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AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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Rush Limbaugh ProFlowers Ads Fuel the War on Women | My 350,000 Readers Say Flowers Buy Peace, Not War

ProFlowers has used its Facebook page to assure American women that the company doesn’t support the views of Rush Limbaugh in his continued verbal assault against Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke. 

I’ve read in the last 15 minutes that Limbaugh has posted an apology to Sandra Fluke on his website. This announcement came after another story that ProFlowers had changed their position minutes ago, to reconsider their relationship with Limbaugh.

It’s too late. Rush Limbaugh is a repugnant person with no respect for civil discourse or women.

I am personally asking our 350,000 AOC and Sensuality News readers to consider buying their flowers from another service than Pro Flowers. As an American I support ProFlowers’ right to advertise where they choose. But we don’t have to support their choice of voices to spread the Proflowers message.

As a Smart Sensuality woman — smart, sensual, and spiritual with heart — I love flowers — as do most of my readers and friends. If flowers are anything like lingerie, about 90% of the sales are made by women. I ask you — why do we want to support ProFlowers who associates their brand with Rush Limbaugh and his misogynistic views on women?

An apology from Rush Limbaugh doesn’t suffice. ProFlowers supporting Rush Limbaugh is ProFlowers supporting the Republican War on Women. Think about that fact the next time you want to order flowers for your mom, daughter, sister, wife. You are putting money into Rush Limbaugh’s war on me — the woman he calls a feminazi.

I ask you, with my longstanding record of trying to help American woman and impoverished, burned, flogged, stoned-to-death women everywhere in the world — does this passion for women really make me a feminazi? What is wrong with America today? Have we gone totally insane?

It’s personal now between Rush Limbaugh, the Republican War on Women and me. If you admire me and Anne of Carversville, I ask you not to support Pro Flowers as long as they support Rush Limbaugh. ProFlowers supports a man who despises women — unless they are good girls who do as they are told by big shots like Rush.

Have we had enough? Say ”yes’. I beg you, please take action and say ‘yes’ before it is too late in America for our daughters and granddaughters. Find a friendly to women florist. We will post the alternatives by Monday, after careful research. ~Anne Enke

PA Unite gainst the War on Women Rally in Harrisburg on April 28th, 2012.

National War on Women Rally Facebook page.


Wealthy More Likely to Cheat, Cut Off Pedestrians with Cars, Keep Wrong Change & Take Candy From Children

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

Photo illustration: Curtis Mann; Photo: Owen Franken/CorbisFor centuries, common wisdom has been that the most effective way to forget a horrible memory is to talk it out. Today researchers understand that the process of erasing painful and traumatic memories is more complex, because the memory itself is always changing. Wired writes in The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever:

New research is showing that every time we recall an event, the structure of that memory in the brain is altered in light of the present moment, warped by our current feelings and knowledge. That’s why pushing to remember a traumatic event so soon after it occurs doesn’t unburden us; it reinforces the fear and stress that are part of the recollection.

Neuroscientists have a molecular explanation of why and the methodology os how the brain processes painful memories and illnesses like PTSD and addiction. Soon, writes Wired, people will have a choice of whether or not to take a pill that will erase painful memories.

Ethics & Wealth

It’s no surprise that rich people driving luxury cars have few qualms about running lesser beings in smaller cars off the road. But taking candy from children? Surely a new study reported in the National Academy of Science is exaggerating when it concludes that people driving expensive cars are more likely to cut off pedestrians in San Francisco, more likely to cheat to win a prize, pocket extra change handed to them in error and ‘yes’ take candy from children.

Because rich people have more financial resources, they’re less dependent on social bonds for survival, the Berkeley researchers led by Paul Piff, who is studying for a doctorate in psychology. Self-interest reigns among the rich, causing them to have fewer qualms about breaking the rules.

“There is a strong notion that when people don’t have much, they’re really looking out for themselves and they might act unethically,” said Scott Wiltermuth, who researches social status at USC’s Marshall School of Business and wasn’t involved in the study. “But actually, it’s the upper-class people that are less likely to see that people around them need help — and therefore act unethically.” via LA Times

More DFR

The Rape Painting by Darwin LeonWomen’s health care won a victory in the US Senate yesterday when the chamber voted 51-48 to block an amendment by Missouri Republican Roy Blunt that would have cancelled President Barack Obama’s administration mandate that health insurers cover contraception without charge for employees of religiouisly-affiliated institutions.

