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Exhibition Magazine's Smashing Images Of Natasha, Anja, Sasha & Anna By Luigi & Daniele + Iango

Natasha Poly by Luigi, Daniele & Iango for Exhibition Magazine showcases these spectacularly sensual images of Natasha Poly, Anja Rubik, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers for Exhibition Magazine. Any time Luigi Murenu is teaming his creative vision of female sensuality with photographers Daniele + Iango, the results will be divine provocation that is premium quality and a total tribute to feminine power.

Patti Wilson styles Natasha, Anya & Sasha, with Sissy Vian styling Anna. Patti Wilson chooses archival pieces from Thierry Mugler for Anja’s images. Luigi Murenu is of course in charge of hair. Makeup for Natasha, Anya & Sasha by Kabuki. Makeup for Anna by Fulvia Farolfi.

Natasha Poly by Luigi, Daniele & Iango for Exhibition Magazine


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Lara Stone & Laetitia Casta | Daniele Duella & Iango Henzi | i-D The Wise-Up Issue #322

I-D’s staggeringly beautiful preview of mother to be Lara Stone and mother of three Laetitia Casta couldn’t arrive at a better moment. Themed ‘The Wise Up Issue’, the title is spot on with the reality that women are taking stock of our lives, our rights and the fundamentalist forces moving against us in America and around the world.

While we pad this gorgeous tribute to womanhood with precious quotes that are indeed ‘thoughtful’ about the issues facing American women, enjoy this Monday morning magnificence lensed by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi. If hair stylist and creative director Luigi Murenu is behind the concept, I know that we’re about to enjoy a tribute to Smart Sensuality women. Charlotte Stockdale is the fashion director for this shoot, with makeup by Stephane Marais.~ Anne

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