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Carolina Backman By James Lightbown In 'Shades of Scarlet' For TANTALUM Magazine 41

London-based photographer James Lightbown says his focus is skin: beauty, lingerie and swimwear. Lightbown’s editorial ‘Shades of Scarlet’ is erotic and elegant for online magazine TANTALUM #41. Model Carolina Backman is styled by Emma Lightbown with hair and makeup by Susana Mota. / Manicure by Kate Cutler


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'The Heart of the Machine' By Steven Klein For Vogue Italia February 2015

Master photographer Steven Klein brings a trademark editorial vision fashion editorial called ‘The Heart of the Machine’ to Vogue Italia’s February issue. Models Lexi Boling, Ine Neefs, Vanessa Axente and Julia Bergshoeff are styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé in spring’s industrial strength designs.

Reading some of the online comments about the editorial, universally the wish was for more images. Comments that the models are lacking in emotion are a bit short-sighted. I suspect that conveying this precise attitude and atmosphere in ‘The Heart of the Machine’ is central to Klein’s artistic strategy. ~ Anne


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Do You Know Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type? How Does It Effect Values, Consumption & Political Beliefs?

We’re just loving all the graphics coming out of MyModernMet, a favorite stop on our hunt for infographics. Most appear in our Global View Channel. In America, career paths are determined by one’s Myers-Briggs type — the first test I took at Victoria’s Secret.

In the next day or two, I’ll tie back these infographics to key attributes of the Smart Sensuality woman and a very influential and growing group of people worldwide called Cultural Creatives.

While I write a new article, you can digest where I’m going with these past AOC articles, in which my own knowledge and understanding of the Myers-Briggs system influences my interpretations of human and consumer behavior. Enjoy!! ~ Anne

PS: I’ll not publish my own Myers-Briggs type, because having readers guess it could be a great relaunch event for our new GlamTribale collection coming soon. Note that it has remained amazingly consistent over three decades and three tests. It may  be time to take it again, however. Just sayin’ …

Take a Myers-Briggs Test Online

Cultural Creatives Now 35% of US | 10% in Transition

Status vs Money | A Third Look At Happiness, Gender Equality & Taxes


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