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As A Dominionist, Rick Perry Seeks To Replace Constitution With Old Testament Law | Texas Abortion Battle Resumes

A Shifting Center?

Bloomberg reminds us that Texas isn’t the only state where women’s healthcare is under assault. There are 27 other states that have already passed bills like the one the Texas legislature will take up again tomorrow, in a second special session called expressly to pass last week’s defeated bill on procedural issues.

A “subterfuge” of legislation not undermine;s the constitutional guarantees of Roe v. Wade for more than 60 percent of American women of reproductive age.

Yet the two sides are not as unequally matched as it might seem.

“By the time Davis sat down, people opposed to the recent restrictions on abortion rights — represented not only by the noisy throngs in the Texas Capitol but also some 200,000 watching Davis’s filibuster on the Internet — staged their first big public backlash. They demonstrated that, when pressed, the reasonable American center can push back against the extreme elements opposed to abortion.”

Bloomberg’s editorial board predicts what we’ve been writing since 2007.

“Davis and other legislators in states dominated by social conservatives are right to keep up the fight to protect abortion rights. Even if they lose their battles this week or next, this year or next, they shouldn’t be discouraged. They won’t be standing alone for long.”

Tiana Angel agrees, weighing in for Wendy Davis is good for women, while Rick Perry is bad for women.  Rick Perry is bad for America, while Wendy Davis is making America better.

Understanding ‘God’s War’

The Guardian’s Sarah Posner reminds progressive women and men that Texas is God’s Country. She’s not alone in writing that it doesn’t matter is Rick Perry is a true believer. He acts like one, and he has delivered big-time to the most conservative of social conservatives.

“The religious activists who call on him to ram anti-choice bills through the legislature view politics as a battle between good and evil. They believe they are on a mission from God to battle Satanic forces. In that same 2010 fundraiser speech, Perry described his mission as “bigger than any law or policy,” of being engaged in a struggle not of “flesh and blood,” but “against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”.

Rick Perry prepares for another 2016 presidential bid with promises to deliver a major piece of abortion-rights legislation this week, a bll that will leave only five clinics in the entire state as abortion providers.

“I feel like I am in the garrison of an army that has devoted itself to the defense of the unborn, here in this state and across the country,” Perry said in a 2010 speech at a fundraiser for a (Christian) crisis pregnancy center.

Rick Perry is very tight with John Hagee, the pastor repudiated by John McCain in 2008, after Hagee’s anto-Catholic remarks became widely-known. Both men are Dominionists, believing that certain Christians are destined to take ‘dominion’ over government. These beliefs are more politial than religious, seeking to replace the Constitution with strictures of the Old Testament.

Blow the Trumpet in Zion!

Hear This Rick Perry, If Oprah Is A Harlot, I Am A Harlot, Too AOC Women

Today, we learn more about a little-known movement of radical Christians who are determined to take over the US government, subordinating all Americans to their view of not only God’s grand plan for Texas. Schlueter and Long have proclaimed that Texas was ‘The Prophet State, ‘annointed by God to lead the United States into revival and Godly government.

The Texas Observer writes that Perry is their man.

If you’re a Democrat, you’re dead meat. These prophets believe that Democrats are controlled by Jezebel and three lesser demons. You think I exaggerate. Last weekend the man who probably seeks to be our next president hugged Alice Patterson, a self-proclaimed apostle from San Antonio who believes the Democratic Party is controlled by ‘an invisible network of evil comprising an unholy structure’ released by the demon Jezebel.


What Texans Really Think About New Abortion Restrictions | GOP Says Perry Fueling Republican War On Women Talk

1. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has called a second special session of the state legislature to pass a highly-restrictive abortion bill defeated last week when Texas Democrat Wendy Davis led a filibuster against the bill. Davis’ act of defiance in trying to defeat the bill comes at a time when she is almost forced to fun for statewide public office in 2014.

Republicans tried to gerrymander her Ft. Worth seat into Republican hands in 2012, but the action ended up in federal court, after the federal government objected to the obvious attempts to reconfigure districts to assure Republican wins.

With this week’s Supreme Court ruling that gutted the Voting Rights Act, Republicans will be gunning for Davis’ seat with extra fervor. Read on.

2. Two new June 2013 polls of Texans share the latest thinking on abortion rights in the state. In the first UT/TT poll (University of Texas & Texas Tribune) , only 16% agree with  legislation that makes no exemption for rape or incest, as is the case in the Texas abortion bill. 49% of Texans polled support abortion where need is clearly established and as a matter of personal choice. 46% support abortion only in cases of rape, incest or danger to women’s life — or not at all. 5% don’t know.

View larger.

In a second poll (see column 3), only 38% of Texans said that abortion laws should be stricter.

3. 47% of Texans polled last week (larger) on proposed abortion legislation believe the current Texas law should remain as is or become less strict, compared to the 38% that want tougher laws.

Of great concern is the medically-false, fetal pain at 20 weeks of development argument being perpetuated by pro-life forces in Texas. Understandably, even pro-choice people are concerned about exactly when a fetus feels pain. We will report on the first reputable group of doctors who accept the 20-week, fetal-pain argument. Brain development suggests this can’t be possible at 20 weeks, and this is the current position of the medical establishment.

