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Pro-Choice Texas Women Make New Alamo Of Republican War on Women Abortion Laws | Filibuster Set

Many friends of mine were in Austin, Texas last Thursday, as an all out battle over proposed Texas abortion legislation launched by the Republican War on Women and Texas pro-choice women. After a middle of the night protest Thursday night, prochoice activists returned Sunday afternoon at 1pm in a protest session that went on until 4:30 am.

Rachel Maddow — and my Texas friends — just reported that after Republicans in the Senate failed to muster enough votes to suspend a rule that prevents bills from being debated for 24 hours, Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis, of Forth Worth, will take to the floor and talk for 13-hours straight until sine die strikes at midnight Tuesday. Republicans had hoped to force a 36-hour filibuster but couldn’t muster the votes.

Rise Up! Shoulder to Shoulder for the Equal Rights Amendment

Meanwhile, a new Facebook group — of which I am a founding member -- formed today, bringing together some of the best women’s rights activists committed to finally passing an Equal Rights Amendment for America. Many of us have worked together across a wide range of women’s rights projects.

The project is a digital one, and not a specific one you must attend, like the April 28th, 20121 national women’s rights rallies. Please join us!!

1. Following the Food Network saying it would not be renewing its contract with Paula Deen, the southern hostess with the mostess — when the topic is butter and lard to fee the family southern style — lost another business relationship — Smithfield Foods, who says they will cut all ties with Deen as her legal case proceeds. Deen and her brother are accused of racial discrimination in her business empire.

2. New documents show that the IRS targeted liberal groups much more extensively than Republicans reported in their assertion that the tax agency improperly singled out Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny and harassment.

“There was a wide-ranging set of categories and cases that spanned a broad spectrum” on the lists, newly appointed IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said on a conference call with reporters.

Groups whose titles included ‘Progressive” and ‘Occupy” went through the same scrutiny as Tea Party groups writes the New York Times.

3. Italy’s former Premier Silvio Berlusconi has been convicted of paying for sex with an underage prostitute during infamous “bunga bunga” parties and then using his influence to launch a cover-up.

Berlusconi, 76, was sentenced to seven years in prison and barred from public office for life. There are two more levels of appeal before the sentence is final. Prosecutors had initially asked for a six-year prison term and lifetime ban on public office.

Italy recently ratified a treaty combating violence against women in a bid to redress growing violence against women, including acid attacks.

4. The Sunday People reported yesterday that Nigella Lawson is preparing to divorce husband Charles Saatchi. Especially in America, it’s believed that Nigella’s career will nosedive under the appearance of a woman who accepts domestic abuse.

An aide in touch with the Sunday People all last week said: “Neither she nor Charles are interested in counselling or trying to save the marriage. It seems they’re done and she is broken and desolate.”

A separation agreement is expected shortly and a divorce in two years.

5. 18-year-old Pakistani actress Bushra Waiz, known as Shazia Aziz, is in critical condition, the victim of an acid attack in the early hours of Saturday morning. Her brother Akhtar Waiz told CNN that the family was asleep in their courtyard in the city of Nowshera, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province when the man executed the acid attack as a reprisal for Bushra Waiz’s rejection of a marriage proposal.

According to, 150 acid attacks were recorded in Pakistan, with 17 percent related to turned down proposals. via Daily Mail UK


US Students Rank Worst In Sleep Deprivation | Heritage Foundation Does Damage Control On Immigration & Eugenics

1. US Students rank worst in Boston College’s new sleep study. (View graph larger) After reviewing testing and research data from 900,000 students in 50 countries, researchers round that America has the greatest proportion os students whose math and science scores suffer due to poor sleep. 73% of 9 and 10-year-olds and 80% of 13 and 14-year olds were affected. This is significantly higher than the international averages of 47% and 57%, respectively. Experts link the results to the use of mobile phones and computers in bedrooms late at night. via BBC

American test scores in math and science have plummeted in recent years.

2. Kate Upton covers the June issue of American Vogue, heralded as “the hottest supermodel on Earth’. Take that Sophia Neophitou. Upton’s rise has been controversial for her womanly looks and body. Looking much like a 90’s supermodel, Upton has been called fat and trashy by haute fashionistas. Influential fashion industry players like Carine Roitfeld have embraced Kate Upton. This US Vogue cover adds a super notch to Upton’s resume.

