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GlamTribale Takes You On A Journey April 18, 2014

Entries in Republicans (5)


Republican Theocracy vs Thomas Jefferson on Religion, God, Government, Rights & Reason

Thomas Jefferson loved Paris and he surely would approve of these photos of Eniko Mihalik, by Cedric Buchet published in Vogue Paris March 2010, married to his own words.

Thomas Jefferson’s views on God and government is enlightening, especially given the events of the past week. Refusing to deal with jobs and the economy, Washington Republicans focused on their top priority of making America a theocracy.

Today’s op ed in The Pilot, Southern Pines, NC sets the stage for Jefferson’s reflections:

This past Tuesday, the United States economy was still fragile. A looming Greek debt crisis threatened to make things worse. Perhaps most tragically (judging from the wall-to-wall press coverage), someone named Kim Kardashian had just filed for divorce.

Beset by crises, it was hard to know which way to turn, which of our nation’s many problems must be addressed first. But one man could see clearly what needed to be done. One man knew what required immediate action. That man was Speaker of the House John Boehner. With seconds ticking away, he and his fellow Republicans seized the moment and used it to its greatest advantage.

What step did these brave visionaries, these giants in the land, take? They boldly introduced legislation to have “In God We Trust” declared the motto of the United States.

I believe that Thomas Jefferson should speak though his own words, with no commentary from me — except to say that the great Jefferson would consider Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and the whole Republican presidential crew wackos and a danger to the republic. 

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Couture Cereal, Taxing the Rich & Protests Rattling Republicans

It’s time to pull up a chair in the Anne of Carversville kitchen. Let’s talk tax turkey over some Burberry Flakes or Gucci Fruit Loops, sorta like Warren Buffett would do it.

You probably know that Warren Buffett is the rich guy who believes he should pay more taxes.

The oracle of Omaha is deeply concerned about the demise of America’s middle class. Buffett knows that his companies will struggle in the future, if Americans don’t have the Pillsbury dough to buy his products and services.

Few people want to pay more taxes, but Buffett believes that he has a moral obligation — and a vested interest — to keep America strong, its children educated and our crumbling infrastructure from killing people when they are driving over collapsing bridges.

Let me stay with the taxes. We’ll do roads and bridges another night.

Millionaires Support Warren Buffett’s Tax on the Rich WSJ

Today’s Wall Street Journal — that Republican newspaper that also hates higher taxes — reports on a new survey from Spectrem Group that asked — not people whose mortgages are under water — but millionaires to weigh in on Warren Buffett’s thinking.

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Rick Perry's Texas A&M Fs in Science & Economics | Poor, Poor Evangelicals

Truth and Lies

Rick Perry

Rick Perry calls global warming un unproven, costly theory LA Times

Yesterday in New Hampshire, Rick Perry told his audience ‘Yes, our climate’s changed — they’ve been changing ever since the Earth was formed.’ Apparently, Rick Perry cited not one academic source in his charges:

“I don’t think, from my perspective, that I want America to be engaged in spending that much money on what is still a scientific theory that hasn’t been proven, and from my perspective is more and more being put into question.”

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Donald Trump's Vision of Race-Baiting Patriotism Disgusts Me

HopeTracker| I endorse today’s NYTimes op ed A Certificate of Embarrassment, concerning the forces that led President Obama to release his long form birth certificate yesterday, for all the world to see. This episode — galvanized by Donald Trump who grabbed the microphone and took full credit for his noble crusade — is a low point in American life.

Hearing the birthers move now to questioning President Obama’s grades at Harvard tells us that the crusade against the President — because of his race — is not over.

It is time for people like myself to call the political activism among the birthers what it is — and that is racism. It is modern-day Ku Klux Klan activism based on a vision of white racial superiority.

I was never a strong supporter of President Obama, because I am a Hillary Clinton woman. Nevertheless, I was proud of the election results and never questioned President Obama’s intellectual competence or his heritage.

Personally, I wanted a decisive, experienced person at the helm in these turbulent economic and military times. Under no circumstances would I have voted Republican after the Bush years.

Wondering About George W Bush’s Academic Scores

When George W Bush became president of the United States, I used to scream at the TV, hearing him speak. I found his vocabulary, vision and communication abilities very limited.

Under no circumstances would I ever have supported a movement to demand that his transcripts be released, even though I seriously doubt that the former president is any kind of intellectual genius.

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Analysis | What Republicans Really Want for America

With America in total gridlock politically — at a time when some form of collaboration and action seems imperative — Republicans have spent most of their time saying ‘no’ and attacking President Obama and Democrats.

In writing about Republicans today, I’m not condoning Democrats. On every front, I’m fed up with hypocrisy and cheap-thrill soundbites.

Like climate scientists, Republicans assume that smart folks know what they recommend for the country, in terms of action plans. Watching Republican leaders every day, I can honestly say that I have NO idea what the Republicans recommend, in terms of action on several fronts — especially healthcare.

I am clear about their views on dealing with terrorists. I have no view how they propose to cut a deficit that was created largely by engaging in two wars and treating them as ‘add-on’ items in a budget.

Any college economics student could predict the mess we’re in today, even without the added burden of a recession caused by pursuing the American dream, as if it was a monopoly game. My view is:

All of us are guilty. Period. America has no future vision anymore. We are the party of NOW. I want it NOW. I’m entitled to have the good life NOW. My focus is my own good life and screw the future. Since the 60s, advertisers have told me that I am uniquely special and deserving of a good life, and damn it, I want it NOW — as real prosperity is evaporating before our eyes.

Many Christians say that America is divinely entitled to lead a privileged existence. I’m getting mine TODAY is simply a reflection of American destiny, even though this attitude doesn’t seem to be the historical reality of American excellence and pursuit of hard work and success.

Smart people who care more about the country than media ratings and poll numers, are deeply concerned about fixing America, and not with rhetoric.

This week’s Newsweek writes an in-depth article What Republicans Really Want, besides being known as the party of “no”. I’ve tried my best to summarize the article fairly and accurately.

1) Jobs: tax cuts

Specific Recommended Action: No additional stimulus package. Beyond that nothing.

“We’re not going to look to Washington to create the jobs,” says GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy, summing up the Republican liturgy. Most in the party (like most Americans, according to polls) want nothing to do with another expensive stimulus that would smack of expanded government. Yet the GOP has also rejected Democratic bills that tried to lure Republicans by including significant tax cuts. Earlier this year Republican Sen. Charles Grassley reached an agreement with Democratic Sen. Max Baucus on an $85 billion jobs bill. It combined small-business tax breaks with an injection of money for the Highway Trust Fund, more unemployment insurance, and agriculture emergency assistance. Other Republicans resisted Grassley’s entreaties to sign on, even though the bill was adorned with the tax-credit extensions for businesses that Republicans wanted.

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