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President Obama Widens Lead Over Romney in Polls | Secy Hillary Clinton Condemns Anti-Islam Video

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Quote of the day: Scarborough’s lesson Salon

Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” wrote an Op-Ed in Politico last night called “The Problem With Mitt,” where he sums it all up:

“And the lesson is clear: If we want to win the battle of ideas in the long term, we should be willing to face the fact that Mitt Romney is likely to lose — and should, given that he’s neither a true conservative nor a courageous moderate. He’s just an ambitious man. Nothing wrong with that, except when you want to be president. Great leaders combine ambition and ideas and conviction.”

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A new Reuters poll shows President Obama widening his lead over Repubican candidate Mitt Romney. Thursday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll of likely voters shows Obama with a seven point lead. 48 percent of likely voters chose Obama with 41 percent choosing Romney. Among the 1,231 registered voters surveyed, Obama’s lead was 45 percent to Romney’s 39 percent.

Obama led Romney by wide margins in questions around tax policy, healthcare, Social Security, and the war on terrorism.

Voters were knowledgeable about events in Libya and Cairo.

Hillary Clinton Condemns Film

While Republican candidate Mitt Romney remains silent on the anti-Islam video, US Hillary Clinton has condemned it, calling the film “disgusting and reprehensible”. Clinton clarified her comments saying that America would never stop citizens from expressing their views, as is done in the anti-Muslim film causing protests throuout the Muslim world. 

Many Americans have wondered how this film and the potential results of death and destruction it stimulates in the Arab world aren’t the equivalent of yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Writing for The Atlantic, Yale Law Professor Jack Balkin expls why our 1st Amendment protects the free speech of these haters.

Romney Rhetoric Condemned

Mr. Romney’s rhetoric on embassy attacks is a discredit to his campaign The Washington Post

At a news conference, Mr. Romney claimed that the administration had delivered “an apology for America’s values.” In fact, it had done no such thing: Religious tolerance, as much as freedom of speech, is a core American value. The movie that provoked the protests, which mocks the prophet Muhammad and portrays Muslims as immoral and violent, is a despicable piece of bigotry; it was striking that Mr. Romney had nothing to say about such hatred directed at a major religious faith.

Blogs: Mitt Romney’s backers bash the media Politico

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Romney Accuses Obama Of Siding With Muslims | Right Winger Terry Jones Behind Anti-Muslim Movie

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Andrea Hailey and David Williamson, August 25 at Shelter Island, NY’s Sylvester ManorA progressive woman seriously dating a guy associated with the investment world knows there’s a moment she dreads — that moment when the odds stacked against her reveal themselves to be true. She dating a Republican.

For Andrea Hailey, the moment came when her sweetheart David Williamson uttered familiar words … if Americans saved their money well and “took responsibility” for their finances, they might not need government intervention or a health-insurance mandate.

“It was like a movie where it happens in slow motion,” she said. “I was just like ‘Nooooooo … ’ I was horrified. But I was in love with him. We were pretty far into our relationship at this point.”

At this moment, the bride was leaving to run the Indiana congressional campaign of Dr. Woodrow A. Myers Jr., previously health commissioner of New York.

In writing about the new nuptials, the New York Times inspires hope for a resolution to America’s gridlocked Congress. Bottom line, though, it’s probably wishful thinking. Today’s Republicans and Democrats see few redeeming qualities in each other. Unlike Ms. Hailey and Mr. Williamson, they’re not in love.

In fact, our politicos are in perpetual divorce court, arguing for sole custody of the nation’s future. Can you imagine if there were children involved!!

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A Muslim Sympathiser?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused President Obama of sympathizing with Muslim attackers who murdered America’s ambassador to Libya. As a stunned President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to the attack and murder of the American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other American diplomats by suspected Libyan religious extremists, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney went on the offensive, accusing President Obama of sympathizing with America’s enemies.

Part of the confusion came from a statement issued by the American embassy in Cairo — also the scene of protests yesterday over a low budget movie deemed highly offensive to Muslims. The statement, disavowed by Washington, condemned the movie rather than the protesters.

“I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi,” Romney said in the statement, which came before Stevens was confirmed as the fatality.

