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W Magazine February 2013 Probes Women's Rights in 'Heavenly Creature' Starring Cara Delevingne by Mikael Jansson

American fashion media is notoriously apolitical, making it rare to see editorials like ‘Heavenly Creatures’ coming out of W magazine, let alone American Vogue. For once, we have a Euro style intellectual commentary on real-life issues for American women, rather than the rah-rah aspirational you, too, can be Barbie if you only try hard enough. 

Photographer Mikael Jansson’s ‘Heavenly Creatures’ images of Cara Delevingne hit head-on the conflict between female sensuality and rights to exist as a free person within the Vatican’s perceived role of women in American society. W is about three years late, but I say welcome to the debate and for heavens sake, put some skin in the game, will you please!

Congressman Paul Ryan Introduced Personhood Bill Again

Just last week, Romney vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan introduced again the personhood bill into the House of Representatives. This bill equates model Cara Delevingne — or any woman standing in her place in these images — with a fertilized egg.

We are the same in Congressman Ryan’s eyes — and that of the entire Republican party. The rights of that one-celled egg and those of Cara Delevingne or any grown woman with three children and a loving husband are the same. They are identical ‘Heavenly Creatures’. 

At a time when America faces total gridlock in Washington and a Republican party threatening to start a global economic collapse unless they get their way on the debt ceiling crisis — which is only an action to pay for the bills that THEY passed — the Republican party is focused on taking away birth control for American women as a top priority. 

Most forms of birth control will be eliminated if Republicans succeed in overturning a 50-year-old Supreme Court decision on Griswold v. Connecticut which said American women are entitled to birth control as a basic right. Today, Republicans seek to turn back that decision at the behest of Catholic bishops and the Vatican who argue that birth control is a sin and women will go to hell for using it.

The Vatican and other right-wing groups want a theocracy in America — a fear that was paramount in the minds of the founding fathers, who banned Catholicism in 10 of the 13 original colonies. 

Former presidential candidate and Southern Baptist minister Micke Huckabee blames birth control -- which he calls abortion — as a reason for 20 innocent children dying in Newton, Conn. God is punishing America, argues Huckabee, Ryan and the entire Republican party who supports the personhood amendment. 

American Fashion Media Needs to Stand for Women

It’s time for American fashion media to take some lessons from Vogue’s in other countries, not only the edgy fashion press. American Vogue is behind Muslim country Vogue Turkey in it’s refusal to stand up for the real world of its citizens and not some glossy abstract of the perfect life. 

I’m thrilled with Edward Enninful’s styling vision and the entire ‘Heavenly Creatures’ team for taking on this topic about three years too late. Without saying a word, the images speak volumes and can’t be criticized by social conservatives.

Perhaps W agrees with the Vatican! In putting the topic out there for public consumption, Mikael Jansson strikes a neutral chord while entering the world of American women and transvaginal probes. 

I expect other controversy-avoiding fashion media to also stand for the hard-won rights of American women before we lose them all.

This attack plan is for real, people, and the assault on American women must stop. Anne



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Ladies, Tomorrow's Election Day and YOU Will Decide Who Is In Charge of Your Body | Dear Walmart Moms #4

Hi Anne: I am so humbled that you thought of me to include in your conversations with your “Walmart Moms” readership. If I had one thing I would want to say to them i would want to dispel their notions that I have no respect for “LIFE”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I consider childbirth to be one of the most amazing experience we as humans beings can witness; and it is because I feel this way that I accept the “label” PRO-CHOICE. The fact IS I would much prefer to be “labeled” and I do self identify as “pro-autonomous” when it comes to the serious matter of bringing another human being into the world.

Motherhood Is A Huge Responsibility

As a woman, I am the one who is charged with the biological responsibility of giving birth and undertaking years of nurturing and protecting that child until they attain their inherent birthright, which is their own sense of autonomy. This responsibility - I take so seriously – that I would not seek the counsel of any other person to make this decision for me.

Motherhood is a decision I must make on my own – with no intervention from government, religion or family and without the threat of investigation, prosecution jail. Such coercion would feel like torture to me. and as a mater of fact: I believe that autonomy is a fundamental universal human right and the first pillar of Freedom.

Bodily Autonomy & the UN Convention on Torture

In a recent conversation online I was informed about the ruling affirming the right to bodily autonomy in McFall v. Shimp. The US Senate ratified the UN Convention on Torture in 1994. The legal language in Article 1 Sec 9 of the UN Convention on Torture defines torture as:

“The intentional infliction of severe mental or physical pain or suffering by, or with the consent of, state authorities for a specific purpose. Methods of torture include rape, sexual assault, and forced pregnancy/childbirth.”

