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Kickstarter Bloodhoney* Seance Will Bank #9 Photography Spot; $35,000 Is #8 | How About It AOC Lovers!!!!

Updated: We are coming in for our Kickstarter landing with joyful hearts. There is no doubt that Harun Mehmedinovic’s Bloodhoney* Seance coffee table book will be in the Kickstarter Top 10. (DONE!!!) YES!!!! We do believe we will bank #9 spot at $32,600. DONE!!!

#8 spot is a stretch at $35,000. Just sayin’ …

Updated Sunday Dec. 16: Thanks to everyone for our finish of $34,431!!!!

If you are new to Anne of Carversville and don’t know about Bloodhoney* Seance, read the story of my wonderful intersection with Harun Mehmedinovic, who I discovered on Vogue Italia in spring. Ours is a wonderful story of my not following up with my promise to interview him and his NOT bugging me about it.

Having been badgered by more than one French photographer and an artist or two about not moving fast enough for his needs or refusing pictures of nubile 12 year olds or —.  Yes, yes, I know that it’s my website but some artistic men forget that fact and think I’m their personal pr assistant. What can I say!

Not Harun. He didn’t even tell me about his Kickstarter campaign, which was three weeks old when I accidentally bumped into it. Life has changed a lot since November 19, and I am so thrilled to have been a part of this project and to make up for not keeping my word to Harun. ~ Anne

Follow the entire story with this link. And get yourself a signed, numbered copy of this fabulous book, ready to ship in April 2013.


On Kickstarter Bloodhoney* Seance Book Heads To Top 10 Photography Projects Ever With 42 Hours To Go!!

We’re happy to share the wonderful news that Harun Mehmedinovic’s Kickstarter campaign has crossed the $30,000 mark and is now in the top 20 Kickstarter photography projects ever.

With 42 hours to go, it’s our goal to close it out in the top 10 at $33,200 or more. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!Any contribution above $50 (note only 3 $50 out of 200 are left), you will receive a signed, numbered copy of the original Bloodhoney* Seance book. Publication should be finished in April 2013.

We will move next to an art book publisher, but YOU will have an original, signed copy.

We have come so far since Nov. 19, when I first wrote about this project. Next I took a ‘jumpshot’ for $25,000. Now we’re in the final hours of a campaign dedicated to nothing but the pursuit of excellence in every aspect from human relations and experience to sublime artistry. 

Read on about Treats! publisher Steve Shaw’s support for Harun Mehmedinovic and his effort to help push the Bloodhoney* Seance art book into the Kickstarter top 10 in our last 44 hours.




Kickstarter's Harun Mehmedinovic Thanks Treats! and Steve Shaw for Supporting His Bloodhoney* Seance Book Campaign

Updated: 8:30 pm Wednesday  Thank you, thank you everyone and all my friends at Treats!!!! We’ve raised about $800 in 3 hrs. Harun will in Boston tomorrow night as part of Boston’s ‘Bosnian Born’ art exhibit reviewed in Monday’s Boston Globe.

I’ve told him to plead, beg, and leave his vanity on the front steps of the reception. Fundraising is tough!!! We have work to do, putting this campaign in the Top 10 photography campaigns ever on Kickstarter!!

We have a little more than 54 hrs. to go — and $4500 to raise. But you’ve given us a Thursday lift, as always happens when this campaign is on the AOC front page. Tonight, we have a wonderful new ally — photographer Steve Shaw and his Treats! magazine. Read on what Treats! editor Rob Hill has to say about this first ever Kickstarter rally for an artist: Harun Mehmedinovic.

I’m listening to the Hurricane Sandy concert — and I can tell you this is America at its best!!! And England, too, and whatever countries I’m forgetting who are onstage tonight. We’re rockin’ for New, New Jersey, and Connecticut around the world tonight. And a small segment is rockin’ also for Harun Mehmedinovic who escaped the war in Bosnia and came to America. ~ Much love to everyone and thank you for your generosity tonight!! Anne

Update again, thanks so much for two contributions for $50 total, while I’m writing. Please contribute a mere $10 for a e-book copy of these magnificent images. We will take $1 with gratitude! No donation is too small. I’ve never backed an artist in this way — so he must be special, right? xoxoxoxo

We’re in total countdown mode on Harun Mehmedinovic’s Kickstarter Campaign, with a fantastic hit of positive energy from Steve Shaw and Treats! magazine.

I’ve done all the dancin’ and prancin’ I can manage and it’s so great to see another Harun supporter come to the table. I do believe we’ll reach the $30,000 goal which will put Harun’s campaign in the top 20 Kickstarter photography projects ever. Treats! Editor Rob Hill writes

Wanderlust is a beautiful thing—and one that should be experienced by everybody, right? Yes. That’s why TREATS! has fallen for Harun Mehmedinovic’s Kickstarter book project “Bloodhoney Seance.” What’s a “Bloodhoney Seance” you ask?

“I called the project “Bloodhoney” in reference to the Balkans, the region I am from,” Mehmedinovic explains. “It is a combination of two Turkish words: Bal, meaning ‘honey’ and Kan, meaning ‘blood.’ The name refers to the bittersweet nature of life, the moments of beauty and the sublime spontaneously captured in the photographs.”

“Séance,” inspired by Mehmedinovic’s travels around the film circuit festival encountering friends from his youth who were almost all rooted in 9 to 5 lives, has a simple yet powerful MO: Have these worker bees take a day or two off  work, pick a place that had some meaning for them—hikes through mountains, swamps, strange wildernesses, sublime tundras, Hobbit-like meadows, crashing oceans etc.—and, well, go—and be photographed there. The revealing photos have been compiled into a beautiful limited edition book—500— a 12×12” 140-page full-color hardcover, dated, signed and numbered. Bloodhoney photographs have been exhibited internationally and featured by publications including Vogue Italia and the Los Angeles Times.

TREATS! has never endorsed a Kickstarter campaign before but the time is now and the project is “Seance.” Let’s all help bring this creative, life-affirming and unique project to fruition. Click on the link and see for yourself—we know this book will be a treat!

At $33,000 Harun Mehmedinovic Joins Top 10 Kickstarter Photography Campaigns

At $33,000 Bloodhoney* Seance coffee table book — which is ready to ship April 2013 will join the top 10. It’s a given that this book will move on to an art book publisher, after such a fantastic success on Kickstarter, coupled with Harun’s superb resume and artistry. We strengthen his struggling artist negotiating stance with the publisher by putting Harun in the top 10 at Kickstarter.

Just for the record, I have no financial interest in Harun’s project or career. This is pure love and support for his talent — and the fact that I believe in the pursuit of excellence. It seems that Steve Shaw and Rob agree with me. When someone gets out of war torn Bosnia and makes a great success of himself here in America — well that makes the story even sweeter.

So how about some honey AOC readers!!! You’ve been so generous already. Let’s end this Kickstarter campaign with a big bang! ~ Anne

Anne’s past writing on Harun Mehmedinovic’s Kickstarter project:

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