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jd Forte’s ‘The Up and Comers’ & A September 11 Women’s Rights Reflection

Anne Rethinks ‘Flawless’, Third-Tier Male Photographers & Values That Matter

Eden Foods Files Suit Against Contraception Mandate, Citing Birth Control As Immoral. PLEASE!!! Anne Says: Don’t Support Eden Foods With Your Wallet!

Scandinavian Women Lead the World in Equality & Governing | Anne Sends Big Hugs to Helsinki, Finland

French Roast News

Why Philadelphia Women Need the Earned Sick Days Bill

Izabel Goulart in Sign from Lilith That Anne Has Religious Morals After All

Gang of 10 Republican NM Women Want to Jail Rape Victims for 3 Years If They Abort

First Lady Michelle Obama in Jason Wu | The Feminine Feminist

Cameron Russell Says Privilege & Insecurity Make Modeling A Bad Career Choice

Islam, Western Guilt, Original Sin & Sensuality | Koray Birand’s Alyssa Miller Images Celebrate Female Eroticism

Is Maison Martin Margiela’s H&M Collaboration Subversive in Nature?

Billionaires Going Rogue 2012 Election | Rise of Superdads | Over My Dead Body | Dating Goes Partisan

GlamTribale Jewelry & Omo Valley People @ Kol Ami Craft Show Oct 13-14 2012

Sailing Towards Ithaca As A Sensual Journey

Australian Ballet Jubilee | Will Davidson | Vogue Australia November 2012 | ‘Heavenly Creatures’

Fashion’s Hippie Love Trend Is Tied to Womanly Cultural Creative Values

50 Years Later, Marilyn Monroe Remains the Ultimate Smart Sensuality Blonde

Alfred Hitchcock’s Obsession: Sienna Miller As Tippi Hedren in ‘The Girl’

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer: Female, 30-Something, Glamorous & Pregnant | Women’s IQs Now Higher Than Men’s

Cosa Bella’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ | Women of Harlot Babylon

Our Jewelry Expresses the Eroticism of Nature & Beauty of Woman

Louis Vuitton’s Yayoi Kusama Celebration | David Austin Roses | Kate Scott Photography

Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Will Be Read With Eve Ensler At Michigan Capitol June 18th

Small Town Aryanna Strader Voters Like Cupcake Liners, Too

Catholic Bishops Hats Inspire Coconut Shrimp Recipe

For Sister Margaret Farley Responsible Pleasure Is Not a Sin Calls Out PA (R) Congressman Joseph Pitts, Sponsor of HR 358 ‘Let Women Die’ Bill

Bye Bye to, Karen Teegarden & Anita Doll Fiouris

Tabea Koebach | Seiji Fujimori | The Ground #2 | ‘The Throne’

Elephants are Matriarchal and Kind to Females in the Animal World | Stop the Republican Disgrace of Elephants

Believing in Birth Control Doesn’t Make Me Un-American | 2 Ps in a Pod by Anne

Franca Sozzani: Living Simply and Thinking Big | We Call It Cultural Creative Wisdom

Marloes Horst | Will Davidson | Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2012 | ‘Wanderlust’

Research Review: Are Kids of Gay Parents Better Off With Mom & Imprisoned Dad?

Bro. Dennis on Ultra-Orthodox, Fundamentalist, Extreme Moralists as ‘Evil Incarnate’| 2Ps in a Pod

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Eye 9-17-14 | US Poverty & Child Development | Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet Collection

Eye 9-15-14 Richard Branson’s Unfulfilled Energy Pledge | G-Spot Science | Malala’s Attackers Arrested.

Eye 9-9-14 Violence Against Women | Scalia & Women’s Rights | Matrilineal Mawlynnong

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What’s Going On from Playing For Change

AOC Adopts An Anthem For GlamTribale: Marvin’s “What’s Going On” By Playing For Change”

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Vittoria Ceretti in Dolce Gabbana By Federico de Angelis for Marie Claire Kuwait & Arabia

Karlie Kloss In ‘Dark Horse’ By Mario Testino For Vogue September 2014

Blake Lively’s Preserve Internet Business Embraces Artisans

Brooklyn Artist Wangechi Mutu Confronts Women As Active Protagonists

Diana Moldovan & Yumi Lambert by Hans Silvester for Hermes Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

Christian Louboutin Does ‘Lilith’ By Peter Lippmann For Fall 2013

GlamTribale Dedicates Elephant Bazaar To Ending The Slaughter Of Elephants | Anne To Meet Kathy Eldon

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Anne Learns To Make Polymer Clay Beads For GlamTribale Jewelry

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Truth Serum on Goddesses, Religion & Women’s History Leaves Me Nowhere To Hide

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Anne Discovers Jozi Maboneng Johannesburg’s Artistry & Enlightenment

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Women’s Rights and the Sperm Fight in Jerusalem

Les Femmes

Penelope Cruz Is Red Hot for 2013 Campari Calendar

Salma Hayek | Alexi Lubomirski | Vogue Germany September 2012

Self Love Is Saying ‘No’ to Fashion Body Images You Hate

Michelle Williams US Vogue Interview & Photos As Marilyn Monroe

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Ines de la Fressange | 53, French Chic & Divinely Delicious

Emmanuelle Alt & Nudity | Will Vogue Paris Remain A Sensual Beacon?