“It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks,” he added. via NY Daily News

Romney Attacks on 9/11

Cairo protesters scale US embassy wall on Sept. 11, 2012The Republican presidential candidate waged war on President Obama on September 11, a day the dueling duo set aside from partisan politics. Howard Kurtz writes for The Daily Beast that only one US consulate worker in Benghazi had been confirmed dead, when Romney took to his criticism of the president.

Writing for Foreign Policy, Marc Lynch argues that “it would be a tragic mistake to allow the images from Cairo and Benghazi to undermine American support for the changes in the Arab world.”

The Atlantic weighs in with a timeline of events concerning the production of the movie ‘The Real Life of Muhammad,’ an “amateurishly produced anti-Islam movie allegedly made with donations from 100 Jews.”

Not good. A cast of characters is emerging here, and AOC has written about them in depth. We return to 2010 and Terry Jones promising to burn another Quran:

Terry Jones ‘Received A Sign From God’, Lied About Doctorate AOC 2010

Terry Jones, Randall Terry, Mike Huckabee At Work for God & Christianity AOC 2010

Terry Jones: Florida Pastor Endorses anti-Muslim Film That Sparked Protests Orlando Setinel Just IN

General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, asked Jones to withdraw his support of the film during a phone call Wednesday, Reuters reported.


Carine Roitfeld & Kate Upton Go Baby Crazy For CR Magazine Debut

Carine Roitfeld Taps Kate Upton for Rebirth Editorial in CR, Reoitfeld’s New Magazine AOC Style

CR Fashion Book

CR Fashion Book launches with a black-tie gala and performance by Ryuichi Sakamoto at New York’s Frick Collection.Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Christian Restoin, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld share in the festivities behind Carine Roitfeld’s official return to the magazine publishing world with CR Fashion Book.

Kate Upton’s ‘Rebirth’ editorial for Roitfeld’s new magazine isn’t only devoted to celebrating the style diva’s new role as grandmother. Carine Roitfeld has been reborn in her life post Vogue Paris.

Roitfeld is doing several things differently in her new magazine. All the ads are spreads, arranged alphabetically by brand named. There is no “front of book”, with all that information presented online. Issue One has 340 pages of content including an essay by Anne Hathaway about her fertility and a fashion feature on jewelry designer Elsa Peretti.

Roitfeld has long been an inspiration at AOC, and we’re thrilled to experience her voice and vision in this new publication. See Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book Tumblr blog. Read on for Kate Upton editorial and more on Roitfeld’s return to fashion media.

ALL Carine Roitfeld at Anne of Carversville

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The Obama Campaign outraised Mitt Romney in the month of August, bringing in $114 million, compared to Romney’s $111 million. It’s the first time since April that President Obama has outraised the Republican presidential candidate.

Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin has until Sept. 25 to petition the court to remove his name from the Senate race against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. Akin’s “legitimate rape” controversy breathed new life into McCaskill’s race in increasingly conservative Missouri. The Senator skipped last week’s Democratic convention and toured college campuses. “Legitimate rape” wasn’t on her agenda in anti-abortion Missouri. Instead, McCaskill focused on Akins’ argument that federally-guaranteed student loans represent a “Stage 3 cancer of socialism”. via Washington Post

• Politico reports that Republicans are increasingly less confident about taking control of the Senate, a sharp break in attitude from four months ago. Races in North Dakota and Montana, once considered to be done deals, are stubbornly close. Hopes are fading fast in New Mexico and Hawaii as well. With half of Democratic Senate seats up for re-election, the Republicans are focused on Florida, Ohio and Virginia, where they trail just a bit in each state.

A new report on the US health care system says America wastes $750 billion annually. The waste breaks down like this, writes the Institute of Medicine as reported in The Atlantic.

GlamTribale Philadelphia Debut

GlamTribale At Karen Riggs’ Tribal Home in Philadelphia GlamTribale

GlamTribale had a wonderful opening at Philadelphia’s Tribal Home this weekend. Our entire collection has been redesigned and upscaled to rave reviews. The website won’t be revamped for another two weeks, but we’ll be getting at it each day.

Sandra Albury was Anne’s first customer when she arrived for Thursday night’s party. The two got pretty carried away again on Friday night, with Anne snapping Sandra making nice to both the jewelry and African art.

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