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'Halima Flogging' In Sudan Appears As Amira Osman Due In Court September 19

‘Harem Flogging’ in Sudan Sept 2013 from Anne Enke on Vimeo.

This video of a young woman named Harem being flogged in Sudan was sent to me yesterday. Facebook had taken the video down, due to protests by the men who engage in and support the flogging of 40,000 women a year in Sudan that is too violent.

The hypocrisy of administering this brutal punishment to women in Sudan, and then demanding that it be removed from the global public view on Facebook or YouTube confirms what weak men these guys are in real life. They may wear the blue uniform of Sudan’s public order police, seeking to administer Shariah laws throughout the country, but they are afraid to stand before the world in valour for their beliefs.

The flogging of women in Sudan is misogyny or hatred of women at its worst. At AOC we are committed to exposing the deep and growing hatred of women in Sudan, administered under the ultra fundamentalist umbrella of Islam. This issue is on the front burner again this week, as Amira Osman prepares to return to court in Khartoum on Thursday September 19.

‘Halima Flogging’ September 2013

It’s unclear if the maker of the flogging film is friend or foe to Halima. The thug flogger knows that he is being filmed. As in our earlier flogging video, the men are laughing and the flogger asks “Are you taking this?” The amateur filmmaker answers yes, and the thug with a whip says “Name it Halima’s Flogging”.

My contacts believe that the bystanders belong to the police or are court employees because of the angle of the video showing they are within the courtyard where flogging is performed.

The thug officer who performed Halima’s Flogging repeatedly orders her to “Cover your legs, cover your hair, let us move on.” You see the officer whip Halima’s head, which must be covered and is exactly why Amira Osman is in court on September 19.

Amira refuses to cover her head and would rather be flogged than accept this demand from a growingly fundamentalist regime in Sudan, one that seeks to make women invisible. Amira is due in court about 2am East Coast time, and my friends will be calling me to wake me up with the details, where I will broadcast them on AOC, Twitter and Facebook.

Article 152 in the revised Sudanese criminal code of 1991 defined only in a very vague manner what is considered to be offensive and immoral as a disruption to the public order. In the case of women wearing indecent or offensive clothing, it’s not defined who will decide what warrants a woman’s arrest. The police officer? The judge? Ordinary men on the street? No other aspect of the Public Order Regime has altered the daily lives of Sudanese women like Article 152 of the Criminal Act of 1991 that says:

 “(1) Whoever commits, in a public place, an act, or conducts himself in an indecent manner, or a manner contrary to public morality, or wears an indecent, or immoral dress, which causes annoyance to public feelings, shall be punished, with whipping, not exceeding forty lashes, or with fine, or with both; (2) The act shall be deemed contrary to public morality, if it is so considered in the religion of the doer, or the custom of the country where the act occurs.”

The Hisba or Hesba system in which any man in Khartoum can have any woman arrested and whipped for just about any reason is not part of the Sudanese constitution. Rather, the constitution acknowledges Sharia laws as a reference. While the Sudanese government doesn’t organize or employ the Hisba men enforcing what they consider to be Islam’s laws, it doesn’t discourage their behavior either.

Within this context, misogyny against women runs rampant in Sudan, making it a very unsafe place to be a woman. Any man can have a woman arrested and whipped for just about any reason. As Sudanese lawyer and women’s rights activist Lana Mhgoub wrote yesterday about her own flogging:

The method of arresting (women in Sudan) is very humiliating… . He could be having a rough day or her just decided to harass that woman.

I’m working with women’s rights activists in Sudan to tell more stories about the brutal treatment of women under Article 152. We are asking for pictures of the flogged women without showing their faces or using their names. We are asking for pictures of their scars, pictures of their clothes and the words of their stories.

I have also reached out to a prominent Muslim woman filmmaker to join our cause of stopping the public flogging of 40,000 women a year in Sudan. We must record this growing brutality against women in documentary form. ~ Anne

Power and Courage to the women of Sudan and the men who support them.



Flogged in Sudan: A Woman Lawyer Shares Brutal Details Of Her Being Whipped By Khartoum's Morality Police

Anne’s Reflections on ‘Halima’s Flogging’

Anne here. I woke up this morning to new video files of a flogging in Sudan, sent to me by my friends in Khartoum. The video has been published on Facebook, but is continually taken down after complaints by the Online Sudanese National Security Unit and their Islamists friends for being offensive and violent.

