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Signe Vilstrup Captures 'Dangerous Liaisons For Vogue India October 2013

Signe Vilstrup captures a smashing editorial featuring models Kelly Gale, Mariette Valsan, Nidhi Sunil, Natalia Rassadnikova and Renya Gorlanova for Vogue India’s October issue. It’s intriguing to watch the evolution of Vogue India and its expression of sensuality. Vogue India — like Vogue Turkey — is expressing female pleasure with a form of artistry never seen in American Vogue. Anaita Shroff styles ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ with androgynous undertones and gorgeous lingerie. It’s Vilstrup that brings it all together in these spectacular images. /Hair by Keiichiro Hirano; makeup by Terry Barber


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