Ines de la Fressange: A gorgeous French materpiece

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Keith McNally Farm | Viraj Puri NYC Gotham Greens | Diane Keaton Designs 


At Home w/Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton Gets Into the Design Game NYTimes

Diane Keaton is going strong, actively involved in preserving, then flipping homes in Southern California. The actress is on the board of the Los Angeles Conservancy, showing off her Spanish Colonial Revival house in Beverly Hills for Architectural Digest.

The latest design venture for the actress is a tabletop collection that she created for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The stoneware cups, bowls and plates, which are available online and in some stores now, have her trademark whimsy (some are stamped with the words “eat” or “bite”) and lack of pretension (prices start at about $5). But they also reflect Ms. Keaton’s latest obsession: the heartland. The “farm-y, landscape colors” she used, she told a reporter, were inspired by wheat, grass and bark.

NYC Urban Farmer

Fellows Friday with Viraj Puri TED Blog

Viraj Puri’s Gotham Greens was created in 2008 with a mission of providing New Yorkers with local, sustainable, premium quality produce year round. Puri’s associates grow everything, from seed to harvest, in a 15,000 square foot hydroponic rooftop greenhouse.

There are a number of ways to farm responsibly and sustainably. Gotham Greens has selected methods based on a unique geographic, urban location and a largely underused resource of rooftop space. There are plenty of large, unshaded, unused rooftops in New York that may be well suited to some form of urban agriculture.

This interview is brimming with insights from social entrepreneur and social citizen Viraj Puri, who volunteers that he spent years working in Malawi working on the development of fuel-efficient stoves. In 2004 Viraj develop a company that implemented green building and renewable energy installations in Ladakh, India.

A Martha’s Vineyard Escape

New York restauranteur Keith McNally’s island farm ELLE Decor

When New York City–based restaurateur Keith McNally sets up house for the summer on his four-acre farm in Chilmark, he works the land instead of plying the sea. In addition to his wife, Alina, and five children, McNally shares the property with several Berkshire, Tamworth, and Gloucester Old Spot pigs, as well as goats, sheep, lambs, and free-range chickens and ducks. Although they have all the fixings for some pretty great dinner parties (and the famous neighbors to round out the guest list), McNally and his wife like to lead a low-key life on their mini farm. “I have the need to produce my own food when I’m always around people consuming food,” says McNally, who has even taken to making his own goat cheese. “I cook a lot too, sometimes for dinner parties but mostly for the family.”  More photos at ELLE Decor


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Linda McCartney | Beatles' LOVE | India's Elephants | Chelsea Flower Show Vertical Garden


Linda McCartney Photographs

Linda McCartney: a life through the lens The Telegraph

Linda Eastman McCartney may have married a Beatle, but her big break came from the Rolling Stones. In 1966 Linda Eastman snared an invite aboard a yacht on the Hudson River, attending a publlicity event for the Rolling Stones. By 1967 she was embedded in the global rock ‘n’ roll scene, photographing her future husband Paul McCartney, at a ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album launch party in 1967.

On May 11, 1968 Linda became the first woman to have a photo on the cover of Rolling Stone, with her portrait of Eric Clapton.

Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs from Taschen comes in two editions; a limited (250 copies) Collector’s Edition which includes a pigment print on Hahnemuehle paper numbered and signed by Sir Paul McCartney ($1800), and a Trade Edition ($69.99). 240 pages. Read on at Amazon.

Beatles’ LOVE

Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Olivia Harrison and Beatles producer Sir George Martin will attend LOVE’s June 8 show at Las Begas’ Mirage Hotel and Casino. The Cirque du Soleil spectacle has had an enormously successful run in Las Vegas since it opened in 2006.

Guy Laliberté, Guides Cirque du Soleil NYTimes

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Female Sexuality Revealed Online, Marilyn Monroe & FBI, Bad Sugar


Marilyn Monroe

Bombshell Tapes Reveal New Marilyn Monroe Mystery AOL News April 26, 2011

Marilyn Monroe’s death on Aug. 5, 1962 remains one of the most mysterious and controversial ‘suicides’ in history.  Stories abound that Marilyn was taken alive to the hospital, then back home to die. Who knows what really happened?

Famous hair and makeup artist George Masters’ nephew turned over a set of tapes between them, prior to Masters’ — now destitute and drug addicted — death in 1998.

