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American Nuns Call Vatican Charges "A Flawed Process" | Ideology Drives Perception of War on Women

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Sister Claudia Bronsing takes part in a vigil at St. Colman Church in Cleveland, Ohio, in support of Catholic nuns who were criticized by the Vatican. Michael McElroy for the New York Times The Vatican awaits American nuns who will travel to Rome in an effort to open discussions and their defense against charges that American nuns are “radical feminists” and not committed to upholding core Catholic values.

Concluding a week of meetings in Washington, the 21 board members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents about 80 percent of the nation’s dwindling 57,000 nuns, spoke today in strong terms. Sister Pat Farrell, president of the conference helped draft a response to the Vatican calling recent charges based on “unsubstantiated accusations” and a “flawed process”. The sisters added that the charges have caused scandal, pain and polarization in the Roman Catholic Church.

“Even large sectors of the church itself have legitimate concern and want to continue to talk about the place of women in the church, and rightful equality between men and women,” said Sister Farrell, who is a member of the leadership team of the Sisters of St. Francis, of Dubuque, Iowa. “So if that is called radical feminism, then a lot of men and women in the church, far beyond us, are guilty of that.”

The National Catholic Reporter interviewed Franciscan Sister Pat Farrell today. She shares details of this week’s meetings and the desires of American nuns to forge an honest, high-integrity dialogue with Rome. Read also the New York Times.

Related reading: Catholic child abuse cover-up case heads to jury CNN

Jurors began deliberating today in Philadelphia in the “landmark trial of Monsignor William Lynn, the highest-ranking cleric charged with endangering children by allegedly helping cover up sexual abuse.”

On trial besides Lynn is Rev. James Brennan, who is charged with the attempted rape of a 14-year-old. Both Brennan and Lynn claim that they are innocent.

Women’s Pay Growth

Forbes reports that a new analysis from PayScale confirms that today’s full-time American female college grads initially earn a median of $31,900 and male college grads earn a median of $40,800. From ages 22 to 30 their salaries growth similarly in percentage terms.

At age 30, women’s earnings growth slows substantially. “By age 39, college-educated women working full-time stop getting raises and see their salaries peak at about $60,000. Their male peers, on the other hand, continue seeing wage increases through age 48, when they earn a median of $95,000 a year.”

For plausible reasons why, read on at Forbes.

Conservative Women Say “No War on Women”

A new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation says that three in 10 women (31 percent overall believe that there is currently a “wide-scale effort to limit women’s reproductive health choices and services, such as abortion, family planning, and contraception” in America.

Nevertheless, 42 percent of women polled reported that they took some action in the past six months in reaction to a news or feature item in the media.

This includes attempting to influence a friend or family member’s opinion (23 percent), donating money to a non-profit working on reproductive health issues (15 percent), and contacting an elected official (14 percent).

Six in 10 women voters say the economy is the top election issue and concern.

Writing for The Washington Post, Suzi Parker points out that the real dividing line is ideology.

Nearly half of liberal women (49 percent) said there was a war on women’s health with only 18 percent of conservative women thinking the same.

May042012 Calls Out PA (R) Congressman Joseph Pitts, Sponsor of HR 358 "Let Women Die" Bill

Joseph Pitts (R) PA

Open Congress Summary: Amends the new health care law so that no federal money could be applied to health insurance plans that cover elective abortions, even if the abortion coverage is paid for entirely with private funds. It also states that a federal agency can not force a health care provider that accepts Medicare or Medicaid to provide abortion services, even in cases when the mother’s life is endangered.

The above need to know about PA (R) Congressman Joseph Pitts is a public service announcement by

MS Magazine wrote about Joseph Pitts and his Catholic bishops-driven vision of women’s rights:

The provision of the amendment that frees hospitals that refuse to perform emergency abortions from even the legal obligation of stabilizing and transferring individuals also creates a direct conflict with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), which since 1986 has required them to do so. This “conscience clause” would also overturn the recent Health and Human Services Department decision that requires contraception be covered by insurance at no additional cost.

