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What’s Going On from Playing For Change

AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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Street Artist JR Brings Egalitarian Vision To New York City Ballet & NYCB Art Series 2014

At AOC, we’ve tracked street artist JR from Kibera to a Brazilian favela and into Paris. We celebrated JR’s winning the annual $100,000 TED prize and his ‘Women Are Heroes’ project. With his brilliant perspective on the beauty of the ordinary, JR has been camped out in New York’s Lincoln Center as part of the New York City Ballet’s 2014 Art Series.

Ballet patrons will witness a 6.500-square-foot composite image of NYCB dancers, “a sprawling mass of cloudlike forms and pointe shoe-clad feet” writes Vogue about the transformation of the David H. Koch Theater for the winter season.

Using images that are nearly life-size, the installation forms a giant eye — a signature JR motif— when observed from above. JR has also installed ink-on-wood transfer images on the orchestra level rings of the theater. They appear as ghostly visions of dancers, “recalling the building’s redecorated façade.

Reading about this project, I was a bit surprised that JR was now involved with such a rigid cultural ‘institution’ as the NYCB. Staying true to his egalitarian principles, he insisted on featuring principal dancers side-by-side with members of the corps de ballet.

“I didn’t want to choose one person that would be the highlight,” JR observes. There’s Robert Fairchild, outstretched at the outskirts of the picture. There’s Janie Taylor, her celebrated legs curled up in a fetal position. “It’s a whole company, so I wanted everyone to be a part of it.”

Read more about the NYCB Art Series 2014 and public viewing hours for the projects February 2-9.

To watch JR’s TED Talk and videos from his Women Are Heroes Project, link here. The content overview gives AOC fans an interesting look at just how we mix “telling women’s stories from fashion to flogging”.


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Eye: Dover Street Market NYC | Beyoncé At Walmart | Natalie Massenett Of Net-A-Porter

Dover Street Market NYC

Rei Kawakubo’s third Dover Street Market has opened in New York, following London and Ginza. The 71-year-old Kawakubo and creative mind behind Comme des Garçons (French for ‘Like the Boys’ has positioned her Manhattan store in Murray Hill at Lexington Avenue and 30th Street. A 64 square feet of glass and polished steel elevator “is the focal point of the seven-story-space”, writes the NYTimes. Read on.

Brancusi Exhibit In NYC

Constantin Brancusi, Tete, 1920-1992, polished bronze, 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches, edition of 5. Photography by Francois Halard/© Artists Rights Society (ARS) New York/ADAGP, Paris. / Courtesy of the Brancusi Estate and Paul Kasmin Gallery.Brancusi in New York 1913-2013 at the Paul Kasmin Gallery until January 11, 2014.515 West 27th Street. Read on at Yatzer.

Beyoncé In Tom Ford

Beyoncé showed off her great curves in a sexy Tom Ford mosaic dress with matching thigh-high boots also from Tom Ford, at her new album release party. Mrs. Carter played Mrs. Claus in Tewksbury, Mass Friday evening, when she went shopping at the local Walmart to pick up a copy of her latest album ‘Beyonvé’.

Beyoncé stunned Walmart shoppers, picking up the mic at checkout.

“Hello, Walmart shoppers… It’s Beyoncé,” she announced, “and I stopped by the store today because my record just arrived. I wanted to give everyone a little gift. For everyone in the store right now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas, from Beyoncé.”

A delighted Beyoncé rang up gift cards for 750 people, according to, totaling $37,500. There was some business involved, too. Target and Amazon have boycotted her new album, miffed at its exclusive week-one release on iTunes.

Natalie Massenett Of Net-a-Porter

Natalie Massenett by Jonathan Player for The New York TimesNYTimes Style profiles Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenett from the moment she found herself impaled in her hem at Glamour magazine’s recent Woman of the Year Awards.

In 2010, Massenet sold a majority stake in Net-a-Porter to the Swiss holding company Richemont. Last year she was appointed chairwoman of the British Fashion Council. Her focus, says Massenet, is “thinking big picture, dross domestic product, exports and jobs.”

The hyper-wired businesswoman is about to go print and not in high season with the introduction of Porter (pronounced the American way), a newsstand magazine. “It’s a big beast,” said its editor, Lucy Yeomans, formerly of Harper’s Bazaar UK, promising “lots of journalism” and 40 to 50 pages of features.

The company has paved the way for Porter with the online The Edit, featured frequently on AOC.

“My father always had people around the house who were famous psychics,” Massenet tells the NYT. “I see ghosts’, she said in June.

The supercharged Massenet began her career with Mario Testino. “He’d call and say, ‘Natalie, I need a pink 1950s convertible, a skateboarder, three young actresses, a surfer, a white poodle and a white horse, this afternoon in Topanga Canyon,’ ” Ms. Massenet said. “And I was like, ‘O.K., I’ll sort that out.’ ”


Film | NYC Dark on Vimeo by Jared Levy

NYC Dark from Already Alive on Vimeo.


Seeing lower Manhattan without power was a surreal experience. This is traditionally a city that never sleeps. One in which the lights are always on. One that is always bustling with people. When the lights went out it was wholly different. This piece is meant to capture and relay the feeling of what it was like to walk around the darkened streets of lower Manhattan.

See all of Jared’s photos here:

Timelapse / Music: Michael Marantz
Stills / Voice: Jared Levy
Creative Direction: Jason Oppliger

Produced by Already Alive

Original Music by Michael Marantz:

Special Thanks:
Alexandra Setoodeh
Rachel Tierney
Anne Sage