Details emerge of a trip not previously known about the day before Marilyn died, returning again on Frank Sinatra’s private jet to Lake Tahoe at the Cal-Neva Lodge. She was there with Sam Giancana, who was the head of the Mafia.

It’s alleged that Marilyn was about to talk about her relationship with the Kennedys, that she was given an enema with Nembutal. According to Masters, he believed that the FBI took Marilyn down.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Too Much Gwyneth Paltrow! The Daily Beast

Gwyneth Paltrow lensed by Peter Lindbergh is new ambassador for Coach

Given her enormous talents, why does Gwyneth Paltrow struggle to get respect in America? Tricia Romano speculates about why so many people are down on the upper-crust, blue-blood, blond Hollywood actress who just became an ambassador for Coach brand.



Crystal Renn

Anorexia in Thirds | 1/3 Die, 1/3 Relapse, 1/3 Recover AOC Daily Musings April 26, 2011

The NYTimes wrote a very sobering and scholarly article on recovery from anorexia, prompting us to declare our concern that the media and bloggers are getting major advice on anorexia from Crystal Renn.

We’ve been unsettled by Crystal’s recent conversations and comments before reading the NYTimes piece. Anorexia is a tremendously complicated disease, very similar to alcoholism.

We are wrong to keep focusing on Crystal Renn, who is a long way from a full recovery, based on facts about anorexia.

Sensual and Superyoung

Human Sexual Desire

The Online World of Female Desire WSJ April 30, 2011

Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam have written a new book ‘A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World’s Largest Experiment Reveals about Human Desire. 

Our Internet searches reveal much about us and so does neuroscience and brain scans. Understanding these facts gives us a much better understanding of sexuality and especially female sexuality where what we say and what we do are frequently at odds with each other.

One of the most interesting topics I’ve covered in my consulting work on female sexuality is that semantics mean everything. 

2006 Internet search stats confirm that women hate  the word porn, hitting the return key only 4% of the time in the 23 million searches for the word porn.

Having spent more time researching adult sites than I ever want to admit to, I understand totally why women detest the word porn. It’s gross out there.

The astute researcher digs deeper into women’s habits in the Internet’s erotic arena. If I told you that in 2006 women executed 50% of the 75 million searches for the word sex and 56% of the 14 million searches for teen sex, are you surprised? Read on: Sexy Doublespeak | American Women & Sexual Honesty.

Bad News Sugar

Is Sugar Toxic? NYTimes April 13, 2011

Researchers like Robert Lustig believe that being fatter isn’t the primary driver causing insulin resistance and the complications of disease. An in-depth NYT magazine article asks in it’s sugar that causes insulin resistance leading to cancer and other diseases. It’s dramatic to ask if sugar is poisoning our bodies, and the article doesn’t draw a firm conclusion.

But smart people like Anne, who are following the sugar story eat as little of it as possible for over a decade.


Flower Power in America

Lowe’s, Home Depot Locked in Annual Arms Race WSJ April 27, 2011

America not only goes to war over cupcakes but now gardening. Gardening is big business in America.

‘For Home Depot, the world’s largest home-improvement chain with $68 billion in annual revenue, and Lowe’s, the second largest with $49 billion, the stakes are large… . The National Gardening Association estimates that 28% of all U.S. households planted flowers last year … An industry rule of thumb is that for every $1 customers spend on plants, they spend about $3 on accessories like watering hoses, shovels and gardening gloves.’


Smart Sensuality Gardening Trends: Manicured Greens Begging for Release

Leave it to the French to do everything more beautiful, more chic, more manicured. Do those gay Parisian wome let anything run wild, besides their libidos? Yes, but this Chef’s Kitchen garden at The Château de Villandry garden in the Loire Valley does not look like a wanton French woman.

The Château de Villandry garden in the Loire ValleyDesigner Karen Rogers explains to the Financial Times how kitchen gardening is really catching on.

“The interest in decorative vegetables is widespread. People now want to grow their own food on such a scale that their garden (if it is attached to a small townhouse, for instance) is often dominated by edibles. Why not? The allotment can look as pretty as the rose garden and attractive vegetables can be grown in borders amid the flowers. Once upon a time if vegetables were labelled “ornamental” it meant they were grown for looking at, not eating; nowadays people want them to be ornamental and edible.”

Kitchen Gardens were also big stars at this month’s Royal Horticultural Society’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London. The Growing Tastes Allotment Garden won the prize for Best in Show. (See brief guided tour of allotment garden.)

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'In An Absolut World' Ad Campaign Embraces Hot-Button, Cultural Creative Food Issues

Can a Cultural Creative vodka campaign inspire me to change brands on the spot? Just maybe.

Reading Yes Magazine’s in-depth look at America’s food revolution, before writing this morning’s Michelle-Style Daily Gumbo. I discovered an excellent Cultural Creative blog City Farmer News.

CFN introduced me to this video In An Absolut World, Cities Farm (Parts 1 and 2).

Staten Island eggplant puree … yum!

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