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Consumers, Stuff & New World Order | US Energy Extravagance Unsustainable | HUSK Magazine's 'New Contexts' 

US Energy Extravagance

America’s Energy Extravagance | Will A Hummer Mentality Bury Us? AOC Apple Valley

Cha makes a very interesting argument, saying that at the current rate of consumption, we would need the resources of two earths to meet our global demands. But if the world consumes the way Americans do, we will need the resources of five earths. Note that many futurists argue that technology and invention will solve this scarcity challenge; we just don’t know how.


Sunday Studies | Eve & Original Sin | Religion, Science & Human Nature 

Sunday Studies

‘Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ | History Channel | In Latin Apple Means Evil AOC Sensually Yours

The History Channel show ‘Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ is without question the most important hour of TV I’ve ever watched.

While ‘Mysteries of the Garden of Eden’ doesn’t focus on why the patriarchy rose to power, it shatters the Genesis myth once and for all in my eyes, showing how the exact stories of the Bible are traced back to Sumerian culture, when women were first veiled.

Religious scholars — not heathen liberals as Rush Limbaugh would suggest — explain that the Garden of Eden story is almost identical to the Sumerian creation myth.

Lilith, Adam’s first wife in the Old Testament, was once known as a Sumerian fertility/agricultural goddess before she became demonified by later religions. HC gives Lilith a much more central role than I’ve ever experienced on TV.

Reader Comment

Comment Science Challenges Religion on Woman’s Sinful, Sensual Nature AOC Sexual Politics

“You have it wrong. And its clearly because you don’t understand the Bible at all. Just because Eve was the first human to commit Sin doesn’t make her inherently immoral or lack self-discipline. The message it relays has more to do with the deceitful nature of evil. God wasn’t pleased. But if you have done your Bible studies you will already know that Jesus Christ saved us from the Old Testament. Forget Eve.

You will never understand or follow the ways of God until you let go of science. We are to live “in this world” not “of this world”. We can’t escape evil society. But we do have the ability (thanks to God) to live a humble, giving life without any need for admiration from others. Or to participate in any part of society that leads us to Sin. So the next step is to know what is sinful. Most modern things are. Living a life without God causes you to constantly “buy” your way through life, seeking never-ending answers. And you will never be satisfied. But a true God seeker, and follower will go to his/her grave satisfied with life. And its all because its enough to help others and to love your spouse and children. And most importantly, praise God in the way he expects. That’s all. This includes both men and women.

Fashion Discipline Bible Style

Bound Tightly By the Good Book & God’s Will AOC Sexual Politics

Ecclesiastics 25:13

Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman.

          “Secrets In Lace Retro Lingerie”

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