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Natasha Poly In ‘Poly Pur’, Lensed By Luigi & Iango For Vogue Germany, October 2014

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Tina Brown Kicks Off Women in the World Summit | Texas Drops130,000 Poor Women As Republicans Reject Title X

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

2012 Summit: Who’s On Stage The Daily Beast


Tina Brown | Editor in Chief, Newsweek & The Daily Beast

Lauren Bush Lauren Chief Feeder & Cofounder, Feed Projects, LLC

Watch the conference livestream and read the bios of these incredible women who are devoted to improving women’s lives worldwide.

War on Women Update

Pennsylvania | Just in from Planned Parenthood to women activists. That would be Anne.

YOU DID IT! Thanks to the outrage of tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians like you, the Ultrasound Bill - HB1077- is on hold indefinitely! Every single State Representative received hundreds of emails and phone calls expressing outrage at the excessive government overreach of the bill. Earlier this week, the bill was sent back to the Health Committee where it will stay until major changes are made.

Because of our strength, our opponents have backed down, but there seems to be no limit to their willingness to curtail reproductive rights in Harrisburg. Even though dozens of your representatives have come out in opposition and an unprecedented TWENTY-SIX who had originally signed on have removed their names from HB 1077, we need to keep up the fight!

International Women’s Day, Congress Debates Measure To Limit Reproductive Rights Huffington Post

The House Judiciary Subcommittee began on Thursday to discuss the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA), sponsored by two Florida Republicans, Marco Rubio in the Senate and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the House. The bill would make it illegal for anyone but a parent to accompany a young woman across state lines to seek an abortion — even if her parents are absent or abusive.

Dem women senators press Boehner to nix birth-control vote The Hill

More DFR

Rosario Espriella and her children at Planned Parenthood in Edinburg, Tex. The agency has closed four clinics in the county. Eddie Seal for The New York Times Texas health care clinics are slashing poor women’s services, refusing federal funds under the Medicaid Women’s Health Care Program for 130,000 poor women. Gov. Rick Perry and Republican lawmakers have said the will forgo the $35 million in federal money that finances women’s health care rather than let Planned Parenthood have one dime.

In these state-level culture wars that seek to prevent women from receiving services that are legal in America including the morning-after pill, poor women are pawns in a men’s game of political chess.

Nationally, the four Republican candidates for president also want to abolish Title X at a federal level. Planned Parenthood sees about one-third of the five million low-income people covered under Title X, which has existed since the Nixon Administration, with dollars that represent one quarter of its budget.

Like other federal financing, Title X does not pay for abortions. Only some of it covers birth control. Title X also provides money for cervical and breast cancer screening, testing for H.I.V. and other sexually transmitted diseases, adolescent abstinence counseling, infertility counseling and other services.

Texas Women Suffer Now

Texas already is a leading state in the nation, cutting back health services to poor women. A year ago, Anne wrote You Want to Defund Planned Parenthood & Title X? Look at Texas AOC Sensual Rebel

Texas is #49 in verbal SAT scores in the nation (493) and #46 in average math SAT scores (502). Texas is #36 in the nation in high school graduation rates.

Texas also leads the nation in repeat pregnancies, with Dallas being the top city. Even teens who have given birth once are prohibited from obtaining birth control without parental consent.

Only 40 percent of teen moms giving birth at age 17 or earlier finish high school. Daughters of teen mothers are three times more likely to become teen parents than girls with older moms. Eight of 10 teenage fathers do not marry the mothers of their first children.


Working & Single Ohio Women Deliver Romney Win | Columbia's Unspeakable Misogyny Towards Barnard Women

Daily French Roast

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Sally Tepper, 12, watches her mother, Dana, vote in Nashville, Tenn., on Tuesday. Pew experts say Romney trails Obama among women, 38 to 59 percent.Can Republicans Win Over Women in November? NPR

At least for now, president Obama has opened a major lead among women voters, leading Republican Mitt Romney 59-38 percent in the latest Pew Research poll. Obama is even leading among white women, a group he didn’t carry in 2008. Men polled by Pew prefer Romney 50-45 percent.

Ohio working and single Republican women delivered Mitt Romney’s queak-though primary win over Rick Santorum last night, supporting the candidate over Santorum by a 8-point margin.

All sides agree that the recent barrage of discussion around women’s access to health care and contraception, followed by agressive language around his idealized vision of women’s lives by Rick Santorum and then the recent Rush Limbaugh attacks on Sandra Fluke, saying that “She (Fluke) wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex.” have given millions of American women a 2012 reality shock. 

USA Today reports that Limbaugh has lost more than 30 national and local advertisers on his syndicated radio program since calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute.” Liberal watchdog group Media Matters keeps a list saying that Limbaugh has lost 36 advertisers as of yesterday. Rush denied that he has lost any sponsors of significance and in a convoluted argument that I don’t truly understand, makes the case that his finances are better than ever. The talkster says he has two-three major sponsors signing on, and it wouldn’t surprise us. Plenty of people think as Rush Limbaugh does.  Read on at Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh’s latest target is investigative journalist Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s. Farm Fields and the Dinner Table. Referring to the author as a “babe”, an “authorette” and, more broadly, one of “these single white women.” Continuing, Limbaugh preached:

What is it with all of these young single white women, overeducated — doesn’t mean intelligent. For example, Tracie McMillan, the author of this book, seems to be just out of college and already she has been showered with awards, including the 2006 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. … Her degree is not in food or nutrition.  She has a B.A. from New York University in political science.

