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Eye 2-2-15 | Mami Wata Resurgence As Global Goddess | 55,000 Years-Old Female Skull Provides Critical Link In Human Evolution & Migration Out of Africa

Maliouk In ‘Neo Folk’ By Signe Vilstrup For Glamour Italia October 2014

Woman | Charlotte Kay By Damian Foxe In Tribal Fashion’ For How To Spend It Magazine June 2014

Magdalena Frackowiak By Giampaolo Sgura In ‘Ancient Songs of Paradise’ For Vogue Japan May 2014

Marina Nery In ‘Tomorrow’s Tribe’, Lensed By Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia April 2014

Kelly Mittendorf In ‘Buffao Belle’ By Robert Bellamy For L’Officiel Paris March 2014

A Brilliant ‘Warrior Stance’ By Steven Klein For W Magazine March 2014

Paul de Luna’s ‘Samsara’ & The Sacred Feminine

Anais Mali Pays Tribute To Warrior Women in ‘Amazon’ By Urivaldo Lopes For French Revue de Modes #25


India’s Women Need Goddess Lakshmi To Fight for Women’s Rights

Khristine Dinke | Sergi Pons | BMM Magazine’s Warrior Goddess

Woman | Daria Werbowy | David Sims | ‘The Warrior Way’ | Vogue US March 2010

Woman | Mey Bun, Rila Fukushima & Ai li Wang Go ‘Tribal’ In Herring & Herring Images For D Magazine

Kirsti Pyrhonen Is Sensual Style Queen by Peter Farago for Vogue Brazil December 2012

Aphrodite Joins Yemaya and Mami Wati for a Swim in Human Consciousness


Simone W | Emre Guven | Marie Claire Turkey May 2012

Cultural Creatives Now 35% of US | 10% in Transition

Status vs Money | A Third Look At Happiness, Gender Equality & Taxes

Women Philanthropists Give Differently Than Men

It’s a Bull Market for Women Philanthropists Supporting Women’s Causes in Every corner of the Globe

PPR Paris Goes to Sustainability Index P&L & Eco-Friendly Brands

Wealth & Poverty

National Geographic ‘7 Billion’ 7-Video Look at World’s People

JR’s TED Prize Video | JR Launches InsideOut Project

Photographers JR & Jonas Bendiksen Find Artistry in Everyday Kibera, Kenya

‘The Places We Live’: Four Monumental Slums Typify ‘Home’ for More than One Billion People

Shakira & Howard Buffett | Attached at the Hip Philanthropy Bedfellows

Slow Boat to Economic Heaven | Grim Reality Polaroid Days

What Would Dan Eldon Say About Somalia 2008?

Smart Sensuality Angelina Jolie: Virtue Considered in Carversville’s Country Air

Shakira, a Smart Sensuality Activist, Takes Me Back to Colombia, Where My Life Journey Really Began

Angelina Jolie & Alicia Keys Help Me Say ‘Flip It: I’m A Lipstick-Wearing Activist’

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Eye | News Worth Reading

Eye 2-15-15 | Happy Chinese New Year | Monsanto’s Travails | Gods and Kings: Mcqueen & Galliano

Eye 2-10-15 Queen Rania Pleads For Arab Action Against ISIS | Angelina Jolie Opens London Center For Women, Peace & Security

Eye 2-3-15 | VF Crowns Brady-Bundchen America’s Third Fanily | Beyonce Unites With Marco Gorges In Healthy Nutrition Home Delivery

Eye 2-2-15 | Mami Wata Resurgence As Global Goddess | 55,000 Years-Old Female Skull Provides Critical Link In Human Evolution & Migration Out of Africa

Eye 1-19-15 | Feminine Delights From Emily Baker | DKNY, Eve Ensler & Lebanon

Eye-1-18-15 | Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Biopic | Hollywood & Gaza | Cindy Crawford On Why Supermodels Happened

Eye 1-12-15 | John Galliano Returns At Teatime London | Hollywood Stands for Charlie | Adidas Originals Campaign

Eye 1-7-15 | Ginta Lapina Is Lost In LA In Her Burberry Trench Coat | Burberry Celebrates Bees That Need Saving

