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Behati Prinsloo Is First Face Of Nomad Two Worlds: the Raw Spirit Collection

Nomad Two Worlds has named model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo as the first face of their Raw Spirit brand, a line of socially conscious fine fragrances made in partnership with the internationally renowned fragrance house Firmenich and featuring unique natural ingredients from around the world.  Members of the Clinton Global initiative, Nomad and Firmenich plan to release 10 Raw Spirit fragrances, all created in cooperation with and in support of indigenous and marginalized communities in HaitiAustralia, US and beyond. 

Russell James, iconic photographer, artist, and creator of Nomad Two Worlds, personally selected Prinsloo as the first brand ambassador for Raw Spirit. Longtime collaborators, James photographed Prinsloo for the Raw Spirit campaign on the lands of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, a location that has become a special to both the photographer and muse.

“Behati is so perfect for Raw Spirit,” James said, “She has this authenticity and amazing natural energy. It’s really as if we’ve brought Raw Spirit to life in human form.”

Prinsloo will serve as the face of Raw Spirit and also brand ambassador appearing in the ad campaign, a series of videos and as spokeswoman. She stated, “I love the philosophy behind Raw Spirit. I am a real advocate for giving back. For me, the phrase ‘raw spirit’ means nature, stripped back and ethereal. This is Mother Nature at her best.”

Collaboration is at the heart of James’ philosophy and he has enlisted his large network of the top business and creative minds to help further his mission to create “meaningful luxury” - consumer products that provide long-term economic benefits to local communities and further the public’s understanding and appreciation for threatened cultures.

At present, six Raw Spirit fragrances have been released to market – Fire Tree, a limited edition blend containing oil from Western Australia’s rare Fire Tree; Bijou Vert and Citadelle, featuring Haitian vetiver; Desert Blush featuring Australian Boronia and other native elements; Wild Fire, made with Australian Sandalwood and inspired by the scent of the Western Australian desert and Winter Oakthe line’s first US Native American collaboration featuring Oakwood.

Related: The ‘Seminole Spirit’ fine art collection has moved on to the CAMERA WORK Gallery in Berlin from April 25-June 6, 2015.

Behati Prinsloo In ‘Seminole Spirit’ By Russell James Opens Feb 17 At NYC Stephan Weiss Gallery AOC Sensual Art & Fashion


Woman | Anai Ekalino By Natasha Kertes In 'The Story of Aquarius' At AfroStyle Magazine

In many parts of the world, women are responsible for getting the water, a daily, grinding task unimaginable to most women in developed countries. UNICEF outlines what is being done to try to directly involve women in working to improve their water supply with wells and sanitation programs.

The positive association of female powers with water has a long and rich history in parts of the African continent.

Online AfroStyle Magazine brings these concepts together in an exciting, conceptual fashion vision from 2013 ‘The Story Of Aquarius’ featuring model Anai Ekalino. Photographer Natasha Kertes is behind the lens and on style also, with makeup by Pamela Sanderson Garcia.

Natasha Kertes is Russian by birth and is close friends with Sudanese Anai Ekalino. KA online wrote a detailed story about their collaboration and June 2013 show in Miami, with proceeds supporting the ‘Fund for Malaria in African Children’.


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Phoenix Rising | Julia Stegner By Daniele Duella & Iango Henzi For Muse Magazine Winter 2010

AOC highlights the first of memorable goddess-inspired editorials posted since 2007. part of our sublime-to-navigate, opening Monday, January 26 1000 Sexy Women Editorials. Not wanting to exaggerate, AOC anticipates that this # will reach 5000 editorials in 2016 and 2500 by April 2015.

Today — a Sunday when feminism and the goddesses are asking major questions in Natasha Vojnovic In ‘The Libertine’ By Txema Yeste For Numéro China February 2015 and Aneta Pajak In Atelier D’Artiste By Koto Bolofo For Numéro #160 February 2015, we dig into the 2010 archives for major inspiration.

AOC first posted this spectacular Muse Magazine editorial in Dec. 2010, when our images were half this size. It’s time to give these fabulous images by then team Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi the prominence they deserve.

On the short list of men who understand goddesses to the core of our being walks AOC favorite Luigi Murenu.

Luigi Murenu plays muse magic in an inspired Givenchy couture editorial featuring Julia Stegner. Image-makers Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi inspire us mere mortals with the exquisite sensual ambiance and undulating energy from light-seeking Robert Tisci’s cerebral couture beauty.

As part of our reboot into AOC’s best days of 2011-2012, we are returning to less ubiquitous fashion and more critical thinking about the future of women. We also introduce again the term Phoenix Rising in an embrace of female-centric, Goddess principles worldwide that are revealed in fashion and art — old and new. Enjoy. ~ Anne


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