4. The Texas Tribune reports that House Speaker Joe Straus, one of the most powerful Republicans in Texas, said that Gov. Rock Perry’s controversial remarks about Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis were inappropriate and damaging to the GOP brand.

Perry attacked Davis, a teenage mother who began life in a trailer park as the daughter on an unwed mother. Davis ended up at the Harvard Law School and the Texas state legislature.

Perry said: “It’s just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example: that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.”

Davis appeared on MSNBC earlier Friday morning to say Perry’s comment “demeans the office that he holds.”

5. Ohio Republicans staged an ‘end-run’ around Planned Parenthood and pro-choice voters in the state, burying new abortion restrictions in the state budget. This “no debate, let’s just do it and abandon the legislative process approach to the Republican War on Women is shaking up American women in a major way.

The proposed budget would defund Planned Parenthood, strip funding from rape crisis centers that give their clients information about abortion, force some abortion clinics to close, and require doctors to give women information about the fetal heartbeat before proceeding with an abortion. Only a line-item veto can keep the changes from becoming law.


Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Supporting Planned Parenthood | Michele Bachmann Won't Run In 2014

Keep the Photoshop

Gisele Bundchen & Johan Lindeberg Say Basta To ‘Flawless’ AOC Body

Victoria’s Secret may be promoting women’s relentless need to look ‘flawless’ with their latest bra launch,  but I’m with Gisele Bundchen and photographer/designer Johan Lindeberg who argue that women should get real and embrace our imperfections.

The internationally famous Gisele (see her newest lingerie collection in Sensual Fashion) shot her the ad campaign for BLK DMN jeans without any kind of makeup, professional hairdressing or the help of Photoshop.

“I feel like women should be really real and raw and it doesn’t happen anymore [in fashion photographs],” the former Victoria’s Secret Angel told, crediting designer/photographer Johan Lindeberg for his unconventional approach.  “I love that feeling of, you know, we are women, we are so different, our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. He gets that. He’s not trying to retouch you or put a pretty light on you. He’s not like ‘you gotta look a certain way.’ He’s like, ‘you are you’ so now I’m gonna just be here with a camera, so express yourself how you like.”

Coming from Sweden and the dark winters there — I maybe have an Ingmar Bergman influence — but I like expression,” said Lindeberg. “I’m a massive feminist. I’m the one who thinks that women should take over completely. To portray women as who they are — I see it more like a documentary portrait. I’m anti-retouching and [anti-] plastic surgery. I think a woman is beautiful how she is.”

RedTracker News

1. Planned Parenthood Victory

The US Supreme Court upheld the health care rights of low income women and dealt a major setback Tuesday to states trying to restrict abortion access, refusing to consider an appeal of a lower court decision blocking an Indiana law that would have prohibited Medicaid funding for health providers performing any abortion services.

Federal law already prevents the direct funding of abortion services, but several states including Indiana and have gone further, stripping Medicaid dollars from any organization that performs abortion services.

Judge Diane S. Sykes, writing for the 7th Circuit last year, said the state’s “defunding law excludes Planned Parenthood from Medicaid for a reason unrelated to its fitness to provide medical services, violating its patients’ statutory right to obtain medical care from the qualified provider of their choice.”

2. Michelle Bachmann bows out.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann denies that mounting ethics inquiries and a tough political campaign against Democrat Jim Graces, who she narrowly defeated by 5,000 votes in 2012, influenced her decision not to see re-election in 2013.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis reported this month that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was also conducting an inquiry into Bachmann’s campaign activity, joining the Federal Election Commission and the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee.

Among the allegations Bachmann is facing is that her campaign ” improperly used money from an affiliated political action committee, MichelePAC, to pay a fund-raising consultant who worked for her during the 2012 Iowa caucuses. Her campaign has also been accused of making secret and improper payments to Kent Sorenson, an Iowa state senator and popular Republican conservative leader in the state, in advance of the caucuses. And she has been accused of improperly using her presidential campaign staff to help promote her book, “Core of Conviction.”

Victoria’s Secret’s New Low

Victoria’s Secret: How DARE You Use Kate Upton’s Old Photo On A New Catalogue?

After you publicly humiliate this young woman and millions of other women, after you try to drive a wedge among women into those who are “too obvious” (I think that means we’re trailer trash) and the women who are appropriate to represent your brand, you now USE her old photos without even alerting her in an attempt to capitalize on her success.

Victoria’s Secret — your former fashion director and head of product development is calling you a complete and total slimeball. 100% slimeball to the core. The is one of the grossest examples of using a woman that I have seen in my career.

We all know that you own those Kate Upton 2011 lingerie photos. And you can do with them what you wish presumably. But I hope Victoria’s Secret customers think long and hard before supporting a lingerie brand that is so unscrupulous as to humiliate a woman — and millions of women like her, as Sophia Neophitou did in the New York Times, of all places — and now you use that same woman for commercial gain.

Your actions are heartless and pathetic, Victoria’s Secret, and I call upon you to apologize for your disgusting corporate behavior toward Kate Upton. ~ Anne Enke