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Adele Trashes Newt in Song | Does Online Dating Promote Happier Relationships? | Texting Dimishes Linguistic Ability

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Getty ImagesIn 2005 only 3% of Americans reported meeting their partners online. By 2007-09, the figure was 22% for heterosexual couples and 6% for same-sex couples. After meeting through friends, digital dating is the second most common way that couples find each other.

In an in-depth review of 400 studies and surveys on the subject of Internet dating, including the results of scientific algorithms on sites like eHarmony, PerfectMatch and Chemistry, researchers argue that online dating isn’t more effective than traditional dating for finding a happy relationship.

The authors also found that the sheer number of candidates that some sites provide their love-seeking singles — which can range from dozens to hundreds — can actually undermine the process of finding a suitable mate. The fact that candidates are screened via their profiles already sets up a judgmental, “shopping” mentality that can lead people to objectify their potential partners. Physical appearance and other intangible characteristics may certainly be part of the spark that brings two people together, but having to sift through hundreds of profiles may become overwhelming, forcing the looker to start making relationship decisions based on increasingly superficial and ultimately irrelevant criteria. via TIME

Study: Interracial marriage, acceptance growing CNN

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Credit: © Suprijono Suharjoto / Fotolia)Modern Linguistics

Text messaging used more often has a negative impact on an individuals linguistic ability to interpret and accept new words. Read on at Science Daily

Alcohol’s Impact on Different Brains

Using brain scans of two strains of mice drinking large amounts of alcohol, scientists determined that one one group of mice experienced serious shrinkage in some areas of the brain. Only those mice lacking a dopamine D2 receptor suffered alcohol-induced brain damage. Read on at Science Daily

‘It’ Girl Photographers

Hanneli Mustaparta is known for her personal style and her photos..Deidre Schoo for The New York TimesA growing pack of talented female photographers in the spotlight, writes NYTimes Style.  “They are all the more remarkable for effortlessly working both sides of the camera. Impeccable dressers themselves, women like Candice Lake, Hanneli Mustaparta and Tamu McPherson are often photographed by their peers. In pursuing street-style stars, they have become nouveau celebrities in their own right.”


Vatican's Financial Coverup Scandal | Kids Need Play | Social Networks & Altruism Among Hadza | Please, No Nagging

Carsten Höller vs Jamie Bochert | Lachlan Bailey | The Last Magazine #7 AOC Private Studio

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Dominic Bugatto for WSJMore than one ‘honey-do’ list has broken up a marriage, writes the Wall Street Journal. And it’s a scientifically confirmed fact of life that women do more nagging. Perhaps it’s that lack of real power resentment that seeps into everyday lives, even among the happy homemakers.

When women reflect on more clever ways to get what they want — like the appliances fixed — a wife can learn a few tips from motivational speaker Janet Pfeiffer succeed. Deciding to soften her approach before that stoney male silence took her to divorce court, Pfeiffer took to writing clever post-it notes.

Ms. Pfeiffer sometimes writes notes to him from the appliances that need to be fixed. “I really need your help,” a recent plea began. “I am really backed up and in a lot of discomfort.” It was signed “your faithful bathtub drain.” “As long as I am not putting pressure on him, he seems to respond better,” Ms. Pfeiffer says. Mr. Mac Dougall (her husband) agrees. “The notes distract me from the face-to-face interaction,” he says. “There’s no annoying tone of voice or body posture. It’s all out of the equation.”

Vatican Corruption Scandal

A respected Italian show ‘The Untouchables’ aired on La 7 Wednesday night a series of letters about corruption at The Vatican. Pope Benedict was among the recipients of copies of letters that Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who was then deputy-governor of Vatican City, sent to superiors about financial irregularities and mismanagement of investments. Archbishop Vigano was under fire and the victim of a smear campaign, he wrote. 

“Holy Father, my transfer right now would provoke much disorientation and discouragement in those who have believed it was possible to clean up so many situations of corruption and abuse of power that have been rooted in the management of so many departments,” Vigano wrote to the pope on March 27, 2011, in response to a campaign to have him removed from his post. Vigano is now the Vatican’s ambassador to Washington. via Reuters

Navy Seal Rescue in Somalia

Young American journalist Michael Scott Moore, who was kidnapped in Somalia last Saturday, may bear the brunt of the Navy SEAL’s daring rescue of Jessica Buchanan, 32, a former fourth grade teacher from Virginia, and Paul Thisted, 60, of Denmark, both employees of the Danish Demining Group (DDG), who were abducted there in October and being held for a ransom of $10 million, writes The Daily Beast.

