Our Black Melon Collection Is A Feast For Eyes & Spirits

GLAMTRIBALE shares collage images of our Black Melon Collection, with basic product details and linksto product pages. While black melons really do exist -- one sold in 2014 for $3500 in Japan -- I chose Black Melon because of the shape of the black and white ceramic bead. Not only is black and white always fashion chic, it symbolizes the unity of all people with our original African ancestry. Because of the current conflicts in America, the concept of a unity black and white bead seems more important than ever.

The different shapes of featherweight pink, rose, yellow and gold leaf polymer clay beads were made in our GLAMTRIBALE studio. The multi-floral bead, decoupaged balsa wood featherweight bead is also made by GLAMTRIBALE. The Black Melon Collection uses extensive recycled glass from Africa, tree sap, sandcast beads, carved bone and black lava. It was actually my Google search for black lava beads that somehow landed me in Ethiopia's Omo Valley about 4 years ago -- but not as a source for lava beads.

The cordings in the collection are either silk or leather. Our elephant and bee earrings support our growing collection dedicated to building beehive fences to save the elephants. The mere smell of an empty beehive is enough to cause the oldest matriarchal elephant to do an about face and head for the hills. Instead of shooting elephants, farmers are now making real honey and our precious elephants go nowhere near the fenced-in land.

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