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Virginia Republicans Run Ultra Conservative Slate In Fall Elections | Vitamin B Study Promising Against Alzheimer's

19-year-old Hannah Batya Penet married 18-year-old Shalom Rokeach before a crowd of 25-30,000 guests in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Rokeach is the grandson of the leader of the Hasidic dynasty Belz Rebbe, and is destined himself to become the future leader of one of the largest Jewish sects in the world. The bride’s face remained veiled by a lace and crystal encrusted veil throughout the ceremony. It is designed to protect her modesty, allowing her to avoid guests’ gazes while she is on public display. Read on at Daily Mail.

1. EW Jackson, the Virginia GOP’s nominee for lieutenant governor says he has nothing to apologize for regarding his views on abortion, race and homosexuality.

“I say the things that I say because I’m a Christian, not because I hate anybody, but because I have religious values that matter to me,” Jackson told reporters Tuesday at a Fredericksburg campaign stop, according to the Washington Post.

Jackson, a minister and lawyer, said just this week the Planned Parenthood is worse than the Ku Klux Klan. He has called gays and lesbians “sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally.”

2. A federal appellate panel struck down Arizona’s abortion law on Tuesday, calling it unconstitutional “under a long line of invariant Supreme Court precedents” guaranteeing a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy any time before a fetus is considered viable outside her womb. Medically, this is generally at 24 weeks.

Technically, the law made abortions illegal at roughly 18 weeks after fertilization by dating fertilization as the date of a woman’s last menstrual period. It’s only at 18 weeks that most fetal abnormalities are detected through sonograms.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) told reporters on Wednesday that there is a “good chance” that the US House of Representatives will bring his nationwide 20-week abortion ban to a full vote this year.

3. Virginia state Sen. Mark Obenshain (R), now running for attorney general,  denies that his 2009 bill that would have required a woman to report her miscarriage to the police within 24 hours of the event or risk imprisonment was intended to harm women.

Tarina Keene, NARAL’s executive director, told HuffPost, “In 2009 we made it clear to Sen. Obenshain that NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia vehemently opposed his bill to criminalize tragic pregnancy complications and intimidate grieving Virginian women with the threat of law enforcement — not to mention jail time.

Obenshain joins an ultra-conservative Republican slate of candidates in Virginia’s fall election.

4. Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS tax-exempt unit and finds herself at the center of a scandal about extra tax scrutiny of conservative and in particular, Tea Party groups, exercised her right not to answer lawmakers’ questions today.

“I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any congressional committee,” Lerner told the panel.

South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy demanded that Lerner stay to answer questions, causing the crowd to applaud in the hearing room.

5. Researchers believe that a healthy diet, regular exercise and consuming vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid were key in delaying Alzheimer’s disease among 156 people ages 70 and up who were already suffering from both mind memory loss and high levels of homocysteine, previously associated with increased risk for dementia.

Patients taking the Vitamin B regimen had 90 percent less brain shrinkage than those who took a placebo.

“I’ve never seen results from brain scans showing this level of protection,” said Paul Thompson, whose Genetics Center at UCLA School of Medicine has the world’s largest database of brain scans. “We study the brain effects of all sorts of lifestyle changes — alcohol reduction, exercising more, learning to handle stress, weight loss — and a good result would be a 25 percent reduction in shrinkage.”


US Students Rank Worst In Sleep Deprivation | Heritage Foundation Does Damage Control On Immigration & Eugenics

1. US Students rank worst in Boston College’s new sleep study. (View graph larger) After reviewing testing and research data from 900,000 students in 50 countries, researchers round that America has the greatest proportion os students whose math and science scores suffer due to poor sleep. 73% of 9 and 10-year-olds and 80% of 13 and 14-year olds were affected. This is significantly higher than the international averages of 47% and 57%, respectively. Experts link the results to the use of mobile phones and computers in bedrooms late at night. via BBC

American test scores in math and science have plummeted in recent years.

2. Kate Upton covers the June issue of American Vogue, heralded as “the hottest supermodel on Earth’. Take that Sophia Neophitou. Upton’s rise has been controversial for her womanly looks and body. Looking much like a 90’s supermodel, Upton has been called fat and trashy by haute fashionistas. Influential fashion industry players like Carine Roitfeld have embraced Kate Upton. This US Vogue cover adds a super notch to Upton’s resume.

3. Terragufia’s flying car now two years from delivery. The new Transition TF-X, with a price tag of $270,000, drives like a normal car, then takes off like a plane. The new model requires no runway and is able to land on a local helipad or even a parking lot.

