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Fashion Politics From Jenny Holzer | Analysis of Democratic Convention

Above: Conceptual artist Jenny Holzer’s installation in New York 2005.

Below: Jenny Holzer’s collaboration with Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia September 2012.

Milla Jovovich | Peter Lindbergh & Jenny Holzer | Vogue Iralia September 2012 | H.C Experimental



Headlines from Democratic Convention:

Character, Not Audacity Conservative columnist David Brooks for The New York Times

Obama’s Frist-Term Report Card Progressive pundit Nicholas D. Kristof for The New York Times

Obama Presses Plan for U.S, Resurgence Wall Street Journal

Obama’s Convention Anticlimax Molly Ball for The Atlantic

Anne here. I agree with Molly Ball that after three days of exceptional speeches at the Democratic convention, President Obama left me in a state of huge disappointment with his closing speech.

I am happy to see him being more realistic about the scale of difficulty that American faces in solving our current problems.

President Obama himself left me wanting to hear him close the deal, so to speak, on all the grand speeches that led up to his. That did not happen — although there is no chance that I will vote for Mitt Romney for a multitude of reasons.

First and foremost, the lives of American women will change in the most negative of ways under a President Romney — unless you’re a Karen Santorum type, who believes that women’s place is in the home as wife and mother of as many children as she can bear.

As a business person, I see absolutely no reason why Mitt Romney has ideas and strategy that will create jobs for America. I believe he embraces policies that only create wealth for rich investors and have no interest in supporting America’s vanishing middle class.

One of the most complex issues for me is trying to understand how not only the Bush administration but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected in 2007 that the federal deficit would gradually diminish, resulting in a balanced budget in 2011 and a surplus in 2012.

PolitiFact Virginia shares an analysis reminding us that those projections assumed that the Bush tax cuts would expire in 2010. I can’t can’t imagine why voters believe the same formula should be played again four years later.

As painful as it may be, I generall support the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles plan, followed its developments closely and believe its bipartisan conclusions are the best way forward in this painful time in America’s history. Read on Simpson-Bowles References in Obama, Biden DNC Speeches Vex Media, Progressives at Huff Po ~ Anne


Democrats Convene in Charlotte North Carolina | Artists Sing for Obama

Spirit of ‘08 Gone, Democrats Reunite Against GOP Threat New York Times

Their unity at this point is defined less by faith in Mr. Obama or a robust vision for what the party should stand for than by the prospect that Republicans could control the White House and Congress next year and enact a conservative agenda that would unravel much of what Democrats have stood for since Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society. Mitt Romney’s selection of Representative Paul D. Ryan as his running mate has only intensified the ideological fervor… .

In many ways the Democratic Party has reverted to form — an unruly conglomeration of sometimes competing interests, united in a belief that government has a crucial role to play in the economy and social justice, but often divided by priorities, means and values.

Update 8/5/12 11:39 pm After watching the Democratic convention for two nights, I’d say the New York Times got it wrong. At the least, they are being oversimplistic in this analysis. We’ve had two nights of extraordinary speeches and former president Bill Clinton just dismantled the vast majority of Republican claims against President Barack Obama.


Lady Gaga's Vogue Cover Is Surreal Fashion Fantasy | Don't Be Ethel Granger

If you are one of those women who spends her days trying to look like a Vogue magazine cover model, STOP IT!!!

BUZZFEED points out the difference between Lady Gaga’s American Vogue cover image and the behind the scene video. We all know that the cover was photoshopped, but Mert & Marcus went overboard in the transformation of their image.

To be fair, Gaga’s Marc Jacobs dress is just not flattering on the vast majority of women. And if one watches the video, the worst angle of Gaga in the dress was chosen for comparison.

Anne of Carversville has a long history of writing about size 0 models and the most recent transformations of the female body in fashion. Anne considers the stripping of sensuality and muscle from the 90s Supermodels to reflect the industry’s conscious and unconscious need to disempower strong, sexy women. We share some of our most enduring, widely read articles.

Just Say No

Self Love Is Saying ‘No’ To Fashion Body Images You Hate

I’ve been ruminating over this new accusation that AOC and I aren’t members of the ‘creative class’ and don’t understand that our artists must be free to say and do whatever they wish. What they are saying is so profound that lesser intellects like myself just don’t ‘get it’.

Because I’m opposed to censorship of artists, I must agree with the point that our artists should be free to say and do what they wish with their art. But I will not refrain from comment, even if I earn a new title of intellectual ignoramus by the elite members of the ‘creative class’.

Never will I write that the image should be censored, which is why I leave it in all its glory for us to look at. It’s an example of the messages that women send each other. No censorship is permitted on AOC, but I will help women to keep these degrading images out of our psyches by Just Saying No. Let another woman love them but not AOC women. We are too strong for this nonsense.

Celebrating the Supers

Just Say ‘No’: Programming Your Brain’s RAS System to Hate Size Zero Fashion Ads

80s powerhouse supermodel Cindy Crawford told German celebrity magazine Bunte that she would stand no chance of being a successful model today.

“A body like mine with big breasts, normal thighs and toned upper arms” is no longer what the industry is looking for, she said. via New Zealand Herald

Desensualizing the Supermodels

Cindy’s healthy athletic figure was the rage in the 80s and 90s, along with Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour. Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and more.

As a former Victoria’s Secret exec who worked with many of these models, I know we are in a time warp with today’s fashion designers, who care most of all about themselves and their brands. Neither models nor consumers penetrate the minds of today’s fashion patriarchy.

Models exist as coat hangers for fashion designers, experts explain, asking why women like me can’t get that reality through my pretty blond head. As fashion hangers, women must be as thin as humanly possible.

The problem is, this image does become deeply entrenched in the human psyche — among women and men. Much scientific research documents the fact that human minds process ad images as intended. Otherwise, why would advertising exist?

The Lilith in Every Woman

Christina Hendricks Reveals Our Inner Lilith Woman

I maintain that Ralph Lauren doesn’t like this Hendricks-looking, hourglass woman because she is … fertile, sexual, a bit of the Meryl Street wanton woman female with a robust libido.

You would think that Hendricks is every guy’s dream girl because she likes sex, men and is willing to make her own way in the male establishment back then. In a weird twist of feminism, today’s world fears the hourglass woman.

In the same way that blonds are considered to be best in bed but poor wives, given their extra-robust libido and supposed penchant for infidelity, the hourglass woman is sinful, and shame incarnate. She is Lilith.

Art directors and stylists are subliminal creatures, often striking poses and sets that spring from their unconscious minds without warning. Of course, I can see the Boticelli beauty of Christina Hendricks, but knowing of Lilith, Adam’s first wife, I chuckled over the Hendrick’s corset photo.

Years ago I published a small journal ‘The Gospel According to LIlith’. This was before the Conservative revolution that swept through America, basically derailing the women’s movement and leaving American women years behind those in other countries — about 60 other countries, according to the World’s Economic Forum report from Fall 2009.