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Anne's Own Decoupage Wood and Polymer Clay Beads On GlamTribale Jewelry

Panther necklace $95; pierced earrings $45Anne Enke’s Decoupage & Polymer Clay Beads

I’m pleased as punch to share our first GlamTribale jewelry pieces made in my own loft with decoupage vellum beads and one of a kind polymer clay beads. Out of necessity for higher-end art shows, GlamTribale jewelry now features elements made by myself and our team.

We delivered 30 pieces of new jewelry to Giant Steps Framing & Art Gallery in Rittenhouse Square yesterday. Giant Steps is located at 229 S 20th Street. Each of these pieces can be purchased at Giant Steps until early September. If an item is sold out, we will gladly make another for you, with the understanding that we can’t exactly duplicate any of the polymer clay beads.

GlamTribale has always been about the fusion of cultures and our customers love that twist in our jewelry and gift products. If the curators can’t live with this GlamTribale hybrid — one that continues to source materials from Africa in particular — then I guess I won’t be hanging out with curators of high-end craft and art shows.

Our commitment to helping girls in Kenya by buying them sanitary pads so they stay in school, coupled with our support of Planned Parenthood here in the US mean more to friends of GlamTribale than my making every element on the jewelry.

GlamTribale Wit & Whimsy

I am also moving to incorporate much more wit into many of our pieces. People have told me my entire life that I am a fantastic story teller. After all, I wrote a play produced in my school when I was 12. People absolutely love talking about the Omo Valley people, featured prominently at our Lancaster shop at Building Character and in our Saturday PHAIR market in Philadelphia.

In the necklace above, the jungle cat is chasing antique gold-plated birds, hanging on to the word HOPE. A firefly or dragon fly is in pursuit of the panther. Letting my imagination run wild — not a problem EVER for me — I then created decoupage beads using a lovely vellum tissue and panther imagery.

Getting a leopard image bead to match peach tagua and recycled peach beads from Kenya is no easy task. But “no can do” is not a phrase in my creative vocabulary. I’m now on the hunt for Omo Valley inspiration every day, as a tribute to these amazingly beautiful people captured by Hans Sylvester in images that set GlamTribale on a different course. I’m using leather and hemp wherever possible in the jungle-inspired jewelry.

Metal Components Varnished For Anti-Tarnish Longevity

We treat all of our metal components with an eco-friendly, anti-tarnish varnish. All metal changes over time, but we are doing our best to create affordable, long-lasting GlamTribale jewelry pieces.

The jewelry sold at Giant Steps won’t be availabe online until we install the next presentation after Sept 1. If you are interested in buying any of the jewelry pictured or want more details about size, please contact me directly, and we will arrange it. Credit cards are accepted and we can ship internationally.

I simply can’t believe how far I’ve come in learning to make all the jewelry myself. It’s been a challenging year since we first showed the jewelry end of July in Lancaster. Nothing has happened as quickly as I would like, but we are cruising now.

Gallery Space Desired

Bringing the website up to full speed remains on our ToDo list. We are also looking to partner with like-minded artisans who will share the rent for a gallery space in Philadelphia. Anybody with recommendations or clever ideas, give me a shout out. We would also consider taking space in New York or elsewhere, with the right partners. Love to all. ~ Anne

BA7007 $50NC7000 $150; EP 7016 $25; BCS7010-55; Bracelet large fitting 7-8” wrist is BCL7011 $55


Woolly Mammoth Tribal Necklace @ Giant Steps Gallery Philly

Justin Burok is our go-to guy at Giant Steps Gallery in Philadlephia. He sent me this photo yesterday, noting that it wasn’t Valentine’s Day red, but he so loves the Themis Woolly Mammoth Tektite Tribal Necklace.

So do we, Justin. 

A Special Necklace for a Special Woman

I’m thinking of our pop-up shop last September 2012 in Mt. Airy. A very athletic, attractive, grey-haired woman came through the door ready to buy. She tried on many necklaces — several more conservative — but she kept returning to this Themis necklace ($160).

“This is the story,” she said, looking at herself in the mirror. ” I want a necklace that will leave my daughter speechless, with her saying ‘Mom, where did you get that necklace!’ I’m tired of being predictable, so I want a necklace that will have people noticing me but also one that doesn’t push me out the window, because it’s just too adventurous. As for my daughter, she will be begging me to borrow the necklace, and I will say ‘no’. She will say where did you get it, and I will say ‘it’s rare, unique and only a very few will be made’.”

With that our new friend bought her Themis necklace truly fit for a queen, while her husband returned later to scoop up several other pieces as presents. 

New Limited Edition GlamTribale Designs

Hers wasn’t numbered and neither is Justin’s Themis necklace at Giant Steps Gallery. Initially I thought that using woolly mammoth beads, made from bones a minimum of 10,000-100,000 years old, from an animal now extinct, was enough distinction for one woman. 

