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Saudi Cleric OKs Rapes of Syrian Women; Israel Bans Models With BMI's Below 18.5; Obama Joins Ike & FDR 51% Club

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1. XO Jane writes: FSD (female sexual dysfunction) is a serious disorder — part of a family of disorders. Let’s start talking about it.


Alex Nabaum illustration6. Both ancient philosophy and modern psychology suggest that darker thoughts can make us happier. Consider it the power of negative thinking — and it’s positively unAmerican. via WSJ

2. Israel bans models with BMIs below 18.5 in ads. Also ads must reveal use of Photoshop. via WSJ

7. Print book sales tumbled in America last year, declining from 72% who said they had read printed books in the previous 12 months to 67%. via Pew Research

8. Indian police have filed rape and murder charges against five men accused of a brutal gang rape of a New Delhi woman. The sixth suspect is a juvenile who will handled separately. Police say they will seek the death penalty. Read on at AOC

3. Saudi religious leader Muhammed al-Arifi, calls for gang rape of Syrian women over 14, specifying that “intercourse marriages” last only a few hours “in order to give each fighter a turn”. via Salon

The hard-line Wahhabi cleric said that the marriages between the foreign-backed militants and Syrian women will satisfy the militants’ sexual desires and boost their determination in killing Syrians.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Time Warner drops Current after Al Jazeera deal via Salon

4. President Barack Obama is the first president in more than 50 years to win at least 51% of the vote twice. The last president to do it was Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. The last Democrat to win such solid support was Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944. via Bloomberg

9.Fragonard’s ‘The Swing’ is a model of French Beauty & Decadence, writes Anne.

The existing — or soon to be — mistress flies through the air in frivolous abandon, losing her shoe in an action powered by her husband.

5. Among tablet users, men are 11% more likely to say they get news on the devices than women. via Pew Research. Age, on the other hand, seems to be less of an indicator of mobile news consumption. This is particularly true on the tablet, where daily rates are similar across all four age groups studied (50- to 64-year-olds are a bit more likely than the youngest and oldest groups to get news). On the smartphone, owners under 50 get news at higher rates than those over 50. Read more at Pew Research

10. Energy drinks are the fastest-growing part of the beverage industry in America, reaching more than $10 billion in sales in 2012. Energy drinks promise edge, writes the NYT, but experts say there’s little proof to the claim. 


US Child Poverty Rate | French President Hollande's Gender Parity Cabinet | Women's Strike Force in VA Hits Home

French Roast News

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Global spending cuts are certain to impact child poverty rates, putting children’s future health, education and employment prospects at risk, the UN’s children’s charity UNICEF warns.

Poverty rates are determined by whether a child lacks two or more of a list of 14 basic items such as three meals a day, a quiet place to do homework, educational books at home, or an Internet connection. The highest rates of deprivation are found in countries that include Romania, Bulgaria and Portugal (with more than 70%, 50% and 27% respectively), though even some richer countries, such as France and Italy, have deprivation rates above 10%. The Nordic countries have the least deprivation among children, all with rates below 3%.

The second measure scrutinized in Report Card 1/0 looks at relative poverty, examining the percentage of children living below their national “poverty line” – defined as 50 per cent of median disposable household income.

The combined analysis results in a lineup of countries in which the United States ranks second from last among developed countries with a child poverty rate of 23.1%.

The top five positions in the league table are occupied by Iceland, Finland, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Norway (with Slovenia and Denmark close behind). All of these countries have relative child poverty rates below 7%. Read on at UNICEF

More reading from AOC

Status vs Money | A Third Look At Happiness, Gender Equality & Taxes

More French Roast News

Women’s Strike Force Soars

“Our organization is not even three months old, yet activists across Virginia are clamoring to get involved and help raise money,” the group’s director, Rebecca Gellar, boasted recently. “In our first two weeks, we raised a breathtaking $100,000.” According to public documents, that includes $20,000 from a single donor in Charlottesville — as well as four-figure contributions from as far afield as Massachusetts and California.

Anne’s ‘Operation Spittin’ Out the Pitts’ is watching the new VA-based Women’s Strike Force, a political PAC formed after VA infamous vaginal ultrasound bill probed the private parts and public conscience of a few too many American women.

WSF is gaining such momentum that the Richmond Daily saw a need to write a critical op ed piece, deriding a PAC that would form around the single issue of women’s reproductive health.

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Republican Rep. tries to save Planned Parenthood Politico

Conservative bishops court the disdain of Catholic Women LATimes

Gender Parity in Hollande Ministers

VOA News writes that France’s newly-elected president Francois Hollande has ushered in the country’s first gender-balanced cabinet. Olivia Cattan, journalist and founder of the feminist organization ‘Paroles de Femmes’ or ‘Words of Women’ advises Hollande on women’s issues. A new ministry of women’s rights is headed by 34-year-old Najat Vallaud Belkacem.

“It’s a fantastic gesture for Mr. Hollande. It’s like a page has been turned. It’s the first parity government in France. He’s really turned a page in terms of French feminism,” Cattan said.


