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Research: Holding a Gun Makes Weapon Holder Extra Big & Strong | Mitt Romney on Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay

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iStock photoNew research on men and guns confirms what many of us know intuitively. Discovery News reports that just holding a gun is enough to convince others that the weapon-holder is extra big and extra strong. The research seems to confirm that humans evaluate opponents much like out early ancestors did.

“What we think we’re tapping into here is a system that summarizes many, many variables in a single, easy-to-think form, namely a picture in your head, and ultimately we think that this then is the key variable that is used in calculations of what to do next,” said Daniel Fessler, an evolutionary anthropologist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“Potentially, these kinds of calculations go on all the time in situations of conflict of interest, even at the level of large groups or whole armies,” he added. “Now we have whole nation states with incredible technology going to war, and still people making those decisions have representational systems in their heads that use very simple dimensions of size.”

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New York mayor Bloomberg accuses NRA of backing ‘licence to murder’ Guardian.Co.UK

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Secretary Hillary Clinton meets with Stacy Lambe, left, and Adam Smith. (Stacy Lambe, Adam Smith / Texts From Hillary / April 11, 2012) Last week, the blog ‘Texts From Hillary’ Tumblr blog was raging through the Internet. Teeing off photos of The Secretary of State taken by photographers Diana Walker of Time and Kevin Lamarque of Reuters, showing her peeking at her Blackberry, the witty commentarys shows Hillary having imagined conversations with figures like Mitt Romney, Arrianna Huffington and even her boss Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, Hillary herself gave a thumbs up to the site, submitting her own meme.

Mitt Romney on Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail today, trying to convince women voters that fears in his Republican agenda are unfounded. It’s reasonable to assume that the week after Romney buddy Wisconsin governor Scott Walker repealed legislation guaranteeing women equal pay for equal work, that Romney would be asked about his support of President Obama’s first piece of legislation — the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Sure enough Huff Po reporter Sam Stein asked the presumed Republican presidential candidate if he supports Lilly in a conference call designed to prove that Romney is good for women.

Silence ensued. Six long seconds and then Romney’s policy director Lanhee Chen stepped in, saying “We’ll get back to you on that.”

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina jumped into action, circulating a critical statement from mad in Alabama Ledbetter herself: “I was shocked and disappointed to hear that Mitt Romney is not willing to stand up for women and their families.”


Vatican Says God Stands in the Way of Women Priests | Wisc Again Favors Gender Pay Inequality

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Suzanne Dunn (left) and Jeannette Love image by Paul WellmanThe Santa Barbara Independent introduces us to Suzanne Dunn and Jeannette Love, two women considered to be modern day heretics, two who tend a small, slowly growing South Coast Ca congregation.

The two women are part of Roman Catholic Womenpriests, a movement that also supports not only women priests, but gay and married priests as well. We’ve introduced AOC readers to the organization, as we track the ongoing demands of some Catholics for a reform movement within the church and the Vatican’s insistence that under no circumstances will the church ever yield on its current policies.

Pope Benedict denounced a group of Austrian priests who have launched the Pfarrer Initiative — or pastor initiative — calling on priests to “follow our conscience and act independently” of the pope’s orders. The group now has more than 300 Austrian priests and deacons, causing top Austrian bishops to see counsel from the Vatican on how to handle the situation, reports AP.

While reported in the press as being a harsh indictment of the renegade priests, the Rev. Hellmut Schueller has downplayed the tough talk, saying that “I cannot see it as a very sharp wording.”

Episcopalian Church Revised Priestly Vision in 1974

Writing for Huffington Post today, the Rev. Malcolm Boyd dials back the years to America, July 1974 when the Episcopal church shattered tradition by ordaining 11 women priests. “I believe that a priest must be less and less a privileged member of an elite, more and more a brother/sister in an open community.” Worker priests in France are excellent examples of this new model, writes Reb Boyd.

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Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker speaks to an audience at a Waukesha County Republican dinner in Pewaukee, Wis., Saturday, March 31, 2012., Steven Senne / AP Photo

Wisconsin Repeals Equal Pay Laws

Last Thursday, Wisconsin governor Scott Walked signed a bill that repealed the state’s 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act. While Republicans insist there is no war on women, Governor Walker moves favor gender gap pay inequality.

