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'The Post-human Condition', A Poem by Anjeza Duro for Humanitarians | Bro. Dennis on: 'What's Love Got To Do With It?'

Haley by Remi Rebillard in ‘La Dolce Vita!’ AOC Private Studio

Monica Bellucci, a woman Remi knew in Paris with Karin, says this about curvy women:

“A curvy woman is not any less beautiful ~ It’s a different type of beauty, and men like it.”

An AOC woman reader I only know only as Ellen wrote last week:

I find it interesting that the media increasingly pushes a view of women that goes completely against the rules of attraction: which is one based upon signs of health and usually fertility. The ancient part of the brain is geared to finding a partner who will thrive - and for the majority that includes the ability to conceive or be around long enough to rear children. A skeletal woman with no body fat tells our subconscious that she is unable to fulfill this role: she is most likely unable to conceive (indeed periods stop when you starve yourself) and if she does manage it, the child or the mother is likely to suffer during pregnancy or childbirth. She is unlikely to be able to breastfeed either which is not essential of course but does have benefits for mother and child. I am not talking about naturally thin women, but the size zeros who can only get to that size by depriving themselves of essential calories. Fake boobs can mask this reality to some extent, but the jutting bones will always signify illness.

In a curve ball that was a bit of a knock-out punch for me, Ellen continued, postulating that some feminist women — gay and straight —  have collaborated with designers in desensualizing the 90s supermodels, seeking to promote women as more than fertile baby-makers.

Now that is a new angle in a question that has gone nowhere for months! Ellen has me thinking. Anne Read on for entire editorial.

AOC Sensual Rebel

2012 Sensual Joy and Spiritual Blessings To All Humanitarians

My life has always attracted unexpected bedfellows, but this year has brought together an unusual assemblage of people with shared goals and vision. Each of them reinforces our message of positive sensuality employed with humanitarian purpose, making Anne of Carversville a magnet for Smart Sensuality people.

There is no justifiable explanation or excuse for the extreme suffering waged in the name of God and nationalism worldwide.

Ironically, writing last Christmas Day 2010, I shared my dream of waking up with a scream, shouting with rage over the wars of men and their devastating impact on women, children and our planet. Today, it’s my friend Anjeza Duro’s words that resonate so profoundly this first day of 2012. Anjeza shares:

“The Post-human Condition” read on …

AOC 2Ps in a Pod

Image: Morfium Couture‘What’s Love Got to Do With It? | 2Ps in a Pod by Bro. Dennis

Dear Anne, delving more deeply into the content of your blog post, I recognized the pattern of healing revealed in your dream, which existed before the dream. Pretty cool! You are Anne of “today” and your dream of falling into the elevator shaft and emerging alive was the manifestation of who you are in the “now”… .

In our more formative years when we fell prey to the abusive words and actions of those we loved, trusted or admired, the experience can cause an indelible and tragic affect—following us through life. Not until we become self-aware are we able to exchange the lies for truth.


Ellen Gayda Counsels Women on Submissive Spirit | US Military Challenged on Rape Policy | Goddesses & Serpents

Amazon Woman Warrior

Ellen Gayda: Submission Is Rarely A Healthy Woman Gift to Men AOC Sensual Rebel

In a healthy society where men respect women and women are positive role models to one another, a woman is encouraged to embrace her own sensual, chaotic creative power and then learn to harness it responsibly. She discovers she carries a wild force of nature within her that is so potent that she is even capable of co-creation.

If a woman doesn’t learn self nurturing then what nurturing love can she offer another? If she shuns or abdicate her own responsibility in learning this essential lesson, then she will want a man to step in to harness her. This is a difficult lesson for women to learn because they so desire to be desired. The cost can be developing a relationship with oneself that establishes self respect, internal security and an understanding of who one is. In terms of offering, one can not offer anything that one has not already claimed as one’s own. If a women chooses to submit her power to her lover, then she had better know where the beginning, middle and end of that gesture is — or she will gets lost in translation.

DFR: Daily French Roast

US Military Pressured to Crack Down on Rape 

Kori Cioca, the lead plaintiff in Cioca v. Rumsfeld, which will go before a judge on Friday, Photo courtesy of Kori Cioca

Multiple lawsuits are challenging how the US military handles rape cases. Read on at The Daily Beast. Eve Ensler used a deeafening stat last weekend, alleging in ‘Over It’ that one in three women in the US military is sexually assaulted by military men. We haven’t confirmed stat. 

Serpents & Goddesses

Giampaolo Sgura’s Antidote ‘Coprs a Corps’ | Serpents & Goddesses AOC Sensual Rebel

Here is a tasting of what ‘The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets’ says about serpents.

