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Film | Actor Debrinna Mansini To Play Georgia O'Keeffe in 'Awakening In Taos'

Sasha Pivovarova By Mikael Jansson For Vogue US February As ‘Portrait Of The Artist’

Vogue’s February issue honors the American southwest from Georgia O’Keeffe to the handworked embellishment of the Navajo Indians. While Anne has always wanted to study the female-centric culture of the Navajo people, we can say that Georgia O’Keeffe, a consummate smart sensuality painter, has been an Anne love forever.

Checking in on the artist, we note that New Mexico actor Debrianna Mansini was selected to play O’Keeffe in ‘Awakening in Taos”. From PR Web:

“Awakening in Taos” is being produced by an independent Santa Fe based film company headed by an amazing woman in her own right, Kathleen Peters and her partner Mark Gordon. Just the kind of company that fits with Mansini’s vision of promoting the roles of women. The film itself explores the story of Mabel Dodge Luhan’s transformational life as a writer, salon hostess, art patron and catalyst for change, fostering the way for Modern American Art and culture to evolve into the early twentieth century. “Not only is the story one that needs to be told, it is fundamentally important to continue to pave the way for young men to see strong women as role models. Most people, men and women, i would bet, don’t know the importance Mabel had on our art history. It is exciting to be part of this film and this team. What else can I say? Marsha Mason and Ali MacGraw? I feel blessed and my own dedication to my craft is coming to fruition.”

Narrated by Ali MacGraw, “Awakening in Taos” features Marsha Mason as the voice of Mabel. Zoe Zimmerman is slated to play the young Mabel and Mansini will portray Georgia O’Keeffe in voice over and on camera dramatic scenes. Gordon says, “We were invited to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum to see Debrianna Mansini perform in a reading of the letters between O’Keeffe and her husband Alfred Stieglitz. My concept of O’Keeffe in our film was based upon documentary films of the artist in her 80’s, I really wasn’t seeing her as a young woman. Debrianna’s characterization of Georgia was beyond my expectations. She portrayed a passionate young woman in her 40’s, in love with Stieglitz yet struggling to come to terms with his infidelities. The emotional intelligence she brought to the role was refreshing. She took the artist from the 1920’s and 30’s and made her a contemporary character sorting through issues as a woman and artist that many women today are just coming to terms with. I could see how Debrianna’s interpretation would appeal to contemporary women and make O’Keeffe relevant today. We are proud to include this beautiful, talented young actress in on-camera re-enactments and as a voice characterization in concert with Narrator Ali MacGraw and Marsha Mason as Mebel, whose voices bring the story of Mabel Dodge Luhan to life.”

About Debrianna Mansini: Debrianna Mansini (represented by O Agency) is an actress who combines her talent with activism. She is deeply concerned with using the voice of her craft to shed light on women and social justice issues. Her NY roots and training live with her in New Mexico, her enchanted home base, along with her husband, accomplished artist David Forlano.

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Kate Upton Does Keep Her Clothes On, Lensed By Inez & Vinoodh For V Magazine #87 Spring 2014

Kate Upton is rarely at a loss for words. Consider that when Upton presented to Carine Roitfeld at the recent FGI Fashion Awards in New York, that she thanked the style powerhouse for actually featuring her in clothes. (See Upton’s CR Fashion Book #1 cover story.)

Kate fronts the new issue of V Magazine, dishing on ‘the ladies’ while admitting that she is doing the ‘cha-cha-cha’ with Maksim Chmerkovskiy from ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Lensed by Inez & Vinoodh, Kate is styled by Nicola Formichetti wearing Diesel Tribute handcrafted denim, sexy lingerie and nothing at all in ‘Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?’.

Formichetti describes Kate, saying she has global appeal.

To me , she is more than fashion. She puts the clothes on and she’s still Kate. In fashion we try to force these head-to-toe looks on the girls and turn them into these characters, but she is always Kate. It’s actually very rare, and only the supermodels transcend fashion in that way. It’s almost like she’s an actress. She’s an actress playing a model.

