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Home Chic @ Vogue It | Beatrice Morabito & Mariel Clayton Slice & Dice Barbie | Men, Housework & Divorce 

Ruby Aldridge Housewife

Ruby Aldridge | Miles Aldridge | Vogue Italia October 2011 ‘Home Chic’ SN Living

Men, Housework & Divorce

Men and Housework Strongest Factor in British Divorce Rates AOC Sexual Politics 6/1/2010

A new study by the London School of Economics of 3,500 British married couples disputes the Conservative argument that working women advance the probability of divorce in families.

Barbie by Mariel Clayton

Mariel Clayton & Karl Lagerfeld Love Barbie, But Differently SN Living

Meet Marie Clayton, a ‘self-taught’ photographer and artist who is also attached to Barbie in an innovative,  21st century modern woman style. Clayton’s art is highly relevant at a moment when Conservatives want women back in the kitchen.

Just today, we wrote about Conservative Brit David Willet’s new report in which he blames feminism and entry of women into the workplace and universities for the lack of progress for men.

“Feminism trumped egalitarianism,” he said, adding that women who would otherwise have been housewives had taken university places and well-paid jobs that could have gone to ambitious working-class men.

Oh Mariel, I have another idea for you. Anne of Carversville will sponsor Barbie goes to Congress. Just call me when you’re free. I’d like to talk about the Republican War on Women. This could be fantastic therapy. Let me see: Barbie Goes to Congress; Barbie Meets the Pope; Barbie  …  Anne

Barbie & Ken in Shanghai

Can Ken Make Shanghai Barbie Store a Global Wedding Destination? AOC World’s Women

t seems that at age 50, Barbie is reconsidering her single-girl status, at a time when 41% of eliglble Chinese women, average age 30, can’t find a man that pleases them. The study of 2 million respondents was conducted by the the China Association of Marriage and Family Studies (CAMF), the Committee of Match-making Service Industries under the China Association of Social Workers and the, a major Chinese match-making website.

Barbie by Beatrice Morabito

Beatrice Morabito’s Disruptive, Subversive Erotic Dolls AOC Private Studio


Makeup Defines Woman's Perceived Character | Women Faking Orgasms | Kanye West Debuts in Paris 

Judging Women & Makeup

Women’s Competency & Trustworthiness Tied to Makeup Choices AOC Private Studio

Are women perceived as being more competent, attractive, likable and even trustworthy, if we wear makeup? At least in America, the answer appears to be ‘yes’.

A collective group of researchers at Procter & Gamble, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute showed study participants photos of 25 women, aged 25-50. either wearing no makeup or wearing one of three contrasting cosmetic looks — natural, professional or glamorous… .

When the study participants had time to review the images more carefully, dramatic makeup was no longer as positive. People saw the dramatic makeup women as equally likeable and much more attractive and competent. In an interesting twist, the dramatic makeup women were perceived as less trustworthy.

Natural makeup women were perceived to be the most trustworthy.

Women Faking Orgasms

Male Ego, Women Faking Orgasms & Sensual Chaos in Our Bedrooms Anne’s Sensually Yours

Ali’s passionate defense of female sexual pleasure and the daily sensual dynamic between couples is the second — count them TWO — vigorous articulations of the female perspective and our competency in 24 hours. I must be dreaming because both men left me speechless with their words.

The earlier defense of female competency in investing and managing financial markets — coupled with tough talk about the male ego in Wall Street — came last night on Charlie Rose’s Bloomberg broadcast with ex-Solomon ‘Liar’s Poker writer Michael Lewis , interviewed about his new book ‘Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World.’

Hillary Petrie @ Home

Shorts | Hillary Petrie @ Egg | Anselm Reyle for Dior | Kanye West in Paris AOC Style

Egg Collective designer Hillary Petrie has lived in this charming New Orleans apartment with her roommate, architect John Kleinschmidt, for nearly four years. Design Sponge has lots of pictures of the apartment in an editorial meaningfully titled ‘What I Love Most About My Home Is the Light’.

The images reinforce the fact that when you have great architectural details and amazing light, minimalism is often the best design approach. Silly us worrying about where the technology cords go in that lovely ‘think tank room’.

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