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Catholic Bishops Studying Claims of Girl Scouts As 'Radicalized' Organization | Republican Women Surging for Santorum

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We took a day off from Rick Santorum but must get back in the game because the comments from the Republican candidate for president continue to astound — and chill us.  Santorum leaves no doubt that he seeks a theocracy for America, saying Sunday on ABC’s ‘This Week’ that he disagreed with the ‘absolute separation’ between church and state outlined by President John Kennedy in a 1960 speech. Santorum said that reading the Kennedy speech made him want to “throw up”.

“I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute,” he said. “The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our country.”

It is this belief that puts women’s bodies and children’s minds in play for Santorum’s patriarchal plan for America. The candidate has cast President Obama as a “snob” for his focus on wanting to see more of America’s students receive a college education. Business leaders continually speak of America’s education gap — that not enough of our young people are educated in important fields of math, science and engineering.

In reality, President Obama’s new budget calls with $69.8 billion in education, with the budget heavily focused on boosting vocational training, both at the high-school and college level.

The initiative would encourage partnerships between two-year colleges and local businesses to identify in-demand skills and develop courses that help build them. It would also finance online and in-person training for up to 600,000 aspiring entrepreneurs. via Reuters

President Obama’s $8 billion Community College to Career Fund, aims to train 2 million workers for jobs in fields such as high-tech manufacturing, clean energy and health care. Santorum ignores all these facts, in what has become an astounding, genuinely alarming Republican campaign for the presidency based on putting God in charge of America.

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Increasing numbers of conservative Republican women say Rick Santorum is their man. On a national level, Santorum’s positions against birth control, college educations and separation of church and state may cause very movements away from the candidate among independent womne. But polls leave no doubt that these same beliefs attract socially conservative Republican women who like his policies and his personality.

Maggie Gallagher, traveling with the Leadership for Life tour in Michigan says that Rick Santorum’s comments on contraception are “political clutter” and that the candidate’s willingness to hang tough on social conservative issues is far more important. Gallagher says conservative women view Santorum as a caring, loving man with old-fashioned, real man values.

The Daily Beast reports that Romney remains the most popular candidate among GOP women, with a 61 percent favorability rating, which has fallen since January. Santorum’s, meanwhile has surged from 34 percent to 57.

In a constantly changing political landscape, the most recent Mitchell/Rosetta poll in the state showed Romney increasing his lead among women from about 29 percent in mid-February to 37 percent, then down to 31 percent most recently. 

US Conference of Bishops Also Investigating Girl Scouts

South Bend Catholic Diocese Bishop Kevin Rhoades says the Catholic Church as heard other claims besides those of Representative Bob Morris, R-Fort Wayne, about the Girl Scouts of America collaborating with Planned Parenthood to teach young girls about sex.

“Some of those concerns that have been raised, and that the congressman raised were already concerns that have come forward and are being studied by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops,” said Rhoades. via Fox News Fort Wayne

CNN reports that Morris has now voiced regret for writing his letter to Indiana lawmakers accusing the Girl Scouts of America as “sexualizing” young girls. He does stand by his claims that it is a “radicalized organization.”

An astonishing development to be continued …


CBS 60 Minutes Lara Logan A Year After Tahrir Square Sexual Assault | Monica Lewinsky for HBO Clinton Biopic

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Photograph by Cass Bird for The New York TimesThe life of ‘60 minutes’ correspondent Lara Logan changed dramatically last February in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt. The New York Times T Magazine interviewed Logan in a fashion editorial and quality of life update a year after her chilling sexual assault in Egypt.

Logan will return to Afghanistan this summer, her first trip to the region since her assault.

In the past year Logan’s assignments have taken her to the backstage of an Aerosmith concert, a Michael Bublé show, a game reserve in Texas, a polo field. She is the co-host, with Charlie Rose, of “Person to Person,” a reworking of Edward R. Murrow’s classic show of the 1950s, in which the interviews are conducted via a feed from a studio in New York.

Read the entire Lara Logan story, including the revelation that she was saved by niqab-wearing women throwing themselves on her body as Egyptian men tried to pull her to pieces.

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Former President Bill Clinton’s intern friend Monica Lewinsky has lived in New York for a little over a year. she runs her own company, The Real Monica Inc., which manufactures purses and totes “Made Especially for You, by Monica.” No longer an outcast, Lewinsky attends Vanity Fair’s A-list Oscar party and is a TV correspondent, reporting on US trends for Britain’s Channel 5.

Simply stated, she’s enjoying life, signing on to appear in an HBO documentary that will detail her role in the Clinton scandar.

Now that she’s no longer bound by her immunity agreement with the independent counsel, Monica says, she will finally set the record straight about such issues as who really wrote those talking points and other details of the year leading to the impeachment of the president — a series of events she refers to with a sigh as “that whole thing.”

Read New York Magazine’s in-depth Monica Takes Manhattan.


Georgia Democrats Introduce Anti-Vasectomy Bill | Romney Plummets With Women | Virginia Tables Personhood Bill

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The new Republican term for blogs like AOC is “elite media”. Slate writes that Santorum is incredibly angry that the “elite media” is dogging him because of his conservative religious views. The Republican candidate pulls out the stops with one appalling assertion after another — from the Devil attacking America to why he’s opposed to birth control but chooses not to talk about his manufacturing proposals on ‘Face the Nation’. Duh?

Today was the first time we read that Santorum wants creationism taught in America’s classrooms, as an alternative to the scientific theory of evolution. Pushing intelligent design in classrooms was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2005, based on a lack of scientific evidence for the theory.

Santorum insisted just days ago that President Obama’s policy decisions aren’t based on Biblical principles. It’s Santorum who promotes a theocracy for America and then criticizes journalists for asking questions about an agenda never openly discussed in a presidential election race.

The Vatican accepts the scientific theory of evolution and the big bang theory. The basic difference between atheists and the Vatican is that the pontiff believes God causes the big bang. Read details of “Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life,” put on by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 2008.

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In response to a new abortion bill in Georgia that would punish procedures performed after the 20th week of pregnancy with prison sentences of between one and 10 years, Georgia Democrats introduced a new bill that will outlaw vasectomies in Georgia, a procedure that leaves “thousands of children … deprived of birth.”

Rep Yasmin Neal, a Democrat from Jonesboro, a suburb of Atlanta, introduced HB 1116, outlawing vasectomies unless needed to avert serious injury or death. via CNN

Virginia Ultrasound & Personhood Update

Virginia Republicans have sent their personhood bill back to committee, effectively taking it off the legislative agenda for this year. It hasn’t died, just gone lurking to the back burner until the pressure is off. The Virginia legislature did pass a bill today requiring an external ultrasound, not the ‘transvaginal’ procedure Governor McDonnell supported.

How much harm has been done to the Governor’s political aspirations remains unclear. All polls show that women are turning against Republicans faster than the data can be polled.

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