devil in the words of the Rick Perry crowd. 

The Irrepressible Phyllis Schlafly

Moving from this latest attempt of the Republican party to seize control of women’s bodies to writing the first installment of an article posted later today on why America needs an Equal Rights Amendment for women more than ever, I spent much of yesterday watching Phyllis Schlafly videos.

I try to pulse the content at Anne of Carversville, moving from serious to light-hearted (a relative term with me). Moving from the Gang of 10 Republican women to why we MUST renew America’s push for an ERA, is too much negativity back to back on AOC’s front page. 

I admit that Schlafly’s words haunt me, because I believe myself to be a fairly good person with good values. When Phyllis Schlafly talks about the despicable feminists, she is talking about me. When she leads a bus tour for defeated Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin after his legitimate rape comments, she is telling all American women — including me — that Todd Akin is our guy. 

I say ‘no’, Todd Akin is NOT our guy. And Phyllis Schlafly is NOT our gal. Their unsubstantiated, fear-mongering arguments about the ideal path for American women is deadly as far as I’m concerned. 

Schlafly would have you believe that the sole focus of America’s feminists is material consumption and dominating men, but I think a thorough examination of American feminism would tell a different story.

Looking Beyond Babylon

Reflecting deeply on how to present a positive face of feminism — a set of ideals so derided by Phyllis Schlafly and the right-wing as representing nothing more than “shiny object” issues of self-absorbed me-me-me women — I met up again this morning with global graffiti artist JR and his “Women Are Heroes” project. 

A key difference between the majority of feminists and anti-equal rights for women figurehead Phyllis Schlafly is that we are globalists. Not only are we dedicated to making our own communities better here in America, but we see ourselves as part of the global human community. This perspective borders on making on traitors to the nation, in the right-wing play-book. 

In an effort to project goodness into the universe today and not the anger and fury I feel towards those 10 Republican women in New Mexico and Phyllis Schlafly in particular — I share the story of JR and his ‘Women are Heroes’ project.  Kibera is one of JR’s main focus hot spots around the globe. 

Many of our GlamTribale beads and stones come from the Kibera area in Kenya’s suburb of Nairobi. Through purchases of my jewelry, readers and friends support the young women of Kibera in a project that donates sanitary napkins to keep them in school. GlamTribale jewelry purchases also support Planned Parenthood of PA, the largest provider of women’s health care in the state.

On the Subject of Social Conservatives, There Is Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

In a weird reverse logic sort of way, I realize today that Phyllis Schlafly and company are so derisive of women like myself because calm, rational discussions about the various opportunities for women to serve and execute our civic responsibilities are absent in America. Schlafly passes judgment on my own commitments to poor women in America and around the world, because dialogue and a thorough examination of my own values counteracts her tightly-constructed vision of American feminists.

I’m reminded of Franklin D Roosevelt’s famous words “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” In looking into the hearts and souls of people like Phyllis Schlafly, the Gang of 10 in New Mexico, the entire Republican right wing, Catholic bishops and everyone who professes a direct line to God, this is my new perspective.

Direct confrontation of their heartless, derisive, war-mongering, opportunistic vision of humanity is in order, and it begins today. ~ Anne

JR’s Women Are Heroes Project

Slums of the World

‘The Places We Live’: Four Monumental Slums Typify ‘Home’ for More Than One Billion People AOC World

In 2008, for the first time in human history, more people lived in cities than in rural areas. One-third of these urban dwellers—more than one billion people—resided in slums. That number is expected to rise substantially: the United Nations forecasts that the number of slum dwellers will double to two billion people within the next 25 years. Poverty is urbanizing at breakneck speed, and there are few overarching plans to address how cities can accommodate this rapid influx of humans.

Track JR on his blog from Kabul to Japan.

Welcome to Kibera

JR visited Kibera in 2008 to take photographs of its residents. Now women of Kibera are having their Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame, thanks to his vision “Women Are Heroes”.

He returned in 2009 after the mayhem of the election riots (mayhem is putting it mildly), to plaster their portraits on train carriages and on the roofs of their houses.

By using waterproof vinyl material, he ensured his art might have a practical purpose. “The more you go to places like Kibera, the more you realise that the people don’t understand you,” he says, in his faultless, breathless English. “Food is their first need. They don’t do art just for the love of art. It has to make sense. By making their roofs rainproof, what we did made sense. They loved it. viaLondon Times

In Paris All Eyes Are On ‘Women Are Heroes’ AOC World

Feminists As Anti-Christs

Hear This Rick Perry: If Oprah Is A Harlot, I Am A Harlot, Too AOC Women

‘Rick Perry’s Army of God’, written in Sept 2009, introduces us to Tom Schlueter of Arlington and Bob Long of San Marcos, two pastors who not only support Rick Perry as America’s next president, but consider themselves to be prophets of God. So consumed with importance are these two men, that they consider themselves modern-day apostles and prophets, with a direct line to God.

Another Perry direct line to God is IHOP, as in International House of Prayer. The church was founded in 1999 by a self-trained evangelist named Mike Bickle and draws tens of thousands of worshippers to its revivals and sponsors perpetual prayer to help usher in the Final Days, writes the Houston Chronicle. 

Bickle preaches an apocalyptic Christianity that warns of the rise of a Satan-inspired religion he labels Harlot Babylon.

“I believe that one of the main pastors of the Harlot movement - it’s not the Harlot movement yet - is Oprah,” Bickle has proclaimed. “She is winsome, she is kind, she is reasonable. She is utterly deceived.”