Joseph Stieglitz On Fixing America | 5 Sensible Small Rules for the New Year | Beauty & Self Worth As God's Love 

Daily French Roast

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Illustration by Stephen Doyle.Saying that ‘yes’ we must fix a broken financial system, but … economist Joseph E Stiglitz re-examines the causes of the Great Depression, citing the revolution in agriculture that three millions out of work, and not a greedy financial system gone rogue as the primary cause of extreme hardship and suffering for millions of Americans. Today, the US faces a similar transition, with manufacturing jobs lost to increased productivity and technological innovation, and service-sector jobs replacing them.

In a cogent analysis and argument that should be read by all of us — those who agree with managed industrial policy and those who don’t — Stiglitz argues that without mobilizing for global war, the only path out of this economic decline in America is investment in infrastructure.

This path is exactly what Republicans refuse to embrace, arguing more vociferously for control of science curriculums to ban teaching evolution than for investments in quality schools and teachers. As America’s infrastructure crumbles — and it has dramtically in the last two decades compared to other countries in the world — it’s unclear how private companies will own our schools and roads, or repair our falling bridges.

Wall Street demands immediate returns on investments, faster and greater than in the last great wave of American economic prosperity, another consideration not discussed in ‘The Book of Jobs’. It remains unclear that the demands of Wall Street today will even permit investments in new technologies and research that can take a decade to incubate.

Major issues and questions for America’s future are rasied in this excellent article, one that moves beyond the endless, overly-simplistic platitudes and promises coming out of Iowa and into a substantative, strategic  discussion about the lifeline of America’s future. Read on at Vanity Fair.

See also by Stiglitz for Vanity Fair: Of the 1%, by the 1% for the 1%.

Professional Women and a Secure Retirement

Nevertheless, it’s underappreciated how much better one large cohort of aging boomers should do financially during the traditional retirement years: The college-educated stalwarts of the feminist movement. A generation of well-educated career women is nearing retirement for the first time. It’s the group that marked the revolutionary shift from earning money because they and their families needed it to embracing working because it defined “one’s fundamental identity and societal worth,” said Claudia Goldin…  They’re poised to flourish in their elder years, at least compared with most everyone else. Read on at Bloomberg | BusinessWeek

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Spin the Resolutions

The No-Resolution Resolution: How to Really Be Happy in 2012

Writing for GOOD, Gracy Obuchowicz shares her blueprint for getting things together:

1. Put the cart before the horse. Why not just decide to feel better, obsessing less about what isn’t right and moving forward.

2. Dream big and challenge yourself. Create a stretching but realistic blueprint for your life. Chop your life into phases and get moving with attainable goals to advance your plan.

3. Act small. Create ‘micromovements’, a concept developed by the inspirational author and dreaming advocate SARK. Every project is comprised of dozens of small steps.

4. Practice. Identify what you enjoy — yoga, biking, baking, writing — and DO IT several times a week. Creativity emerges within stability and the steady rhythm of pracice (Note, Anne swears by this one.)

5. Take refuge in yourself. In another item that Anne agrees with, Gracy suggests leaning from ‘The Artist’s Way’ — on her bookshelf. Writing about what’s going on in your own mind for 30 minutes a day isn’t narcissism and self-absorption. It’s personal power.

iTV Coming Soon?

Published in Adweek:

Taiwanese technology publication DigiTimes published two stories this week claiming that Apple is telling hardware suppliers to start preparing for production. While DigiTimes’ sources seem to differ on which companies will be responsible for which components, they agree that Apple plans to launch its own TV sets by the end of next year. One source says the initial product line will focus on 32- and 37-inch screens.

In Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, the Apple founder is quoted as saying he’s “finally cracked” the TV problem. Presumably that will include content as well. New York Times writer Nick Bilton says “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”

An Environmentalist Is Buried

Patrick Ytsma, lived mindfully, not wanting to harm the environment. Killed suddenly in a car crash at 53, he was laid to rest in the same manner in Bethlehem, Pa— “without harsh chemicals, without concrete, without a polyester-lined casket.”  Read on at LA Times

Anne of Carversville

Beauty, Goodness & Self Worth As Female Expressions Of God’s Love | 2Ps in a Pod by Anne AOC Body

It’s easy for you and I to tell women to find their own inner beauty and to believe that God loves us and our corporeal nature, that we have beautiful soft skin and smiles for a reason. The reality is that the messages condemning female physicality and beauty come not only in the form of commercialism and parental child abuse or bullying at school. Those messages come from many of our religious institutions.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrators in Jerusalem were denounced by Israeli leaders on Sunday after wearing yellow stars and alluding to other images from the Nazi era. Jim Hollander/European Pressphoto Agency

All Women Are Prostitutes

How will this little girl in Israel ever look at herself in the mirror and see her own beauty, able to regard her body as God’s temple?”

Via New York Times, we read a terrible story:

One Israeli television program recently reported how an 8-year-old girl, the daughter of American immigrants who are observant modern Orthodox Jews, had become terrified of walking to school in the city of Beit Shemesh after ultra-Orthodox men spit on her, insulted her and called her a prostitute because her modest dress did not conform exactly to their more rigorous dress code.

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