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Steve McCurry's 'Oltre lo Sguardo' Exhibit Of 150 Gripping Images At Villa Reale di Monza in Italy

Steve McCurry ‘An elderly man of the Rabari tribe’, Rajasthan, India, 2010Esteemed American photographer Steve McCurry, well-known for his gripping, colorful and evocative images of humanity around the world is among the finest documentary photographers in the world.

Born in Philadelphia, McCurry graduated from the College of Arts and Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University. McCurry worked for a newspaper for two years, before leaving for India to freelance. It was in India that McCurry learned — in his own words — to watch and wait on life.

“If you wait,” he realized, “people will forget your camera and the soul will drift up into view.”

150 of McCurry’s most astonishing photos of human diversity are on exibit at the Villa Reale di Monza in Italy. The exhibition, titled “Oltre lo Sguardo” will be on exhibit until April 6, 2015.

“For me a portrait is about connection, somehow you connect with a person, visually or emotionally,” explains McCurry to designboom. “I’ve often believed that a person’s life stories are kind of written on their face. It’s magical, it’s mystical the way you can connect to a person, it’s hard to describe. You know it when you see it.”

Jack McCurry ‘Portrait of a boy from the Suri tribe’, Omo valley, Ethiopia, 2013


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Lil Bucks & His Jookin' Center Stage At Aspen & WSJ Innovators Awards

Author Sarah Lewis speaks with dancer Lil Buck

None other than Madonna showed up at WSJ’s Innovator Awards Wednesday night, held at MOMA in New York. Eminem lauded Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine for their years of Entrepreneurship including Beats, which was sold to Apple for 3 billion. Jennifer Connelly presented a Fashion award to Nicolas Ghesquiere, and then the material girl took the stage to honor dancer Charles ‘Lil Buck’ Riley in the Performing Arts category.Other honorees included Sou Fujimoto in Architecture; Kara Walker in Art; René Redzepi in Food; and Reshma Saujani in Technology.

Lil Buck is paired with model Joan Smalls in Daniel Jackson’s editorial for WSJ Magazine. George Cortina styles the duo in long and lean, mostly black elegance. See entire editorial.

Madonna & Lil Buck

“You are as fearless as you are talented,” Madonna said in her introduction of Lil Buck. “You are more than a dancer. You are a poet.” Calling her comments ‘delightfully unhinged’, New York Magazine continued saying “Buck shows up uninvited at my house for dinner all the time” before praising his tenacity, grace and talent.

LA-based Lil Buck received his Innovators award and then performed his now famous ‘The Dying Swan’ in a style of street dance called jookin’. Lil Buck met Madonna in 2011, dancing in her Super Bowl half time show after winning ‘Dance for Madonna Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Competition’. He then joined her MDNA Tour as one of 22 dancers.

Lil Buck Swan at Vail International Dance Festival


Nick Gentry's Repurposed Film Negatives Create New Identities In 'Synthetic Dreams'

British artist Nick Gentry exhibits a new series of portraits titled ‘Synthetic Dreams’ at Miami’s Robert Fontaine Gallery from Nov 8-Nov 26, 2014. In his latest works, Gentry showcases a series of collage paintings 35 mm film negatives and X-rays on glass.

A graduate of the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, Gentry’s techniques represent a reversal of traditional portraiture. The artist takes a deep dive into identity with repurposed technology such as floppy discs or — in the case of ‘Synthetic Dreams’ film negatives — Gentry uses these outdated technology artifacts to speak to the collective nature of identity.

Gentry questions the fundamental relationship of the “human being” to both the created world and what we call reality. The space which art identifies becomes places where new behaviors, thoughts and feelings can arise. via


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