No Kate Upton interview can be conducted without a reference to Sophia Neophitou’s infamous commentary on why she would never use the model in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. We learn that the slicing and dicing of Upton by Neophitou came the very day that Kate learned about her first Sports Illustrated cover.

V Magazine writer Horacio Silva calls Upton a straight shooter if there ever was one. In April Kate will debut with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in ‘The Other Woman’. “I was completely out of my leagure,” says the model/actress.”I make no bones about it. But I just listened and paid attention. Cameron and Leslie were the most amazingly friendly and helpful people — very inspiring (and not at all like Sophia Neophitou, we add). It sounds hokey, but it was a dream come true for me to work with them on my first real movie.”

Silva muses that Kate has no delusions about playing Hedda Gabler anytime soon. We say, don’t count on it. The girl is an inspiring mastermind of self discipline and womanly ambition. ~ Anne

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From Lingerie To Lettuce, I Love How So Many French Minds Work

It’s fair to say that I am in love with most things French: Aix-en-Provence, Carine Roitfeld, Paris, Christine Lagarde, and Ines de la Fresssange, for starters. Karl Lagerfeld and Emmanuelle Alt, not so much. I doubt Lagerfeld considers himself to be French anyway. He just seeks to dominate and define French culture — and women.

As for Vogue Paris, I’m sorry. That magazine is a shadow of its former self under Alt’s leadership. The woman has no vision — except for rock and roll stars and jeans.

Today we can add another duo to French people I adore: Atelier Altern, introduced in today’s Gardenista.

Commissioned by the Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, the installation featuring floating islands of covered and raised garden beds is part architectural feat—and part political commentary on agricultural biodiversity.

A newcomer to Anne of Carversville might be confused. How did we come to feature Dioni Tabbers in French brand Aubade’s Fall 2013 campaign, followed next by lettuce beds planted with heirloom varieties of open-pollinated lettuces? 

Does Anne have a deranged mind?

Perhaps, but let me explain. Both issues are of concern to Smart Sensuality women, our core reader of both genders. We are smart, sexy and have great compassion and heart. Our core values are those of Cultural Creatives, except that we are a subset of CC’s who embrace style and sensuality in a way that many CC’s do not.

The best example I can give you is an enlightening conversation I had with a leader of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. This person was very positive about me, my GlamTribale concept and Anne of Carversville, talking to me for a good 30 minutes. She said: “Anne, I love you, but we are a bunch of Quakers and you are pretty … well, you are a bit of a wild child. You need to spend one on one time with us, so others in our group appreciate you as I do.”

My aha moment came with the understanding that being embraced by their group wasn’t only about my talent or my creativity and artistry, but about my very public embrace of positive sexuality and luxurious lingerie — and probably being a blonde, too. Let’s throw that fact into the mix.

So on respect for the environment, an embrace of global activism with a firm emphasis on empowering the world’s women and a host of other Cultural Creative issues we are in alignment. We divide over a love of style and beauty in all forms and a preference for stilettos over birkenstocks.

To learn more about our Smart Sensuality minds, I’ve shared two Classic Anne articles and Dioni Tabbers for Aubade. Enjoy the brain food and come back and see me sometime. ~ Anne

Aubade Lingerie Fall 2013

Dioni Tabbers in Aubade Lingerie Fall/Winter 2013/2014 pt 1 AOC Sensual Fashion

French Chic Personified

Classic Anne: Ines de la Fressange | 53, French Chic & Divinely Delicious AOC Body

Classic Anne: Cultural Creatives Now 35% of US | 10% in Transition AOC Fashion Mavericks

The spokespersons are largely men, which is unfortunate because being a Cultural Creative requires an embrace of female-centric principles. 65% of CCs are women.

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Enjoying exposure to foreign ideas and culture
  • Concern about women and children worldwide
  • Priority of health care and education
  • Desire to rebuild neighborhoods and community
  • Improving neighborhoods and community
  • Emphasis on creating caring relationships and family life
  • Social conscience and demand for authenticity
  • Guarded social optimism
  • Emphasis on altruism, self-actualization and spirituality as a single complex of values