Eye | Spring 2015 Designer Brands | Donna Karan’s Ode To Smart Sensuality Women

Eye 1-4-15 | Rosie Huntington Whiteley For M&S | Lensed By Kai Z Feng | Helping UNICEF In Cambodia

Eye 1-2-15 | Spring 2015 Designer Brands | Prada — the Feminist Who Became A Fashion Designer

Eye 12-30-14 | Spring 2015 | Designer Brands | Ralph Lauren

Eye 12-21-14 | Global Futures & Nature-Inspired Design | Global Food Supply | US & Climate Change

Eye 12-9-14 | Kate Middleton Art Muse | Taylor Swift 1989 | Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Eye 12-6-14 | Natural Artistry From Nunzio Paci & Edouard Martinet | Man As Tree

Eye 12-3-14 | A Traveling Education } Meditation Rebuilds Brain Structure | Trends In Remarriage

Eye 11-23-14 Elisabeth Daynes Early Human Sculptures | Annie Leibovitz ‘Pilgrimage’ | Anne Says More Kimye Coming

Eye 11-13-14 | Prince Ea ‘Anti Social Network | VIDA Sustainable E-commerce Site | Barney’s Holiday Windows

Eye 11-9-14 | Neonics & Honeybees | Bee Friendlier Flower Bombing | Whole Foods For Honeybees

Eye 11-5-14 | Toni Garrn Closed Denim For Burkina Faso | Cindy Crawford’s 2015 Art Van Charity Challenge

Eye 10-25-14 | Berlin Light Show Will Commemorate The End Of Berlin Wall | South African Textiles That Bear Witness

Eye 10-19-14 Gisele Bundchen Chanel No. 5 Commercial | Kurdish Women Fighters  Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Under Intense Pressure

Eye 10-14-14 Zaha Hadid’s Catharsis For Cambodia | WikiLeaks Gets Fashionable | London’s Hackney Fashion Lab

Eye 10-11-14 October 11 Is International Day of the Girl | Honoring Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize & Angelina Jolie As A British Dame

Eye 10-8-14 | H&M Jumpsuit: When Style & War Collide | Amazon Women | Burqa Bans

Eye 10-5-14 | American Parenting as Religion | Elisabeth Holmes Billionaire | Kurdish Women Fighters Update

Eye 10-1-14 | Fondation Louis Vuitton | Vogue Meets Gesquiere | Stella McCartney Redo 

Eye 9-28-14 | Victoria Beckham Has Passion For UN Ambassador Role | Women & Heart Disease | Apologies to UAE Pilot Major Mariam al-Mansouri

Eye 9-25-14 | UAE Pilot Major Mariam al-Mansouri Leads UAE Air Strikes Against ISIS | Domestic Violence Tab Put At $9.5 Trillion Annually

Eye 9-23-14 Emma Watson On Feminism | Zaha Hadid On Architecture | Biomimicry at Blossom Tower

Eye 9-20-14 | Angelina Jolie To Direct ‘Africa’ | ‘I Am Eleven’ Documentary | Are Conservatives Happier In Liberal Countries?

Eye 9-17-14 | US Poverty & Child Development | Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet Collection

Eye 9-15-14 Richard Branson’s Unfulfilled Energy Pledge | G-Spot Science | Malala’s Attackers Arrested.

Eye 9-9-14 Violence Against Women | Scalia & Women’s Rights | Matrilineal Mawlynnong

Eye 9-8-14 | Clintons For Elephants | Organized Crime Deep In Ivory Trade | Clooney & Alamuddin WillWed In Venice

Eye 9/6/14 | Fast Food & Depression | Global Cool Neighborhoods | Liu Wen

Eye 9/3/14 | Dr. Patricia Wright’s Lemurs | Low Carb Diet | Spinach Aids Weight Control

Eye 8/31/14: Global Warming | New Tesla Electric Battery | Elephant Slaughter

Eye 8/29/14 Women In Tech Abrasive | Shakira Pregnant | Abortions At Home

Eye 8/27/14: Beyonce’s Feminism, Moms Against NRA, Women Newscasters, Kurdish Women Soldiers Face ISIS

Eye 8/26/14 SunGlacier | Windowless Jumbo jets | What Is Plagiarism

Eye: Nicer Future | Cathy Horn | Women’s Wages | Marley Coffee


Tomasz Skoczen's Glistening Ladybug Macro Shots

Photographer Tomasz Skoczen has spent years watching ladybugs in his Irish garden. His macro lens shots of ladybugs glistening with rain or dew are enchanting. Skoczen observes that ladybugs are very fast and therefore, difficult to shoot.