Massachusetts aerospace firm Terrafugia ways the TF-X can actually fly itself to a large degree and would not require the owner to be a licensed pilot. The new TF-X model is designed to be a plug-in hybrid that uses electric motors to take off and gasoline during flight. via USA Today

4. In reponse to Ariz. Sen. John Kyl’s false claims in 2011 that 90% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions, the organization’s most recent fact sheet inndicates that only 3% of their services are abortions. PolicyMic asks if the Republican’s ongoing harassment of Planned Parenthood won’t untimately backfire. According to Hart Research Associates 62% of voters in the presidential election disagreed with Mitt Romney’s position to defund Planned Parenthood.

More than 60 Republican lawmakers requested in February 2013 a Government Accountability Office study to satisfy them that federal funds don’t go to support abortions at Planned Parenthood, in violation of the Hyde Amendment.

5. The Heritage Foundation’s attempts to kill immigration reform may backfire.  The pro-reform CATO Institute (not a typical friend to progressives) put out a recent paper calling some of Robert Rector’s past work “fatally flawed”. Sen. Marco Rubio’s chief of staff argued that a different Heritage report argued that immigrants — both skilled or non-skilled — boost the economy.

The Washington Post Wonkblog asserted that the most recent study’s co-author Jason Richwine, who is now a senior policy analyst at Heritage, argued in his Harvard dissertation that there was a long-standing difference between the IQs of white Americans and immigrants, a factor that should be a key factor in determining immigration status eligibility.


Julia A. Pierson Heads Secret Service | Malala Yousafzai Has a Book Deal | Forbes Woman On Ivanka Trump

Julia A. Pierson1. Julia A. Pierson heads Secret Service. Pierson is the first woman to head the agency that protects the president, vice president and their families. It’s hoped that Pierson, the chief of staff to Mark J. Sullivan, who retired as director last month, will bring order to the agency as it continues in recovery mode from a prostitution scandal last year.  

“The appointment represented a milestone for law enforcement, putting a woman at the top of an agency with a storied past and a Hollywood-fueled image of Clint Eastwood-style men with sunglasses and earpieces stoically guarding the commander in chief at home and abroad. Mr. Obama has also installed women as directors of the Marshals Service and Drug Enforcement Administrationvia New York Times

Stephanie A. Marshall2. Stephanie A. Marshall joins Planned Parenthood. Marshall will become the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Collier County Florida, reports Naples News.

Before joining Planned Parenthood, Marshall created and directed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pandemic flu planning and preparedness public education campaign. She also served as deputy campaign manager for the national Medicare prescription drug education program.

While at HHS, Marshall was the communications director of the “Let’s Move” initiative to reduce childhood obesity for the Office of the First Lady.

3. Malala has a book deal!!! The incredible story Malala Yousafzai, who survied being shot in the head by the Taliban in Swat Valley Pakistan, will tell her story as an advocate for the education of the world’s children.

Arzu Tahsin, the deputy publishing director of Weidenfeld & Nicolsonsaid: “This book will be a document to bravery, courage and vision. Malala is so young to have experienced so much and I have no doubt that her story will be an inspiration to readers from all generations who believe in the right to education and the freedom to pursue it.”

UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown has condemned the shooting of a female teacher in Pakistan on Tuesday as a Malal-style’ incident, writes the BBC

“No one should be shot for wanting to go to school or wanting to teach girls,” the statement said.

4. You may not like the Donald, but his daughter Ivanka plays different. Forbes Women profiles wife of Jared Kushner and mother of Arabella Ivanka Trump, who recently negotiated a “bargain-basement price of $150 million” for the Doral Resort & Spa in Miami, Florida. 

“I’m not sure Donald appreciates her enough,” says someone who has negotiated with her but wished to remain anonymous for competitive reasons. “He’s kind of an old school, seat-of-the-pants type of dealmaker. She’s the opposite: She’s done the work and put in the time. When she asks for something, she has all the research to back it up.” Says brother Eric about her negotiating skills: “She’s someone you do not want to underestimate. She can turn on the iron shield and give and take punches with everyone else.”

Anne reflects on the Texas Dad who wrote an open letter to Victoria’s Secret about its ‘Bright Young Things’ campaign. In our opinion, the letter makes reasonable and important points not only about selling sex per se to teens but about what that message is. 

Our focus isn’t that selling lace bras to 15-year-olds is a bad business strategy. A $4 billion brand that owns 25% of America’s lingerie market will do what it wants. Nor should a 15 year-old be pretending to be a femme fatale when she can’t spell the word. 

Anne writes: “The mockery of ‘human divine sexuality’ (a concept raised in another essay) is a concept very worth considering and one sadly missing in our Victoria’s Secret world. As a 10-year-executive of the company, I’ve always considered VS as a brand that enjoys a unique position as an influencer of how women — and girls entering puberty — see themselves.