I was wrong.

Understanding today how special GlamTribale Jewelry is to the women who wear it, I’m committing to make no more than five Themis necklaces of this design. To do one — which must then amortize all my design time into a single necklace — seems unreasonable. But I understand clearly that our ladies don’t want to see themselves coming and going, and I think five is a good compromise. 

New Hours at Giant Steps Gallery Philadelphia

You can try on the Themis necklace at Giant Steps, 229 S 20th St in Philadelphia, one block off Rittenhouse Square Park. Good news!!! Giant Steps is now staying open until 6:30 pm to reach retail clients coming home from work. Visit the Giant Steps framing and art gallery’s new website. 

For more information about the Themis necklace, visit our description page at GlamTribale. 

Shop other items from our Themis collection at Giant Steps or online at GlamTribale. 



GlamTribale Gifts Adds Planters & Ceramic Coasters 4/$25

I had such a wonderful feeling yesterday, seeing a new use for my Carversville and Bucks County photographs. Our coasters have been so successful that I’m working on an expanded gift selection of planters and perhaps a tray.

Bucks County Coasters 4/$25

These items will also allow us to enter juried home and garden shows, starting with a wonderful spring show in Chestnut Hill. 

Our coasters are $8 each and a set of 4/$25. The $25 set will be sold on the GlamTribale website and is delivered in our khaki burlap bag w/gold GlamTribale seal. What a perfect hostess gift or way to share beautiful, natural inspiration with a friend. 

Trivets are a bit more complex because our current process of sealing the tiles doesn’t take the highest of temperatures above 200-degrees. A pot can come off the stove with a bottom that is this temperature and higher, leaving yours truly looking for a solution. 

The planter came together smoothly, looking great for a first try. We bought 6” tiles that match our lightest color coasters. Using my high resolution images of the gorgeous Bucks County countryside, I created a set of coasters pictured above and then matched the visuals on four sides of the proposed planter. Burlap and bamboo, with a strong adhesive, hold the tiles together.  The planter isn’t priced yet.

I may be the rare person who shoots a cuff bracelet next to a flower pot. This ‘Gaia’ cuff bracelet ($250) is best suited for a large-boned woman like myself. It looks as if a flower garden is growing on my arm. Because ‘Gaia’ is the goddess of all of nature and our entire ecosystem, it seems fitting that her influence should touch a wide range of products at GlamTribale. 

These new gifts join my ‘Gaia 1’ collage portfolio now on sale for $300 at Giant Steps Gallery in Philadelphia. 

Our Freja Collection is on display until Valentine’s Day. Themis will be joined by Lilith in the near future. Giant Steps is located at 229 S 20th St; hours are 11-5, Tues-Sat. The jewelry is selling very well at Giant Steps and we’re brainstorming new collaborations for the future. Getting my first check was such a pleasure!!! ~ Anne


Giant Steps Gallery First Permanent Home to GlamTribale Jewelry

GlamTribale jewelry is now available at Philadelphia’s Giant Steps Gallery in Rittenhouse Square. We will be featuring two collections each month, with some designs created exclusively for the gallery.

Freja and Themis are on display through the end of January. We will introduce a completely new assortment in advance of the monthly First Friday art opening. Giant Steps is located at 229 S 20th St; hours are 11-6:30, Tues-Sat.

Custom Writing, Memento Journals

Our gift collection is expanding in exciting ways. This journal will go to Giant Steps as part of the Themis Collection.Each $95 journal measures 9”x11.4” and is covered in handmade paper that is typically earth-friendly but not guaranteed.

Because the Themis collection is more rugged, serious and androgynous, I said “no party dresses”.After all, as an ancient Greek Titaness, Themis was in charge of the “communal affairs of humans, particularly assemblies.” Able to distinguish fact from fiction, there was little folling around with Themis.

Woolly Mammoth and Tektite Beads

A lot of thought goes into each journal. One of the defining beads in both our Themis and Freja collections are woolly mammoth beads. The woolly mammoth is the common name for the extinct elephant genus Mammuthus. It became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene age 10,000 years ago. Although these beads are expensive and difficult to obtain, they are important to the GlamTribale story because we are very fond of elephants and their matriarchal social organization.

The Themis collection also contains beads made from tektites, gravel-size bodies that are composed of black, green, brown or gray, natural glass that are formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial impacts. It’s believed that the woolly mammoth became extinct as a result of a meteor hitting the earth.

Because Themis is a more serious collection and androgynous, we chose to use a photo of a painting involving the woolly mammoth from an out of print book on the cover. Not only do guys buy our Themis jewelry, but this journal becomes a perfect gift for a man.

We will be adding these journals to our online store very soon. But Themis and Freja journals are headed for Giant Steps this weekend.

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