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GlamTribale Takes You On A Journey April 18, 2014

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David Brooks Is One Man Who Wants to Put American Women Back in the Kitchen

The young women of Newsweek took a look at an old problem: sexism. We’re encouraged and support their efforts, because America is going backwards — compared to other countries in the world — in what we assumed was an inevitable march towards gender equity.

Our rank in the Global Economic Forum’s Gender Equity report is falling. Globally we are 31 overall but 61 in political representation.

Yes, the challenges of home and family remain strong for Americanwomen, but much research confirms that men are more involved in housework and child-rearing than ever before. When we add up time at work, time in childrearing and time on housework, surveys say the genders are in parity with hours invested.

Even at the top end, female M.B.A.s make $4,600 less per year in their first job out of business school, according to a new Catalyst study. Motherhood has long been the explanation for the persistent pay gap, yet a decade out of college, full-time working women who haven’t had children still make 77 cents on the male dollar. As women increasingly become the breadwinners in this recession, bringing home 23 percent less bacon hurts families more deeply than ever before. “The last decade was supposed to be the ‘promised one,’ and it turns out it wasn’t,” says James Turley, the CEO of Ernst & Young, a funder of the recent M.B.A. study. “This is a wake-up call.” via Newsweek

Something more important is going on. Perhaps in a country where women in 2010 constitute only 16% of our elected officials in Washington and the Catholic bishops — yes, with the support of some women — want to overturn Roe vs Wade, America is actually a gender-relations battle ground once again.

We believe the fight is for real, but to date, the younger women haven’t agreed or aren’t interested. Meanwhile, patriarchal forces that want to be certain that women are married and producing the correct number of babies to sustain the religion, know what they must do.

Let’s see: men can’t have babies but they can fill jobs at work. America lives in a job creation crisis. Fill in the blanks, ladies. If you think men are staying home indefinitely, think again.

Yes, we know that women are more educated, but females are more educated in progressive countries the Middle East. Yet, they don’t have jobs.

Just as nations fight for prestige and patrimony, so do men. If I were a man, I wouldn’t turn over all my rights so gladly. Many American men are deeply resentful of women’s progress and tired of being pushed around.

Women’s ambition and pursuit of individuality have cost the country big-time, in their opinion. Their best vision of America does not have women in the corner office.

Let me put the issue to you succinctly, my dear young women. You retain the rights you protect and fight for. While you decide if there’s a real problem here, some well-connected, highly-influential men are trying to put you back where you belong. So far, you’re dropping like flies in terms of believing there’s anything to worry about.

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God Damn It David Brooks! Feminism Is NOT a Pick-up Line!

NYTimes columnist David BrooksI love David Brooks! I have no time for Chris Matthews, but this morning both men are in the same sexual-politics dungeon.

Neither guy believes that women have any place in American politics, based on their vocabularies. If I were a boycotting woman, I would shut them both out of my ears.

Unfortuantely, Brooks makes too much sense and must be spared. For a moderate Democrat, these words may seem contradictory, but yes — I listen to Brooks, not Matthews.

Hearing and reading these guys, only one pronoun exists in their vocabs: and it is ‘he’. The word ‘she’ doesn’t stack up in their vision of American politics, based on their own words.

The truth hurts, but I’m facing it. 50 years after women marched all over America, I read in today’s David Brooks NYTimes column ‘The Perot Option’:

There is a specter haunting America: the specter of a saner, updated version of Ross Perot. He is lurking out there, ready to ride the free-floating anger and distrust of Washington. He is out there now in one of his homes or private jets, getting madder by the day. He is large of ego, full of money and cranky in mien.

When he enters the arena, he’ll say that Washingtonians, all of them, are a bunch of failures. Over the past five years, Washington has tried to reform Social Security, immigration, health care and energy policy. All of these efforts have either failed or are close to failure — thousands of people working millions of hours and in all likelihood producing nothing.

He’ll point out that Washingtonians, all of them, breed selfishness. Republicans refuse to accept tax increases. Democrats reject spending cuts. They’ve put the country on a highway to a fiscal crisis, and there are no exit ramps.

When he comes, he’ll present himself warts and all. Yes, I’m an obnoxious S.O.B., he’ll say. But you need me right now. Yes, I am a blank slate, but people are so desperate that they’re voting for blank slates. When he comes — this billionaire Simon Cowell, this political Bobby Knight — he will change the political landscape, at least for a time.

I simply cannot imagine that in 2010, I am hearing and listening to this crap from any top pundit on TV and reading it in the NYTimes. These are fighting words, coming from a woman who likes men.

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Pleasures: Are We Happy Yet? For American Women, Happiness Seems Elusive & Hard to Define

Getting to the core of happinessChuck Palahniuk is not alone in asking the question: Did perpetual happiness in the Garden of Eden maybe get so boring that eating the apple was justified?

We cannot answer that question this morning. The possibility is loaded with emotion, controversy and entrenched opinions.

I’m more interested in the word happiness, and how it fits in with one of our lifestyle trends: “Are we happy yet?”

Money Doesn’t Mean Happiness

Discounting our current economic mess … Americans weren’t any happier two years ago, than in the fifties.  And we’re never happier — as measured in numerous large-scale studies around the globe — than people in less-affluent countries.

American women are more inclined than American men to publicly express their angst and restless quest for a comfortable state of existence … if only, if only, if only.

Until recently, our sense of economic wellbeing did put us at some limited global advantages in financial terms — but I can argue that even that sense of security was a false one.

When a nation spend more than its income in a given year, I’m not sure that we enjoy a sense of inner peace.

Finding ourselves in a global economic and environmental meltdown, it’s important that we continue to put a smile on our faces.

Responsible pleasure should be celebrated more than ever. Cultural Creatives and Traditionals, more than Moderns, believe that pleasures don’t have to cost a lot of money. Traditionals have a narrower range of acceptable pleasure zones, leaving the Cultural Creatives to define pleasure in the 21st century.

I honestly believe that when we express delight over the beauty of another sunrise, when we bury our noses in flowers, when we enjoy a glass of good (not necessarily expensive) wine in earnest conversation … when we experience pleasure … we impact those around us.

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