Ladybugs are AOC favorites and represent good luck in many cultures around the world. Perhaps because they eat aphids and create no destruction themselves, ladybugs were welcomed in early agricultural cultures.

Ladybugs reproduce sexually, copulating as long as two hours. Female bodybugs can store male sperm for 2-3 months before laying eggs in a place where food is abundant. If they congregate in one’s house during the winter months, ladybugs should be shapred. Killing them is associated with bag luck.

Even Mother Nature helps ladybugs to stay alive. Birds and other predators know that the bright colors of ladybugs indicate a very foul taste, just like monarch butterflies are a bad meal. Unlike much of the animal kingdom, the larger of two ladybugs is probably the female.


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Photographer Beth Moon Tracks Trees Into The Beginning of Time

Heart of the Dragon Image by Beth MoonSan Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon shares images from her 14 year journey to document some of the world’s most precious assets: our rarest trees. Moon’s frankly feminine trees remind us of a time when goddesses ruled human psyches.

Beth Moon employs a labor-intensive platinum and palladium process for her prints, creating images that possess incredible detail and tonal range on the spectrum of grays, blacks and whites. Like so many artists featured on AOC, Moon hopes her art with put humans in closer touch with nature.

“Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment, celebrating the wonders of nature that have survived throughout the centuries,” Moon writes in her artist statement. “By feeling a larger sense of time, developing a relationship with the natural world, we carry that awareness with us as it becomes a part of who we are. I cannot imagine a better way to commemorate the lives of the world’s most dramatic trees, many which are in danger of destruction, than by exhibiting their portraits.”

Avenue of the Baobabs Image by Beth Moon

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Ji-Young Kwak Is 'The New Bohemian' By Ye Young Kim For Glamour Germany February 2015

Model Ji-Young Kwak relishes her proximity to artists and the street in ‘The New Bohemian’, styled by Ye Young Kim. Photographer Hong Jang-Hyun is behind the lens for Glamour Germany’s February issue. / Hair by Kang Hyun-Jin; makeup by Won Jo-Yeon


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Global Costs of Living By Country Established By People Living There

Relying on the crowdsourced global database, Numbeo, Movehub creates graphs showing us what it costs to live in different parts of the world. 1,563,849 prices in 4.936 cities have been entered on Numbeo by 187, 431 users. 


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Karl Templer Styles 'Commune', Lensed By Mikael Jansson For Interview US February 2015

How refreshing to see military looks styled here by Karl Templer in a back to the land fashion editorial, and not off to some intoxicating location in a jeep, safe from the guns that level thousands in the horrors of war. Stop taking fashion so seriously, Anne!!!

In developing countries the women are often in charge of agriculture until the tractors arrive. Then men hop on board. Models Caroline Trentini, Constance Jablonski, Daria Strokous, Julia Nobis and Lina Berg toil the soil and tend the artichokes in ‘Commune’, lensed by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine February 2015./ Makeup by Mark Carasquillo; hair by Tom Jidai

Now ladies, how about using your influence in important places to campaign for a wage increase for American farmworkers? Let your ‘Commune’ spirit spread for real. ~ Anne



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Toni Garrn 'Ain't a Saint' Lensed By Matt Jones In 'Maid In New Orleans' For Elle Italia February 2015

Elle Italia’s February 2015 collage-inspired, casual, colorful fashion styled by Alberto Zanoletti celebrates one of America’s most unique cities. Model Toni Garrn stars in ‘Maid in New Orleans’, a high-energy, populist look at polished street-style lensed by Matt Jones.


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Ash Walker In 'Clash It Up' By Christopher Ferguson For Glamour UK January 2015

Model Ash Walker wears vivid patterns in prints styled by Ye Young Kim as ‘Clash It Up’. Christopher Ferguson is behind the lens for Glamour UK January 2015./ Hair by Riad Azar; makeup by Sam Addington


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