More DFR

Over 1500 students have joined a Facebook group committed to fighting the hateful online exchange that broke out between Columbia College and Barnard students yesterday. Trying to create perspective, the Columbia Spectator wrote today:

After the announcement that President Barack Obama, CC ’83, would be speaking at Barnard’s commencement, some CC students took to Spectator and Bwog to criticize their peers across the street. While their initial complaints were directed at Obama for coming to Morningside Heights but not speaking at his alma mater, their anger led to many misogynist comments challenging Barnard students’ intellect.

Unlike the New York Times, Jezebel published examples of the comments made about Barnard, which remains a women’s college with the Columbia University system.

  • “While you guys were perfecting your deepthroating techniques and experimenting with scissoring and anal play, we were learning Calculus (usually by sophomore year of high school).”
  • “Barnard is full of academically inferior students that are able to use OUR campus, take OUR classes, and are stereotypically easy to get in bed. We feel like we worked our asses off to get here, and it’s annoying as fuck that Barnard can get the milk for free, so to speak.”
  • “this is why we hate you cum dumpsters.”
  • “Moral of the story is that ugly, feeble Barnard women need to shut their jizz holes and just be happy that Columbia let Barnyard pretend it was affiliated for this long.” 
  • “This is a really shitty way to cap off our years at Columbia. The biggest marker of our time spent here will be overshadowed by the women across the street.”

Murkowski’s Chilly Reception

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski was reelected as a write-in candidate after the Tea Party dumped her re-election bid for being too moderate.

In Alaska for the start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, the senator kept running into female voters who “were coming unglued”, furious with her for voting for Blunt. Murkowski went on record saying that she’s a moderate.

She supports abortion rights and contraception coverage. She also doesn’t line up completely with the Catholic Church when it comes to birth control. She regretted her recent vote.


Half A Century After Femism #2, Dramatic Lack of Women in Power Remains the Norm | Obama @ Smith Commencement

Remi Rebillard’s Alana in ‘Plein Solei’ Is A Welcome Respite from the Republican War on Women SN Platinum Screen

Note | Nudity I apologized to Remy Rebillard this morning for not staying on the schedule that I set for releasing his gorgeously sensual and artistically inspiring images of Alana in “Plein Soleil”, inspired by a French classic movie from 1960.

“So sorry, Remy,” I said. “Saturday became a huge push to get ProFlowers to drop their sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh for calling us Smart Sensuality women — and one in particular named Sandra Fluke — “whores” and “sluts”.

Then there’s the small matter of my being called a whore, slut and worse myself — multiple times since December, in responding to a request from a nonprofit, monastery-based skin care company in Massachusetts.”

Lisa took on the Catholic Church patriarchy last night for their treatment of me and all women worldwide in Conservative Catholics Demand End to Bro Dennis & Anne Blog.

All in all it was a wicked weekend, topped off with my agreement to become the Pa media liaison for the National March Against the War on Women 4.28.12. You can read the details in this morning’s Elise & Saskia’s Body Armor for American Women | Interview Magazine March 2012.

Remi handled our delay like the gentleman that he is, even offering to drive up to Palm Beach from Miami and tag Rush’s house with my name — Anne Feminazi.

Daily French Roast

Anne is reading …

Half a century after the second wave of feminism swept America, women are relatively absent from the processes of governance in politics, church hierarchies, and business that determine the details of their lives. “Throughout American society, the dramatic underrepresentation of women at the top remains the norm,” writes The Daily Beast in Women and the Leadership Gap.

Men run most American institutions and make most key political, executive, policy and spiritual decisions in the United States.

Nor are such imbalances improving; in most areas, women’s advancement has flatlined in recent years. “I think we are stuck in the muck,” says Kathryn Kolbert, director of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard. “We made great progress on the rights front in the 1970’s, and life has changed significantly, but progress for women has plateaued in rights, in leadership, and in the ability to contribute equally in social and cultural affairs.”

Gloria Steinem weighs in on facts we discuss constantly at AOC. American exceptionalism is based on a very traditional model of men running our lives and women being in charge of the home. Indeed American women have gone to work in the last 50 years. Most women work presently.

“We have less parental leave, less sick leave, and less child care than Europe; we’re much worse off than any modern democracy,” Steinem points out. Just three countries in the world have no paid parental leave: Papua New Guinea, Swaziland and the United States of America.

More DFR

War on Women Roundup

Viagra Ultrasounds

In Illinois, lawmaker State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D) has proposed an amendment to a state mandatory ultrasound bill that would require men to watch a graphic video about the side effects of Viagra before being legally able to receive a prescription for it.

Obama at Barnard College

President Obama will make this year’s commencement at Barnard College on May 14. Expected to address directly the Republican War on Women, the decision to speak at Barnard will offer the President an opportunity to speak directly to Republican desires to roll back women’s rights for America’s young women.

The President is expected to be more adept at speaking to a group of female graduates than say Adlai E. Stevenson, who gave the 1955 commencement speech at Smith College.  Steven advised graduates of the prestigious institution that their job should be to influence “man and boy” through the “humble role of housewife’, writes the New York Times.

What Revelation Reveals Wall Street Journal

Conservative Catholics Demand End to Bro Dennis & Anne 2Ps in a Pod Blog AOC Sensual Rebel