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Gang of 10 Republican NM Women Want To Jail Rape Victims for 3 Years If They Abort



Republicans Seek Jail Time for Rape & Incest Victims

On Thursday January 24, the unthinkable happened in America. The Republican War on Women hit a new low, as New Mexico State House Rep Cathrynn N. Brown (R) was joined by 9 of her Republican sisters in the New Mexico House in introducing new legislation that would make rape and incest victims seeking an abortion guilty of “tampering with evidence” and facing three years in jail.

Here is a NM State Government facsimile of House Bill 206, Brown’s legislation, co-sponsored by the other nine Republican women posted here.

“The bill turns victims of rape and incest into felons and forces them to become incubators of evidence for the state,” said Pat Davis of ProgressNow New Mexico. “According to Republican philosophy, victims who are ‘legitimately raped’ will now have to carry the fetus to term in order to prove their case.“

We note that NM State Rep Brown now says this has all been a terrible misunderstanding. She didn’t properly read the bill, nor — presumably — did the other nine Republican women who sponsored it.

Perhaps this is one of those “if you believe that, we have a bridge we’d like to sell you” moments.  It’s a well-known fact that women are expected to be more diligent and more qualified to be elected to office in the first place. Such professed carelessness on Brown’s part — an attorney, no less — suggests that the Facebook recall petition facing the legislator may have a valid purpose. Of course, the future of the Republican War on Women Gang of 10 is for the people of New Mexico to decide. Our only purpose is to report the event. 

AOC does believe that boilerplate bills like this one are sitting on the desks of legislators all over America. Remember, that in 2010 Utah had enough votes to pass a bill making miscarriage a felony in the state. Only the threatened Republican governor veto kept the bill from becoming law. In South Dakota, proposed legislation to make it justifiable homicide for a man to kill his wife for aiding their daughter obtain an abortion was withdrawn, after blogs like AOC threw the proposed legislation all over our front page.  

Note that in South Dalota — like in Utah — like in New Mexico — sponsors of the legislation said “no, no — we would never harm the mother.” You read the bill below in plain English, and you tell me what it says. 

I have myself been in police protection for a year with a deranged pro-lifer determined to kill me for being a supporter of women’s rights. I feel strongly that women like myself —who seek to keep women out of jail in America for exercising a Supreme Court right — not be silenced by other women like this Republican Gang of 10 who seek to put women in jail for exercising that Supreme Court right.

Let us all stand together as public figures with opposing views in this latest volley in the Republican War on Women. ~ Anne


All of the women except Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (R) were endorsed by New Mexico’s Notably her district isn’t even listed on the straight pro-Republican, anti-Democrat Catholics Vote Catholic lineup, wth one exception: Democrat W. Ken Martinez, district 70. 




W Magazine February 2013 Probes Women's Rights in 'Heavenly Creature' Starring Cara Delevingne by Mikael Jansson

American fashion media is notoriously apolitical, making it rare to see editorials like ‘Heavenly Creatures’ coming out of W magazine, let alone American Vogue. For once, we have a Euro style intellectual commentary on real-life issues for American women, rather than the rah-rah aspirational you, too, can be Barbie if you only try hard enough. 

Photographer Mikael Jansson’s ‘Heavenly Creatures’ images of Cara Delevingne hit head-on the conflict between female sensuality and rights to exist as a free person within the Vatican’s perceived role of women in American society. W is about three years late, but I say welcome to the debate and for heavens sake, put some skin in the game, will you please!

Congressman Paul Ryan Introduced Personhood Bill Again

Just last week, Romney vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan introduced again the personhood bill into the House of Representatives. This bill equates model Cara Delevingne — or any woman standing in her place in these images — with a fertilized egg.

We are the same in Congressman Ryan’s eyes — and that of the entire Republican party. The rights of that one-celled egg and those of Cara Delevingne or any grown woman with three children and a loving husband are the same. They are identical ‘Heavenly Creatures’. 

At a time when America faces total gridlock in Washington and a Republican party threatening to start a global economic collapse unless they get their way on the debt ceiling crisis — which is only an action to pay for the bills that THEY passed — the Republican party is focused on taking away birth control for American women as a top priority. 

Most forms of birth control will be eliminated if Republicans succeed in overturning a 50-year-old Supreme Court decision on Griswold v. Connecticut which said American women are entitled to birth control as a basic right. Today, Republicans seek to turn back that decision at the behest of Catholic bishops and the Vatican who argue that birth control is a sin and women will go to hell for using it.

The Vatican and other right-wing groups want a theocracy in America — a fear that was paramount in the minds of the founding fathers, who banned Catholicism in 10 of the 13 original colonies. 

Former presidential candidate and Southern Baptist minister Micke Huckabee blames birth control -- which he calls abortion — as a reason for 20 innocent children dying in Newton, Conn. God is punishing America, argues Huckabee, Ryan and the entire Republican party who supports the personhood amendment. 

American Fashion Media Needs to Stand for Women

It’s time for American fashion media to take some lessons from Vogue’s in other countries, not only the edgy fashion press. American Vogue is behind Muslim country Vogue Turkey in it’s refusal to stand up for the real world of its citizens and not some glossy abstract of the perfect life. 

I’m thrilled with Edward Enninful’s styling vision and the entire ‘Heavenly Creatures’ team for taking on this topic about three years too late. Without saying a word, the images speak volumes and can’t be criticized by social conservatives.

Perhaps W agrees with the Vatican! In putting the topic out there for public consumption, Mikael Jansson strikes a neutral chord while entering the world of American women and transvaginal probes. 

I expect other controversy-avoiding fashion media to also stand for the hard-won rights of American women before we lose them all.

This attack plan is for real, people, and the assault on American women must stop. Anne



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Lanna Hiranyalekha Turns Her Focus To Compelling Womanly Topics for Numéro Thailand January 2013

Model Lanna Hiranyalekha is a black magic woman, lensed by Surat Janyawatanawijit for NUMÉRO THAILAND JANUARY 2013 in dramatic images styled by Euwadee Sriaru. We use these exquisite images to send a clear message to the Republican War on Women:

We are watching you in 2013


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