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John Bolton Supports Gaffney Who Calls Michele Bachmann America's 'Iron Lady' | Joss Stone's New 'Soul Sessions'

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Secy of State Hillary Clinton /AP photo Election 2012 | Foreign Policy Front

Politico reminds readers that presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has a tough job ahead on the foreign policy front. Steve Schmidt, who served as John McCain’s chief strategist in the 2008 campaign said:

“She’s widely recognized by a very high percentage of persuadable voters for having done a terrific job as secretary of state,” Democratic consultant Steve Murphy said. “Having Hillary Clinton as part of the equation certainly strengthens Barack Obama’s argument on foreign policy and national security.”

On the foreign policy front, key Romney adviser former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton says that he was “mystified” by those who have criticized Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claims against Clinton’s key deputy Huma Abedin that she is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood.

On July 24 Bolton appeared on Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney’s radio show. Gaffney’s largely discredited ‘research’ is the source of Bachmann’s claims.

Slate reported in May 2012 that Gaffney was disinvitied from the weekly conservative “Weyrich lunch’, due to his continuing investigation of the alleged Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of Washington. In February the American Conservative Union blocked Gaffney from the CPAC stage.

Writing for Jewish World Review this week, Gaffney compares Bachmann to Margaret Thatcher, calling her America’s Iron Lady.

Joss Stone’s New Debut

Joss Stone by David VenniGood news from WSJ. British pop star Joss Stone returns soon to the stunning sounds of her first album “Soul Sessions’, also a big hit in Anne’s music library.

Stone is backed by a band that includes guitarist Ernie Isley of the Isley Brothers and Muscle Shoals Rhythm Stompers keyboard great Clayton Ivey, with backing vocals by 1974 Grammy winner Betty Wright (“Where is the Love”).

The sultry temptress will be singing Sylvia Robinson’s 1973 hit ‘Pillow Talk’. Steve Greenberg, producer of both Sessions albums says Joss Stone never would have sung anything that risqué in her first album.

Joss Stone Debuts new ‘Soul Sessions’


Sen John McCain & Ex Campaign Manager Ed Rollins Condemn Michelle Bachmann's Attack on Huma Abedin

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Secy of State Hillary Clinton and top aide Huma AbedinRepublican Representative from Minnesota Michelle Bachmann may have played one right-wing theocratic card too many in her unsubstantiated attack against Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin. Republican Ed Rollins, short-lived manager of Bachmann’s presidential campaign wrote in FOX News today:

I have been a practitioner of tough politics for many decades. There is little that amazes me and even less that shocks me. I have to say that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outrageous and  false charges against a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin reaches that threshold.

Her unsubstantiated charge against Abedin, a widely respected top aide to Secretary  Hillary Clinton, accusing her of some sort of far-fetched connection to the Muslim brotherhood, is extreme and dishonest. 

Having worked for Congressman Bachman’s campaign for president, I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joe McCarthy  level. (Joe McCarthy falsely made claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies inside the State Department in the early 1950’s. On December 2, 1954, the Senate voted to “condemn” McCarthy on  two counts.) 

Bachmann’s Grotesque Attack

Rep. Michele Bachmann tears a page from the national health care bill during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol March 21, 2012 in Washington, D.C. Photogaph by Win McNamee/Getty Images.Rep. MIchelle Bachmann supports the view of Frank Gaffney and other “anti-Islamofascists” that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States government. Specifically, Bachmann challenged the allegiance of Huma Abedin, who is married to former New York state rep Anthony Weiner, a strong supporter of Israel. In her 16-page letter written to fellow Mn Rep and Muslim Keith Ellison, Bachmann wrote:

Given the reasonable assumption that Ms. Abedin has a high-level security clearance, as a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence I am particularly interested in exactly how, given what we know from the international media about Ms. Abedin’s documented family connections with the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, she was able to avoid being disqualified for a security clearance.

John McCain Defends Huma Abedin

In a rare move against a Congressional colleague, Senator John McCain took to the Senate floor today, to speak directly about Michelle Bachmann’s charges. Slate quotes McCain

These sinister accusations rest solely on a few unspecified and unsubstantiated associations of members of Huma’s family, none of which have been shown to harm or threaten the United States in any way. These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis, and no merit. And they need to stop now.


Hillary Clinton's Last Tour of Duty | Are Clean Cookstoves Making A Difference? | WaterAid At Work

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Today’s New York Times profiles America’s Secretary of State in Hillary Clinton’s Last Tour as a Rock-Star Diplomat. She was pleased beyond words to read in the first sentence that “Hillary Rodham Clinton followed a scrum of Chinese ministers around an exhibition of clean cookstoves.” In 2009, Clinton took up the cookstove cause, including it in her portfolio of “smart power” issues. The men of the State Department tend not to go for these “shiny objects” issues that focus on improving women’s lives.

What the Times makes clear is that the media may have been focused on the drama on a blind Chinese dissident putting the Secretary in a tight situation in Chinese-American relations. But Clinton herself was multitasking. Knowing that the smoke from poorly ventilated stoves kills nearly two million people a year, Secretary Clinton argued that a killer worse than malaria deserves some attention.

Will America Keep Its Promise of $50 Million for Clean Cookstoves AOC World Sept. 22, 2010

Writing today for the New York Times, Elisabeth Rosenthal praises the initiative in Money for Stoves; the Other Pledges? She also raises a key question that is concerning all of us, one raised earlier this year by Bill Gates in AOC’s Is America Triple-Promising Global AID Dollars?

With all the problems in running America’s government, we are concerned that our public announcements about global aid may be just window-dressing, announcements that can be thwarted by individual congress people and political parties. Aid to women has always been a political target, with Republicans and Conservatives thwarting almost any program that didn’t stipulate some form of sexual abstinence and no birth control — even if the aid dollars are for cooking pots or a similarly innocuous and life-enhancing project.

AID That Works

A recent article in Bloomberg asks Can Cleaner Cookstoves Help Save the World?

From 2005-2010, overseas aid from US private groups jumped by 164 percent, compared to an 8 percent increase in official development assistance from America. In 2010 Americans donated $22.8 billion to global causes.

A recent study investigated how well the clean-cookstove movement is working.

Three researchers Rema Hanna of Harvard, and Esther Duflo and Michael Greenstone of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, expected to confirm the health benefits of 2,600 $12.50 mud-based, chimneyed cookstoves installed in 44 villages in India’s Orissa state.

Clean cookstoves have been shown to release fewer pollutants and burn more efficiently than traditional cooking methods in laboratory experiments. What happens in the real world?

The results in Orissa were sobering. Initially the cleaner cookstoves did reduce pollutants in the air. But the stoves broke down. Without repair, they were useless — the same problem with a hot water project a few years ago.

The Bloomberg piece isn’t negative in the least about philanthropy projects in developing countries. Rather it stresses the complexity of making these countless philanthropy projects effective.

A group that AOC profiled in 2011 is addressing this very question of broken down equipment.

Ram Rati is a leader in her community, rising above her runaway bride status and wheat grinder. Married at age 11, Rati seems to be always a take-charge woman. Rati tired of the wells in her village always breaking down and decided to take matters into her own hands. In the Indian district of Mahoba, one-third of the 4,000 drinking water wells are broken.

Rati was one of the first people to apply to WaterAid,an organization training micro-entrepreneurs in the well maintenance business in 26 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific region. New well mechanics like Rati have fixed 300 hand pumps in 2 years, impacting the water supply of 300,000 people.

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