Based on a recent Catholic survey, conducted by Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, only about 14% of Catholics support Joe Pitts’ bill as Catholics who refuse to accept abortion under any circumstances. “Another 37 percent said it should be legal in just a few cases, 27 percent said it should be legal in most cases and 21 percent said it should be legal in all cases. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.2 percentage points,” writes PolitiFact.

Just yesterday, Cardinal Dolan admitted that the majority of Catholics don’t stand with his church on not permitting contraception or the demand of Catholic bishops that the Obama contraception mandate compromise infringes on their religious liberty. Listen to Cardinal Dolan at 2:30 on religious freedom.

Even more interesting, listen to Cardinal Dolan talk about Republican attitudes about immigration and substitute dying women in hospitals for immigrant families. With all due respect, I’ll agree that Cardinal Dolan is smooth. But let’s just get all the facts on the table in the Catholic bishops war on women.

The Catholic Church now owns one hospital in six in America. Even without HR 358 American women now are left to die in emergency rooms and not even stabilized, if a needed drug or medical procedure could possibly harm her 1” zygote. Her existing children don’t matter nor does her distraught husband, because SHE has no right to personhood.

We all need to listen to each other and let the voters decide what’s right for the future of our daughters and granddaughters in America. As for contraception, Cardinal Dolan says that the bishops must “get our act together on contraception”. It didn’t sound like the bishops would be bending but rather launching a major new legislative assault on women’s rights to contraception in America.

Is Joe Pitts the Catholic bishops’ man to ban birth control in America?

(R) Congressman Joseph Pitts works for the Catholic bishops and not for the voters of Pennsylvania OR the rights of American women, men and families. Pennsylvanians must FIRE Joseph Pitts at the ballot box in November. Let him become a Catholic bishop because he refuses to represent the beliefs of the vast majority of Americans and American Catholics and to uphold the core Republican-led Supreme Court decisions giving women the right to control our reproductive choices.

The people MUST claim our rights in November 2012 by firing Republican Joseph Pitts. ~Anne

Related May 5, 2012: PA Aryanna Strader (D) vs Rep Joe Pitts (R) | Big Pharma & Heath Care Against Women’s Rights


Republican Sue Helm Circled PA Unite Against the War on Women, Says Sudanese Activist Watching Her Hummer

PA State Rep. Sue Helm, representing the 104th Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, circling the April 28, 2012 Harrisburg Unite Against the War on Women rally “multiple times” according to the North African women’s rights activist caught in the lower right-hand corner of the image. He is well-known to one of the rally organisers Anne Enke. The duo has worked together to stop the flogging of an estimated 40,000 women a year in Sudan,. The WOW PA event was the first rally for women observed by Enke’s friend, who is dumfounded that the war on women is also being waged on American women and not only women in the Arab world and Sudan specifically. Image credit goes to Angela Dicks, partner of Democratic candidate Kelly Jean McEntee, running for PA State Representative in the 105th district, a speaker at the WOW PA rally and sponsor of Emma’s Revolution, a headline act of multiple entertainers providing music for rally goers.

Sue Helm Circling April 28 Harrisburg WOW Rally

Although PA State Rep Sue Helm told Harrisburg The Patriot-News reporter Sue Gleiter that she “didn’t participate in the rally”, she was observed circling the capitol in her Hummer multiple times by the man captured in the lower right corner, who is my dear friend from North Africa.

For the present, this man must remain nameless. Because of our ongoing work on behalf of the estimated 40,000 women flogged each year in Sudan, my friend would be jailed or killed if his identity is revealed.

Helm continued talking to Gleiter, saying “I think they have made too much of this honestly.” Helm thinks “women’s rights cross both parties.”

In talking with me about the event and my posting his image online, my friend expressed satisfaction that he was associated with the Sue Helm photo and the poignant, huddled together mother and daughter probably, seeming under surveillance by Helm and her Hummer.