How ironic that the very thugs who perpetrate the violence against about 40,000 women a year in Sudan for  ‘offenses’ as minor as not covering their heads, then turn to Facebook and YouTube, complaining that the video showing them flogging women is violent.

Amira Osman Back In Khartoum Court September 19

Sudanese engineer and businesswoman Amira Osman is due back in a Khartoum court on September 19. Her judge was a no-show earlier this month. Amira says she is prepared to be flogged to defend the right to leave her hair uncovered in defiance of the ‘Taliban’-like law Article 152 of Sudan’s morality laws, instituted after the 1989 Islamist-backed coup by current president Omar-al-Bashir.

I will be writing from the car, reporting via my T-mobile hot spot, as the GlamTribale team motors to Lancaster to install our new Elephant Bazaar shop at Building Character on Thursday morning. Raising consciousness about the brutal slaughter of African elephants for Chinese luxury customers on the same day we are fighting to end the equally brutal flogging of tens of thousands of women each year in Sudan is just part of our daily mission at AOC. 

The raw files of Halima’s Flogging, this morning’s video are being installed on Vimeo, where they will be safe from the the Online Sudanese National Security Unit and their Islamists friends. Anne of Carversville has a policy of PUBLISHING these videos of women being flogged in Sudan. We exist to tell the stories of violence against women worldwide, even when they are wrenching to watch.

Seriously, men of Sudan’s National Security Police. MAN UP!!!

If you are so fast to flog women for no good reason, be manly enough to take public credit for your actions. There’s nothing worse than a group of weak men running for cover when the digital world holds them accountable for brutalizing women.

Equally difficult to understand is the psychological and emotional humiliation experienced by women who have been flogged in Sudan. Their scars are physical but also deeply emotional.

Within this context, AOC shares the reflections of Sudanese lawyer Lana Mhgoub. Lana has requested that I publish her name but not her location. I will only say that she is safe from the incessant laughter of Sudan’s Islamist morality police, as they crack their whips against Sudanese women — once the shining stars of women’s advancement in North Africa. ~ Anne Enke

Lana Mhgoub: My Flogging Story

I feel sorry about what has happened to engineer Amira and I am really upset about what is happening to women in Sudan every day, all this persecution and violations of women’s rights and crack down on their freedoms by the barbaric Islamists regime of Sudan.

Engineer Amira is not the first victim of the Public Order Police. Every day dozens of these incidents happen and hundreds of women are arrested for no reason than being a female wearing pants or you do not cover your hair with a scarf in public.

The method of arresting (women) is very humiliating. It is conducted by Public Order Police Officers or by any male in the street that following “Hisba” system. It is a system created by the government according to Sharia Laws; that allows any Islamists to submit a complaint against any woman who does not put her scarf over her hair in Public or wearing trousers, or for no reason at all. He could be having a rough day or just decided to harass that woman.

Personally, I was arrested twice on the past and I was flogged once. Two years ago while I was walking with my girlfriends in the streets of Khartoum, we were stopped by Public Police Officers and accused of violation women dress codes then we were tossed in the public order police truck like animals. In the Public Police Station, the prosecutor never listened to us or allowed us a fair trial or access to a lawyer.  We were flogged in a very cruel and painful way in public. The officers who flogged us used every degrading word in the dictionary to humiliate us and laughed at our pain and misery.  I fled from my country after that for fear of persecution and because I am tired of being terrorized by Public Order Police and “Hisba” men every time I walk in the streets of Khartoum.

When I was in Sudan, I worked as a lawyer and I saw these kind of cases many times every day. I saw the horror in the eyes of young girls whom arrested and subjected to these inhuman and humiliating systematic violations of their rights as human beings and as citizens by public police officers. Most of these girls refuse to ask for a fair trial for the fear of scandal and the public shame of their families by the conservative society in Sudan. One girl told me: “I walk out of my house in front of my family wearing these clothes every day, I am not ashamed of myself, but the issue of the arrest and the trial will outrage my family. People will start talking and nobody will believe that I am arrested over clothes choices. In their minds, people will assume other matters involving honor, or even worst a case of prostitution! And this will stigmatize my family forever so I will accept the flogging rather than ask for a public trial that could spark rumors.” I could not say anything to her as her friends in suffer wiped their tears and bent their backs to the same officer who arrested them for flogging.

