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GlamTribale Unveils Kate Scott Home Decor @ Chestnut Hill Home & Garden Show May 5th, 11am -5pm

I am thrilled beyond words to mix business with pleasure today, announcing that my dear friend, Scottish photographer Kate Scott will be GlamTribale’s first limited editions featured artist.

We will be taking Kate’s magnificently sensual, and very realistic images to the Chestnut Hill Home & Garden Show this Sunday May 5th, rain date May 19th in the form of a set of limited edition of 100 coasters for $50 and her limited edition of 25 planters for $150. Each gift will be numbered, complete with information about Kate’s sykrocketing career in Europe and now America. This is the first of many future collaborations between Kate and myself. We have some real Treats! in store for you.

Thanks to the wonderful support of the Chestnut Hill planning team, GlamTribale has secured a top corner location on the Southeast corner 8139 Germantown Ave at East Hartwell. I am so grateful as to be tearful for this spot one block away from the Chestnut Hill Hotel. In retail, it’s all about location, location, location. New kids on the block aren’t usually so lucky. See Google map.

We are also tearful to be returning to Chestnut Hill after such a fantastic reception from the community at last September’s pop-up gallery in Mt. Airy.

GlamTribale is very popular whever we’ve gone, but the Chestnut Hill/Mt Airy community has been uniquely tied to our mission of creating fair trade wage jobs in Philadelphia by hiring artisans to create spectacularly beautiful products. Ten percent of our revenues are split between Planned Parenthood PA and my African girls project in Kibera, where your generosity buys sanitary napkins to keep girls in school full time.

Please come out and support all these initiatives that are woven into one fabulous concept called GlamTribale. I may just be whipping Kate’s images into square placemats before the day is over. It’s the gospel truth that there is a 10 x 10 ft tent in my loft kitchen, filled with new garden-inspired products that we’re bringing to Chestnut Hill at 11am. Sunday.  This time, we must simply get everything perfect!! ~ Anne

Read more about my dear friend Kate Scott after the images and sample of the Gaia planter, coasters and cuff that are on their way to you this Sunday.


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Kate Scott's Frontal Flowers Photography Now At Yellow Korner Galleries

‘Coco’ by Kate Scott‘Parfait’ by Kate Scott

‘Tangle’ by Kate Scott‘Tulipa’ by Kate Scott

Bouquets of flowers across the Atlantic to AOC and Anne’s dear friend artist Kate Scott.

Four of Kate’s divinely exquisite prints are now available online and internationally in Yellow Korner galleries. 

Yellow Korner writes:

Kate Scott was born in 1970 in Dunfermline in Scotland. Her photography is realistic and frontal. With a style between documentary research and an intimate visual testimony, this artist exclusively photographs plants, flowers in particular. Her motifs are magnified through enlargement and staging.

Sizes and prices:‘Amazon’ by Kate Scott

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AOC on Kate Scott …

David Austin Roses Inspire Our Humanity & Spirituality AOC Living 9/4/2011

Kate Scott work in process with David Austin RosesIf Eve had succumbed to a David Austin rose rather than an apple, I might believe her role in temptation story. Kicked out of the Garden of Eden, I only hope that Eve would have stripped the bushes bare with the knowledge that no matter what her and Adam’s suffering, her David Austin roses represented a sensual anchor that would last her beleaguered lifetime.

David Austin roses are a gift to humanity, one that inspires our best selves — flowers that elevate our spirituality and awe of the natural universe, all common themes at AOC.

I begged Kate Scott to share her David Austin work in process, as a prelude to showing you some favorite images of popular David Austin roses. 

We’ve discovered some extraordinary digital jewels this morning and I will devote more writing space to sharing these wonderful blog treasures. Anne

Kate Scott Photography

Kate Scott “Opus’Eye| Givenchy Dahlia Noir Fragrance | Kate Scott Dahlias AOC Living 7/12/12

MariaCarla Boscono fronts Givenchy’s ‘Dahlia Noir’ fragrance campaign by Mert & Marcus.

Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci loves dahlias, comparing them to his vision of beauty, danger and women. His creatures are mystical and mysterious, both male and female, strong and fragile — a vision of a modern goddess, says the Dahlia Noir website.

Sensual Flower Photographer Kate Scott

Tisci’s love of dahlia’s is shared by Anne’s dear friend Kate Scott, whose dahlia ‘Opus’ will debut at Corso Como on Thursday, July 19-Aug 10. Perhaps DahliaNoir could sponsor Kate in Paris, introducing her amazing dahlia’s at Colette.

Note that Kate Scott already has a presence at Paris art gallery Sakura.

‘Parfait’ by Kate ScottLouis Vuitton Honey Bees | Kate Scott Photography Parfait AOC Style 8/11/11

I first discovered Kate Scott’s photography in June, posting it on Sensuality News Curves Ahead.

In case there was any doubt, Kate Scott is not a one-trick pony. These new images — above on Vogue Italia and below on Kate’s blog — convey her extraordinary capacity to communicate beauty, meaning and sensuality through flowers. Simply stated, I am addicted!!!Anne

‘Inferno’ by Kate Scott 


Dahlia Noir Goddesses Are Mystical, Mysterious, Strong & Fragile, Tribal Creatures of Nature Says Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci

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Anilez Silva ‘Africa’ by Daniel Bracci Delves Into Women’s Collective Unconscious AOC Rebel

Looking at Daniel Bracci’s magnificent images of Anilez Silva entitled ‘Africa’, my rational mind says “don’t go there, Anne”. Our politically correct world only sees stereotypes where you see art and connection.

After all, Anilez Silva is fiercely tribal, sensual, erotic, impenetrable, dangerous, ancestral, aboriginal and ancient. She is ferocious, native, natural, primeval and primitive; turbulent, unbroken and proud. 

My friends at Jezebel would probably hate her. We tend not to see eye-to-eye on a few issues, and this is one of them. Are Bracci’s images stereotypical? Racist? I’m not an African American — or African woman — or African Parisian woman, so I can only speak to how these images affect me personally.

When the subject is Africa, I have a visceral response that another person might have with India. Most Americans have no visceral response at all, in terms of connection with “foreign” imagery, but this is not the case for me.

Wandering through Paris on a creative mission for Victoria’s Secret, my affinity for African art brought me a small museum in Paris called Musée Dapper, located then in a small townhouse at 50 Avenue Victor Hugo. I went there after the breakup of a serious love affair (again), wanting to escape current reality for an hour.

Thankfully, when I entered the almost colonial feeling townhouse of the old Dapper, it was mid-afternoon and raining, leaving the museum empty. Drawn immediately to a room of mounted masks, I sat down on a bench, alone with ancestral voices, personifications of good and evil, oracles from the spirit world, and witnesses to history. Almost instantaneously, I was overcome with an intense sorrow.

Anne of Carversville

Eye | Givenchy ‘Dahlia Noir’ Fragrance | Kate Scott Dahlias | Phoebe English AOC Style

MariaCarla Boscono fronts Givenchy’s ‘Dahlia Noir’ fragrance campaign by Mert & Marcus.

Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci loves dahlias, comparing them to his vision of beauty, danger and women. His creatures are mystical and mysterious, both male and female, strong and fragile — a vision of a modern goddess, says the Dahlia Noir website.

‘Opus in Red’ by Kate ScottGivenchy’s ‘Dahlia Noir’ Woman Is A Freja Goddess GlamTribale

Granted, most of the goddesses enjoyed powerful personas. But writing about the Givenchy woman, GlamTribale’s Freja Goddess collection came to mind, and also the dahlias of my dear friend, photographer Kate Scott.

Kate’s erotic, deeply-sensual dahlias express the feminine strength expressed in the design of our Freja collection. Freja Ribbon Hoop Pierced Earrings