According to Somalia Report, a Nairobi-based online news service, 11 to 12 aircraft arrived at that airport right about midnight Tuesday, local time. U.S. Special Operations forces secured the airport, with plans to launch the raid between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. local time. Residents near the site of the attack reported that around 3:30 a.m, U.S. helicopters began engaging the pirates in a gun battle.

The SEALS captures six pirates and killed nine more. The leading pirate commander wasn’t captured and no US casualities were reported.

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Photo: Tony Avelar/TCSM Illustration: John Kehe/StaffHow About Some Horsing Around?

On the one hand schools have abolished recess and in many cases, physical education even though doctors insist that kids should get good exercise an hour each day. Call it time for playing around, that exhuberant, sometimes unpredictable event when kids let loose.

Alternatively, when kids do have relaxation time, they’re most often in front of a computer. Concerned parents, child psychologists and Fortune 500 companies who are worried about a future group of zombie American workers are all expressing concerns about the end of childhood and expecially time for play. Read on in this excellent in-depth article at The Christian Science Monitor.

Young Girls Online

In a New York Times story with a big headline Does Technology Affect Happiness? we learn that the Stanford University study is focused on girls 8 to 12, a group of 3,400 who may not be representative of the larger population or even same-age peers.

Within this disclaimer, the facts are that girls who say they spend considerable amounts of time online appear to be less socially comfortable than same-age girls who say they spend less time online. Cause and effect haven’t been established, but researchers stress that “on a basic, even primitive level, girls need to experience the full pantheon of communication that comes from face-to-face contact, such as learning to read body language, and subtle facial and verbal cues.”

Dawn of Social Networks

“If you can get cooperators to cluster together in social space, cooperation can evolve,” said Coren Apicella, a post-doctoral research fellow in Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and first author on a paper studying social networking among a rare hunting and gathering society in Tanzania called The Hadza. “Social networks allow this to happen.”

The natural world, red in tooth and claw, has a gentle side. While individuals compete fiercely to ensure the proliferation of their progeny, a few animals, including humans, also cooperate and act altruistically. Researchers have wondered if human social networks are a product of modern lifestyles, or if they could have emerged under the kind of conditions that our distant ancestors faced. This question has been challenging for classic evolutionary theory to explain neatly. via Science Daily


Home Chic @ Vogue It | Beatrice Morabito & Mariel Clayton Slice & Dice Barbie | Men, Housework & Divorce 

Ruby Aldridge Housewife

Ruby Aldridge | Miles Aldridge | Vogue Italia October 2011 ‘Home Chic’ SN Living

Men, Housework & Divorce

Men and Housework Strongest Factor in British Divorce Rates AOC Sexual Politics 6/1/2010

A new study by the London School of Economics of 3,500 British married couples disputes the Conservative argument that working women advance the probability of divorce in families.

Barbie by Mariel Clayton

Mariel Clayton & Karl Lagerfeld Love Barbie, But Differently SN Living

Meet Marie Clayton, a ‘self-taught’ photographer and artist who is also attached to Barbie in an innovative,  21st century modern woman style. Clayton’s art is highly relevant at a moment when Conservatives want women back in the kitchen.

Just today, we wrote about Conservative Brit David Willet’s new report in which he blames feminism and entry of women into the workplace and universities for the lack of progress for men.

“Feminism trumped egalitarianism,” he said, adding that women who would otherwise have been housewives had taken university places and well-paid jobs that could have gone to ambitious working-class men.

Oh Mariel, I have another idea for you. Anne of Carversville will sponsor Barbie goes to Congress. Just call me when you’re free. I’d like to talk about the Republican War on Women. This could be fantastic therapy. Let me see: Barbie Goes to Congress; Barbie Meets the Pope; Barbie  …  Anne

Barbie & Ken in Shanghai

Can Ken Make Shanghai Barbie Store a Global Wedding Destination? AOC World’s Women

t seems that at age 50, Barbie is reconsidering her single-girl status, at a time when 41% of eliglble Chinese women, average age 30, can’t find a man that pleases them. The study of 2 million respondents was conducted by the the China Association of Marriage and Family Studies (CAMF), the Committee of Match-making Service Industries under the China Association of Social Workers and the, a major Chinese match-making website.

Barbie by Beatrice Morabito

Beatrice Morabito’s Disruptive, Subversive Erotic Dolls AOC Private Studio