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Foreign Policy Magazine's First Sex Issue | From the Middle East to America, Why So Few Women Leaders?

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The current issue of Foreign Policy is devoted to sex. That would be females. No, no. Foreign Policy hasn’t gone the way of Playboy. Instead the April issue is dedicated to the consideration of how and why sex — in all our understandings of the meaning of the word — is so relevant in global politics.

Women missing from peace talks and parliaments, sexual abuse and exploitation institutionalized and legalized in too many places on the planet, and a U.S. policy that, whether intentionally or not, all too frequently works to shore up the abusers and perpetuate the marginalization of half of humanity. Women’s bodies are the world’s battleground, the contested terrain on which politics is played out. We can keep ignoring it. For this one issue, we decided not to.

Articles include:

Why Women Are a Foreign Policy Issue by Melanne Verneer

Why To They Hate Us? by Mona Eltahawy

The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets) by Karim Sadjadpour

The Startling Plight of China’s Leftover Ladies by Christina Larson

The Most Powerful Women You’ve Never Heard Of

Men rule the political world: Women make up just 20 percent of the world’s parliaments and constitute about 17 percent of cabinet positions. Foreign Policy asks: “Why aren’t there more women leaders, and is there any hope of change?” The magazine interviewed top female leaders around the world about the biggest obstacles for aspiring female politicians, and how they can be brought to the negotiating table. Presidents and vice presidents, cabinet secretaries and members of Congress all participated. Question: if 95 countries in the world have instituted quotas for women in governing, is it time America installs quotas, too?

More DFR

The parishioners of Our Lady of the Lake gave their pastor - the Rev. Tim Clark - a standing ovation for not supporting the repeal of same-sex marriage (courtesy of Our Lady of the LakeSeattle’s Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church saluted the Rev. Tim Clark with a standing ovation on Sunday when he announced that the parish would not gather signatures to support a referendum to repeal same-sex marriage. The parish is the sixth in Seattle to opt out of the petition drive instigated by Archbishop J Peter Sartain. Six parishes in the Seattle have joined the refusal. Unlike other bishops, Sartain left the decision of whether or not to support the gathering of signatures against gay marriage to individual pastors.

In St. Paul-Minneapolis, Archbishop John Nienstedt is pressing an amendment to the state constitution saying that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

In a fiery letter to priests that also condemned no-fault divorce and cohabitation outside of marriage, Archbishop Nienstedt said he would brook no public dissent from any priest in the archdiocese, writes the Seattle PI.

Archbishop Nienstedt has sent 400,000 anti-gay DVDs to Catholics in his diocese. Students wearing rainbows at a diocesan mass are refused communion.

Rap Sheet

Women Directors| No movies by women will compete at the Cannes Film Festival this year, writes Melissa Silverstein at Women and Hollywood. Last year there were four.

HBO Girls| Alison Willmore asks what are we mad at Lena Dunham and HBO’s Girls over today. Her list includes the show’s name; not representing the sisterhood; racist; and nepotism. Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart agrees, writing that the show reminds her of what her ’60s hippie parents have always told her: “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

Wisc. Dems on Walker| Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk was joined last week by state Reps. Christine Sinicki of Milwaukee and Chris Taylor of Madison in sending a letter to Repubican governor Walker asking for an explanation of why he repealed the state’s equal pay law. Falk, who is running against Walker in the recall, cited a lack of any lawsuits filed against the bill as Republicans have claimed.

Gingrey, Burgess, Paul and Roe delivered around 17,000 babies during their medical careers. | AP PhotosRepublican OB-GYNS in Congress| “We’re all Southern, conservative, and pro-life,” said Phil Roe of the four OB-GYN members of the House. “Loudmouthed and red-necked is also a good way to describe us.” Read on at Politico.


Anne Enke To Debut GlamTribale Jewelry Collection In Support of Planned Parenthood & African Girls comes soon to Anne of Carversville


In honor of Earth Day, 2012, I want to share with readers design prototypes from our Gaia Collection at No later than June 15, 2012, our new shopping website will open for preview business, offering a spectacular collection of jewelry designed by me and Philadelphia artist Cat Horn.

GlamTribale represents the beginning of a new journey, one in which I leverage the reputation and values of Anne of Carversville to support myself financially, while we extend our Smart Sensuality purses by doing good and helping others.

Our opening statement will include 10-12 collections inspired by goddesses, with each piece developed around mythology and women’s history, while promoting female-centric values.

Global Goddesses on the Move

Each piece of jewelry in our GlamTribale collection is designed with components from a minimum of three continents to emphasize the migration of humanity across the globe and the interconnected nature of our lives. Our Mami Wata Collection will follow the slave routes out of Africa to Brazil and beyond.

Presently, we estimate that components are 80% made of recycled, refuse or natural materials in fair trade shops around the world. Our shipping materials will be eco-friendly with complete transparency in their origins.

Fair Trade Wages and Values

The jewelry will be assembled in Philadelphia, Pa by a team paid fair trade wages. Not knowing what to expect in terms of volume, we will work with a largely free lance staff throughout 2012. It is our goal to create hourly wage jobs, job security and a benefit package for our workers in 2013.

10% of Revenue Donated to African Girls and Planned Parenthood PA/USA

Philanthropy that supports women’s causes is very important to me personally.

When I first conceived GlamTribale, I assumed that 10% of our revenues would go to purchase sanitary supplies for young girls in Africa. Because so many young women in Africa don’t have access to sanitary napkins, they miss a week of school each month and often drop out over the humiliation of accidents and teasing by boys. It remains my goal that 5% of GlamTribale revenues will support young women in Africa.

As a second wave feminist, it’s inconceivable to me that the Catholic bishops and social conservatives would be dedicated to shutting down Planned Parenthood across America and specifically in Pennsylvania, one of the original shining star American colonies.

Nevertheless, it is the goal of the Vatican, Catholic bishops and many evangelical groups to destroy Planned Parenthood, the primary source of healthcare and family planning for poor women in America.

Prepared to help lead a new wave of feminism in America, I appeal to the multitude of Republican women who were the original founders of Planned Parenthood, their daughters and granddaughters, to join me in supporting Planned Parenthood PA/USA with another 5% of GlamTribale revenues. is a project for ALL women of conscience and heart, not only Democratic or progressive women. We must join hands together in a refusal to return to the dark days of no rights to contraception or controlling our family planning in America. ~ Anne Enke

GlamTribale is for Smart Sensuality Women: Smart, Sexy and Spiritual with Heart


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