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Carine Roitfeld & Kate Upton Go Baby Crazy For CR Magazine Debut

Carine Roitfeld Taps Kate Upton for Rebirth Editorial in CR, Reoitfeld’s New Magazine AOC Style

CR Fashion Book

CR Fashion Book launches with a black-tie gala and performance by Ryuichi Sakamoto at New York’s Frick Collection.Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, Carine Roitfeld, Christian Restoin, and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld share in the festivities behind Carine Roitfeld’s official return to the magazine publishing world with CR Fashion Book.

Kate Upton’s ‘Rebirth’ editorial for Roitfeld’s new magazine isn’t only devoted to celebrating the style diva’s new role as grandmother. Carine Roitfeld has been reborn in her life post Vogue Paris.

Roitfeld is doing several things differently in her new magazine. All the ads are spreads, arranged alphabetically by brand named. There is no “front of book”, with all that information presented online. Issue One has 340 pages of content including an essay by Anne Hathaway about her fertility and a fashion feature on jewelry designer Elsa Peretti.

Roitfeld has long been an inspiration at AOC, and we’re thrilled to experience her voice and vision in this new publication. See Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book Tumblr blog. Read on for Kate Upton editorial and more on Roitfeld’s return to fashion media.

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French Roast News

The Obama Campaign outraised Mitt Romney in the month of August, bringing in $114 million, compared to Romney’s $111 million. It’s the first time since April that President Obama has outraised the Republican presidential candidate.

Missouri Republican Rep. Todd Akin has until Sept. 25 to petition the court to remove his name from the Senate race against incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. Akin’s “legitimate rape” controversy breathed new life into McCaskill’s race in increasingly conservative Missouri. The Senator skipped last week’s Democratic convention and toured college campuses. “Legitimate rape” wasn’t on her agenda in anti-abortion Missouri. Instead, McCaskill focused on Akins’ argument that federally-guaranteed student loans represent a “Stage 3 cancer of socialism”. via Washington Post

• Politico reports that Republicans are increasingly less confident about taking control of the Senate, a sharp break in attitude from four months ago. Races in North Dakota and Montana, once considered to be done deals, are stubbornly close. Hopes are fading fast in New Mexico and Hawaii as well. With half of Democratic Senate seats up for re-election, the Republicans are focused on Florida, Ohio and Virginia, where they trail just a bit in each state.

A new report on the US health care system says America wastes $750 billion annually. The waste breaks down like this, writes the Institute of Medicine as reported in The Atlantic.

GlamTribale Philadelphia Debut

GlamTribale At Karen Riggs’ Tribal Home in Philadelphia GlamTribale

GlamTribale had a wonderful opening at Philadelphia’s Tribal Home this weekend. Our entire collection has been redesigned and upscaled to rave reviews. The website won’t be revamped for another two weeks, but we’ll be getting at it each day.

Sandra Albury was Anne’s first customer when she arrived for Thursday night’s party. The two got pretty carried away again on Friday night, with Anne snapping Sandra making nice to both the jewelry and African art.

Karlina Caune | Boo George | Vogue UK October 2012 | ‘New Pastures’ AOC Style


Fashion Politics From Jenny Holzer | Analysis of Democratic Convention

Above: Conceptual artist Jenny Holzer’s installation in New York 2005.

Below: Jenny Holzer’s collaboration with Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia September 2012.

Milla Jovovich | Peter Lindbergh & Jenny Holzer | Vogue Iralia September 2012 | H.C Experimental



Headlines from Democratic Convention:

Character, Not Audacity Conservative columnist David Brooks for The New York Times

Obama’s Frist-Term Report Card Progressive pundit Nicholas D. Kristof for The New York Times

Obama Presses Plan for U.S, Resurgence Wall Street Journal

Obama’s Convention Anticlimax Molly Ball for The Atlantic

Anne here. I agree with Molly Ball that after three days of exceptional speeches at the Democratic convention, President Obama left me in a state of huge disappointment with his closing speech.

I am happy to see him being more realistic about the scale of difficulty that American faces in solving our current problems.

President Obama himself left me wanting to hear him close the deal, so to speak, on all the grand speeches that led up to his. That did not happen — although there is no chance that I will vote for Mitt Romney for a multitude of reasons.

First and foremost, the lives of American women will change in the most negative of ways under a President Romney — unless you’re a Karen Santorum type, who believes that women’s place is in the home as wife and mother of as many children as she can bear.

As a business person, I see absolutely no reason why Mitt Romney has ideas and strategy that will create jobs for America. I believe he embraces policies that only create wealth for rich investors and have no interest in supporting America’s vanishing middle class.

One of the most complex issues for me is trying to understand how not only the Bush administration but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected in 2007 that the federal deficit would gradually diminish, resulting in a balanced budget in 2011 and a surplus in 2012.

PolitiFact Virginia shares an analysis reminding us that those projections assumed that the Bush tax cuts would expire in 2010. I can’t can’t imagine why voters believe the same formula should be played again four years later.

As painful as it may be, I generall support the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles plan, followed its developments closely and believe its bipartisan conclusions are the best way forward in this painful time in America’s history. Read on Simpson-Bowles References in Obama, Biden DNC Speeches Vex Media, Progressives at Huff Po ~ Anne


Democrats Convene in Charlotte North Carolina | Artists Sing for Obama

Spirit of ‘08 Gone, Democrats Reunite Against GOP Threat New York Times

Their unity at this point is defined less by faith in Mr. Obama or a robust vision for what the party should stand for than by the prospect that Republicans could control the White House and Congress next year and enact a conservative agenda that would unravel much of what Democrats have stood for since Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society. Mitt Romney’s selection of Representative Paul D. Ryan as his running mate has only intensified the ideological fervor… .

In many ways the Democratic Party has reverted to form — an unruly conglomeration of sometimes competing interests, united in a belief that government has a crucial role to play in the economy and social justice, but often divided by priorities, means and values.

Update 8/5/12 11:39 pm After watching the Democratic convention for two nights, I’d say the New York Times got it wrong. At the least, they are being oversimplistic in this analysis. We’ve had two nights of extraordinary speeches and former president Bill Clinton just dismantled the vast majority of Republican claims against President Barack Obama.