Obamas Lease Beautiful, Unpretentious House In DC's Kalorama Neighborhood

On a day when the tears will be flowing for two reasons -- saying goodbye to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and welcoming our first woman president Hillary Clinton -- or goddess forbid -- saying goodbye to the Obamas and weeping for the future of America with the arrival of the Trump contingent, at least we know the Obamas are headed to beautiful digs in Washington DC.

The Obama family is staying in DC so that daughter Sasha can graduate from the Sidwell Friends School. Big sister Malia will take a gap year off before attending Harvard University in 2017.

The eight bedroom, nine-and-a-half-bathroom, 8,200-square-foot mansion in DC's Kolorama neighborhood is owned by Glover Park Group co-founder Joe Lockhart and his wife Giovanna Gray Lockhard, the Washington editor of 'Glamour'.

The Washingtonian writes:

The Obamas’ future Kalorama home sits on about a quarter-acre of land on a somewhat secluded block of one of DC’s toniest neighborhoods. It was last sold in May 2014 for $5,295,000, according to real-estate records. Past the front door is a marble foyer, with an elegant sitting room to the right. But unlike some of the neighborhood, the house does not give off any vibes of ostentatiousness—no ballrooms or grand parlors. A spacious back yard and patio back up onto a hill where neighbors can peer over the fence, but that may change as the Secret Service makes its required modifications.

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