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Philadelphia Meets Malibu. Anne Meets Kathy Eldon As Creative Visions Rolls Into Philadelphia October 2, 2013

I was so moved yesterday to receive this email invite from Kathy Eldon. We’ve been in digital contact for almost a year now — introduced by Charles Kochel of Abacus Wealth Partners, a B corp specializing in managing the financial assets of clients with progressive values.

It’s Kathy’s son Dan Eldon, the photojournalist stoned to death by an angry in Mogadishu in July 1993, who has been my personal muse for a very long time. Every investigation of a personal interest of mine tends to have a line that intersects the lives of Dan and Kathy Eldon. 

For example, I’ve long been fascinated with the origin of human civilization in Africa, as determined by famed members of the Louis and Mary Leakey family. Kathy worked for Louis Leakey when she and her husband Mike lived in Nairobi with Dan and sister Amy. Leakey’s granddaughter Lara was one of Dan’s closest friends.

Inexplicably in the beginning, I’ve been very drawn to Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums, located outside Nairobi. The Eldon famly lived 3/4 of a mile from Kibera and were actively involved with events and artists living there.

Today, 5% of GlamTribale’s revenues are dedicated to providing sanitary pads to school girls in Kibera, where significant numbers of our beads are produced.

Other intersections are too powerful to ignore between myself and the Eldon clan. ABC Philadelphia filmed our GlamTribale shop in Lancaster on the 20th anniversary of Dan’s death. We talk about Dan lavishly in our marketing materials, so — who knows — perhaps he sent a lightening bolt to ABC Action News. Stranger things have happened in my life.

I’m thrilled beyond words to meet Kathy Eldon for real at this exciting Creative Visions event on Oct. 2 in Philadelphia. Kathy’s new book ‘In the Heart of Life: A Memoir’ will be published on September 24. It seems that an in-depth interview is in order.  ~ Anne



Dan Eldon & Mom Kathy Eldon Take Us Into The Omo Valley & Heart Of Consciousness

Images of the Omo Valley people by Hans SilvesterWe are off to Africa, Ethiopia specifically in an ongoing series of articles about the Omo Valley people, living in southern Ethiopia near the Lake Turkana basin.

As Benjamin Roussey explains in his series of GlamTribale blog posts about the Omo Valley people, Lake Turkana remains the oldest place on the globe that houses evidence of human habitation. Currently all paleoanthropology roads lead to Lake Turkana and the work of the famous Leakey family, launched by Louis and Mary Leakey and now followed by several Leakey members. 

Each day of my GlamTribale journey is a trip into my own personal history and connections. I arrived at Lake Turkana on my own — with no help from my muse Dan Eldon, the young photographer who was killed in Somalia. Or so I thought.

I was about to write that my heart was pounding a couple months ago when I Googled “Dan Eldon + Leakey” and read on that Dan and Louis Leakey’s granddaughter Lara were best friends. How incredible that Dan was so close to research about the beginnings of human civilization!

There are parts of my story I will leave untold for the moment, because I want to share them first with Dan’s mother Kathy, who is now a friend of mine. That reality is in itself is a pretty incredible stop on my own journey.

Gaugin in Africa’ by Dan Eldon @

Being a fastidious fact checker, I just Googled again and this time I uncovered another piece of information in this interconnecting puzzle. Dan Eldon was close to the Leakey family because his mother and my friend Kathy worked with the Leakey family. Reading about Kathy Eldon on, my heart tightened yet again. 

Marilyn Jones writes about the days after Kathy’s divorce from husband Mike Eldon: “Kathy Eldon and her daughter Amy returned to London broke and depressed.” After a period of prayer and reflection, Kathy awoke one morning, announcing “I had a dream I should start a company called Creative Visions.“ 

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Anne Discovers Jozi Maboneng Johannesburg's Artistry & Enlightenment

Watching this GlobalTribe video featuring Creative Visions’ Amy Eldon, I’m having a eureka moment about my own productivity and inability to officially launch my newsletter ‘Engage’.

STOP!!!!!, Anne. You don’t need to find new material for ‘Engage’. Your life and websites are overflowing with newsletter material. Stop this relentless pursuit of more perfection and mine the rich editorial landscape at your fingertips.

Just now I found this inspiring video above,  after posting this very chic editorial:

Ross Garrett Captures Artistic Chic in Jozi Maboneng for Elle South Africa January 2013

Because I’m never just a poster of materials blogger, I wanted to understand the meaning of ‘Jozi Maboneng’. After a quick search, off I went to this special district in Johannesburg — a place that is dedicated to peace, humanity, understanding and artistic creativity.

Maboneng Precinct - Place of Light

Consider this little adventure another digital safari. Now that my life is so absorbed with Dan Eldon’s, I’m employing a new search technique.  I found Kathy’s PBS video by searching Dan Eldon + South Africa. This weekend I pieced together amazing intersections in my writing and Dan’s life by assuming there was a connection and then searching for it.

I will reveal those intersections in ‘Engage’.

Given the richness of editorial soil that exists at AOC, I have NO reason not to launch our weekly ‘Engage’ Newsletter before the new year. Besides, I have three new writers starting — an investment that will hopefully free me from so much responsibility for the daily posts.

Subscribe now for ‘Engage’ and start off the new year with me, as GlamTribale and I conduct our own digital safari Dan Eldon style. ~ Anne


GlamTribale Shop at Hidden Treasures Market Lancaster, Pa

Anne of Carversville is jumping off into new spaces each day. I shared Tuesday that two of our collections each month are now in Giant Steps gallery in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia.

GlamTribale at Hidden Treasures Market in Lancaster, PA.

I’m thrilled to announce that we are returning to Lancaster, Pa — the first place we showed GlamTribale jewelry this summer — as a founding member of Hidden Treasurers market.The space at 225 N. Prince St — located in the heart of the art gallery district — will formally open for first Friday on January 4, 2013.

Hours this weekend are at Hidden Treasures Art & Crafts Christmas Expo 2012:

Fri: 12/21 10am-9pm

Sat: 12/22 10am-5pm

Sun: 12/23 10am-4pm

A Lancaster plan is in motion for both GlamTribale and our lower price collection Tribale2. I’ve had such a warm reception in the community, with Hidden Treasures owner Steve Groff and manager Macajah Brown very commited to our expanding GlamTribale concept.

These images are the first of our permanent booth in Hidden Treasures, 225 N. Prince St. Lancaster, PA. After this weekend, we will return again for the grand opening celebration the weekend of January 4, 2013. Join us there to celebrate the new year in style with a special fashion show and many other artistic events.

Dan Eldon: Muse to GlamTribale

My life is in a very special place with so many events happening at once. People that I’ve touched very personally with the evolution of Anne of Carversville are very close to me today in unexpected ways.

No one has influenced the spirit and conscience of AOC more than Dan Eldon, the young photojournalist who was covering the famine and unrest in Somalia in 1993 and was killed when an enraged crowd turned against Dan and three other western journalists, killing him in a brutal attack.

Read the incredible story of how Dan Eldon and I have intersected now, in a new relationship with Dan’s mother Kathy Eldon and the Creative Visions foundation. GlamTribale Takes Muse Dan Eldon to Hidden Treasures Lancaster Market Opening. ~ Anne


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