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'The Post-human Condition', A Poem by Anjeza Duro for Humanitarians | Bro. Dennis on: 'What's Love Got To Do With It?'

Haley by Remi Rebillard in ‘La Dolce Vita!’ AOC Private Studio

Monica Bellucci, a woman Remi knew in Paris with Karin, says this about curvy women:

“A curvy woman is not any less beautiful ~ It’s a different type of beauty, and men like it.”

An AOC woman reader I only know only as Ellen wrote last week:

I find it interesting that the media increasingly pushes a view of women that goes completely against the rules of attraction: which is one based upon signs of health and usually fertility. The ancient part of the brain is geared to finding a partner who will thrive - and for the majority that includes the ability to conceive or be around long enough to rear children. A skeletal woman with no body fat tells our subconscious that she is unable to fulfill this role: she is most likely unable to conceive (indeed periods stop when you starve yourself) and if she does manage it, the child or the mother is likely to suffer during pregnancy or childbirth. She is unlikely to be able to breastfeed either which is not essential of course but does have benefits for mother and child. I am not talking about naturally thin women, but the size zeros who can only get to that size by depriving themselves of essential calories. Fake boobs can mask this reality to some extent, but the jutting bones will always signify illness.

In a curve ball that was a bit of a knock-out punch for me, Ellen continued, postulating that some feminist women — gay and straight —  have collaborated with designers in desensualizing the 90s supermodels, seeking to promote women as more than fertile baby-makers.

Now that is a new angle in a question that has gone nowhere for months! Ellen has me thinking. Anne Read on for entire editorial.

AOC Sensual Rebel

2012 Sensual Joy and Spiritual Blessings To All Humanitarians

My life has always attracted unexpected bedfellows, but this year has brought together an unusual assemblage of people with shared goals and vision. Each of them reinforces our message of positive sensuality employed with humanitarian purpose, making Anne of Carversville a magnet for Smart Sensuality people.

There is no justifiable explanation or excuse for the extreme suffering waged in the name of God and nationalism worldwide.

Ironically, writing last Christmas Day 2010, I shared my dream of waking up with a scream, shouting with rage over the wars of men and their devastating impact on women, children and our planet. Today, it’s my friend Anjeza Duro’s words that resonate so profoundly this first day of 2012. Anjeza shares:

“The Post-human Condition” read on …

AOC 2Ps in a Pod

Image: Morfium Couture‘What’s Love Got to Do With It? | 2Ps in a Pod by Bro. Dennis

Dear Anne, delving more deeply into the content of your blog post, I recognized the pattern of healing revealed in your dream, which existed before the dream. Pretty cool! You are Anne of “today” and your dream of falling into the elevator shaft and emerging alive was the manifestation of who you are in the “now”… .

In our more formative years when we fell prey to the abusive words and actions of those we loved, trusted or admired, the experience can cause an indelible and tragic affect—following us through life. Not until we become self-aware are we able to exchange the lies for truth.