Committed to changing the lives of women under assault by Islam in Sudan, my friend’s is the polar opposite of Helm’s ideology, which supports forcing women to have unnecessary medical procedures mandated by governments dominated by religious ideology that oppresses women.

As an organizer of the Harrisburg rally, bringing Republican pro-choice women to the rally was a top personal priority of mine. The party that funded Planned Parenthood from its beginning, whose judges passed both ‘Roe v Wade’ and ‘Griswold v Connecticut’ couldn’t find one of their own to speak at the Unite Against the War on Women Harrisburg Rally in favor of women’s right to choose.

Helm is one of many legislators of both parties who changed their minds regarding a provision in a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before an abortion after a remark made last month by Gov. Tom Corbett.

The governor came under fire after saying “You just have to close your eyes as long as it’s on the exterior, not interior” in regards to women viewing the ultrasounds. His spokesman said the governor’s comments were taken out of context.

“When the governor opened his mouth and said ‘Look away,” I said I think our governor is a good governor, but in this case I need to jump off of this bill,” Helm said.

Sue Helm circled multiple times in her Hummer, says witness.

The photo was taken by Angela Dicks, partner of Democratic candidate Kelly Jean McEntee, running for PA State Representative in the 105th district, a speaker at the WOW PA rally and sponsor of Emma’s Revolution, a headline act among multiple entertainers providing music for the rally. Seeing the photo, my friend said:

I saw that woman in the Hummer making rounds and rounds in the area and her reactions appeared strange and suspicious. Now I know why. Yes, please go ahead publish my remarks that I texted you at the rally, but keep my name off for now.

The women’s rights activist had traveled all night from Washington DC to Harrisburg, was so flabbergasted at what he was hearing at the rally that he texted me a passionate series of statements that I summarized at the end of the rally.

In summary, he said:

Anne, please tell the people that I come from a place in the world where women have lost so many rights since the 1970s. The legislature tells them exactly how they must dress and punishes them violently with flogging when they are picked up for lack of modesty. You know that 40,000 women were flogged in 2008, the year before you became involved with Lubna and me.

I am so surprised to arrive in America and see women fighting for their rights to health care and contraception. Even in Saudi Arabia, where women can’t drive cars, their contraception is included in health care.

Anne, the war on women is everywhere from Sudan to Saudi Arabia and now America — the place I thought was the home of the free. It isn’t true if you are a woman, and I can’t believe my eyes at what I am seeing, hearing and reading in your great country.

It was my work with this activist on behalf of the women of Sudan that clarified my vision of the erosion of women’s rights here in America. Religion’s primary role in a determined assault of the rights of privacy and self-determination of all women worldwide became after 2009 a major focus of the AOC website. ~Anne Enke

Flogging of Sudanese Woman

In April of 2010 my friend delivered raw files of this flogging in Khartoum, taken by a bystander with a cell phone.

He came to me because YouTube kept taking down the video, when the right-wing social conservatives complained in mass that it was against religion.

My friend knew that I wouldn’t take it down, under any kind of pressure. It was also my job to contact the “big press” which I did. Bloomberg News has been very favorable to covering these kinds of global horror stories and so I reached out to them.

Within a few hours BBC News and CNN also picked up the story, and only then, did the videos stay up on YouTube.

You can read the entire description of the event sent to me from my friend pictured above in AOC World Women as Laughing Brutality in Woman’s Flogging Video Chills Sudan. 

This video clip depicts the scene of a Sudanese girl receiving blows whip all over her body at a police station in Khartoum this week. A wave of condemnation by the Sudanese on the Internet and newspapers concluded that what happened was exceeding the legal punishment and amounted to physical torture and severe humiliation.

The film shows the police carrying out the punishment of flogging with a whip on the Sudanese girl in front of a crowd of people. The Girl received blows whip all over her body from the legs, back, arms and head wildly and violently. The girl was crying and lying on the ground squirming in pain, begging the policeman to stop hitting her, before another officer assisted him and participated in the beating.