Indirectly, these myths challenge the argument that women are naturally submissive, a belief that AOC rejects. I wrote to Pauline this morning that Giampaolo’s and Yanni’s visions of women remind me of Versace and the sensually powerful glamazon supermodels, women far more akin to the goddesses of mythology, than today’s much more frail fashionistas.

Men of the Aegean World didn’t participate in religious ceremonies until late in the Bronze Age. Long before Aristotle, the Aegean world worshipped primarily women and serpents. Eventually Cretan kings were allowed to become priests of the bull-god, a role subordinate to that of the priestess until the priest himself took the title of “serpent.”

The word for “priest” among ancient Akkadian peoples literally meant “snake charmer”.

DFR: Daily French Roast

Charlie Rose & Gayle King on CBS The Early Show

Oprah’s best friend Gayle King and Charlie Rose won’t share much together time in the new format of CBS’ The Early Morning Show, debuting Jan. 9, 2012. Rose and current co-host Erica Hill will kick off the 7am hour, with King in charge at 8am.

We watch Charlie Rose always and are curious just how thoughtful CBS will make that first hour of morning news and chit chat. Read on at The Daily Beast.


9 Steps to Avoiding Breast Cancer | Self-Compassion and Healing with Body Inheritance | Orchids & Clever Sex

9 Steps Against Cancer

Women & Roses | Mayo Clinic’s 9 Steps for Cancer Prevention & Healthy Aging AOC Health & Happiness

9 Steps for Older Women to Avoid Cancer

The Mayo Clinic has issued their guidelines for postmenopausal women to avoid getting cancer. The strongly-suggested ‘rules’ for living are based on data from nearly 30,000 women ages 55 to 69, who were tracked for 13 years. Presently one in three women will develop cancer in her lifetime.

“Our study suggests that older women may be able to have a fairly large impact on their cancer risk by not smoking, controlling body weight, exercising and eating a healthy balanced diet,” says Dr. James Cerhan, of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

The Mayo Clinic’s Big 9

1. Having a body mass index less than 25.

2. Having gained no more than 11 pounds since age 18.

3. Engaging in daily moderate and weekly vigorous activity. 

4. Eating five or more servings of fruit and veggies a day.

5. Eating more than 400 grams (14 ounces) of complex carbohydrates a day. Read on.

Seeking Self-Compassion

Ellen Gayda on Self-Compassion vs Emotional Detachment & Body Nurturing AOC Private Studio

A new study from researchers at the University of Arizona says that self-compassion is a key attribute in healing from the pain commonly felt by the newly divorced. The researchers concluded that a combination of kindness toward oneself, recognition of common humanity, and the ability to let painful emotions pass ‘can promote resilience and positive outcomes in the face of divorce.’

The study appears in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science.

This concept of ‘self-compassion’ is high on our radar, as I write about my recovery from a serious gym injury that has haunted me for almost two years and my good fortune of connecting with Philadelphia body psychotherapist and now good friend Elle Gayda.

I mentioned to Ellen new research on a previously-posted AOC article Ballerinas Emotionally Detached from Bodies vs Meditation Practitioners AOC Body & Culture.

In research that comes perfectly timed for the size 0 body debate and the pursuit of ‘Black Swan’ bodies as the ideal beauty body in women, researchers found that ballet dancers who devote enormous focus and self discipline developing precise control over their bodies lack the mind-body connection in most other people.

The study published in the journal ‘Emotion’ December 2010 found that veteran practitioners of Vipassana or mindfulness meditation — a technique focused on observing thoughts, feelings, breathing and heartbeat, without judgment — showed the closest mind-body connection.

Orchids & Sex

Edith Vilkeviciute | Solve Sundsbo | Vogue Japan November 2011 | ‘Beauty: This Soft Embrace’ AOC Sensually Yours

Edita Vilkeviciute is lensed by Sølve Sundsbø in ‘Beauty: This Soft Embrace’ for Vogue Japan’s November 2011 issue. Orchids are a great symbol of the fusion of beauty and sensuality in females and in nature. 

Considering the Earth in all its plenitude, I am startled to read that orchids are the largest and most diverse plant family on the planet, consisting of between 20,000 and 30,000 varieties.

The sensually explicit orchids — always in my home — represent 8 percent of flowering species, and botanists say their bewildering beauty has one single aim: pollination. In a new book ‘Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids’, the biologist now photographer Christian Ziegler reminds us that makes orchids truly unique is the way each species adapts to attract individual insect species for pollination.

The natural temptation offered by orchids is always the same: sex.