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THUG KITCHEN Asks Us To Eat (Vegan) Like We Give A F#CK


OK, I admit it. Anne is a neanderthal. I’ve been living under a rock, head in the sand. After all, it has been a very tough year for me on all fronts. To show you just how behind the times I am,  I was making an Amazon widget on books that support plant-based nutrition. The images are positively old school Renaissance type visuals that accompany a simply-titled article: The Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet. Innocuous, right?

So this cook book THUG KITCHEN kept rearing its head at Amazon. Best new blog of the year.  Paltrow loves it. Now this is the diamond tiara! Reddit is also a fan of THUG KITCHEN, and it’s no big deal that this mixture of healthy recipes and profanity was conceived by two white people — Michelle David and Matt Holloway — who say this is how they talk … all the time. Hmmm.

Trading in blackface?

Good goddess! When did cookbooks and food blogs get so, so, so … colorful!!This question of any ethical issues in promoting thug-style vegan eating with a vocabulary not suited for the feint-hearted wasn’t an issue until recently.

Thug Kitchen Creators Dish on Vegan Recipes Blog in Ganster Voice The Daily Beast

Thug Kitchen: The Blog That Swears By Veganism A Lot Washington Post

Gawker reports that there could be a veritable rumble tonight in Brooklyn at Powerhouse Arena bookstore.

Though Thug Kitchen has been around for years, it was put on trial in the court of public opinion last week after it was revealed that the two people behind the site are white—a fact that was as obvious as the color of the sky, but which nonetheless brought the issues inherent to Thug Kitchen to the forefront.

Ebony writes: “It goes without saying that ‘thug’ is a loaded word, which in our politically correct, post-racial society, has become the polite way to say ‘nigger’ in mixed company.”

As Rachel Maddow says: watch this space.



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