When the law went into effect in 2009, the Wisconsin gender gap in pay rates moved from 36th to 24th in the national gender-parity nationally. Presumably those gains for women’s wages will now be lost for Wisconsin women.

Elizabeth Warren Again Outraises Brown

The Boston Globe reports that Elizabeth Warren has raised $6.9 million in the first quarter, more than twice as much as her opponent, Senator Scott Brown. Warren says that $2.5 million has been raised from in state donors and the rest from voters outside Massachusetts.

“The incredible enthusiasm we have seen from people across the Commonwealth who are contributing to this campaign shows the strong grassroots momentum behind Elizabeth’s fight for middle class families,” said Warren campaign manager Mindy Myers.

The Warren campaign has provoked a major response from groups outside of Massachusetts. We’re not talking about a Karl Rove fund, which surely will come to the assistance of Senator Brown’s efforts as the election gains momentum.

In the case of Elizabeth Warren, 83 percent of the donations were $50 or less. Warren also outraised Senator Brown in the last quarter of 2011 $5.7 million vs $3.2 million.


Stephanie Nielson's Story of Courage, Hope & New Baby Charlotte | All Stephanie Nielson AOC Articles

Stephanie Nielson: A Story of Courage and Hope Parade Magazine

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Stephanie Nielson’s NieNieDialogues

What a powerful story for Easter! No one brings more tears to my eyes than Stephanie Nielson, whose life changed upside down on Aug. 16, 2008 in a plane crash that could have killed her spirit — but didn’t. I’ve been unable to let go of Stephanie because she represents the best of humanity and the human spirit.

I heard from Stephanie recently — just a few words and a quick thank you for following her story. In many respects, we are different women and yet we are bound by that simple fact.

Stephanie and I are separated by religion, political party, and the crowds we run with. And yet, Stephanie Nielson represents the best of American womanhood and I am thrilled to both celebrate her and share her story with my audience. Stephanie’s  bravery and fortitude inspire me every day to move out of my own private space and into the larger issues that matter to all American women: family, educating our children, insuring human rights and integrity, fighting back against hardships and yes — sensuality and love.

Most of us pale next to Stephanie Nielson who has not only survived the crash, intense pain and months of reconstructive surgery with rarely — if ever — a ‘poor me’

This Easter weekend, Stephanie Nielson, her husband Christian and her family are featured in Parade magazine. Not present in the video is the newest member of the Nielson family, baby Charlotte. When I read that Stephanie Nielson was pregnant, I cried my eyes out. What a profound symbol of rebirth from her parents’ devastating plane crash is Charlotte Nielson.

I can’t think of a more profound gift to AOC readers than Stephanie Nielson’s story of sorrow and tragedy transformed into joy and new life. Happy Easter and Happy Passover weekend to all our readers and friends. Anne

“Baby- lil peanut -Charlotte “lottie” enjoying her first shower”

Stephanie Nielson Story

NieNie’s Stephanie Nielson Is Pregnant & Tears Flow at AOC

In a story I thought couldn’t get any more emotional and inspirational, Stephanie and Christian — who three years came into our lives in a fiery plane crash in Arizona, that took the lives of their good friend Doug who was piloting the plane — are about to have their fifth child.

Through the pain, anguish and disfiguring recovery — Stephanie more so than Christian — the Nielsons have lifted a lamp of hope to humanity on not only recovering from tragedy but dealing with physical disfigurement in our flawless obsessed pursuit of beauty.

NieNie’s Stephanie Nielson Faces ‘Flawless’ Beauty Head-on

Fashion bloggers and the Daily Mail UK in particular have made ‘flawless’ the descriptive word du jour, the dividing line between the beautiful people and the rest of us. She is flawless; her makeup is flawless; the Photoshop job is flawless. Applause, please. We are witnessing the magnificence of ‘flawlessness’, a beauty standard that eludes the majority of us.

Love to NieNie’s Stephanie & Christian Nielson from New York

No one has caused me to reflect on life, physical beauty, tragedy, courage, resilience and love more than Stephanie Nielson. 

It was this brave Arizona-mother’s courageous fight to live and recover from her devastating injuries in a plane crash, that inspired my reflections on the meaning of love, relationships and physical image in America and my own life.

The NieNie Dialogues: New Connections in a Digital World

NieNie Lovers: Stephanie Nielson’s Marriage Before the Crash

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