3. Terragufia’s flying car now two years from delivery. The new Transition TF-X, with a price tag of $270,000, drives like a normal car, then takes off like a plane. The new model requires no runway and is able to land on a local helipad or even a parking lot.

Massachusetts aerospace firm Terrafugia ways the TF-X can actually fly itself to a large degree and would not require the owner to be a licensed pilot. The new TF-X model is designed to be a plug-in hybrid that uses electric motors to take off and gasoline during flight. via USA Today

4. In reponse to Ariz. Sen. John Kyl’s false claims in 2011 that 90% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions, the organization’s most recent fact sheet inndicates that only 3% of their services are abortions. PolicyMic asks if the Republican’s ongoing harassment of Planned Parenthood won’t untimately backfire. According to Hart Research Associates 62% of voters in the presidential election disagreed with Mitt Romney’s position to defund Planned Parenthood.

More than 60 Republican lawmakers requested in February 2013 a Government Accountability Office study to satisfy them that federal funds don’t go to support abortions at Planned Parenthood, in violation of the Hyde Amendment.

5. The Heritage Foundation’s attempts to kill immigration reform may backfire.  The pro-reform CATO Institute (not a typical friend to progressives) put out a recent paper calling some of Robert Rector’s past work “fatally flawed”. Sen. Marco Rubio’s chief of staff argued that a different Heritage report argued that immigrants — both skilled or non-skilled — boost the economy.

The Washington Post Wonkblog asserted that the most recent study’s co-author Jason Richwine, who is now a senior policy analyst at Heritage, argued in his Harvard dissertation that there was a long-standing difference between the IQs of white Americans and immigrants, a factor that should be a key factor in determining immigration status eligibility.


Mostly Men Write Our Serious Reading | Neuro-politics Is A Hot Topic | US Seeks A Liberal Pope

1. Journalism seems to be a man’s world. According to a new VIDA study, women continue to write a minority of articles in prestigious publications, consistent with results from other years.  

The study found that the London Review of Books published 34 pieces that carried female bylines, compared to 161 pieces with male byelines. Harper’s published 17 articles written by women, compared to 76 articles written by men. The New Yorker published 160 articles with female bylines, compared to 445 articles with male bylines. The New York Review of Books published 36 stories by women and 121 stories written by men. via Huff Po

2. Neuro-politics is a hot topic, as increasing evidence indicates that genes and brain chemistry significantly influence one’s political perspective. The Democratic amygdala can be distinguished from a Republican’s in a recent brain scan study. The Republican brain is more driven by fear and reward, with Democrats having a more generous-spirited, emotional connectivity — a conclusion affirmed by linguist and cognitive scientist George Lakoff who says the “Republicans’ attachment to a rigid concept of paternalistic discipline and enforced obedience to an idealized authority” is no accident. 

Writing for Salon, Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg trace neuro-politics back to Thomas Jefferson.

3. ‘Queen-bee syndrome’ alive and well, writes the Wall Street Journal.  A 2011 survey of working women by the American Management Association found that 95 percent of them believed they had been undermined by another woman at some point in their careers. 

The syndrome is a live and well with the rise of the alpha women, writes psychologist Peggy Drexler. With all the talk about the need for women to mentor other women, something may be rotten in Denmark when the focus is the professional sisterhood.

Madeleine Albright said famous: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” If so, is it possible there may not be enough room for all the alpha ladies. 

4. As the College of Cardinals prepares to select a new pope, US Catholics are united in a strong preference for a younger man with hew ideas. 66% of Catholics polled by CBS seek a pope with more liberal teachings on issues like birth control, ordaining women and permitting priests to marry. 

Time for a reality check, however. The Vatican, Iran and other religious states are resisting efforts at the UN to demand tougher global standards to prevent violence against women and children.

The Vatican seeks to eliminate language stating that religious custom can’t be used as an excuse for being violent towards women and girls. 

5. American researchers have found a potential benefit of a molecule in green tea: preventing the misfolding of specific proteins in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Simultaneously, British researchers believe that natural chemicals found in green tea and red wine prevent clumps of protein to latch on to brain cells, causing them to die.  

After identifying the process which allows harmful protein clumps to start brain degeneration, the researchers were able to interrupt this pathway, using the purified extracts of EGCG from green tea and resveratrol from red wine.  The discovery will help the development of new drugs to treat the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. via Science Daily