Are Republicans Violatating Women’s Legal Right to Bodily Autonomy?

In my view, the over 1100 pieces of legislation, some extending “personhood” at the moment of conception, others mandating doctors to force a woman to listen to the heartbeat with a vaginal probe, while they read to her and force her to look at the fetus may violate the UN Convention on Torture. The “personhood” legislation introduced in Congress to outlaw contraception and criminalize abortion in every situation except “legitimate rape” and incest fits into this definition of Torture. Indeed, even the mention of such legislation - feel like torture to my American-ness.

I would never wish this fate on any American woman, even if we do not share the same political affiliations. I am sure NO American woman wants to see another in bondage. And the mounting assault perpetrated by Republicans on the rights of American women feels more like the shackles of bondage as every day goes by.

Desiree Jordan
Founder Unite Women New York


Dear Walmart Moms #2: A Divorced Mom With 2 Jobs and A Disabled Son Is Talking To You

I am thinking about this upcoming election day and all that is at stake. I hear there is a very important group of voters that both parties, both campaigns, think are critical to win the presidency –women that some are calling “Walmart moms.” Considering that I am a single mom, who is managing two jobs to support myself and my son- who also happens to have disabilities, I feel compelled to share some thoughts with some of my fellow moms.

I cannot tell you how important this election is – the huge difference in the America we will have, depending upon who becomes our next president. I understand that its hard to stay current with all the issues, where these two men who want to be president really want to take us as a country, and as a people. I thought about this a lot and thought it may be easiest to describe the difference in the two sides by giving a pop culture comparison.

Can We Talk Dirty Dancing?

I bet many of you have seen the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ and this seems a fairly easy way to make a point about the difference in values of the men who are running for President of the US. You see, Paul Ryan — one of our vice presidential candidates — says that Ayn Rand is his hero. The values written about define the direction that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to take America.

Who is Ayn Rand you ask? —as you are working, caring for your kids, trying to pay bills and balance all that life demands of us – all while realizing you don’t have time to read Ayn Rand (her books are 600-1000 pages long!)

Okay – well, let’s get back to ‘Dirty Dancing’ – do you remember Robbie the waiter? You know, the slimy, ‘thinks he is better than others’ guy who got Penny pregnant? Well, if you think about the movie, and when Baby went to ask Robbie to do the right thing, own up that he was the father, Robbie gave Baby a book to read – it was The Fountainhead, written by Ayn Rand. Everything that defined who Robbie is (and his sense that he was better than “a girl like that”) came from that book – came from Ayn Rand.

Legitimate Rape and the Girl Who Asks For It

That’s how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan think – they are better; they are entitled. You know how “girls like that” are…… now, think – what have you been hearing in the news? Things like “legitimate rape,” “the 47%,” “just put an aspirin between your knees.” THAT is the same mentality that existed not only in that fictional movie, but in the attitudes of today’s Republican party!

You don’t believe me? Well, Mitt Romney has said he will defund Planned Parenthood on day one of a Romney presidency. Can you afford to have more kids? To go without birth control? Think I am exaggerating? Well – I can tell you, the current Repulican candidate for the vice presidency has introduced a bill in Congress that involves what is called “personhood”.

Mitt Romeny says he would be happy to sign a personhood bill into law. Do you know what that kind of law would do? It would make many forms of birth control illegal, it would make IUDs illegal, defining the woman who uses one as a murderer! A personhood bill would make in-vitro fertilization illegal!

Ending Women’s New and Better Healthcare

Mitt Romney has said that he would get rid of Obamacare on day one of a Romney presidency. Do you know how bad that would be?

Obamacare means that as women, we don’t have to pay more for health insurance just because we are women! It means that we can get birth control at no charge as part of our health plans. It means that if you don’t have insurance today, states are supposed to be making plans to make insurance affordable and available to ALL of us!

Obamacare means that if you have a pre-existing condition like I do (I have had a long history of ovarian cysts and a higher risk of cancer), then insurance companies cannot deny me coverage – and, there are no longer lifetime limits on coverage. That is important for people who have long-term illnesses, or disabilities. I cannot tell you how important that is to me because my son has a disability. Before Obamacare, it was possible that he would reach a lifetime limit cap on insurance coverage before he turned 20 years old!! Not anymore – thanks to President Obama!

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner

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