Amira Osman and Lubna Hussein are strong women. They said no to injustices and sacrificed their own safety and reputation in order to save Sudanese women and defend their rights to walk in the streets without the fear of prosecution over clothes choices. They deserve maximum respect and solidarity. ~ Lana Mhgoub


Evolutionary Multi-Cellularity Gap Explained | Brazil President Dilma Rousseff 72% Approval | Anne Sinclair @ Huff Po France

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

Anne Sinclair and husband Dominique Strauss-Kahn‘Le Huffington Post’ French edition, launching in partnership with the newspaper Le Monde, will be led by Anne Sinclair, the well-known TV journalist in France and wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Under her new title of ‘editorial director’, Sinclair told Elle France, via the New York Times:

‘‘I am very happy to resume my career, amid the euphoria of taking part in something new. I think I still have something to bring to the profession.’’ 

Sinclair is a wealthy heiress, formerly the host of a popular television interview program during the 1980s and ’90s. She gave up her position in 1997 when Mr Strauss-Kahn became finance minister of France.

‘‘I am neither a saint nor a victim,’’ Sinclair told Elle, when asked about her continuing support for her husband, who is under fire still for his sexual laisons . ‘‘I am a free woman.’’

‘‘Unconditional support does not exist,’’ she added. ‘‘One supports if one has decided to support. Nobody knows what happens in a private relationship, and I deny anyone the right to judge mine. I am comfortable with my decisions, my actions, I made them independently.’’

Year One Dilma Rousseff

With an approval rating of 72 percent, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff proved that “a technocrat who never worked as an elected official coule step out of her predecessor’s shaw and achieve success on her own terms.”

Dilma Rousseff has strengthened ties with the United States and was the first woman to address the opening session of the United Nations. Read on at Americas Society - Council of the Americas

More DFR

Huge Evolutionary Understanding

Yeast. (Credit: © Dmitry Knorre / Fotolia)In what could be a truly memorable cup of coffee, postdoctoral researcher Will Ratcliff and associate professor Michael Travisano, both from the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota, chatted that bridging the famous multi-cellularity gap would be “just about the coolest thing we could do.”

Evolutionary biologists have long wondered how more than 500 million years ago, single-celled organisms on Earth’s surface begann forming multicellular clusters that ultimately became plants and animals.

Deciding to pursue the question, the two scientists found the answer in their first experiment, writes Science Daily.

“To understand why the world is full of plants and animals, including humans, we need to know how one-celled organisms made the switch to living as a group, as multicelled organisms,” said Sam Scheiner, program director in the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Division of Environmental Biology. “This study is the first to experimentally observe that transition, providing a look at an event that took place hundreds of millions of years ago.”

NEW | Anne’s OMG! Ultimate Hyprocrisy!

Today’s hypocrisy nuggets that left Anne Speechless: Get the details

Ga State Rep Kip wants all Georgia welfare recipients to take a drug test. Alas, Kip was arrested last week, driving his fast-moving Jaguar through a red light. Denying that he had been drinking at breakfast time, Kip failed the ‘intoximeter’ test, the ‘walk and turn test’ and standing on one leg.

Rick Santorum’s Iowa coalitions director Jamie Johnson, sent out a June email saying an American female president would harm children. The Des Moines Register outlined ‘Nine reasons Michele Bachmann’s campaign fizzled. #5 reason: Sexism among some conservatives.

The question then comes, ‘Is it God’s highest desire, that is, his biblically expressed will, … to have a woman rule the institutions of the family, the church, and the state?’ ” Johnson’s email said.

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall (R) threw his hat into Virginia’s senate race yesterday, educating Anne on his views that God punished women who have had abortions by giving them disabled children. Still reeling from yesterday’s revelation of Karen Santorum’s 5-6 year live-in relationship with an abortion doctor, Anne asks if Marshall really means to suggest that …

This is NotCot’s landing page today, a tribute to the many websites participating in the anti-SOFA “defend our freedom to share” the Internet day. The way NotCot is organized, we can’t send you to a replication of this screenshot image. But this SOPA link on NotCot brings up a host of participating organizations.