The Republican measure “takes aim at women’s access to health care,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat. “It would allow any employer or insurer to deny coverage for virtually any treatment for virtually any reason.” Mammograms, flu shots and prenatal care are among the services women could be denied, Reid said. via BloombergBusinessweek

Democrats say that Republicans in moderate states like Massachusetts will pay a price in the November elections for supporting a bill that doesn’t reflect the views of the majority of Americans, including large blocks of Republicans.

Republican Backlash?

A new poll suggests that Democrats may dead-on, especially if the Republican War on Women continues. It’s been decades since women’s rights had such extensive coverage in the public press.

Sixty-three percent of Americans said they supported the new birth control coverage requirement in a Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation poll conducted in mid-February. Breaking down the numbers, 8 in 10 Democrats supported the measure but only 4 in 10 Republicans voiced approval, writes the New York Times. 6 in 10 people calling themselves Independents voiced support for the measure.

Kaiser found little gender gap differences in support. Among younger Republicans 18 to 49, just over half supported the birth control program, with only 1 in 3 Republicans over 50 supporting the measure. The study confirmed disappointment verging on disgust that Republicans were making these issues a priority instead of jobs.

Writing for The Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky says that Mitt Romney backed himself in a serious corner when he first declared himself against the Blunt-Rubio contraception amendment on Wednesday and then reversed himself. Romney supported an identical bill — as did most Republicans a decade ago — when he was governor of Massachusetts.


Blunt Amendment Contraception Fight Comes Dead Center Today | Catholic Bishops Make Big Threats | Republican Retreat?

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

Missouri Senator Roy BluntOne of the most important votes for or against women’s health care will occur in the US Senate today, known as the Blunt amendment. Introduced by Republican Senator Roy Blunt, the bill “is about the First Amendment” in his own words. The Blunt Amendment allows employers to opt out of health care coverage they disagree with on moral grounds.

This so-called ‘conscience’ amendment is meant to curtail a recent Obama administration decision mandating that key women’s health care needs like birth control by covered by religious employers through a compromise that puts the insurance company and woman in direct contact. The Obama administration ruling doesn’t apply to churches but does apply to hospitals, universities and businesses operated by religious institutions.

Catholic bishops are in revolt over the regulation allowing their employees to receive contraception, even though 98% of Catholic women say they now or have previously used birth control, ignoring the church’s insistence that contraception is a mortal sin, punishable by going to hell.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid has scheduled the vote, which will require every senator to take a stand on the Blunt amendment. Retiring Republican senator Olympia Snowe has said she will vote against it. Democratic senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia will vote for the Blunt amendment.

The Blunt bill has 37 cosponsors, including Mass. Sen. Scott Brown, who is being challenged for his Senate seat by Elizabeth Warren. Brown’s decision should give momentum to Warren in Massachusetts, where educated men and women generally believe in a separation of church and state.

Supreme Court Justice Scalia, one of the most conservative judges on the court, has already ruled that the US Constitution doesn’t guarantee or imply the wide-ranging religious or moral exemptions sought by the Blunt amendment. Based on Justice Scalia’s interpretation, we agree that the Blunt Amendment IS about controlling women’s bodies and not religious freedoms.

Related: Catholic bishop warns HHS mandate will mean an end to Catholic hospitals, clinics, charities Hot Air

More DFR

Nubian queen or princess riding in chariot and wearing a magnificent feather crown. Anne’s Facebook page was pretty raucous yesterday, filled with defiance as Republicans move against women’s health all over America. Anne has always linked women worldwide, believing that saying Saudi Arabian women can’t drive is related to the same patriarchal mentality that gives Catholic bishops the final say over women’s access to contraception in America.

Our friend Max Dashu reminds us that Nubian women drove chariots and Islamic scholars agree also that women drove chariots in the lands now called Saudi Arabia. The arguments that face women worldwide today are designed to suppress women’s freedoms and deny our history. Learn more about women’s real history before monotheism at Max Dashu’s Suppressed Histories Archives.

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