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Australian Ballet Jubilee | Will Davidson | Vogue Australia November 2012 | 'Heavenly Creatures'

Will Davidson presents a magnificent editorial ‘Heavenly Creatures’ styled by Jillian Davidson for Vogue Australia’s November issue. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Australian Ballet, dancers Amber Scott, Amy Harris, Christopher Rodgers-Wilson, Sarah Thompson, Adam Bull, Halaina Hills, Jake Mangakahia & Ty King-Wall gather by the sea in this sensual celebration of love, artistry, classicism and true beauty. Simply gorgeous!


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Mitt Romney Gets Personal Gangnam Parody As Gangnam Style Sweeps the Globe

Gangnam Style parodies of the presidential candidates have even hit Jay Leno. What is Gangnam Style, you ask? The New York Daily News explains in August 2012:

‘Gangnam Style,’ took YouTube by storm last month.

The video climbed to 100 million views in 51 days — faster than Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” according to the Daily Dot — and elicited a deluge of response videos.

It’s garnered over 117 million views since it was posted on July 15, and Psy, a.k.a. Park Jae Sung, became the first Korean artist to be invited to the VMAs since Rain performed in 2005, according to the Korea Times.

Gangnam is a wealthy neighborhood in the South Korean city of Seoul where young people go to party. In the song, Psy describes the kind of guy he is and the kind of girl he wants, painting caricatures of the ostentatious culture of people who hang out in Gangnam.

As The Atlantic pointed out in an in-depth article last month, behind the flashy costumes and killer dance moves in Psy’s video, there’s a subtle commentary on class in South Korea.

Watching the video today, it now has a stunning 354,877,262 views!!! That is 1/3 of a billion page views. The global population is 7 billion people. Yes, there are duplicates, but this is stupendous.

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Heidi Mount Predates America's Slut Girls in 'You Are Breaking My Heart'

Heidi Mount stars in an exquisite, sepia-infused retro editorial, lensed by Guy Aroch for Muse Magazine’s issue #31. Yes, there were emancipated, professional women in the forties and fifties, but they were rare in America. It is this fear of the emancipated woman who lives life on her own terms that is at the core of the Republican War on Women.

Heidi is styled in her sensual best by Joanne Blades in ‘You Are Breaking My Heart’, a story of the independent woman who lives a beautiful, fleeting moment enjoyed by most American women at one time or another in our lives.

Trust me, the majority of social conservative women have experienced such a poignant moment in one version or another in their lives. It may well be the unconsummated encounter but they have lived it in their minds if not for real.  It’s Heidi’s willingness to walk away when the moment ends that is difficult for America’s increasingly complex, values-loaded society to justify without judging.

In this respect, Heidi Mount officially predates the advent of America’s Rush Limbaugh-condemned slut girls, aka the feminazis. Personally, I’ll take feministas!~ Anne


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