FKA twigs Is Creative Director On Nike Women's 'Do You Believe in More?' Spring 2017 Zonal Strength Tights Campaig

Mega talent FKA twigs takes a bow as the Creative Director for the launch of Nike Women's Spring 2017 Zonal Strength Tights Collection. The artist developed the concept for, directed, performed and soundtracked the campaign titled 'Do you Believe in More? with the goal of making a body of work that "sheds light on the power of modern movement and defines sport as an important channel of expression."

Shot in Mexico City by 17-year-old David Uzochukwu -- the personal choice of FKA twigs -- the campaign features 12 athletes representing a variety of sports. “He’s so incredibly young and talented,” she says of the young photographer. “I’m sure he has an incredible career ahead of him. He’s so certain in what he wants and has such a clear vision.”

“When Nike reached out to me about collaborating together on this project, I saw it as an opportunity to inspire people who want to use their bodies in a positive way,” the artist explains in an open letter published on Nike's website. “I cast a group of amazing people who take their physicality seriously and have their own sense of style, in order to push people to be healthy and understand that, through any genre of sport, they can be the best versions of themselves.”

Stylist Matthew Josephs focused on tapping into everyone's individual personalities with the intention of displaying them in a most real way. The campaign song 'Trust in Me' was created by FKA twigs before she signed on for the Nike project. 

"I realized it would be perfect, because the lyrics say, 'Put your trust in me.' In a way, we're asking people to look at me and the other amazing athletes in the video and trust the way we are. We've worked hard to perfect our crafts and create our own destinies, and we’re feeling good in our bodies."